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Characters - Dean x Reader
Word Count - 331
Warnings - Language.

“Hold still,” you scold. “I can’t sketch you if you keep moving, Dean.”

Your eyes skip from the paper you’re sketching on, to him, making faces and wiggling in his seat.

“Dean,” you whine. “For the love of all that is holy, will you please be still? I’m just gonna keep jacking up your nose at this rate.”

He looks scandalized and reaches over to pull at your sketchpad.

“Lemme see!”

“No, Dean!” You yank the pad back, clutching it to your chest. “You can’t look at it yet! If you don’t stay still, I won’t let you have your bribe anyway. So sit still and shut up, Winchester. The quicker you do that, the sooner you get your precious pie.”

It isn’t long after the threat of taking away his pie that he settles down long enough for you to get at least one decent sketch of his face. You stare at it, a little sad that it isn’t as close to the likeness of him that you’d hoped for.

“Holy shit,” he breathes low and heavy right into your ear. You jump, a little startled that you hadn’t even noticed him get up at all as you were critiquing your sketch.

“Is that a good or a bad holy shit?”

“That’s a good holy shit, babe. Is- is that really how you see me?”

He’s looking at the paper like it’s this precious thing and reluctantly takes it as you hand it to him.

“Yeah, more or less. It’s uh, not as detailed as I would have liked but-”

“It’s perfect.” He says it so easily, like it’s truth. “It’s- it’s perfect.”

You smile, a little stunned at his adamant response.

“Well, you can have it if you like it so much.”

He grins, taking great care as he tears the paper from it’s spiral binding. He folds it carefully, setting it gingerly in his breastpocket.

“C’mon. You can have a slice of my pie in exchange.”

“Deal, Winchester.”

You Fall Asleep While Studying - Seventeen reaction

@mariaseemsgood: I need to satisfy my thrist for Seventeen reactions… so how about they come back home to see you sleeping in one of his jumpers while drooling in your text book? (sorry for the cliché, but I love this scenario)

Absolutely loved this scenario, thank you so much for requesting <3 but now my feels hurt Hope you like it! x

S. Coups:

He’d be kind of conflicted: should he wake you up and get you to lay down somewhere more comfortable? or should he just leave you there to sleep? You looked so peaceful - no, adorable - with your face literally buried in your textbook, drool pooling between the pages and your cheek, and body swimming in his shirt. Instead, he’d gently pick you up and bring you over to the couch, gently kissing your cheek as you woke up, before gathering some blankets and cuddling you to sleep.

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His first thought would be “oh no”; the way you were slumped in your chair, arms crossed so that your head rested on them couldn’t have been comfortable. He’d wake you up and guide you somewhere more comfortable like the couch or a bed, gently wiping the corner of your damp mouth and lightly scolding you for not giving yourself a break, though he found the way you waddled in his oversized sweatshirt and leggings absolutely adorable.

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He’d start giggling right away; the way your face was smooshed against your notebook, little snores coming from your mouth, and the sweater he had left out on the bed keeping your body from the cold, it was all too much. He’d walk right over to you and place a gently kiss on your cheek. You’d wake up at the light touch and give him a small smile, to which he’d respond with a hug. “I thought you told me you wouldn’t be studying today,” he’d lightly scold you.

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He wouldn’t be all that surprised to see you asleep surrounded by your numerous text and note books, but just because he half expected it didn’t mean he was anymore pleased. Yes, he did find you absolutely adorable with your hair looking a bit like a bird’s nest, the corner of your mouth wet, and his grey turtleneck practically swallowing your body. Still, he told you to take a break for the day and you instead overworked yourself again. He’d take the time to hide all your books before waking you up, forcing you to relax for a bit.

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So let me tell you a story

Once upon a time I worked in the Photocentre of a Walmart. It was probably the best walmart position I ever worked (the other two being customer service and cashier). It was a fairly okay job as far as part time jobs go.

So it’s maybe late September, early October and this mum comes in with her two daughters and they’re poking around the display of photo mugs and calendars and other Things-You-Can-Put-Your-Kids’-Faces-On™. She then comes up to my counter and goes “Your Halloween Decorations are so realistic! Are they from here?”

Now I didn’t put any Halloween decorations up, nor did anyone else working in the photocentre. As far as I knew the only things on the display were the photogifts, so I tell her that.

