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Some live-action BATB headcanons (mostly about Lumiere and Plumette’s wedding because I’m a sap):

  • Prince/Beast is bi or pan (”…his parties with the most beautiful people,” “…and earn their love in return”).
  • Before the spell was broken, the members of the staff who were able to move throughout the castle would relay messages between Cadenza and Garderobe from time to time.
  • Lumiere and Plumette get engaged soon after they become human again. Lumiere had promised her it would happen once the curse was lifted, and sometimes talking about their possible future was comforting to them.
  • Lumiere makes Cogsworth his best man, mostly because he’s very organized, but also because it means he’ll have to give a toast and admit that Lumiere has good points.
  • Chip is the ring bearer.
  • Cadenza plays the processional music, and Garderobe sings for their first dance (okay I’m going by modern wedding customs, I don’t know if any of this is how they did it in 18th century France). 
  • Lumiere cries when he sees her in the dress.
  • So does Cogsworth.
  • Everyone’s crying or almost crying during the vows, mainly because they thought there would never be a chance for this to happen.
  • When the officiant says “You may now kiss the bride” he hasn’t even finished the sentence before Plumette grabs Lumiere’s face and kisses him.
  • The Prince insists on throwing them a huge reception in the ballroom and basically invites the entire town (LeFou goes with his new boyfriend, of course).
  • Plumette has a dance with Chip and he’s standing on her feet the whole time and it’s adorable.
  • Everyone keeps saying how Plumette is the most beautiful woman there (and let’s be real, she is). Lumiere can’t take his eyes off her and he keeps smiling because he’s so ridiculously in love with her and he can’t believe his luck.
Hey hey, what if everyone was still angry at Jack Kelly after the strike?

-What if Jack saw Crutchie was out the refuge, everything was sorted, and he felt his work was done. but he had cause a lot of pain during the strike; a lot of people were still angry at him, and were not going to let him forget it

-So after a few weeks, he left. went to Santa Fe. didn’t come back

-Although the strike helped all the newsies in the end, a lot of boroughs had hurt kids; meaning they were angry at Jack and therefore Manhattan

-Even when Jack left, the Manhattan newsies got the blame, even when accompanied by Race, any of them struggled to go near brooklyn without at least a little soaking

-Any friends they had in other boroughs had cut them out

-Newsies from outside Manhattan would come and sell on their turf now, because it was Manhattan against the rest of NY, the group wouldn’t win

-Imagine how heartbreaking it had been for the newsies group to start a strike, lose their leader, get him back, win the strike, loser their leader and still have everyone hate them?

-Imagine the newsies group strated breaking apart, it was hard to make money with papes when they were so many other kids taking their spots, so they’d find another job, anything where they can afford to eat. 

-Imagine Davey going home to his parents every night with a new bruise and no money.

-Imagine crutchie trying to gather the money to go to Santa Fe and kick Jacks ass then stay there with him

-Imagine Race trying to invoke his “honorary brooklyn” title, to be rejected by them all

-Imagine specs needing new specs cause the Delancy’s broke his ones, and being unable to afford it, even with the help of his newsie group

-Imagine Romeo slowly losing the want to flirt, because he couldnt do it when he hadnt eaten in 4 days 

-Imagine Les sitting at home, watching Davey come back day after day, not allowed to go out with him. Imagine him being so angry at Jack, giving Davey letter after letter to send to him, begging Jack to come home, but no one knew his address.

-Imagine all the Manthattan newsies unable to make amends even when it wasn’t their fault Jack screwed everyone over. Imagine them being so angry but having no solution to it all. 

-Imagine Jack sat in Santa Fe, hating every second of it. None of it living up to his expectations, but doesn’t feel like he can go back to NY. So he stays, doing whatever jobs he can get; hating himself for leaving NY, hoping that at least by him leaving the rest of the newsies would be okay. 

Inspired by THIS POST about gay Disney Princesses. 

When the old beggar comes to the door, Addy knows better than to let her in. She doesn’t look at the rose or the woman too long; she shuts the door.

Some will call her arrogant or selfish, but what is she to do? No guards, parents in the capital (not, here, not here), and the knowledge that she is the damsel in all those fairy tales weighs heavily on her mind. Oh, little princess, far from home and alone, so alone.

The Enchantress (for they do not call her witch) makes sure that she stays that way.

Alone except for her wilting rose.

(She did not want it, would not take it, so she was bound to it. Such is the way of Princesses.)


Addy used to have frightful bursts of temper. Her face would turn red, fat tears rolling down her cheeks, mouth screwed into an upside down kidney bean. Anything could set her off; a too tight corset, a walk ended too quickly, another toy sword taken away. She’d wail and scream, kick her feet and punch the air, tear and rend anything within arm’s reach.

The first time she has a fit in her new form, it’s after Mrs. Potts reads the King and Queen’s decision on her…condition. She’s to stay here, on the outskirts of their kingdom, until a Prince comes to release her from her spell. Alone until a different sort of bond is forced on her, until she is made to change from princess to beast to bride.

Addy know why they refuse to save her. It’s because she’s always been too big, too strong, too ill-tempered, too–

In her rage, Addy upends the tea tray, forgetting, forgetting, forgetting.

