spiral spring

Just imagine Rhys at the library in Velaris while Feyre was spiraling down in the Spring Court, both of them trying to move past everything that happened Under the Mountain


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Another relatively unknown foldable French SMG. Apparently it was a thing back then.

MGD PM-9 smg

Designed by Louis Debuit, manufactured c.1954-55 by Merlin & Gerin.
9mm Parabellum 32-round removable MP40 box magazine, open bolt delayed blowback select fire with an interesting clock-like spiral spring. Total length folded of 35cm, from 65cm unfolded.

This gun was in fact so concealable that later example have no markings of any sort, and not a single government or organization noticed them on the market. Way to overachieve.

a moth singed

my wings may
not be pretty
like yours

I can see
your avarian insectoid

you flap
I flap faster

blue spiral staircases
springing from
a burning blank
page without a pen

a taste of
platelet icecubes
as I approach
the crimson towers
above all

I approach the sea
I approach the page

I can see your scarred wings
think maybe, just maybe
you think like me

you flap away

I flop away

In-depth: French experimental SMGs

Even before World War II, the French Army had experimented with military submachine guns. The French were perhaps more forward-thinking than the British Army in this regard. Both the French and the British had been offered the Thompson and both turned it down, but whereas the British Army dismissed the idea of submachine guns completely, the French began work on their own design called the MAS 35. It was chambered in 7.65x20mm. The prototypes were very basic and had simple tubular butt stocks with flat plates acting as shoulder pieces. The design was not adopted but instead improved upon as the MAS 38. The MAS 38 was unique in that the bolt actually traveled back into the stock at a tilted angle. The internal workings were very complicated and I will spare readers a full explanation.

The MAS 38. Designed at Saint-Étienne and chambered in 7.65mm. This was the standard French submachine gun in World War II.

Despite its unorthodox design, the MAS 38 was adopted as the standard French issue submachine gun. The low-powered cartridge meant that recoil was low and accuracy was good. The weapon was used throughout World War II by both the Free French and the Vichy regime, and would also be used post-war in France’s subsequent conflicts.

After the war it became apparent that submachine guns were more effective than most European militaries had anticipated. The Section Technique de l’Armée (the French equivalent of the Ordnance Board) commissioned the small arms factories at Châtellerault (MAC) and Saint-Étienne (MAS) to develop a new submachine gun in 9x19mm. STA felt that the 7.65mm cartridge was not powerful enough and opted for 9mm since almost every other European country had adopted it.

MAC developed their first prototype in 1947. It had a hinged magazine housing that would fold under the barrel. The magazines used were that of the MP-40. Internally, the return spring was actually located near the trigger mechanism and had a torsion action to it. The end of the spring was attached to a lever that came from a recess from within the bolt. When the bolt flew back, the return spring twisted and tightened.

The MAC 47. Despite a superficial resemblance to the Sten, it was internally nothing alike. The hinged lever underneath the trigger cocked the weapon.

The cocking system was also unusual. There was a lever that folded under the trigger on a hinge. Turning it downwards would cock the weapon. The folding buttstock was made of sheet metal and was considered very unergonomic because it was too large. The return spring system also lost tension after extended use. Another version of this prototype was made that had a wireframe stock and a perforated barrel jacket. The stock folded across the side of the weapon and a brace that ran across the middle of it would deliberately block the open ejection port to prevent it from being discharged in this configuration.

In 1948, MAC produced a new design. It had a cylindrical body and the internal action was based on the Sten gun, but with left-hand cocking. The magazine well was very long and doubled as a fore grip. MP-40 magazines were used. The safety was in the pistol grip and, rather unusually, the stock protruded from the bottom of the grip. Fixed to the side of the stock was a hinged steel plate that was designed for the firer to rest their right elbow on whilst firing from the hip. There was no fire selector on the initial prototypes but subsequent models had two triggers for automatic and semi-automatic fire. Ultimately the weapon was not all that accurate.

MAC produced a lightweight version of this weapon which was made almost exclusively from pressed steel. The wooden stock was replaced with a basic “tromboning” stock which was a simple retracting wireframe. This version was known as the SL and was produced in limited quantities. Those that were made were issued to French troops in Indo-China (now South-East Asia).

The MAC 48. The unusual stock did not align well with the bore and made aiming difficult. When fired from the hip, it was decent.

