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I’ll end the contest the 3rd April!
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My first Iwaoi fan art!!! I fell hard for these two idiots… this time is not inspired by one fan art in particular, but by many of them…so I decided to make a Iwaoi master list of my favorites! I found all of these to be so in character, and so perfect T^T ( most of them are quite long! Because long Fics are the best *^*)

“We shine like diamonds” - what can I say, this is the fic that made me fall in love with the all Iwaoi idea…and it touched something a deep cord inside of me T^T

“To be first, to be best” - Really funny, bitter sweet and cute! With a good and well written OC

“I chose you” - Soulmate AU, with a clock on your wrist that reaches zero when you meet your soulmate, but Iwaizuzi’s one has been zero for as long as he remembers…

“Press ‘1’ to Get a Call From Your Drunk Best Friend” - Drunk Iwaizumi calls Oikawa by mistake, really funny XD

“Always, my pillar of strength” - Iwaizumi is gay, and dating a guy. The problem is… it’s not Oikawa…

“Shiver” - Knee injury!!! Uuuugh… sad, but sweet, and Iwaizumi is so sweet… 

“The PDA Jar” -Really funny XD . Matsukawa and Hanamaki force Iwaizumi and Oikawa to put money in “the PDA jar overtime they do something that goes behind simple friend interaction. Of course things get out of hand XD

“When we fall, we fall together” - this one is actually in Bokuto’s POV, but the Iwaoi interaction is so cute, and well written, that I decided to put it in as well XD (shorter than the other, below 4k ^^ )

“Say you’ll remember me” - this one is a little different than the others and still ongoing ( but I don’t think it has been abandoned, at least I hope so). It’s omegaverse and Oikawa is gender fluid and with kid. It’s just so, sweet, and I recommend it to everyone. And the kid is adorable. 

Done! I’m sorry for the long post ^^/ 

You can know find this illustration on my redbubble, where you can buy it as a pillow, a tote bag, a poster, a spiral note book, and many other wonderful products! Check it out here, if you’d like! It wold mean the world to me!

Zodiac things

Aries: Dyed hair, winged eyeliner, acoustic covers, going to school football games to hang with friends, teasing remarks of love, using flash in photos, thigh highs, late night phone calls, abandoned houses, thunderstorms, light blue

Taurus: Nature scented candles, wool scarves and mittens, running through the woods barefoot, falling asleep near a crackling fireplace, art museums, swimming in a pool at night, decorating, sunflowers, foggy nights, torn lace tights, movie theater popcorn, stormy days

Gemini: Chipped nail polish, cute phone cases, strange inside jokes, nostalgic memories, splashing in rain puddles, watercolor paintings, the feeling of looking down when you’re high up, picking flowers behind stranger’s houses, late night movie marathons, 

Cancer: The smell after it rains, small ponds with stones and living fish inside, plaid shirts, spiral note books of poetry and thoughts, soft features, late nights, quick beating hearts, playing with hair, tea, swimming in a lake, adventuring in the forest, romantic stories

Leo: Seeing your breath when it’s cold out, summer festivals, shopping with friends, expensive makeup, gentle touches, singing as loud as possible when you’re alone, sleeping in, ice cream with sprinkles, strange lipgloss colors, biting pencils

Virgo: Rain while it’s sunny out, school bus rides, playing video games and forgetting the time, lavender scent, bubble baths, rings, reading books all day, a friendly smile that sticks with you, interlocking fingers, nervous laughter, piles of old CDs, bows/bowties 

Libra: Adventurous summer nights, big sweaters, watching clouds pass by, graphic novels, warm apple cider, tight hugs, falling asleep in the car, breathing fresh cold air after stepping out of a warm place, sunsets, soft smiles, listening to the rain, fairy lights, chamomile tea

Scorpio: Sharing music, concerts, moon phases, autumn leaves, protecting the people you care about, holding hands even when it’s unnecessary, binge watching shows, coffee in the morning, messy hair, dramatic makeup, expensive perfume/body scents.

Sagittarius: Trips to the aquarium, big dreams and ambitions, memories of childhood, sharing secrets, sleeping in a messy (but comfortable) bed, back rubs, watching cars pass by from the window, greenhouses, flowers in summer, bonfires, socks that don’t match, postcards.

Capricorn: Snow days, keeping a journal, nose piercings, acrylic paintings, bubblegum, reading on rainy days, sarcastic jokes, looking deep into someone else’s eyes, red lipstick, bruised legs, musky scents, Skype calls that last forever, snuggling in soft blankets.