She is reminded when fine china falls to the hard ground, when it rattles, when it shatters, when it screams.

“No!” Addy falls to her knees next to her dishes– no, her friends and frantically rights them, apologies tumbling from her lips, eyes brimming with tears.

“Temper,” Mrs. Potts murmurs, more out of reflex than anything, looking obviously terrified. She hops from her side to her base, better able to control her new body than any other castle resident. Her lid is sitting askew and her eyes are wide (so wide) as they dart from one cup to another. “Daniel? Daniel!”

Addy cuts herself on broken porcelain and flinches. She–she’d killed him, she’d been so thoughtless, how could she? “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry–”

“I’m okay,” a little voice says. “I’m okay, Mom!”

 Addy sobs as she locates him under the silver platter, on his side, trapped. She throws the platter too hard, lodging it in the wall, and takes Daniel in her paws.  

“It’s okay, Princess Addy,” Daniel chirps at her. He’s a little older than her, just a few years, and he’s always trying to be strong. His eyes are wide (too wide), but he offers her a tremulous smile. “I’m okay.”

“Thank goodness,” Mrs. Potts says and her china clinks as she hops forward. 

Addy’s eyes lock on the horrible, huge chip in his rim. 

I did that.

She’s across the room before being aware of setting Daniel down, of standing, of leaping away.

“Princess,” Mrs. Potts says from her low, low position on the floor. “What–”

“Don’t call me that,” Addy grits out. Her huge body leans heavily against the door, making it groan, as she desperately tries to wrap her paw around the handle. She can’t stop looking at the chip, the proof of harm, the proof that something much worse can happen so easily. “Don’t call me– I’m not–I’m not the Princess. I’m the Beast.”

The door crashes open and she disappears.


It’s weeks before the servants realize that she’s never going to answer to her name again. She no longer sleeps in her princess bed or attempts to wear her princess clothes. She wears pants scavenged from the servants’ quarters, tunics from her father’s closet, ties her mane back with twine instead of ornaments.

“Addy!” they call. “Princess Addy!”

The Beast doesn’t even know who that is.

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First I fell for a junkie,
Then I fell for his ways.
He introduced me to the needle,
Had me spinning for days and days.

At first the high was amazing,
Until I realized i was on day four.
When paranoia, shakes, and cravings hit,
Bet I was straight laid out on the floor.

So when the junkie left for rehab,
My head instantly spiraled down.
And he told me, “you stay sober now,
You’ve got this, babe, don’t frown.”

I knew Her voice would be louder,
So much louder than any before.
But I told myself I could fight it still,
Even with arms all bruised and sore.

And now this junkie avoids her mirror,
Can’t even look in her own two eyes.
What has her pathetic life come to?
Revolving solely around that fucking high.

First I fell for a junkie,
Then I fell for his ways.
And not to my surprise I gathered,
There’s no escaping this deadly maze.

Because a junkie is a junkie,
And it doesn’t matter if we’re in love.
Because the only true love we’ve ever felt,
Came straight from this devil’s drug.

—  I guess one could say Me and T have a love/hate relationship (ael)

llordtourrettes  asked:

Hi! Your "fall of the heroes" arts are definitely the best ones !! Do you have any hc for them ?

Thank you very much! I’ve seen people tagging it as the villain AU, though I’m not sure if I’m going in that route, for everybody in 1-A, anyway! Some could be considered villains, yes, but there are others in the gray area and could probably be seen like a vigilante. I imagine it happening in a sorta dystopian universe wherein the they see the flaws of the hero system and at the same time they lose something or someone important in their lives.

As for the headcanons, I’m gonna post some for the characters that I have already drawn (because I haven’t thought about the last batches yet):

Deku: He witnessed the death of All Might, and has pushed himself too hard to become his successor to the point that he lost the hand that had inspired and helped others. The events broke his spirit down, and he has been wandering around Japan ever since. At rare occasions citizens see him leap from building to building, but when they try to track him they aren’t successful. No one really knows about his true whereabouts.
Uraraka: She was on the road to becoming one of the well-known, young heroes of the country when both her parents grew ill. The treatments needed caused her office to be in serious debt, and she never got any financial assistance from the Hero Association. When the villains invaded her prefecture one day, she was lured to their side, out of desperation and bitterness.
Iida: He was the last in 1-A to stay as a hero. He kept on asking himself what went wrong, why he couldn’t stop his classmates from succumbing to what they initially all fought against, why was he too powerless to stop them … All the questions spiraled in his head until he began to question his beliefs. What if he was actually wrong? What if Stain was really right, after all? Perhaps he was indeed, a fake hero …

Bakugou: Like Izuku, he saw All Might’s death. Again, Bakugou blamed himself because All Might protected him for the last time … and now … he was really gone. Since then, he went against the beliefs and principles of heroes when he started to exterminate villains instead of capturing them. He wears white so he stands out among the burnt skeletons of his enemies.
Todoroki: One day he heard reports that the villains were attacking the hospital where his mother stayed at. He rushed to the scene only to find his father, with the seemingly lifeless form of his mother in his arms. Villains immediately started surrounding Endeavor, and instead of helping him, Shouto, feeling numb, turned around and left. Soon, he learned that his mother survived the ordeal after all, and could’ve been in a better condition if he had only helped his father. Now both his parents were confined in the hospital. Feelings of guilt flooded him, and he punished himself by refusing to deactivate his Quirk. He left the city and has isolated himself in an abandoned, rural area where fluctuations of climates had been reported.
Kirishima: He had lost hope in the present Hero Association when they failed to give reinforcements many times he requested for them, causing him to witness the death of hundreds of citizens on several occasions; however, he did not know that the league of villains were to blame for it; they tampered with communication lines so they never came when he needed them. Since then, he had been bringing justice in the way he had known before he was a student.

