“Breaking Laws of Matter” from the 2013 Double LP ‘Bless Your Heart Fill Your Roll’ by: Spinundrum
Download the entire album along with the entire 2013 Double LP 'Kill Your Brain Free Your Soul’ for free at: soundcloud.com/spinundrum
i would greatly appreciate all your support!!! peacelovelight

eqohz replied to your audio post: NAK & Wy-I :: Night Sky (2012) sample:  Joe…

Lovin’ how much NAK you’ve been posting lately. hahaaa

i recently downloaded his mixtape Fruits & ugh im so addicted :x ♥ brilliant from beginning to end.  i had the chance to meet him in person a few months back & i missed it, im starting to really regret it.  

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DVS wrecked shit at EDC last weekend apparently - showed the robot kids what electro with soul is =) wait… you mean the…

amen! :D silly robot kids.  glad they got a taste of home culture in all that dubstep ♥ pretty lights be killing off ERRBODYY at edc!

both of you – i simply adore your taste in music ^.~


Who: Jazz Cartier

Where: Toronto, Canada

What: Marauding In Paradise

Why: This debut album is a journey through obscure and eerie originality. The lyrical content is deeper than most people are going to comprehend, and the beats are grimey reminders of the other less pleasant emotions in life. The artistry here is beyond modern expectations and the message in all these tracks hits the soul hard. The progressive years of hip hop have changed the soundscape and this release highlights the welcome evolutions within the art form. Jazz Cartier has a strange charisma and his compelling song structures will quickly sweep you in to his paradisiacal surreality.

How: @JazzCartier



Who: Kevin Abstract

Where: San Marcos, TX

What: MTV1987

Why: Kevin Abstract’s enigmatic and surreal compositions found my ears about a week ago, which ignited a spark of giddiness that I haven’t felt for an artist in a long time. The tracks are epic anthems that reach down deep into the core of humanity and shake the soul up a little. The sentiments and expressions are completely authentic and the vibe emulating is overly enticing. This dude has found a channel that nobody has dialed in to and it’s rapidly becoming the new soundtrack to this era. The debut project is a masterpiece and not a single minute of the record is out of place or a mismatch. Kevin Abstract is bringing that Texas sound to a platform that’s more accessible to a broader portion of the population and the SWIM Team is going to be there applauding the journey as he rises up into the upper sections of the game. 

How: @kevinabstract




Slap of the Week

Jedi Mind Tricks ( @jmthiphop ) established themselves long ago as some of the fiercest lyricists in all of hip hop. Through several evolutions, then reconfiguration and hiatus, they have become a legendary underground source of knowledge and controversial subject material that impacts every one of our lives. You don’t need me to tell y’all who Vinnie Paz & Stoupe are, but maybe you needed a reminder that the new shit dropped and it is one of their strongest efforts to date.