She then starts insisting there’s a bat decoration on the calendar display and goes over to grab it. I am immediately concerned but before I can say anything she picks up the calendar that was hanging under one of the display shelves.

Sure enough the bat was not a plastic decoration, it was a real bat. He moves. The lady screams and throws the calendar with the bat hanging off the spiral binding against the wall. Her children start screaming that it’s gonna suck their blood and they’re all gonna die. 

I try to get them to calm down. Didn’t work. I eventually convince the woman to maybe take her kids for a wander through the store to calm them down while I get a manager to deal with it. She agrees and leaves with her still screaming daughters.

So the manager comes in and asks why I paged her and I show her the bat and tell her that I’ve named him Freddy, he’s a little traumatized, and should probably be let outside. She freaks out and tells me she doesn’t want to deal with him cuz he’s scary. I’m like I mean I think he looks cute and snuggly. He’s got very soft looking fur but ok. So she goes off to get the store manager.

He comes in with a little trash bin from housewares and asks me where my pet is. I show him Freddy and we agree that he’s adorable. He scoops Freddy gently into the bin and places the calendar over top to prevent him from flying away, and then leaves my lab.

A few minutes later he comes in to tell me that he hung Freddy on the chainlink fence outside under a tree and that he seemed pretty happy there. The end.

Naughty Student

A/n: Hey. It’s skylar here. So was watching a fave blog of mine @breath0ftheglacian when I caught wind of dirty teacher Ardyn. I had to help out. I’m sure it’s not as dirty as most would have wanted. First time writing smut for this muse. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy. It’ll be under the cut since it’s a bit long.

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Hey so I've been trying to find notebooks that would work for me for the upcoming school semester and I've been thinking about the spiral binding ones. What are your opinions? Do you like them better or worse or do you not have any preference?

Hey there anon :) 

In my (Kat’s) opinion, the thinner, non-spiral notebooks, such as Muji or Campus, are my favorite. 

However, they are indeed thinner, and thus more easily filled. This can be a good thing, if you’re subjects aren’t as content heavy, or a bad thing, as this may result you having a ton of notebooks to carry around. 

I don’t particularly like thicker notebooks with regular bindings because they can’t fold properly (they are always a two page spread). And forcing the books in half can lead to pages falling out. 

Therefore, I would suggest notebooks with spiral bindings when what you are looking for are multiple subject notebooks. They are not only thicker, but allow for easy page turning. With the spiral binding, you never have to worry about messing up the glue in the binding and end up with pages falling out. 

This is just a personal opinion, but I would highly recommend you try a spiral notebook :) You could end up loving it <3 

life is a tightrope (and you’re burning, burning, burning both ends)

summary: Annie finds her footing after completing rehab. Heroic Origins, who? 
word count: 1,220
author’s note: Eternal thanks to @bethanyactually for being my beta! 



“All right, sweetheart.” Charlie, the front-desk attendant, slides Annie’s keys across the counter, along with the packet of resources given to every person who completes the program. “You’re all set.”

Annie smiles, trying to ignore the way tears bite at the corners of her eyes, and takes one last look around the common room. Confetti from her going-away party still litters the floor. “Thanks. For everything. I’ll, um, I’ll keep in touch.”

Charlie raises her eyebrows, and Annie understands what she’s not saying loud and clear. Don’t you want to put this chapter of your life behind you, kid?

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What’s Next

Request: Could you possibly write a sub!crowley dom!reader thing? <3

Pairing: Sub!Crowley x Dom!Reader

Warnings: Unprotected smut, explicit language, hint of bondage, dom/sub

Word Count: 6078

Tagging: @fangirl-faye @softballer1707 @wayward-mirage @cherik-speightlover @fall-out-at-the-marvel-phandom @negansgrimes @themidnighttrickster @royalfunkstar @secretsupernaturalblog @authoressskr @nicmob @supernatural-stuff-of-course @sdavid09 @paddy1219 @dont-hate-relate-pls @ashiewesker @littlepandaisy @your-not-invisible-to-me @imaginecrowleyspn @mulit-fandom-fangirl @whovianayesha @spnackleholicswainer @ryleeroseb4 @bluehamster13 @supernaturual @riversong-sam @thatone67chevyimpala @sea-you-bitch @boxer-pup @nerdysandwichqueen @wonderlandmoonrose7 @your-silver-and-gold @therealdeanwinchester13 @ariethegreat98 @nothin-after-79 @eileenlikesyou-maybe @misha-collins-is-an-angel @dontwasteyourbreath @sama1314 @amyapathetic @cantchoosejustonefandom @capnjacksparrow14 @castiel-barnes

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“What the hell have the two of you done now?” You scowled once you entered the Bunker, your voice, full of anxiety, echoing off of the walls as you headed for the main library, where Sam and Dean were waiting. The world had turned freaking insane, and once the Winchesters had sent you a text asking you to head to the Bunker, you had a feeling they had something to do with it.