Aquarius: Cranberries, flower bouquets, receiving a gift out of nowhere, the scent of cinnamon, small apartments with nice views, cities, staying awake while everyone else is asleep, windy days, cheek kisses, horror movies, cherry soda

Pisces: Writing on your skin with pen, galaxies, moonlight, sleeping on the couch, droopy eyes, combat boots, piano, collared shirts, naps, peppermint tea, 11:11 wishes, skipping stones, natural makeup, tongue piercings

Fieldwork: College Students and Consumer Culture

Figuring out my needs from my wants as a college student by looking into my own closet and around my house and assessing whether the things I have purchased are a necessity or not in order to feel like a college student. Then figuring out how the desire to acquire them-to consume them-was aroused and cultivated. List of my belongs give or take:


  • Windows Tablet (1), iPhone (1), Television (1)


  • Spiral Note Book (1), Agenda (1), Pack of 12pack Pens (1), Pack of 12pack Pencils (1), Book Bags (4)


  • Jeans/Joggers (10), Track Pants (15), Basketball Shorts(7), Graphic-Tees (15), Long Sleeve (6), Jackets/Hoodies/Wind Breaker/Cardigans(15), Shoes/Sneakers (35), Hats (8)


  • Deodorant 2pack (1), Toothpaste 2pack (1), Mouthwash (1) Soap 12pack(1)


  • Car (1)


  • Bed (1) , Computer Desk(1), Dresser (1), Chairs (2)


  • Microwave (1), Refrigerator (1), Oven (1), Blender (1)

After creating my list I believe that majority of the things I own are necessity’s to being a college student while some things were things I just wanted to have at the moment and brought on impulse. Items I believe I didn’t have a need for were a lot of my clothing being as though I have a lot of duplicates of hoodies, sneakers, and shirts. Advertising was the main key to my irrational thinking as a consumer as well as my culture being and living in Baltimore. 

Advertising is a powerful tool for enculturation, teaching people in society how to be successful in consumer culture, how to be normal. After seeing ads of brands I like they make me feel like I have to have them even when I know I don’t need them. The marketing teams persuade me through the models they have wearing the clothing, and the sales they run. They make me believe that this is how young America is dressing and that its the style at the time and fall into it.

Also living in Baltimore makes me have a desire to buy things or wear certain things. Something that I own multiples of I have because is like an essential to being from Baltimore and has become a custom. For example wearing New Balances 990′s to Baltimorians is like wearing the Sari in India, Kilts in Scotland, Massia beadwork in Kenay and so forth. It’s just apart of the culture that evolved overtime and I’ve become a part of it.

Go Away

‘Go Away’

All I did was say 'go away, I don’t wanna talk’ to Michael, as I walked in from school crying. Ashton started a huge uproar, yelling at me, for being disrespectful and rude. Yes I knew better than to say something with attitude towards someone older than me, but I couldn’t help it. I was upset and being irrational.

All day long, people had picked on me, teased me, hell someone purposely spilled milk on me. I just wanted to come home, and talk to Ash, but his friends were here, meaning they weren’t leaving until morning, if that. It was Friday.

Since I was being disrespectful, I’m now in my room. What the hell? I’m 14, I don’t need to be fucking treated like a child, but I’m not going to cause a scene, not with his friends here.

I just sighed and pulled out a red spiral note book and began writing my essay on earthquakes and the damage they do to things/people.

After writing that and typing it, someone comes up to my room, knocking.

“Who is it?” I squeak, standing up from my desk chair, and opening the door, to see my big brother.

“What do you want?” I grumble, crossing my arms.

“Don’t look at me like that, but we are going to get pizza, you want to come?”

“No, I’ve got homework.” I lied, to embarrassed to actually walk down there, because he humiliated me, by yelling at me, they were all snickering the whole time.

“Oh, alright, I love you.” He says, kissing my forehead. I smile, and say I love you, back, kissing his cheek.

Although, I am pissed at him, he’s still my brother, and I’m going to tell him I love him. No matter how annoying he gets, I still love him.

I sigh, laying on my bed pulling my covers up on top of me. Wishing I actually did have homework, so I could do something, I close my eyes, and take a nap.

“Y/N, sweet heart, wake up.” Ashton coos.

“Hmm?” I ask, sitting up, and rubbing my eyes.

“Come and eat?”

“Can I eat up here?” I ask, whispering.

“Why? You didn’t want to go with us, and now you don’t want to eat with us, what’s up with you?” He asks.

“I’m just embarrassed, you embarrassed me in front of them, and I don’t wanna go see them.” I mumbled.

“I’m sorry! But you were being rude, I probably should have said something in private though. We can talk about why you were crying when you came in, I’m your brother you’re crazy if you think I didn’t notice that.” He says, smiling down at me.