Yaoyorozu: The Villain Alliance had been interested in her Quirk ever since her debut as a hero, and in order to lure her to their side, they manipulated her parents into venturing on an illegal business deal. So as not to have them arrested or worse, killed, she offered herself and her services instead. She had been very obedient to their orders–making weapons and involving herself in raids, trying to ignore the pained screams of their victims–hoping to win their trust, meet any of her classmates willing to help in her plan, and eventually turn the tides, despite all the odds …
Kaminari: He was swayed by the words of the villains that there was more to his power if he joined to their side. He was given a device on his head that supposedly prevents him from burning his brain and reverting to his “stupid” form.
Jirou: She was captured by the villains and was brainwashed into being a weapon. She had been known to wreck buildings, her body being injected with chemicals to intensify her heartbeat.

Aoyama: The villains promised him that he could shine brightly with them, and it was at their side that he felt he was accepted… He loves that they let him design his fabulously evil costume.
Ashido: Her spirit broke apart when she saw her friends fading into darkness, little by little. She joined the Villain alliance initially as a double agent, hoping to be closer to them and bring them back to the light. However, the alliance became suspicious about her loyalty and decided to isolate her in a toxic factory, telling her it was her “base of operations.” Due to months of having almost no contact with other people and having nothing left to do, she instead focused on strengthening her Quirk, toying and ingesting the chemicals around her. Indeed, it made her stronger, but it also had driven her mad in the process.
Sero: He was driven to a corner by the villains and was given a choice of death or to join their side… Fearing for his life, he chose the latter. Utilizing his Qurik, he is often involved in robberies.

BTS Reaction To: After A One Night Stand.

-Request: I was wondering if you could do a react to bts waking up and their reaction to the reader still being there after their one night stand. Also I LOVED the react you did from my other request thank you so much!!-

I’m glad you liked it! :)


When Jin woke up to see you beside him after the sinful night you both shared, he felt slightly shocked. He was shocked with himself that he even had a one night stand as it wasn’t his type of thing, however he didn’t regret it one bit. Seeing you beside him with your eyes closed just made him smile.

Although it was a one night stand and you both barely knew each other, he couldn’t help but feel something towards you, even if it sounded silly.

But soon enough, Jin found himself completely embarrassed as he muttered out “adorable” whilst looking at you, which caused you to wake up.

“Whatever you just heard - wasn’t me.”

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When Yoongi opened his eyes, he saw you sleeping peacefully, with his arms wrapped around your waist. Yoongi didn’t know what to do - either yank his arms away from you, resulting in you waking up, or to keep his arms around you, liking the warmth you gave.

He decided to keep his arms around you, snuggling closer to you and resting his forehead against yours, closing his eyes so he could fall back to sleep again and savour the moment with you.

When you did wake up, however, you tried quietly getting out of his bed so you wouldn’t wake him, but Yoongi awoke to your movements.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Oh, um.. I figured I should leave.. I should probably get out of your way.”

Yoongi just shrugged. “You don’t have to. I mean, you can, but you aren’t bothering me or anything.”

This man just wants you to stay but he doesn’t know how to do it without coming off as creepy just save him okay.

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Namjoon had a few one night stands in his past, and all of them he regretted, but with you, it was different. He couldn’t quite grasp onto his feelings, but all he knew was that he was happy to see you lying next to him.

Namjoon waited until you would awake, using that time to plan out the conversation he would soon have with you in his head, but he found that his mind went completely blank when you sat up in his bed.

“Uh-hi, are you feeling okay?” He asked, as he knew you was very drunk last night, and he wondered if you was suffering from a hangover.

“I have a head-ache, but I think I’ll be alright.” You awkwardly laughed.

“I’ll get you some medicine tablets, then we can talk after, okay?”

You nodded, smiling faintly at his kindness.

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Hoseok didn’t know what to do. Seeing you by his side left him speechless, and he couldn’t even articulate or form any sentences in his own head to describe how he felt. He was happy - of course - but he didn’t want to be because it was a one nightstand, and nothing else (well so he thought.)

Once you woke up, Hoseok asked you if you wanted anything to drink, to which you responded with “I’m okay, thank you.”

Hoseok suddenly had so many spiralling thoughts in his head, wanting to voice them but not knowing how to. He wanted to thank you for the incredible night, but he just couldn’t.

It was weird and insane to even him how he liked you already, only knowing you from last night.

