spiny-tailed lizard


Banded Uromastyx
Uromastyx D. Flavifasciata

Idk literally the best thing about Uromastyx is they don’t have Morphs. This diversity is all about that pure untouched, un-manipulated, wild DNA. We have a uromastyx in every color you’d want in life.

This guy right here is Ink. 14" of pure muscle. He’s my big boy. I love him 😊


Spiny-tailed Monitor (Varanus acanthurus)

Also known as the Ridge-tailed Monitor or Ackies Dwarf Monitor, the spiny-tailed monitor is a species of monitor lizard (Varanus spp.) that is native to Australia where it occurs in northern Western Australia, in the Northern Territory and in the eastern and northeastern parts of Queensland. Spiny-tailed monitors are diurnal, solitary ground-dwellers which are often seen under rock slabs, boulders, rock cervices and rarely in spinifex grass. They feed mainly on insects (especially orthopterans and beetles) but are known to take other lizards and young mammals. 


Animalia-Chordata-Reptilia-Squamata-Varanidae-Varanus-(Odatria)-V. acanthurus

Image: Benjamint444 and Mark Dumont