“It’s actually not our fault this time,” Dean defended the two of them as you approached, empty glass in hand.

“What is going on? Are those angels falling from the sky?” You exclaimed, yanking your army green jacket off to toss it on the research table, your bag following suit.

“Yeah, long story. I promise we’ll explain everything, but we’re going to go make a beer run before we do that,” Dean muttered, nudging a chair toward you with his foot, inviting you to sit and calm down.

You took a seat, looking between the brothers as you waited for an explanation of why you had been called in. “So, what’s my part in this?” You asked, a flash of curiosity crossing your expression.

“We actually need you to stay here,” Sam spoke up from the other side of the table. “We have Crowley in the dungeon and we need the names of every demon on Earth and the vessels they’re possessing.”

“Let me guess. He’s not giving up any names and you want me to get them out of him,” you broke in, understanding why they had called. You had tangled with Crowley a number of times over the last couple of years, and the Winchesters knew that you knew how to get under his skin. Truthfully, it was kind of fun. “Alright, well, I’ll have your names by the time you get back,” you told them before standing up and snatching up your bag, ready to get started.

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Studyblr Tag Game
  • Are you a pen or pencil person?
  • Are you a notebook or loose-leaf person?
  • Are you a spiral notebook or binded notebook person?
  • Are you a grid-ruled notebook paper or regular notebook paper person?
  • Are you a bullet journal or planner person?
  • Are you a Stabilo pen or Staedtler pen person?
  • Are you a Muji highlighter or Zebra mildliner person?
  • Are you a morning-study or night-study person?
  • Are you a desk-study or bed-study person?
Bedtime Stories - Part 1

Word Count: 2315

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Well there’s a surprise.” Ruby smiled and rolled her eyes at you. “I thought I couldn’t help? What changed your mind?”

“Nothing changed my mind.” You answered. “I had no intention of letting Sam go down this road alone. He chose it. I’m joining. It’s just that simple.”

“Protecting your boyfriend’s little brother? How noble.” She spat.

“It’s what he’d want.” You walked over to stand by Sam. “And he’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a brother too.”

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studyblr tag game
  • Are you a pen or pencil person?
  • Are you a notebook or loose-leaf person?
  • Are you a spiral notebook or binded notebook person?
  • Are you a grid-ruled notebook paper or regular notebook paper person?
  • Are you a bullet journal or planner person?
  • Are you a Stabilo pen or Staedtler pen person?
  • Are you a Muji highlighter or Zebra mildliner person?
  • Are you a morning-study or night-study person?
  • Are you a desk-study or bed-study person?
The Proper way for lefties to write

So you’re a lefty and have struggled your whole life with handwriting. This is probably because the right-handed majority has been oppressing you. We have been forgotten on the sidelines, while our right-handed brethren get taught how to write. For most left-handed people, it means you end up writing like this:

Which is awkward and stupid and painful. It’s impossible to write cleanly this way. The spiral binding of a notebook presses against an already uncomfortable wrist. The side of your hand glides over ink and lead. Every time you write, you question whether it’s even worth it.

The solution is simple. See the position of the paper in the photo above? It’s positioned for a right-handed person. A lefty needs to keep their paper in this position:

Yep, sideways. 100% sideways, at a 90° angle from yourself. It sounds ridiculous, but it works. The next step is to get rid of that claw you’re holding the pen with. Claws are great for old people trying to get the remote off the floor, but it’s no way to write. Hold your pen like so:

And the back of my hand:

Your thumb and ring finger actually hold the pen. Your middle finger helps balance the pressure between the two, and your index finger keeps everything in place.

Now all you have to do is put pen to paper and start writing:

No part of my hand comes near where I write; ergo, no smudging. With the notebook sideways, the binding won’t push into my wrist. Finally, my wrist stays comfortable and straight. There’s no need to bend it at all. An enjoyable writing experience.