“If you want anything, I can get it for you. It’s really no problem.”

Hoseok was just trying to be chill about everything but he was really screaming inside.

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Taehyung stared at you, admiring how beautiful he thought you looked while resting, and he told himself that he was lucky to even be in the presence of you. Taehyung was more than happy to cuddle with you until you would wake up.

Your eyes opened and Tae smiled at you faintly. “Hi, you okay?”

You smiled back at him, nodding. 

“I guess we should talk about last night, right?” Taehyung questioned.

Taehyung didn’t want you to leave, and he decided he should confess to you about how he felt. He felt nervous but little did he know, you felt the exact same way as him.

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Jimin was extremely sweet about the whole situation. After waking up with you in his embrace, he got out of his bed ever so carefully, not wanting to wake you up. He ran downstairs to his kitchen, grabbing a glass and filling it with cold water for you. He even made you a quick snack for when you woke up.

He entered the bedroom once again to see you waking up, you stretching your arms out wide. Jimin smiled at you.

“Hey, I made you something to eat if you want it.”

As you ate the food, he sat down beside you on his bed, feeling extremely nervous. He thought for a little while before speaking, and it turned out you both talked for a lot longer than expected, you even leaving with his phone number after.

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Jungkook didn’t hesitate to say how he felt about you once you had woke up. He wanted to get across his feelings to you because he knew if he didn’t say anything, he would regret it. Jungkook bonded with you as you both went to the same club, so it lead you both to talk on many occasions. But last night you both had too much to drink, and it lead you both to crawl into bed together.

“I know that last night happened because we were both drunk but I don’t regret it at all.”

His confession shocked you, but you couldn’t deny the fact that you felt the same way.

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This is really bad sorry :(

Birthday Blues // Jeff Atkins

A/N: Honestly, I wrote this at 1am. 

Named after: The fact that I mentioned readers birthday so much. That and I was listening to the blues.

It was a Saturday. It was the day of the championship game for baseball. But most importantly, it was your birthday.

You had let this small fact take a back seat in weeks leading up to the game, you didn’t want to stress Jeff out. Your boyfriend was already spending more time with Clay to get tutoring for two more classes just to make sure he’d play. He’d exercise in the early morning before school, go to baseball practice after, study and do homework with the smaller boy, and then watch his previous games until it was time to repeat.

It had become a routine, and Jeff normally got like this a few days before his games. You’d grown accustomed to it, you would plan to walk to school or ride with your next door neighbor Alex Standall, pack a few extra protein bars and Gatorade to leave in his locker, as well as massage him during his film.

He was…distant but it was okay because he always felt so guilty after, he’d pamper you for the next week.

However, what your boyfriend failed to let you know, was that for the championship, this routine of his was starting two weeks before you expected it. So when you found yourself arriving at school by 3rd period, after waiting 20 minutes for your boyfriend to show up you were more than angry.

But you pushed it aside, silently forgiving your baseball player. You knew Jeff loved the sport he played. For the most part, it was the only thing he felt he was incredible at. So you slowly adjusted to this behavior for the week, eating lunch by yourself because Jeff didn’t initially tell you he was going to the athletic trainer during your lunch period. Nodding as he asked you if you could find another ride home because practice was running late. Walking when you realized all your friends had already left.

It was fine, you knew it wasn’t intentional or malicious, he just really wanted the game to go well. Scouts would be looking at him. More importantly, you knew that once these weeks finished you’d have him all to yourself, starting on your birthday.

You walked through the bleachers wearing Jeff’s home jersey, 30 minutes before the game started. You saved seats for his parents who had already wished you a happy birthday, your parents who were there to support your boyfriend, and your friends who had helped you survive these past two weeks.

You made three posters all with different puns and cheesy jokes that you were sure Jeff would love,
 ’#1 on the field AND in my heart’
 'No that is not Derek Jeter, it’s Jeff Atkins’

And your personal favorite,
  ‘Atkins, Homerun counter:__’

You brought a sharpie with you to the game and by the end of it, you had edited that poster at least four times. You screamed so loud during the game you barely had any voice left when the team won.

The student section, along with yourself rushed the field and you watched as your boyfriend and his teammates poured water all over their coach. You smiled, more proud of Jeff than ever. Your two weeks of relationship hell were over and you were going to spend the rest of this Saturday night celebrating him and your birthday.

When you finally got the opportunity to get to Jeff, waiting for his parents and your parents to go first so they could leave, you hugged him as tightly as you could you pecked his lips before asking, “Now what champ?”

He smiled at the abbreviation. He let go holding out a finger signaling he’d get back to you. He left, jogging over to his teammates and a few reporters. You waited. Waited as the captains talked to the reporters who covered the game, waited as he greeted the college scout with a firm handshake, waited as the team filed out.

Jeff was the first one on that field and the last one to leave the dugout. He had all of his stuff in his baseball bag, slung on one shoulder while he wrapped the other arm around your waist.

“We’re going to Bryce’s!” He said smiling as you reached his car.

“W-what?” You asked trying to keep it together.

“Bryce, you know Bryce, he’s throwing a party for the win! You asked, ‘now what’ so that’s what!” He replied placing his stuff in his trunk.

