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Luke blinked rapidly as he stepped out of the TARDIS he had no idea where he was, but the Doctor hadn’t been back for what seemed like forever. The one downside to traveling with a Doctor who knew who he was was that the man seemed fiercely protective of him. Then again, he reasoned that his mother would probably kill the Doctor if anything happened to him, so he couldn’t really blame her.

Shaking off the though, he looked up as he nearly bumped into someone. “Oh! Sorry about that! You all right?”

JAMES SONG - Gryffindor

“I like adventure but there’s not much to do here on Earth so I often ‘stir up trouble’”

James is definitely a Gryffindor. His daring spirit and his constant yearning for adventure are typical of members of the house. He loves taking action and gets a little bit stir crazy if he can’t find some way to do so. He is very mischievous and sometimes charges into things without thinking of the consequences, but he’s a good kid with a good heart and he’d bravely defend his loved ones no matter what it took.