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the signs as fairies

Aries: adorns herself in red silk with shimmering wings the color of fire. can be found in environments with fire or heat, like volcanoes. is immune to the heat. can manipulate and create fire and spends her days playing with phoenixes and friends she creates out of burning embers. usually has swirling gold tattoos.

Taurus: a gentle fairy who can be found in forests. she spends her time playing with forest animals and making flower chains. she wears clothes made out of pieces of cloth she finds and always has some type of flower in her hair. her wings are soft as a feather, translucent and give off a golden glow. she can talk to animals, and she attracts them wherever she goes.

Gemini: the ultimate trickster. very petite, with razor sharp blue wings. she almost always wears a hat that covers her dark tresses. she wears a short dress with high boots. she is never without her staff. covered in her trinkets, her staff is her main tool to help her practice voodoo. other fairies come to her for potions and spells, but beware, she will turn on you if it benefits her.

Cancer: can most often be found in water. everything about her is silvery blue, from her skin to her hair to her eyes. she looks like she is made of moonlight. she only comes out at night, to sing songs to the moon. her wings are made of millions of tiny water droplets, but she rarely shows them. she can craft moonlight into beautiful pieces of art.

Leo: if you ever manage to get a glimpse of this fairy, the first thing you’ll notice about her is her hair. her thick red curls spiral out everywhere. considering wings are sacred to this type of fairy, it’s no surprise that hers are extravagant. like the wings of a monarch butterfly, her wings are especially strong, even though they look especially fragile. her clothes are made out of autumn leaves she finds in the woods where she lives. she usually has leaves decorating her hair. her favorite pastime is playing with the butterflies she shares her home with.

Virgo: like Leo, this fairy has wings like a butterfly, but hers are shades of deep blue and rich green. she looks delicate, but will defend her home fiercely. she wears clothes she creates from natural materials, and will typically have flowers in her hair. she spends her days protecting her home from humans and predators alike.

Libra: this dainty fairy spends her time high in the clouds. wears clothes made of pure white feathers and clouds. though she doesn’t have wings, she has a naturally ability to control air, and uses that to her advantage. she is an amazing dancer and spends her time dancing in the clouds to beautiful music only she can hear. 

Scorpio: the rumors surrounding this fairy are plenty. with her swirling black tattoos, dark hair, and leathery, deep purple and blue wings, she intimidates most who venture into her home, which is how she likes it. skilled in the most ancient magic, she spends her days making potions for those willing to pay the price. 

Sagittarius: perhaps the most daring fairy, her favorite pastime is to give humans glimpses of her, but she never shows her face. she only comes out when the leaves are changing colors. she wears a dress spun from pure gold, with a beautiful crown made out of golden feathers. her wings look like feathers but are actually very sharp, and are also gold. her favorite trick is, once you get a glimpse of her, she hides herself among the leaves until you go mad looking for her.

Capricorn: no human has ever gotten a look at this fairy, who is always found in cold environments. cold as ice, she’s as small as the snowflakes she crafts. her crystallized wings are more beautiful than any snowflake, and she wears a dress and jewelry crafted out of pure ice. her silver hair matches the color of her eyes. 

Aquarius: one of the rarest fairies, every part of her is silver, except her fragile, translucent wings. she only comes out during a full moon and is found in quiet, moonlit forests. she wears a dress made out of silvery moonlight. her favorite accessory is a crown made out of moonflowers. 

Pisces: this fairy frequents vast meadows, looking for a flower to make her home in. she makes her beautiful dresses out of stray flower petals she finds. her huge, butterfly-like wings are as big as she is. her most prized possession is her wooden flute, which she can use to call animals to her.