The bonus is that every time you write in public, everyone will go, “HOW DO YOU WRITE LIKE THAT?” Instead of being that weird lefty, you’re now that talented guy who can write sideways.

“But!” I hear you object. “Will it make my handwriting any better?” Why of course it does! Here’s my handwriting, the top is with the claw from hell, and the bottom is with the right position:

It takes practice, but it’s totally worth it. Send me an ask if you still have questions!

irlsaiko-deactivated20150508  asked:

Hello! I've been following you for a while now, and I just want to say that your art is amazing! Can I ask you if you do alot of traditional art aswel? Seeing as I can't really afford a tablet in the near future, I would just like to ask if you have any tips and tricks to get better at traditional art? ^-^/ thanks, and have a super rad day :D

hey! thank you, thank you! yes I do a lot of traditional art and different media studies. well… i don’t know what to say because everyone has their own way of drawing and own style, you know, everyone has their preferences. When I draw on paper, I can ONLY draw with a mechanical pencil or super sharpened pencil because that way I can have very nice clean sharp lines. i recommend you try drawing with different pencils and see what you find most comfortable, this is what i use to draw: 0.5 Schneider mechanical pencil and faber castel eraser (I think)

I RECOMMEND GREAT QUALITY SKETCH BOOKS. i have a smaller one so i can take it with me to places, and a large one! they were a bit expensive but thats because the paper has an amazing texture and it feels great to draw. also the ones with spiral bindings are nice since the page is flat. its also pretty cool to finish sketchbooks because you can go back to page one and look through your improvements! its very rewarding and nice.

when I draw traditionally, I start of very very light, always start light as it is a pain to erase hard bold lines when a mistake is made. and if I like where it is going, I press harder. also please do not be afraid to draw. I know that sounds weird but this happens. for example you draw one eye and it looks so great but you don’t want to draw the other eye because you know it wont look good and you’ll mess everything up. JUST DO IT! ITS OKAY, you wont improve if you avoid it!


I am in love with my new Ban.do planner I got from Chapters the other day. I just love the inspirational quotes and stickers! It’ll make planning my hectic schedule that much more fun ❤︎ 

It’ll be my first planner without a spiral bind so it might take some getting used to, but I’m sure it’ll work out great! 

Journaling-Junkie’s February Journal Challenge

Day 10: How do you feel about romance novels?

(ink and marker)

I learned calligraphy back in art class ages ago, but I’m rusty. And brush-tip markers don’t handle quite the same as calligraphy pens. So I might look into some hand-lettering tutorials to get better.

Also, how pretty is my new journal? I started it earlier this week. I’m a sucker for peacock colors/feathers, and so far I prefer the spiral binding to traditional. It crowds my hand a little when I’m on a left-hand page, but that’s a small trade-off for a journal that lies flat while I’m working on it.


[eteruart] 2016 Myungsoo Fanart calendar Group Order

Deadline: Dec 11 (TH & PH: Dec 14)

List check: Taiwan / China /  Indonesia /  Hongkong /  Malaysia / Thailand / Philippines 

[About the Calendar]

Desk Calendar-S, Single-sided
Size: 10.8 x 16.5 cm (with base)
Bindings: Spiral Binding
Pages:12 + 4 pages

Size - Horizontal shape
With base 10.8 x 16.5 cm

Special gift: stickers set


Hey guys, I thought this could be interesting for some of you! I started drawing appr. in 2001 and have filled many sketchbooks since these 13 years. So I thought I could document this a little. I always love to look at stuff like this from other artists so I thought I could give something back to someone who needs this :)

The books in the first picture are all smaller than A3 from 2001-2014. They don’t usually stand in the shelf like this I just put them together for a pretty photo (°>°)* All the blue ones originally were just loose papers I kept in folders. Thanks to a book binding class I decided to properly bind them. It looks better+saves space+I don’t plan on doing anything with those old drawings anymore anyway (full of manga stuff).

I still have tons of other stuff stored away like everything bigger than A4, etchings, life drawings, etc. I loved to keep track of everythings but nowadays it’s too much to know everythings you ever drew X_X The cool thing is you rediscover cool stuff you’ve already forgotten from time to time.

Today I mostly like to draw on A4 paper held together with a spiral binding. Books with glued bindings are harder to scan.