Meanwhile Saint-Étienne produced a series of prototypes called the C1, the C2, the C3, and the C4. They were all basically derived the same design and differed only in very minor ways. Development started in 1947 and by 1948, the final version known as the C4 had been produced. The action was very similar to the later H&K G3. It had a two-part, L-shaped bolt that ran through a tube over the barrel. The firing pin was fixed to the vertical arm of the bolt. Fitted underneath the long horizontal arm of the bolt, and in front of the shorter vertical arm, was a light bolt head, which was attached to a rotating lever. One end of the lever touched the bolt body and the other end sat in a recess in the weapon’s frame. When gas pressure was applied, the lever rotated, which accelerated the bolt. There was no conventional fire selector. Instead, the trigger was pressurized to give single shots at a half-pull and automatic fire at a full press.

Neither the MAC nor the MAS designs were adopted by the French Army and instead the MAT-49 was chosen.

The MAS 48 C4 in 9mm. The magazine housing, like many other French designs of the time, was hinged and folded under the barrel.

The MAS 49. Chambered in .30 Carbine. Note the long barrel and bipod.

The MAT 49. This was the weapon that was adopted by the French Army. It saw use in Algeria and Indo-China.

Other post-war French designs included the Gevarm D3, produced by ammunition firm Gevelot. It was a very basic Sten clone with a wooden stock and was never manufactured in any quantity. More interesting was the PM-9 produced by Societe Pour l’Exploration des Brevets MGD in 1954. The PM-9 was a very compact folding submachine gun. It is very hard to describe the internal action of the weapon. The bolt was a sort of rod that was connected to a flywheel on the rear end and the front end was connected to a crank that revolved 180 degrees when the bolt moved forward. When it reached the end of its travel, it returned 180 degrees in the opposite direction, upon which the next round would be chambered. When this happened, the flywheel on the rear end of the bolt would oscillate, cocking the weapon, which would then cause a spiral spring to tension and the move the bolt forward again. Very interestingly, the weapon′s fire rate could be changed by adjusting the tension of the spring.

The Gevarm D4 by Gevelot. This version had a retracting stock whereas the D3 had a fixed stock. Not many were made.

The PM-9 produced by MGD and later Erma. The high cost and complex mechanism ensured that it was a commercial failure.

The folded PM-9. In this configuration it was incredibly compact.

The PM-9 design was sold to Erma Werke in Germany in 1955. Erma had difficulty selling the weapon so they instead used its production as a training exercise for young employees. Each unit cost about $150 so production ceased quickly.

Anime Hair Ramble

I was watching a trailer for Nintendo’s ARMS, and they introduced Twintelle who fights with spiraling spring hair.  For some reason it got me thinking about weaponized anime hair, and how their should be a manga/anime that exploits that. 

In the setting, hair is magical due to its deep roots.  It not only connects the hair to the scalp, but also to a mystical/metaphysical world tree.  What we see as the shaft is but a tiny portion of a massive metaphysical tree that connects the whole of humanity and grants them power through hair.  Only the top of the scalp counts for hair magic, as the “portal” to this world tree is connected through the Chakra located at the top of the scalp (Sahasrara).  The main characters would be hairdressers and stylists, called “Barber Surgeons”, going to a prestigious school to hone their craft and their favored hairstyles.  Since hair requires another to work on it, the theme of the setting would be about trust and friendship, as a magic hair user must rely on another to maintain their hair for them, and vice versa. 

Below are some common anime hair examples, or just general or funny hair styles, and what I think each hair type’s super powers would be. 

  • Spiky Saiyan Hair:  Controls fire or launches energy blasts. 
  • Pompadour:  Cannon that fires hair balls if it has a flat front, but a more pointed front could be used like a giant sword. 
  • Ponytails and Twintails:  Become prehensile whips or appendages. 
  • Spiraling Hair such as some Twintails:  Become powerful drills. 
  • Bowl Cut:  Defensive shield. 
  • Afro:  Gravity control, or maybe explosion generation. 
  • Hime Cut:  Healing powers. 
  • Buns or Odango style:  Some kind of food related power. 
  • Mohawk or Punk Spikes:  Mohawk would be an axe blade while the Punk Spikes would be stabbing weapons. 
  • Stringy Ghost Hair:  When draped over the body, the person becomes invisible or can phase through walls. 

The Wig Party:  The villains of the setting, they are people suffering from premature hair loss, and thus are losing or do not possess hair powers.  They believe that the power of hair should belong to no one, and seek to turn the whole world bald, and sever humanity’s connection to the world tree.  To reach this goal, they capture and shave powerful hairstylists, and make wigs that allow them to channel power for a time.  However, they must replace these wigs frequently as they are no longer connected to the source of all magic.  Their leader would be Cue Ball, a master manipulator who has severed all connection to the world tree.  This has given him a reflective scalp, and should a person see their reflection in it, they temporarily cannot use their own hair powers. 