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comprehensive rating of every octopus emoji

for your reading pleasure

the ratings are off to a notably curvy and rounded start.  not sure what’s going on with those eyes, but this octopus is making up for it with a very generous squish quotient.  7/10; would pet

such zazz!  such a definitive swagger!  i am particularly endeared to that ‘raise the roof’ gesture he’s got going on with his arms.  excellent octopus.  very good indeed.  10/10; would throw a party with

ah, the full-frontal approach to octopus imagery.  that classic octopus head shape is very well-represented here.  a good, solid octopus for all your octopus needs.  8/10; would introduce to my parents

to be perfectly frank, i’m ambivalent.  there’s some unfortunate shading going on here and all i can see is a rubbery pink stick-man with a disproportionate head wearing a cape.  despite it all, i can’t bring myself to say mean things about this octopus; she has a vivacious charm to her.  3/10; would give points for effort

i’m pretty sure this isn’t what an octopus looks like.  nice try.  1/10; would maybe wear as a novelty hat in an emergency

a wonderful and pleasing octopus.  htc is really shaking it up with these cool colours.  her eyes are wide with childlike wonder.  9/10; would read a bedtime story to

i cannot say a single bad thing about this octopus.  he is anatomically correct and possesses a lightness of spirit; an inexorable zest for life.  a swell guy and a fantastic cephalopod. 12/10; would leave him all my worldly possessions and wisdom in the event of my death, whenever that day shall fall

the manic pixie dream girl of the octopus emojis.  the many curls and spirals of her arms hold within themselves undeniable cosmic truths and wise tidbits of advice.  points earned for those delightful purple shades.  10/10; would go on a life-changing roadtrip with

twitter has gone for a unique twist in taking the cirrate octopod approach to octopus imagery- a roaring success in octopuses such as the dumbo and the flapjack- but have fallen short.  where are his little ears?  he needs those little ears.  give him the ears.  6/10; would fashion him a pair of little ears to wear

heavens to betsy!  what happened to his arm? why is it so long?  the poor baby looks so bewildered.  2/10; would subject mozilla to a brutal interrogation as to avenge this poor boy’s honour

remarkably angular for an octopus.  it’s lacking that important element of squish.  has a lovely, albeit biologically impossible, winning smile though.  5/10; would not criticise to their face

this is a shiny one.  on a closer look, her skin glistens with visions of half-remembered dreams.  her beguiling eyes and exuberant mouth-thing are only there for a false sense of security.  a very mysterious octopus.  where is she from?  8/10; would see in glimpses on the backs of my eyelids whenever i blink

Beauty and the Lawyer

* John Laurens x Reader
* Modern Beauty and the Beast AU

    A/N: HERE IT IS! OK so…there’s no beast creature first of all, you’ll see the obvious change I made. This follows the new movie and CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS! If you haven’t seen the new movie then don’t read this yet as some plot points come directly from the new movie. It’s also really fucking long, so yeah. This took me about four days of writing every moment I could and listening to the movie soundtrack on repeat. (At least it’s pretty.) So I hope you guys enjoy!

    Word Count: 9,365 (barely 23 pages…)


    “You have a daughter, do you not Mr. L/N?” Henry Laurens asked the man across from him. Henry’s young son, John, sat aside merely watching the exchange.

    “Well yes. She’d be about the same age as your boy.”

    “You know, as a lawyer it’s hard to find a wife but it’s a good thing to have.” Henry mused as he stood and began circling the table, reminding his son of a hawk going in for a swooping kill.

    “What are you saying?” The other man asked.

    “I saved you in that lawsuit and I’m not even sure you were innocent.” Henry said with a soft laugh. “And now you say you can’t afford my prices. So I propose a deal. I’ll give you two years. Pay my fees, if not I’ll get the case reopened. If you haven’t raised the money, then your daughter and my son will be wed.”

    “That’s absurd!” The man shouted in outrage.

    “So was your case.” Henry snapped back. “You were warned that I have high prices. This is the fee.” Henry stopped at his side of the desk. “Go. You have two years.” The two men watched the other man go.

    “Why are you arranging a marriage?” John asked.

    “You know I’m not feeling well. This will be your firm soon. A wife makes a lawyer look more personable. And it’s hard to find one in this line of work.” Henry patted his son’s shoulder. “Come on, I have much more to teach you.”

    Two staffers, Alexander and Lafayette, stood by. “Monsieur Laurens is corrupting his young son. The John we used to know is slipping away.” Lafayette voiced.

    “You wanna stand up to Henry?” Alexander asked. He knew Lafayette was right. John was their friend at one point. It didn’t seem much that way anymore.

    “No, no one does. That’s the problem.”

