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Driving Miss Hazy was the episode that made me love Leni and headcanon her as autistic, or at least she has a unique learning disability. Her learning style IS different and she uses her own words to describe things (calling a turn signal a blinky blink and a steering wheel a spinny thing). And once her siblings understand the way she understands things they’re able to help her learn the basic rules of how to drive. Plus Leni has her rituals for the driving lesson; she needs a special driving outfit to practice in, which doesn’t seem to serve a purpose except to make her feel more confident behind the spinny thingy.

It’s played for comedy, but I think this is a very sweet episode that proves Leni isn’t just a dumb blonde stereotype. She tries really hard to learn driving the traditional ways, but it just doesn’t work for her, and she feels discouraged about her constant failures until Lincoln starts helping her. She feels like she’s a screw up because she can’t understand something that everyone else seems to know intuitively, but once Lincoln and her younger sisters make an effort to understand her she starts having success. Soon she’s able to drive a lawn mower with no trouble, and she could have easily passed her next driving test if Lori hadn’t interfered.

Tldr; I will headcanon Leni Loud as autistic to the end of my days and nobody can stop me.

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CC prompt!!! How about Snart thinking Sara was dead after the mission and he is all mopey, but they reunite at Star Labs. Extra creds if you throw in a jump hug spinny thingy and some Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, Oliver, Laurel, etc reactions!! Thanks you are the best!

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Sara knew what he was planning as they ran their way to Mick. She knew he was going to try and take his place. She felt something for the crook, something fresh and new that made her heart hurt now as she flipped the gun up with her foot and fired shots at the reinforcements. She rushed forward and Leonard pulled down his goggles to speak to Mick. She took a few more shots before getting between Leonard and Mick. He’d been ready to his Mick, ready to take his place and make HER be the one to carry him back. Of the times he saved her from herself, including saving Stein, it was time she saved him. 

“Sara, what are you-” She grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him close before kissing him. It was a kiss she’d wish he’d stolen back in her room filled with nothing but a sad goodbye. He broke the kiss, looking at her with half-lidded eyes and she smiled.  

“Sorry, Leonard,” she whispered before attacking his pulse point, making him drop. She looked to Mick, her eyes now determined and practically on fire. “So, you have two options. You get him out of here, or we all die together.”

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