spinny ride


            Why are you here?
                                                I’m here because you want me to be here.

Aw, I love that! I did base this off of Disneyland, hope it’s fine!  enjoy ^^

Aoyama - goes on one spinny ride but then gets a stomach ache and throws up :( spends the rest of the day going on easy kids rides and looking through souvenir shops
Ashido - drags everyone onto the biggest roller coasters! She enjoys every single one of them, and insists they sit in the very back where it’s scariest.
Tsuyu - loves all the water rides! She doesn’t mind big roller coasters, but doesn’t love them either. Probably the person who makes sure no one gets lost.
Iida - when he enters the park, he grabs a map and tries to think of the most efficient route to get to all the attractions they want to see. He doesn’t mind waiting in line if it means going on the ride they want to go on!
Uraraka - She loves most of the rides! Her favourite are the ones that go up really high and then suddenly drop. She also loves trying on accessories (like Minnie Mouse ears!) in the souvenir shops.
Ojiro - enjoys exciting rides, but is a little frightened of the really big rollercoasters. Unless someone drags him on one, he won’t go.
Kaminari - is a little frightened of the really big rides, but goes on them anyway! The Bakusquad sticks together and they all go on the rides together. Kami loves looking at the pictures taken on the rollercoaster and teasing Bakugo about his expression (but he never buys them)
Kirishima - also loves the big rollercoasters! He is happy to go with his friends, but he also wants to go on as many rides as possible, including the kids ones. If he gets a bit scared on the rollercoaster he just hardens his grip on the handles and feels safer already
Koda - not a fan of scary rides, but he loves the kiddy ones! His favourite is the Snow White one. He likes calm rides, and will only go on a rollercoaster if his classmates literally drag him onto one.
Sato - goes on all the rides, but prefers kiddy rides to rollercoasters. He’s a sucker for those Mickey Mouse shaped waffles that are horribly overpriced but look really cute and taste delicious!
Shoji - enjoys the rollercoasters, but his favourite thing is walking through the park and admiring the decorations. He also enjoys the maze from Alice in Wonderland, it’s nice (and a fun opportunity to scare his classmates just a little)
Jirou - loves the high speed rollercoasters! She likes to challenge Kaminari as well, and they go on increasingly scarier rollercoasters together to prove they’re not cowards. Jirou wins.
Sero - his favourite ride is the Buzz Lightyear shooting game one! He likes the atmosphere in there, it’s very heroic, and it’s fun to have a ride that’s more of a game than just sitting in a car.
Tokoyami - he’s not a fan of rollercoasters, although he does agree to go on some of the calmer ones. He likes slightly creepy rides, such as the Haunted House.
Todoroki - he’s never been to a theme park before, so he’s very much in awe of it all. He wants to see the entire place and go on as many rides as possible, including both rollercoasters and kiddy rides. His favourite ‘world’ is FantasyLand.
Hagakure - loves the character parade! She also loves meeting the characters (Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, etc) and taking pictures with them - they make for really cute mementos! Like Uraraka, she also loves trying on accessories and probably buys one.
Bakugo - roller coasters are definitely his thing. He’s not actually scared on them, even on the biggest ones, but he loves yelling things out (as it’s very acceptable to yell on a roller coaster). But after he swore at the top of his lungs a couple times, some of the park personnel pulled him aside and reminded him there’s a lot of children around so he shouldn’t say those words. 
Midoriya - not a fan of roller coasters. He really likes the kiddy rides that tell a story (like Pinocchio and Winnie the Pooh), but because Uraraka drags asks him to go on scary rides, he does.
Mineta - he’s too short to go on any of the big roller coasters :( he makes a fuss of it saying how he’s not scared of them at all and the only thing that’s stopping him from riding the scariest rides is the height, but in reality he’s glad he can’t go since he’s scared.
Yaoyorozu - she’s so in love with the theme park!! The rides are all great too, sure, but Momo loves the atmosphere and park decorations the most. She takes pictures of everything, and nearly cries when she has the chance to take a picture with a princess.

Neon Lights

The night of the fun fair re-imagined.- what if Rae had decided to stay with the gang instead of going off with Chloe and Saul?

Thank you to my lil’ sis @rhi3915 for always talking me through things and for reviewing this. Without her encouragement it would have taken at least another week to beat the hell out of this fic. 

