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F.U. Part 2

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Part 2 of this was highly requested a while back, so here it is and it’s officially my debut piece in writing for the first time in a while! I hope you guys are appeased with it and if you aren’t, then don’t read it? lol

Word Count: 1,817

Part one > here


It was only the third week.

The last three weeks have been a blur of ice cream, tears, friends and declining his calls.

Whenever he called, he would leave a message, always.

Whenever he left a message, you would listen, always.

Was it healthy? Of course it fucking wasn’t, but what the hell were you to do?

Your eyes burned from the tears that left your tear ducts, staring at the little red notification by the phone icon. You knew you shouldn’t, but you always did.

Delicately raising the phone to your ear, his voice deafened you with regret.

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  • me: okay but emmet is literally the best. he had known the master builders for like 2 hours and he threw himself into a spinning vortex of terror to save his friends. most of them treated him like garbage and he was still completely willing to give up his life for them. unbelievable.
  • alien: i asked you where your leader is
  • me: hold your stinkin' horses buddy im getting to it

real quick note: I’m simultaneously treating Grog/Tary as a huge joke, in line with how the players seem to be treating it, and I crack ship the shit out of them. They are spinning vortexes of chaos and I would love for them to get together at some point just to see what kind of havoc would be left in their wake. Not to mention every single time they’re “on-screen” together there’s a ton of innuendo flying around. 

So, it’s all fun and games but I would also like to be made ship captain and have people send me headcanons. Just putting that out there. 

You feel your friends’ souls resonating within Asriel!

Strangely, as your friends remembered you…

Something else began resonating within the soul, stronger and stronger.

It seems that there’s still one last person that needs to be saved.

But who…?

Suddenly, you realize.

You reach out and call their name.

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This one from IBM. The spinning griddy vortex of data. The image in so nuanced, so layered. The grid implies structure, but the swirliness implies an unstructuredness to the structure. The kind of structure that only an IBM consultant could suss out for you. And in that structure there is data. But not the binary data of yore. No, it’s regular ol’ digits. Because this image accompanies a white paper to be read by executives. And they don’t get binary.

anonymous submitted:

This is about the dogs again, although I’m unsure if I should still call them that.

I remember a few times where I had that feeling of looking at something incredibly huge when I could only see something small. The dream was the most recent example, but it happened a few times before that – not for years, though.

First, to answer your question, I have connections to the Middle East through my stepmother. She is Iraqi, but has family in Yemen and Jordan. I’ve visited Iraq and Jordan when I was younger, with the rest of my family. I haven’t been since I was fifteen; my dad and stepmum have since visited alone.

A few things happened that I think are close to what you’re talking about.

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[This is part of an ongoing correspondence which can be found chronologically here.]

I’m not sure whether I should be relieved or unnerved that this was the kind of thing I was expecting to hear about. The animals that aren’t animals, the discrepancy with time and location, and even the association with storms and unusual occurrences is all what I would expect from something like this. I’m fairly certain I have an idea of what’s going on, but I won’t pigeon-hole it just yet. We live in a very strange world, and it would be a disservice to that if I automatically assumed that it was this particular thing simply because I have experience with it.

In the spirit of an exchange of information, I do have a lot of experience with the kinds of things you’ve described here, and a lot of these experiences occurred while I was living and working in the Middle East. As a rule I tend not to give out locations, so all I will say is that these were different countries to the ones you experienced this in, but despite the difference in location there were many similarities. I have mentioned before that the animal I tend to have the most unusual encounters with are foxes, but I distinctly remember having a similar experience with a pig one evening. Like you, I was quite far away from civilisation, driving up in the mountains. As I turned a corner there was a pig standing in the middle of the road, looking at me as though she expected me. I remember thinking that she was very large, even for a pig, and I also had the same thought that you had – there was no need for her to be there, as the only real reason to keep pigs is for meat, which is obviously forbidden. I slowed and finally stopped, with the pig staring at me the whole while, and once I had stopped I was close enough to see that the pig had human eyes. As soon as I noticed that, she quickly – and I mean very quickly, for an animal of her size and weight – crossed to the other side of the road and vanished down the slope.

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Cold coffee

Unmeasured minutes (sixty shifting seconds) spent
Stirring coffee,
Rocking stainless steel
Between isolated fingers
Redundant and twirling,
Tenderly twisting half-drowned coffee grounds.

An hour.

Leaden eyelids. Unblinking and prickling and
Violated in the vortex
Spinning on the surface
Of a coffee,
Lukewarm and undrunk.
Trembling distortion glares back.

(Shatters night).

Hope on repeat

Cold coffee smacks lips, tongue, throat
Acrid as memory,
Bitter as silence.
No sugar; forgot milk.

The Dragon She Met

Here is my Nalu week entry! finally! I’m late and I apologize, but, come on, most people are late like me so blegh. anyways, This fic was BETAed by @x-benihime , my senpai. It’s fluffy, and kinda cannon/fantasy Au, I guess??? well, I hope you guys like it!

Rated: K

Pairing: NaLu

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2660

Summary: Given heartbreaking news from her father, Lucy wanders into the forest, crying in her pain. soon, she finds herself with no way back, and thus seeks shelter inside a cave. never would she have expected to meet a real Dragon, who seemed more infuriating than menacing or threatening.