You couldn’t lie, it fucking hurt. He forgot. He forgot your birthday of all days. You understand, it was the championship but the last thing you wanted to do was get drunk with a bunch of rowdy jocks. You and Jeff did that almost every weekend. Before you could say anything, Jeff opened the door for you, kissing your cheek.

“Jeff…” you started your voice nearly breaking. But when he turned to you, with the world in his eyes, ecstatic he had just won, you couldn’t bring yourself to ruin it. So you swallowed the lump in your throat and blinked back your tears as you forced a smile on your face.

“Could you please take me home? I’m not feeling too well.” You said, barely managing to make it through your request.

He nods, rushing back over to the driver’s seat. He grabs your hand, rubbing circles on your skin all the way to your house. His grip tightens as he pulls into your driveway and finally looks over at you.

You avoid his gaze and move to get out.

“So no party?” He asks you.

“No thanks, but go and have fun okay? I’ll see you tomorrow!”

He furrows his eyebrows placing another kiss on your hand before letting you go.

“Thanks, baby girl, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

And with that, he drives off. Once he’s out of sight you finally let the tears stream down your face like they had wanted to for the past two weeks.

You decided not to call anyone to make other plans, you would much rather sulk in your own pity. You had a mix of texts come in through the night that you ignored. Most of them from friends wishing you a happy birthday, and a few from a very drunk Jeff who, for the life of him, couldn’t manage to spell out ‘I love you’. That night you cried yourself to sleep, upset and alone trying to rationalize your boyfriend’s actions.

You woke up early the next morning, making yourself breakfast and planning out your day to make up for the previous. You could have fun by yourself. You ignored whatever Jeff texted you when you got ready, putting on some of your favorite clothes instead. Sorting through looking for your sweatshirt, you heard a knock on your door.

You threw on a t-shirt instead, yelling out 'come in’, as you started to put your hair into a bun.

“Hey, you feeling better? I have the nastiest hangover, so it’s fine if you’re not, we’ll be miserable together” Jeff started.

And you shook your head slightly at first, then you gradually became angrier. You couldn’t care less if Jeff had a hangover. Throughout his whole drunk escapade, it didn’t even occur to him that you were sitting at home, by yourself, on your birthday. He had treated you like shit for two weeks, he didn’t just get to waltz back into your life as though it never happened.

“Your parents let me in on their way out. You weren’t answering my texts so I just thought-” he stopped himself as he watched your expression change.

“What’s wrong?” He asked gently.

“What’s wrong Jeff? What’s wrong? Are you fucking kidding me?” You questioned, raising your voice slightly.

You didn’t plan on getting angry so fast, he just was so oblivious to everything it pissed you off, royally.

Jeff was taken aback. His mouth dropped slightly as he tried to figure out where he went wrong.

“FIRST. You didn’t give me a ride to school with no notice! I had to fucking walk! I was late to class and now I have detention next weekend so thanks!” You stood, now pacing around your room as Jeff took a seat on your bed.

“Baby-” he tried to interrupt.

“I’m not done” You interjected.

You were so upset you missed the completely shocked expression on Jeff’s face. Everything he did wrong in the past two weeks was flooding in all at once.

“Then! You made me eat by myself at lunch when you didn’t tell me you weren’t going to be there!”

“Baby girl-”

“Don’t you dare 'baby girl’ me! Then! You made me walk home! …IT’S AN HOUR WALK JEFF!”

He stood to meet you in all your anger, approaching you slowly.

“You basically ignored me, FOR TWO WEEKS! For fuck sake, Clay saw you more than I did!”

You couldn’t help it. Everything was spiraling in your head and pouring out of your mouth. When Jeff reached you, his hands that normally felt so comforting betrayed him. You wanted nothing more than to scream and yell until he left until he felt the way that you did.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, okay? Please calm down-” he said in the most soothing voice he could figure.

Jeff was scared, to say the least. He had never seen you this angry before.

“CALM. DOWN? YOU’RE NOT SERIOUS!” You screamed back at him pushing against his chest to create some distance between the two of you.

As your voice grew louder, the tears came rolling in again. When they fell down your cheeks Jeff had to fight the urge to wipe them. He felt guilty, he was the sole reason you were so worked up.


Jeff could have sworn he felt his heart stop. He knew he had been forgetting something, he just didn’t know it was you. He couldn’t even stutter out a response, he just stood there taking you in.

“I made three fucking posters for you! And I was there for you! Through all this BULLSHIT! I waited after the game! When you did all your interviews, and you met with all the scouts, and you were fucking around with the boys! I let you do whatever the fuck you needed to! And you left me. On my birthday. FOR A FUCKING PARTY!”

You were sobbing at this point and your voice cracked as you screamed at him.

Jeff had tears at the brims of his eyes as well, he had no idea how much he hurt you in the past two weeks.

“A fucking party Jeff…god, you’re such an asshole.” You mumbled, wiping your tears frantically, hoping that they would stop flowing.

Jeff blinked back the tears his eyes before he approached you again. He stood this time, at least two feet away to give you your space. It was the distance that hurt him the most, normally he couldn’t take his hands off of you. Now, he had to watch his first love cry, because of him, and she was too upset to even let him wipe away her tears.