I hope I’ve done it justice. xx

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how much more boyfriend can yoon jeonghan get.
  • ensures that your safety harness is on right
  • lets you hold his hand if you’re afraid on coasters (erhmm cheol)
  • isn’t afraid of any ride (except spinny ones)
  • loves the sun sand sea and mountains
  • doesn’t care about his image, squidges his toes in the sand
  • removes shoes once they get to the beach
  • goes out in trendy yet comfy clothes
Where they take you on a first date

Ponyboy: the classic movie and dinner date because he’s a classic dude

Sodapop: probz a rodeo or something with horses cuz you know him

Darry: this boy would take you to some nice restaurant he can’t actually afford and then a walk through the park

Steve: a drive-in movie, just because he wants to judge other peoples cars

Two-Bit: a trip to the fair, in which he laughs when you throw up after a really spinny ride

Dally: it isn’t really a date, but more like a “let’s see who can get drunk the quickest” at the bar

Johnny: also a movie and dinner because he kept freaking about to Pony about his date, so Pony gave him some advice

so gimme a pizza your heart (Pidge/Lance)

Prompt fill for @keepleaves“Haunted horror nights at a theme park plance with the rest of the paladins and coran, they’re trying to be cool but it is Not Working” 

this is like, p much Crack but…. so it goes  :P

Lance is still dizzy from the spinny space-pod ride when he and Pidge stumble across the pizza parlor.  It’s been a long day at the alien theme park. First there was the log ride that ended up with a near-death experience in the face of a literal swamp monster, and then he and Hunk tried some weird noodle dish that might have still been wriggling as it went down his esophagus.  At the beginning, Coran had led them around as a group, but eventually they’d split ways—too much ground to cover, not enough time.

Still, Lance figures it’s time for them to reunite.  He fires up the transmitter device; Coran picks up after two pings.


“Hey, where are you guys? Pidge and I just got off the Space-pod Spinneroo.”

“The Penopean Plummet!” Coran answers as, in the background, a loud shriek sounds.

“Where is that?”

“It’s the giant twisty blue tower,” Coran instructs cheerfully.  “You can’t miss it.”

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Mikelangelo Loconte and Merwan Rim cover My Sharona

embers-falling  asked:

The fair is in my town rn and it's making me really nostalgic. Imagine lance and Keith going to the fair and Keith probably had never been before and is rly overwhelmed by everything going on and is sorta clinging to lance, who is practically vibrating with excitement

awww cute, but if Keith grew up in a rural area he’s DEFINITELY been to the fair before…my fav hc is Arizonan Keith and the Arizona State Fair is a FUN TIME. just imagine Keith and Lance riding all the questionably safe rollercoasters and spinny rides and Keith LOVES the drop tower (best ride, fight me) whereas Lance is like, praying to God and his mama in fervent Spanish at the top of the tower right before it drops hundreds of feet ahahaha 

keith: wow look at the view lance you can see the whole city!


and then they go to see all the animals and LANCE LOVES THE COWS. One time when I was like 11 yrs old, I saw a cow give birth at the AZ State Fair. It was pretty gross but the baby was cute. Not sure why they had an extremely pregnant cow there in the first place but a lot of children learned what placentas were that day. Ugh. Anyway, Lance and newborn baby cows, think about it.

They also had wallabies at the AZ State Fair several times? Keith definitely loves the wallabies. And the goats, I feel like Keith would vibe well with goats lol even if they all try to eat his hair

The Raven Gang and Roller Coasters

I recently went to an amusement park, and I love roller coasters. The flip in my stomach, the screaming, the pure energy. And I also love TRC. So here are my headcanons if the Raven Gang went to an amusement park.

• They need some time to just be stupid teens, not parents or kings or mirrors and magicians and greywarens, so Ronan leaves Opal in the care of the ladies of 300 Fox Way. They’re the best baby-sitters Ronan could ever find, and Opal spends a week or so being spoiled rotten by the psychics.

• As impractical as it is, all five of them pile in the Pig. As well as their luggage. Henry takes a selfie every time the Pig breaks down.

• Gansey plays a big bluff about not being scared on the coasters

• Gansey screams the entirety of the ride. On every. Single. Ride.

• Henry also takes a selfie with Gansey after every ride, because his hair is windblown so far back that it looks like he went through a wind tunnel.