    You walked through town. Your father would be back from meeting with the lawyer today and you wanted to make him a good dinner. There was a fresh marketplace and you knew your father preferred food from there. It was a bit more expensive but always tasted better. And definitely worth it to welcome your father home.

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    I See Forever

    Eos and Apollo

    Eos’s favorite tine of the year had always been the summer time. There was nothing sweeter than Greek summers, those hot evenings where the air was sticky and how Olympus always smelt of jasmine and longing. Underneath Olympus in the mortal world, the sea was a deep wine color, the same color wine Eos liked the get drunk on with Dionysus. The people were happy and the market places smelled of peach and honey and it took everything in Eos not to disguise herself and run to the mortal world just to enjoy the simplicity of life.

    Eos, who was more commonly known as Y/N around the God’s palace, was a minor goddess of dawn, not needed nor prayed to as much as the other goddess were. She had no temples after her which meant no rules she had to follow or maintain, all she did was roam the marble halls freely, visiting the male deities at night and not leaving their chambers until the early mornings before dawn.

    If there was one man she couldn’t stop herself from coming back to every night, it was Apollo. She often felt like a sunflower, tiny and small in the sun’s shadow but nonetheless looking up to him and his magnificence, wanting and being his. He was the god of the sun and she was the goddess of dawn, so it only made sense that they were one late at night when he filled her to the brim, his eyes alight with sunshine rays of pleasure.

    She turned through the satin covers, feeling the weight of his strong arms wrapped around her tummy from behind; the exact way she woke up every time to him. The sun had not risen yet, as that was Apollo’s job each morning, so the room was filled with a milky kind of darkness that made her feel drowsy and hypnotized.

    She breathed in heavily, looping her hands through his arms and tugging them apart, freeing herself from his embrace. Eos sat up, turning her head and watching Apollo sleep, his whiskey colored curls spread around his head like a halo.

    “Don’t.” Came a voice, accompanied by a hand roughly tugging her back down in the covers.

    “Apollo…” Y/N smiled, a breathy laugh escaping her mouth.

    “‘S Harry to you.” He grumbled, throwing a leg around her and snuggling his face into the crook of her collarbone.

    “You have to get up.“ She cooed, running her hands through his hair, wisps of them spiraling into curls. “The sun must rise each morning.”

    Harry shook his head, ready to fall back to sleep against the steady heartbeat of Eos. “Not today. I never want to leave you or this bed,”

    Y/N frowned, halting her strokes in his hair. “…But you must! The mortals depend on it. You can’t just… not raise the sun.”

    Apollo smirked, popping his eyes open with glittering mischief. “You proper tired me out last night, sunshine. It’s going to take a little more convincing than that.”

    But Y/N was too busy looking at his eyes, how even in the darkness how the color was so vibrant. They were green, which was fitting, as it was the color of life  — and by raising the sun across the horizon each day, that was exactly what he gave to the world.

    Eos laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck and opening her legs up from underneath where he lay on top of her. “How will I ever convince the mighty sun god to do his job?”

    Apollo sighed as he fitted his hips down between hers, lining his cock up to where she lay so open and inviting for him. With one thrust he was inside, feeling their hip bones knock together as she gasped underneath him.

    He pumped into her and stole the moans from her mouth with kisses, one of his hands grasping her breast and rolling the nipple around under his thumb.

    “There’s one thing you could do for me.” Harry breathed, leaning up on his elbows as he cupped her chin. He watched her scrunch her face in ecstasy as he moved, the tip of his cock just shy of stroking her favorite spot deep inside.

    “I’ll do anything.” She pleaded, her nail digging moon crescents into the tan skin on his back. With every thrust she let out tiny uh’s, twirling and thrashing her legs as the pleasure over powered her in the best way. She was still sensitive from the night before as Harry had encouraged her to go all night, over and over until she was begging him to stop.

    “Stay with me. Forever.” He cried out as she suddenly squeezed him, causing his eyes to roll back into his head at the feeling. His head was full of stars, the sincerity of his words catching Eos off guard.

    “I — .” She groaned but it was cut off by his mouth, his kiss so hard and rough that it physically pushed her down further into the pillows, All she could feel, smell and see was Harry and it sent her orgasm over the top, her whole body blushing pink with nerves as his thrusting never slowed.