I whine, and hug his neck, as he stands up I wrap my legs around his waist.

He smirks, no matter how old I get, I’m convinced Ashton will carry me if I ask. His hands are just below my butt, making sure I won’t fall. He carries me down the steps, and I nuzzle my face in his neck.

“Don’t be shy.” He whispers.

“Why not? I’m an embarrassment.” I whine, as he sets me in a chair.

“You are not. You’re fucking amazing, don’t ever say anything different!” It’s Michael that says it, blushing I look down.

“Thank you.” I mumble.

He smiles, and pats my knee.

“So what had you in a pissy mood?” Calum asks, as he opens the pizza box, an grabbing a slice.

“Things.” I mumble.

“Well no shit, details perhaps?” Luke asks, smiling, his lip ring showing.

“People at school were just being mean all day, someone poured milk on me, it was just a bad day.” I say, pulling my legs underneath me, and grabbing a piece of pizza.

“Why were they being mean?” Calum asks.

“I don’t know, they don’t like me maybe? Most don’t.” I mumble.

“Well fuck them, don’t listen to them, they’re all stupid anyways.” Michael groans, making me giggle.

“Yea, don’t listen to them, they aren’t worth your time.” Luke says.

“I try, but it’s hard, everything they say is true, anyways, you act like I’m pretty, or something.” I mumble everything after hard.

“Y/N Irwin, you are gorgeous, and you have an amazing personality, don’t talk down about yourself.” Ashton chimes.

I’ve heard it a thousand times, but the dozens of times they call me fat, ugly, a whore, slut, bitch, and so much more will always overweigh, the nice things.

“Can I go back up to my room, please?” I ask, setting down the half eaten pizza.

“Finish your pizza.” No. I don’t want to, I canted eat it, no. 'Fat whore, starve yourself.’ Is all that I can think of.

“Ashton, please.” I whisper, looking at him. Currently, battling depression, self harm, purging, and fasting, surely he would understand that I can’t eat that much all at once.

“Oh, yeah, okay, don’t, do that.” He says, atleast he’s nice enough not to tell them. He means don’t purge.

Pushing in my chair, I quickly rush up the stairs, into my room.

About 20 minutes later, it’s almost midnight, and Ashton comes up to my room.

“Hey, cutie, can I come in?” He asks.

“Mhm.” I say, as he opens the door, waving for me to scoot over. I do an he slides into my bed, opening his arms, I scoot back over into his arms.

“I’m so proud of you, you are actually eating without puking and your 2 weeks clean.” He says, his lips kissing my forehead.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere without you, Ash. I would probably be in the hospital, thank you for helping me, and not telling Mum, and not telling your friends, or laughing, or anything.” I say, laying my head on his chest.

“We’re siblings, we do that for each other, and I’ll always be your big brother, go to sleep sweetie, I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise.” He says.

I nod, and close my eyes, falling asleep, in his arms, and I wouldn’t want to fall asleep any other place.

Hey There, Fellow Pokemon fans

With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out, as well as Red, Blue, and Yellow being released in the e shop, I thought of something fun we can do. It’s something I have already started doing myself.

We can start journals and fill them with our adventures as if it were our first while playing through either Sun and Moon or the older game. Hell, you can even start your journey with the old games and have your adventure continue into the new games when they come out!1

You can fill your journal with entries detailing events, add profiles for your pokemon and give them more personality, and you can even add recipes or helpful tips as well as illustrations. I know from starting mine that it is fun to write everything in character and kind of adds to the fun of exploring the world of pokemon.

I do suggest getting an actual Journal from walmart or something over a spiral note book.

Rory & Jess in an adult relationship part 2

Jess never writes his first drafts on the computer so there are spiral note book all over the place filled with writing going in all different direction on the pages, writing that’s been crossed out, or scribbled over. He always eventually makes sense of it and Rory is always the first to read what he’s written.

Their room is more like a library with a bed in it, and that’s fine. You only sleep 6-8 hours a day anyway. Books are forever.

Rory has a table by the window that she works at. It’s her spot. Just hers. Yet somehow his things always make it over there. At least twice a day she ends up gather his belongings and dumping them in his lap and giving him a withering stare, he just smiles.

Most of the time they just have sex on the floor, and why not, wherever you are there it is. It’s a bit hard on the knees but it’s difficult to care when you’re tingling from the top of your head to to tops of your toes, God, even your fucking teeth.

There’s an occasional attempt to make dinner before they look at each other and wonder who the hell they’re kidding, and just order in or walk to the restaurant down the street.

*Still don’t know what I’m doing, but I had fun doing it, so there’s that.