• Blue is next to him, wind in her hair, laughing, a wild and reckless creature. Her arms are above her head (a risky and life-threatening move according to Gansey [who has a death grip on her thigh, not for any romantic reasons but because he is convinced that his hand is the only thing keeping Blue in that seat, safety contraptions be dammed]).

• Ronan and Adam both like the big coasters a normal amount, Adam a bit less.

•Ronan kisses Adam just before the big drop on one.

•Adam can’t decide if the flip in his stomach and the buzzing in his veins is from the coaster or the kiss.

• Some rides have cameras that take riders pictures , so there’s a picture of all five of them in one row, Ronan and Adam on one side, Blue and Gansey on the other, Henry stuck in the middle.

•Henry looks bored. Both couples are kissing on either side of him.

•Blue goes up on the Ferris wheel and takes pictures of the entire park at night, lit up.

• On the spinny rides, Ronan rides with Henry and laughs as he crushes the other boy as he’s pushed to one side.

• They ask a passerby to take a picture of all five of them. What starts out as a nice, orderly picture turns quickly into chaos.

• Blue is on Ronan’s shoulders, while Gansey has Henry in a playful headlock. Adam is caught between Ronan and Gansey while Blue is playing with his hair. On the other side of Ronan, a faint pale blur in the shape of a boy doing a peace sign can be seen.

Explaining POTS

I have studied medical for a few years, and out of every physical disease I’ve so far come across, I’ve found the two hardest ones to explain to a person who has no medical experience is fibromyalgia and POTS. Other diseases seem to either have a simple physical explanation or are so well known and common that the average person knows someone with the condition and therefore are aware of the symptoms. Fibromyalgia I find is one of the hardest to explain. I’ve talked to many doctors and patients with it and the only explanation they are ever able to explain is that is an all over, widespread pain that flares up and goes down. So without actually experiencing the pain, the average person has no idea what is expected of the condition. I feel the same goes for POTS though. How is it easy to explain to someone that “oh yeah my heart goes fast and I get dizzy and nauseous when I stand up but also sometimes when I’m in too much heat or don’t drink a ton of water or don’t eat a lot of sodium and sometimes I pass out but not all the time and I have these attacks that feels like my hearts going to explode and I can’t sleep properly and eating makes my digestive system feel like its knotted but I hardly get any help with it because no ones ever heard of it”
That’s kind of a little too much for people to handle or process.
But I find people adapt. They figure out ways to describe it that is relatable for people. Here’s a couple examples:

tell people its like having a terrible hangover. Half a bottle of tequila and a case of 12 kind of hangover. That time at one in the afternoon the next day when you wake up from your bed, stand up too fast, and collapse to the ground on your knees dizzy and almost throwing up.
That’s pots. Every. Day.

Pots is like being forced to stand out in the sun, with no protection, on the hottest day of the year, with no water, and expected to keep standing until your legs give out.

Standing up with pots is like running a marathon, as fast as you can, in hot weather, with no stopping or resting until you reach the finish, throw up, and collapse.

Its like going on a really fast and long amusement park ride, like a roller coaster or one of those spinny things, or the ride that blasts you up super fast then super fast down again, after eating an eight course meal with your family.

Basically anything that has ever made a person dizzy to the point of falling or throwing up is relatable to POTS. Like spinning on one of those bloody tire swings, or those spinning metal death traps at the park, or when people spin in a circle with a baseball bat really fast and then try to run an obstacle course, or sitting on one of those spinny chairs as a kid and having your friend spin you as fast as you can.
…damn childhoods were dangerous.

Anyways, any other fun explanations you’ve given someone, feel free to reblog with your own experiences!

anonymous asked:

haha idk why but I feel like someone would have asked for something like this by now- their SO begs him to go to an amusement park, what do the guys do, what rides stick out to them (for good or bad reasons) and who just ends up eating an entire funnel cake and passing out on a bench?


  • Rem would pretty much go along with whatever it is that you want to do. Nothing crazy, though; I don’t think he’s a rollercoaster fan. I can see him going through a haunted house with you, though. He shall be your brave ghostbuster!!
  • He’d like haunted houses and fun houses the most, since he gets to be your brave protector. But the carousel is a favorite of his too! Only when you’re on it with him though. His least favorite rides are spinny ones and rollercoasters; he’s there to make you happy, and is not too interested in rides himself.
  • He would not be the funnel cake victim, however; cotton candy?? If you showed him that he’d be like “what whoa???” Since when were humans able to do this sort of thing?? It just melts in his mouth and he’s like “Y/N, what is this made of?” “Sugar!” And the impressed look in his eyes would shine while you shared it with him.