“I’m sorry” he began.

And before you could interrupt him he continued.

“I- I’m so sorry.” He tripped over his own apology as a few tears fell from his eyes. He wiped them quickly, he knew he wasn’t in the position to get emotional when he was the one who hurt you.

“I was such a dick…and I- I fucked up big time…I don’t even fucking deserve you…” he struggled to find the right words that would make this all go away, but unlike your usual insignificant fights, he knew there wasn’t any combination of words that would fix it.

“Lemme make it up to you” he pleaded.

You crossed your arms over each other. Furious and devastated all at once. You wanted him to stay with you for the rest of the day but you also wanted him to get the hell out of your room.

Jeff slowly closed the gap between you two, grabbing at your waist.

“Please. Y/N. Let me fix it.”

He stared at you, searching your eyes waiting for your answer.

“I’ll beg if I have to” he offered up with a sad smile.

You frowned avoiding his eyes, you and Jeff both knew his puppy dog eyes could get you to do anything.

And so Jeff got onto his knees, his hands still at your waist and you finally looked at him.

“Jeff, get up” you muttered.

“Just give me a chance to fix it.” He countered.

You nodded quickly if only to get him off the ground, and he smiled standing to his feet again. He embraced you in what felt like the tightest hug ever.

“I’m really sorry” he mumbled into your hair.

And when he pulled away he was leaving your room.

“Cancel all your plans today, I’ll be back in an hour, I promise this is going to be the best day of your life!” He rambled as he grabbed his keys from your bed.

“Jeff, I don’t want you to le-” you whined. This was the first time he was paying attention to you in a while.

“One hour. If I’m not back……dump me!” He called out as he left your room door.

You sat on your bed, hearing the rumble of his engine begin, and when the sound of his car left your ears you exhaled and leaned back onto your bed. Hopeful for what was in store.

Part 2

Head canon time! I know this is probably already obvious from most of my noodle drawings but Noodle scarves are an incredibly common occurrence. Spiral Dragons are raised to seek out a singular “Most Important Dragon" also know to Spirals as a Napping Buddy. It can be considered an honor to become a Spirals nap buddy because it means that they trust them with their life and more.

This species-wide trend came about when the very first Spiral Dragons had been created by their Deity-Father, the Windsinger. As most of the young species fanned out across the world, following their inherent wanderlust, they stumbled into more and more danger- what with them being small and prone to passing out with barely a moments notice. So then these proto-noodles found larger dragons with a steadier sleep pattern to ride upon and travel with. As the First of their kind had offspring, and their offspring had offspring, and so on, it was passed down until it became tradition among the species. Even instinctual, some might argue, as even some Spirals not necessarily taught to will seek out a trusted life-long partner to coil around. Hatchlings of mixed parents will naturally gravitate to coiling around their bigger siblings.

Even the Windsinger himself has adopted this trend. Dragons blessed to be near their gods find it an rather common sight for the Windsinger to be tangled around their patron deity- whether they actually enjoy the physical contact or not- talking their ear off.

All of my Spirals Have Napping Buddies except Aether and Aura, who rarely leave their humble shrine now-a-days and so usually hover around the stones and bamboo structures that decorate the shrine. I guess it could be considered their Napping Buddy but Spirals don’t really give that title to inanimate objects or places, only to living, moving beings. If they were to ever travel again they would probably pick one from the clan to serve as their protector.

Think... Ink: Part 1

Okay, so I wrote a good chunk of this last night at a ridiculous time and worked on it a bit more a little bit ago and just got it to what that I thought was a good stopping point. So yeah. 

Also I need to say this next bit in bold so bear with me a sec.

Please understand, this is just me musing about stuff, and has no bearing on @shinyzango‘s stuff. Zango will decide what they want to do with Ink Henry all in good time. I just wanted to put my thoughts down in writing, and then this spawned out of it. 

Also go congratulate Zango for hitting 2k followers today! Because Zango is awesome and deserves all the nice messages! 

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Another Carter { FINAL}

 Of course being Peggy careers grand daughter is going to come with complications. What happens when one of the complications is having two super soldiers falling for you?

Steve x reader , Bucky x reader 

Warnings: NSFW GIFS, SMUT, swearing , fluff .

Masterlist   {Another Carter Series }

It’s been days since the encounter with Steve. It didn’t go farther than a heated makeout session , you couldn’t do it . You’ve been trying to Keep this fair for steve and Bucky . they haven’t made it easy, but Steves making it harder for you to chose . His dominance and alpha attitude are wearing you out , and you can’t decide whether you like it or are repulsed by The way he’s disregarding his bestfriend feelings . Buckys been completely opposite; he’s been understanding, not pushing you the way steve is . Thankfully , you’ll get a few days to yourself since the two are going away on a mission . 4 days to figure out what to do , I can do it , right?

Wrong . I was So wrong. It’s day 4 and you’ve yet to make a choice . You can’t keep stringing them along, it’s wrong to do that to them , so what am I suppose to do?