    “Gonna let me fill you up, sunshine?” Harry teased with a smile. “If you let me then you’ll be mine. If you take it all, there’s no going back.” 

    Eos nodded desperately, her hips snapping back from every single nerve being sensitive to the point of being on fire… but there was nothing more that she wanted than to be his and to finally see a forever.

    Apollo leaned down and cupped her wrists in his hands, settling deeper into her as he filled her to the brim, watching her body twitch as his hot arousal took over her. He collapsed onto her sweaty body, confirming that she now not only smelled of him, but now tasted of him as well.

    “You — .” Y/N swallowed, feeling consumed by him in the best way. “You still have to rise the sun.”

    Harry nodded, leaving one last kiss to her mouth before he pulled away and held his hand out in invitation.

    “You’ll come with me, won’t you? It’s only right that the goddess of dawn starts accompanying me each morning now.”

    anonymous asked:

    A prompt if youre up for it: taako takes krav on a date underneath hurley and sloanes tree

    There’s something about Goldcliff at sunset. The setting sun streaks the tops of the buildings in golden rays, illuminating the entire city without need for candlelight. The sands of the desert bluffs are painted through with the blues and purples of dusk; the very tips of the shadows claim the dark black of the encroaching night, the flowers set out on windowsills catching the reds of the sun and beaming them out onto the street.

    The pink of the setting sun, though, is reserved for the center of Goldcliff; the Lover’s Tree absorbs these more delicate hues amongst its flickering petals, the flowers drifting gently toward the ground.

    Taako and Kravitz are not alone as they step out of the portal, of course. The Lover’s Tree is both a tourist attraction and a good-luck charm in Goldcliff, the favored date-spot of many young couples, hoping for the legendary devotion and affection of the Raven and the Ram to favor their relationship as well. But the area around the tree is filled with a respectful silent that Taako, for once, has no inclination to break.

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    anonymous asked:

    Prompt: the electricity goes out on a stormy night when mike and Will are having a sleepover. Will is very scared of being cold so Mike and him create a fort with lots of warm blankets and eventually some cuddles.

    At first, Will thought he went blind– or worse, been hallucinating without any real warning. He was lying on his stomach in between the coffee table and the couch in Mike’s basement, sketching out a character for their new campaign. Mike was on the couch, feet stretched over Will and resting on the coffee table. Their day of hanging out turned into a sleepover when a sudden storm began drenching the town and making the roads unsafe. Will didn’t mind; Mike always gave the best descriptions to draw from. They made a great creative team. Will put down his pencil to reach for an eraser when the basement disappeared from view. Everything went to complete darkness.

    “Mike!” Will cried, suddenly pushing himself up onto his arms. “Mike?”

    “I’m right here.” Mike answered, his fumbling hand reaching out and grabbing Will’s shoulder. “A powerline went down. You’re okay.”

    “Okay. Sorry.” Will swallowed the screams in his throat. The darkness still scared him; he had to have at least one light on in his room constantly to convince himself he was in the real world. It was helpful he at least had Mike if nothing else.

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    @windythegreat sent in : “ Prompt Witches that specialise in plants. Vines on her walls succulents hanging by window. Thank you so much for wonderful writing”

    It starts with the poinsettia Carol hands to Sydney after Christmas. The leaves are bright red and green, the plant is healthy, but there’s something sour about the pot. She thinks it might be the wetness of the soil or the way the plastic wrapped around the pot is holding water on the bottom.

    “Maybe you can use it,” Carol tells her, flapping a hand at the door. “For, you know, your…thing.”

    My craft, Sydney corrects mentally. She smiles at Carol, understanding that her friend is being considerate in her own way, and climbs into her car. She’s not a big talker and she’s fortunate that she has friends who understand that. She can deal with her practice being relegated to “thing.”

    Sydney takes the poinsettia home, takes the plastic off, and watches the water drain down the kitchen sink. She sniffs the soil and is oddly pleased. Less sour and more earthy.

    She takes the plant with her to the bedroom, situating it in her bedroom window. She falls asleep admiring the red leaves.


    After the poinsettia is the spider plant. This one is born out of necessity rather than happenstance, an intentional addition to her new home.

    There’s a story behind this.

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