  • Urie would be as interested to go to the amusement park as much as you’d be excited! Personally, I headcanon that Urie is curious about human culture and affairs, and seeing how they celebrate and have fun would be so cool for him. You’d get to your date expecting to have to show him what everything was, but instead he’d be the one dragging you around! You’d still have to give him a few tidbits of info about the stuff he pointed out.
  • Urie would love carousels, for one! But I think he’d also be interested in ferris wheels! Specifically because of the view from the top. (And how cheesy he can make it) “Isn’t the view so beautiful?” “Not as beautiful as you, my butterfly.”
  • Urie would not succumb to the funnel cake! But he would really like caramel apples! He likes fruit, plus he can ask you to kiss his lips after for a taste of the caramel on them.~


  • Oh, Mage. Sweet, sweet Mage. He’d totally be into it from the moment you suggested going to it. He’s such a dork that shit would totally appeal to him. He’d be really excited right beforehand, and would totally grab your hand and pull you so that you’d both end up jogging to the entrance. Also, he’d hold your hand 24/7 while there. Cutieeeeee
  • Mage would be up for any ride, really! But I think his favorites would be rollercoasters and shocker rides. Like, y’know, the ones where you’re in a raft or cart and the whole ride is just a steep hill that you shoot down and land in water? Yeah, those. Y the way, if that ride took pictures of the drop moment, he’d definitely want one of you guys, even if it was embarrassing.
  • Mage’s the funnel cake victim. It’s just so baked and glorious and…good luck dragging a passed out Mage home, haha!



  • He’d be fine with it. I think he’d be most excited about your reactions to everything there. Especially if he gave you a little affection in public if ya know what I’m sayin’…pfft.
  • Shiki would like any ride that makes you scream. It’s be super cool for him because you’d be showing these awesome expressions of shock and fear etc, but you’d be having fun all the while. He’d get to see the way you handled a whole bunch of situations he’d never seen you in, and a whole bunch of cute, new little quirks he didn’t know about!
  • Shiki would just eat whatever you got, lmao. He’s there for you, really. Not that he wouldn’t enjoy it! By the end of the date he’d regard amusement parks fondly. But I can see him liking curly frieds for some reason??? I mean…who doesn’t.


  • Lindo would love to bring you to an amusement park omg. Especially since he’s, like, the only DWD who has past experiences with them. He’d probably find out about it and ask you! I can just see the texts now. “Y/N, there’s a carnival coming to town! Want to go?” “YES” (Lindo texts like a mom he uses grammar)
  • Lindo’s up for most things! I think he’d like haunted house stuff, like Rem. Oh, but I do think he’d dislike any spinny rides. He seems like the kind of person who would get headaches from those, haha.
  • I can see Lindo liking anything! Popcorn, fries, whatever! But I bet he’d like frozen lemonade. He’d get two spoons so you two could share and feed each other. I can picture you two eating and laughing on a bench now…


  • Kettle corn! It’s a nice snack; light, but sweet! I think Roen prefers sweet and savory things over salty things. It’d also be easy to share, and not messy. Plus, you could toss pieces for him to catch while in dog form! That’d be so cute, omg.
  • Roen would be confused by the concept at first. But once you got there, he’d be looking around at everything, clearly enjoying what he was seeing. There’s be this adorable shine in his eyes, but he’d act like it wasn’t that special. But you know him too well; you’d be able to see how in wonder he was.
  • HALL OF MIRRORS. Pretty sure he goes to one in his route, actually. But yeah, he’d like those because he’d have to be your guide and you’d both have to work together to get out. Though, for him it’d be a piece of cake. It’s just cute to see your brow furrow while you’re thinking. And also he gets to see your frustration when you smack your face on a mirror while he smirks and covers a light laugh.