FRIDAY alerts you of their arrival , requesting immediate medics to the hangar . Your body freezes at the announcement, but quickly recovers as you take off towards the hangar . What could of went wrong ?! 

 You only have to wait a few minutes for the jet to land, and for the medics to rush aboard . It’s killing you, wondering who was hurt or if it was both of them . The medics quickly exit the jet, Bucky on the medical bed, steve limping behind them . You rush to steve , throwing his arm over your shoulder and guiding him to the med floor . You stay silent the entire way, waiting to explode with questions until after he’s checked over and you get a report on Buck. You’re sure you’re going to implode from the amount of questions spiraling around your head . 

 Finally, Steves cleared with only a few bruised ribs, and Bucky being diagnosed with a minor concussion, 3 broken ribs and a bullet graze to his shoulder . You and Steve enter the room Buckys being taken care of in, waiting for the nurses to leave before you speak. The second the door closes you lose it . 

 " what the fucking hell happened out there ! It was suppose to be a simple mission! “ Both men wince at your anger , shooting each other a look as you continue ” If one of you doesn’t answer me I swear to God, I will make your injuries so much worse . You have 4 seconds to spill .“ You growl .When no one answers you take a step towards them, making their eyes widen . 

The door swings open revealing Natasha, a wide smirk on her face . ” well Boys, i thought maybe it was your old age catching up to you that made you suck . But once I tuned into the comms to get a hold of you, it turned out I was wrong .“

 ” what .happend.“ You snarl out, making nat laugh. 

 ” of course they didn’t tell you. Dumb & dumber thought that during the mission was the perfect opportunity to get into a spat over you .“

 I’m sorry what, did she- oh that’s it . You snap your gaze to the soldiers, both showing expressions of regret and guilt on their faces . 

 ” it’s not what you think -“ steve starts but you cut him off 

 ” Natasha details . “ you demand and she complies 

“ steve was  requesting - eh more like ordering - bucky to back off. Saying that it’ll be easier for him to get over you that way instead of you dropping him for steve, which steve is pretty confident you’re going to do . Blah blah blah bucky argues back, both let their guards down to get in each other’s face and didn’t notice the swarm of hydra agents and boom; here we are .“ 

 You’ve never felt this much anger course through your body. If you were Bruce , you’d be turned into the hulk by now . Your hands are fisted at your side and you try to understand everything you were just told . When you finally did, you understand this is your fault .if it wasn’t for me they wouldn’t be fighting , they wouldn’t of got distracted, and Bucky wouldn’t be laying in a bed with numerous injuries. This is all because of me . This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen . Tears of anger & heartbreak roll down your cheeks . You turn to steve and Bucky, keeping your face expressionless as you begin speaking,

 ” this is done . There’s no decision , because I’m not going to be with either of you. I told you both, I didn’t want to create a rift between you.c and it’s exactly what happened.“ 

 ” doll-“ 

 ” no steve . Look at you! Look at Bucky! He’s suppose to be your bestfriend! I am not going to be the one to ruin this . It’s ending here before something worse happens because apparently you can’t contain your fucking inner alpha Steve . “ the dam in you breaks, and everything flows out, ” you are not the steve rogers I know , or that Peggy knew . I don’t know what the hell happened, but you aren’t the boy from Brooklyn anymore , and I’m not having it . If I wanted dominant asshole then fine, I’d be with you, but I don’t .“ And just like that, your choice is revealed , but too bad i told them i didn’t want either of them 3 minutes ago right ? Of course I figure out who I’d chose now, seriously? Why. Why, why, why! 

The room is silent , both men staring at your with dropped jaws . Steves voice startles you, you didn’t expect anyone to speak anytime soon 

“ you’re right , I’m not the skinny boy from Brooklyn anymore , because I can’t be . Times are different y/n , I had to change with them. I couldn’t be the push over I was before , the one people pushed aside and didn’t respect . ”

 ” you didn’t have to change, you chose to . You didn’t have to turn into this to get respect Steve . “ you quietly reply . You don’t wait for a response, you storm out of the room , leaving both boys confused and upset . 

 It was days before Bucky got out of the infirmary , you avoided steve like the plague for those days . You were too lost in your own mind , fearing what would happen when either of them approached you; because you know they aren’t going to let this go, not after you indirectly voiced your choice of Bucky. But you can’t ignore them for the rest of your life , as much as you want to .

 Knocking on your door wakes you from your nap . In your sleepy haze , you didn’t think that it could be either of the boys behind the door , so you reluctantly opened it . After you rub the sleep from your eyes and see who your visitor is , your heart drops. Fucking hell. You move to shut the door but a metal hand catches it before you can . 

 ” that’s not a very nice thing to do doll. “ fuuuuckkkkkkkkkk

” I’m not exactly in the mood for this right now Bucky. It’s nap time .“

 ” perfect , I was feeling a nap too. “ he invites himself in, going right to lay on your bed . You turn and watch , rolling your eyes as he makes himself comfortable. I gotta admit , I like the view of him in my bed . 