Imagine your first time at the clubhouse, and you have a love at first sight moment with Chibs. P2

Part one here! 

Written by: Moi, Terry.

“Are you sure you checked it?” Chibs laughed, amused by you, “Yes lass, Ah’m sure!” You nodded you head. If he says so.

After Jax introduced the two of you, you walked back to the TM with Chibs, looking at Bobby’s bike. Little did he know, you knew your motors very well, you just waited for the right moment to jump in and fix it. You jumped on the counter behind the bike and sat down, swinging you leg’s, talking small talk with this gorgeous biker.

“So Filip, why does everybody call you Chibs?” You asked casually, watching his every move very close. He looked up from the bike. Searching your eyes, was he really gonna tell that to somebody he had just met? Normally he didn’t like talking about his scars but you were different, he felt this insane connection with you, although he wasn’t quite sure what is was… yet. He patted his cheeks, tracing his scars slowly with his fingers. You gave him a confused look, but oh my you felt turned on by the sight of it. “It’s ma scars love, Chibs in Gaelic means cut’s o knifes o, something like that” he felt suddenly so insecure while he told you this, he wasn’t quite sure if it was the right choice to tell you. You just stared at him, “Your scars make you dangerously sexy you know, so I like the name.” He nodded his head, it was the right decision. He went back to working on the bike, thinking about what you just said.

“Allright Chibs, I’ve sat here long enough, I can’t take it anymore give me the tool.” Chibs was shocked, what were you talking about? “Excuse meh?” “I said.. Give. Me. The. Tool.. and scoot over, lass” you said jumping off the table and giving him a wink. You tool the tool from his hand and went to work on the bike, you knew what the problem was for some time now, but wanted to give him the time to find it. You started taking some parts apart and pulled out a spiral spring, it was an old one, jammed up by all the miles that were on the bike. You replaced it with a new one. Put everything back on it’s place, swung your leg over the bike and stared it. Turning your face towards Chibs with a huge smirk on your face. Laughing at his stunned face.

Chibs was falling for you, hard and fast. No way back now, no way back now... He needed you in his life. “Y/n, yah are real special you know tha?” He knew, you were the one.


After spending weeks at the clubhouse, everybody got used to you being around. You helped Gemma a lot, played with the kids, kept your mouth shut about club shit that you picked up. Everything was good, you and Chibs grew very close and he spent most of his free time at your place. It made you and Liv’s friendship even closer because she was around Tig just as much, but you could sense that Gemma didn’t like her as much. Or maybe she was just more protective over Tig?

You were sitting on the couch playing with Abel and Thomas, they let out little squeals of excitement every time you hid your face behind your hand and then “Kiekaboo!” You laughed with them but didn’t notice Chibs sitting on by the bar, staring at you.


“Brother? You alright?” Tig sat down next to Chibs. “Yeh, Ah’m fine” “Nah you’ve been staring at her for a while, what’s going on?” Chibs shrugged his shoulders, “she’s to good for a old man like meh..” Tig rolled his eyes, here we go again he thought. “No, that girl is the best thing that could’ve happened to you right now, and if you don’t go to her and make her your old lady somebody else here will, everybody loves her” Chibs quickly looked at Tig. He was right. He was damn right. “Excuse meh brotha” Chibs got of his stool, and made his way over to the couch.


“I’ve got ya nose little monkey!” Abel laughed at Thomas who was trying to get his nose back. “I’m gonna keep it darling, it’s such a pretty little nose!” “No! Y/n! I need my noos!” “Alrighty then, you can have it back, but only if i get a hug!” The boys jumped you hugging you tightly. “Can I borrow the lass for a minute boys?” Abel looked sad at Chibs “Abel! Thomas! Come play pool with Tig!” And just like that the boys sprinted off.

Hello” you said looking up at your “secret” crush. “Hi love” he sat next to you, looked you right in the eye, he sighted. Oh god what was he gonna say, this was it. Telling you to leave, for some sort of reason, you were sure of it.  "Ah love ya lass" you almost chocked on your drink as he said the words. “Be mah ol lady?” You could’t think of anything to say, so.. you just nodded. Feeling very shy all of sudden. Chibs scoot over closer to you “what was tha love?” “Yes of course old man!” You jumped on his lap and kissed him, first very softly but he quickly deepened the kiss. “I love you too” you whispered.

“Grosssss! Y/n and Chibby are kissin!” Abel shouted.