Request: Hey, your blog is epic! oo I have a request! Like Cas goes on his first roller coaster and like panics before the drop and teleports tfw and reader out of there and they all are pissed at first but then find it hilarious and joke about it… thanks x

Request: So its Monday in the UK (I’m cutting it pretty close it’s 23.05 :/) but still! Can I request one where Sam, Dean and reader take Cas to a themepark? And he’s scared to start with, but roller coasters remind him of flying, so he ends up loving them?♡

Request: hey! i was just wondering if you could maybe do an imagine where you’re hunting with team free will and you’re scared to death of heights and for whatever reason you all wind up really high up somewhere, so they have to comfort her? it’d be awesome if sam dean and cas had a protective-big-brother relationship with y/n <33

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The  ride....
  • Jimin: hell no
  • V: I don't want to
  • Jungkook: Come on ...just one ride *bunny smile*
  • V and Jimin: NO
  • Jungkook: come one !! I'll even push you
  • V and jimin: *gets shivers*
  • V: last time you pushed...
  • Jimin: you wouldn't stop
  • Jungkook: oh come on, wow, you guys are scaredy cats
  • Jimin: I don't care what you say. I almost died
  • V: I almost threw up!!
  • Jungkook: *voice gets 5 octaves lower* GET YOUR ASS ON THE FUCKING PARK AND SPIN WITH ME
  • V: *already sitting on the spinny ride*
  • Jimin: *in tears* I hate this *runs to park*
  • Jungkook: sit tightly !! *bunny smile*
  • V and Jimin: *holding on for their dear life*
  • Jungkook: starts spinning so fast the kid goes super saiyan,and turns into a hollow.
  • Jungkook: *laughs* goes faster
  • Jimin: SUGA HYUNG!!
  • Jungkook: *slams his foot down, stops the spinng in 0.001 seconds* don't you dare tell on me.
  • V and Jimin: ....
  • Jungkook: *voice gets 5 octaves lower* DO YOU HEAR ME !!
  • V and Jimin: nod violently
  • Suga: did you call me?
  • ~Nelly

anonymous asked:

Could you do a scenario/HC with 707 amusement park date? ❤️ and thank you~~ Maybe do Zen too... depends on my mood which one I prefer. 😂 Ah, I love you guys~~ hugglesssss


-Bro he is such a pansy when it comes to the high rides.

-He likes it when they go fast - no doubt about that - but heights? NOPE.

-He screams like a girl when they hit the peak.

-It’s honestly hilarious.


-He hates that the photos have him with his hair messed up and his face full of terror. Not flattering at all he still lets you buy them though

-HOWEVER. ZEN’S GOTTA GO FAST. Spinny rides? Hell yes.

-He will ride them all day if he can.



-Seven reverts back to a seven year old when he sets foot in the park. see what i did there

-You lose him in the first 20 minutes?????


-He’ll go on literally any ride with you, he’s an intense thrill seeker.



-Regardless a day with Seven at the amusement park was an intense, but awesome day.


littlemoretouchme-deactivated20  asked:


i’ve never been to disney world it’s a fucking tragedy tbh but general theme park / carnivaly stuff:

  • sirius likes the spinny rides i know this deep in my heart
  • james n sirius like the Good roller coasters and they would give peter a harder time about not riding them but he holds their stuff while they ride so it’s acceptable
  • james n sirius think they’re Real Damn Tough
  • but if the ferris wheel stops at the top remus and lily start rocking it back and forth really hard
  • james n sirius are Not Tough At All who knew two grown boys could sound so /squeaky/ when screaming
  • peter’s kinda a ride wimp but he’s rly good at like carnival game type things
  • whereas james spends 40 bucks trying to win a teddy bear holding a heart that says “i love you beary much" 
  • lily says he’s an idiot bc she would never accept such a thing but he was going to give it to sirius duh
  • remus wants to make Plans about when to do what b/c he’s a nerd who strategizes around shortest line times
  • sirius and james promptly ignore his suggestions and go with their Instincts which usually means getting lost or waiting an hour and remus is just like "hmmmmm wonder how we could’ve avoided this" 
  • "COLOR-CODE THIS LUPIN” [flips bird]
  • peter doesn’t rly care he just loves The Atmosphere and the Food
  • more of a fair thing i guess but:

anonymous asked:

but like dean and cas going to a carnival and they get funnel cake and cas gets it all over his face and dean kisses the powdered sugar off his lips uwu or they go on one of the spinny rides and get super dizzy afterwards and fall all over eachother and laugh omg or dean wins cas a teddy bear aaaAAAHH

oh my gOD ????

so cute *whines*