“ well come on y/n, you can’t nap in the doorway. ” he sasses , you let out a laugh and jump into you bed beside him . You nearly fall back into your comfortable routine with him, until you remember the reason he’s here . Your body stiffens next to him, and he senses it . He scoots closer, pulling you to him

  " what are you doing here buck?“

 ” you’ve been avoiding us , how else was I suppose to get you to listen to me ? Now I’m going to talk, and I don’t want you to say anything until I’m done okay? You can sass me and bitch me out all you want after you hear me out ,alright doll ? “

 ” you have 5 minutes barnes .“ He takes a deep breath before starting , ” what we did on the mission was dumb, it was bad timing and unnecessary. Now I’m not going to put all the blame on steve , because I did argue back, but for the record , he started it. But you need to understand something doll, steve didn’t handle being woken up in this world so well . Everything is so different than the 40’s, people aren’t as kind , or well mannered as they use to be . He saw his qualities as small, being the kid from Brooklyn didn’t seem like an option to him anymore . So he tried to develope to the environment around him. As much as I disagree with how he’s changed , I don’t blame him. You said it was your fault that we were hurt, by it’s not, it’s ours for being punks .“ , he pauses , and as you open your mouth to speak, he clamps his hand gently over your mouth ” I’m not done . I understand why you don’t want to be with either of us , what we did was immature. But, we can’t ignore the fact that you kinda did confess who you’d pick doll. I’d be lying if I said i wasn’t thrilled , but I need to know if you meant it . “

 My turn ” of course I meant it. I think I always knew, but I just hung onto the thought that steve was who I grew up hearing about still. But when I saw you both hurt, I just- it broke me . I can accept steve isn’t who he was before , but it’s not what I want , he’s not what I want. I know what I said , but Buck, the more I think about it, the more I realize I want to make the decision . I want you . I chose you and I’m so sorry it took so long . “ 

 Bucky turns to you, a dazzling smile aiming at you. ” looks like it’s your lucky day doll, because I’m all yours .“ With that, his lips crash to yours in a passionate kiss . His fingers thread through your hair as yours fist in his shirt. You finally part for air , one question still hanging in your mind 

“ bucky, what about Steve? I don’t want him mad, I still want to be friends with him.”

 " I already talked to him, he’s not mad. He actually understands. He said something about you not being Peggy’s blood if you would of chose him with the way he’s been acting . And he’s right, peg would of beat the living shit out of his punk ass if he was that way towards her.“ 

 You snort , and launch yourself at him for another kiss . You can finally be with him, in every way, without feeling guilty . The kiss turns hot right away, both of you clawing to get the others clothes off , and before you know it ,you’re naked underneath him . His hands are everywhere , and you can barely breathe . His hands sneak down your body, playing with your sensitive folds . You move your hands to guide his until his finger slip into your pussy . You arch your back as he moves deeper, thrusting his fingers roughly into you . 

It didn’t take long for you to cry out from your release, and Bucky dove right into the move . He flops onto the bed, pulling you to his lap . You whimper as you rub against him , letting his cock get coated in your slick . Once he had enough teasing he lifts your hips, and gently eases you down over his length , groaning as your walls immediately clench around him

 " doll you gotta stop squeezing me or I’m gonna bust.“ He warns , digging his fingers into your hips as you try to adjust.

 ” I can’t help that you have a massive Dick Barnes , shut up and give me a minute .“ He lets out a loud laugh and hides his face in the crook of your neck , sucking and biting at it as you slowly begin rolling your hips . You start off slow, but your rhythm quickly picks up from the pleasure coursing through you. Your moans are loud as you ride bucky at a harsh pace , the faster you bounce the more groans slip from his lips . 

His groans encourage you even more , driving yourself to chase after both of your releases .

 ” doll I’m so close .“ He whispers , and you move even faster, surprising both of you. His lips latch onto your nipple as you bounce, his hand slipping between you to circle your clit .within seconds your both tipping over the edge , your name falling from his lips as you drag him into pure bliss . Your body shakes as your orgasm washes through you, your thighs quivering around his hips as you soak his cock in both of your cum . 

 You fall forward into his chest , your hair in an mess around you. 

“you alright doll?” He asks, only receiving a hum in response . When he slowly rolls you off him you whine at the loss of his touch, and he just chuckles . He leaves the bed, and returns with a warm wash cloth and goes to clean you up. You hiss at the feeling, you skin still sensitive

 " sorry doll, but I gotta take care of my girl , don’t I ?“ He asks as he tosses the rag over his shoulder

 ” so I’m your girl , huh?“ You playfully as he falls beside you. He awkwardly smiles and lets or a cough

 ” I mean if you wanna be ..“

 All you do is laugh before you roll back over him and kiss him sweetly . 

“of course sergeant.”

 3 years later 

 You look down at bucky, your eyes flitting between his hopeful face & the shiny diamond he’s holding infront of him. You frantically nod ‘yess’ before he jumps up and sweeps you into his arms . He finally sets you down and slips the ring into your finger , kissing you like there’s no tomorrow . Both of you completely unaware of the audience on the other side of the glass doors . The rest of the team smiling, some in shedding happy tears . Natasha lets out a quiet chuckle & eye roll at the sight ,

 "  that’s all we need , Another Barnes.“


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