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Spinosaurus was weirder than previously thought, according to new research

Stubby hind legs, a low, quadrupedal stance, and webbed feet for an aquatic life are among the features revealed by the discovery of new fossils of the dinosaur previously known from incomplete remains.

There’s been lots of media coverage about this story released today. National Geographic and the New York Times in particular have provided excellent content. Check them out to fill your head with juicy dinosaur knowledge.

There is also this cool video from the University of Chicago detailing the findings:


Someone asked me what my top three non-avian dinosaurs were and I got a little carried away!!

I like Microraptor gui because it was cute, I like Spinosaurus aegypticus because it was Badass and also quite special, and I like Kulindadromeus because it suggests feathers are a basal trait of all dinosaurs and that makes me VERY EXCITED (note: this doesn’t mean all dinosaurs had feathers, but it does mean there is a possibility they had a wide variety of integuments we have yet to discover!!)

And Carnotaurus sastrei gets an honorable mention because I think its angry eyebrow horns are cool and I love its chubby little nub arms.

“Spine lizard”
Early-late Cretaceous, 112-97 million years ago

Spinosaurus was big. Very big. The-longest-flesh-eating-animal-to-ever-walk-the-earth big. Even based on more conservative estimates of about 49 feet in length, it readily beats Giganotosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex. And according to new research, Spinosaurus was also an able swimmer, snaring prey on land and at sea with its slender, crocodile-like jaws. Scientists have previously proposed that its elaborate sail was used for thermoregulation or sexual display, but based on its newly revised, almost quadrupedal stature, it is now widely accepted that Spinosaurus was just desperately trying to look taller.

[Image description: A picture of a spinosaurus with its mouth open, facing something to the left of the camera, showing large yellow teeth. It’s forelegs are raised, showing big black claws. TEXT: “No one can tell you how you "should feel.” Your emotions are your own, can no one can take that away from you.“]

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