The tears dripping from her cheeks would not stop no matter how many times Lucy tried to wipe them away. Her sleeves were soaked by now, tinged by the sadness accumulated in the girl. Scrapes and bruises decorated her porcelain skin, but it did not even begin to compare to the wrenching pain smothering her heart.

It felt as though one had dug their claws into her chest, ever so present as it pressed on, intensifying into unbearable pain. Sobs soon began erupting from her throat, yet she fought them back as well as she was capable of.

Despite her agony’s evident reality, the realization of what transpired had only but begun dawning upon her. She still could not quite believe what she had seen and been told.

After moments of heart weighing tears and hiccups, Lucy finally found the strength to stop. She released a steadying breath then and sat down on a fallen trunk behind her. Her gaze roamed swiftly around, and her heart dropped as her location came clear—a meadow in the forest. Lucy would have been satisfied with this turn of events if the path home was not beyond her knowledge.

Desperate, she stood. She swiftly observed her surroundings, seeking the dirt road she had previously taken. However, her efforts were in vain; her mind had been too confused to think of anything but running. The slashes on her skin proved it; she had fallen on countless occasions during the way, tripping over root and boulder alike and running into dangerous brambles and bushes. She could only hope nothing had been poisonous.

Her hands shot down to grasp the material of her dress, unwavering as she ripped it to shreds. The action vented some of her sorrows and anger, but that hadn’t been her objective. The silky material had already been torn by various branches, and it drained far too much effort to simply run.

With a determined nod to herself, Luy broke into a sprint towards the direction she thought right. She ran and ran, hopping over small animals standing in her path. Dust rose under the impact of her feet, shifting in the air behind her. She ignored it, though, and pressed on.

The light maneuvering among filters of leaves above her head soon began dimming, weakening. Heart pounding at the base of her throat. Breathing becoming harder. Panic was clinging to her and she knew it. Despite that, she still did her best to keep a calculating mind over the situation. If she lost reason, she would be stuck here for much longer, or worse—she would die. Whether it be at the hands of wild animals, or starvation over time, neither seemed appealing.

After what seemed like ages of pointless running, Lucy found her will faltering. Her knees buckled beneath her and she did not resist as her frame landed against a tree. Each gush of air that escaped her made her chest rise dramatically.

Tears stung her eyes once more, and Lucy did not bother to attempt to fight back this time. She was exhausted. But the reason for her fatigue was not solely from running. The new she’d been given rang in her ears.

Lucy shook her head.

No reason to dwell on such thoughts now. She had more pressing matters at hand, such as the distant rumbling of the skies. Gulping, Lucy twisted in the direction of the thunder. Her blood ran cold as she saw the brewing storm. In her desperate state, she had not seen the skies darken, nor felt the growing gale.

Cursing at her predicament under her breath, Lucy stood. She ran her tongue over her dry lips in thought and concluded there was no hope of finding her way back before the storm struck. She would need to find a place to rest in the forest.

And thus, the search began.

By the time Lucy had found the mouth of a cavern, scarce drops of water had begun descending from the heavens above. The wind was ruthless as it swiped at the land. The trees around Lucy bent to angles she could have sworn would make the trunk snap in half. Loud crashes had filled the distant atmosphere, the blonde tensing every time it clapped its power.

She sighed in relief when she stepped within the mouth of the natural structure. Instantly, as if on cue, the rain outside intensified to a downpour, twirling in the dancing wind. She gave it one last glance, then walked further into the darkened cave.

She squinted down at the length of the tunnel before her. She knew not what she should do, but she was aware that standing and waiting for the rain to dissipate would not only be boring but would surely force her thoughts back to the reason for which she had been thrown into this situation.

Therefore, she swallowed the lump in her throat and strode in. contrary to her expectations, there was an exit. The tunnel segued into an enormous chamber, lit by torches on all along the sides. The outer ground, near the walls, were littered with gems and stones. In the center, as though a spinning vortex, streams of molten gold flowed,  spiraling into a common center, woven and intertwined.

The place smelt like rock and ash, but it did not bother Lucy as much as she would have thought a smell such as this would. The air itself was hot, yet rather cozy.

“What is this…” Lucy breathed in wonder and awe, not expecting the answer that came.

“My hoard,” a voice answered, and Lucy screamed, whirling in its direction.

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Take Me II

Take me with you when you go

And I’ll walk quietly out the door
Head held high and heart slung low
As I roar at the world

And I’ll walk quietly out the door

Carried forward on the waves of distaste
As I roar at the world
With a rage swelling and spinning

Carried forward on the waves of distaste

Smashing on the rocks of insane dream
With a rage swelling and spinning
Swept into a vortex of bile

Smashing on the rocks of insane dream
And sallying forth spirited and wild
Swept into a vortex of bile
Mistaking it for the heady brine of easy loving

And sallying forth spirited and wild
Head held high and heart slung low
Mistaking it for the heady brine of easy loving
Take me with you when you go

Look what Finding Nemo puts Marlin through, just because he stopped concentrating on survival for a second:

1) His wife and 99 percent of his children are eaten alive by a barracuda. 2) His son, on his first day of school, ventures away from the class and is kidnapped by an Australian dentist (Parents: Beware). 3) He is pressed into joining a “Fish Are Friends” AA-style club run by sharks, who are not sticking to the program. 4) Said club’s leader, Bruce, tries to eat him. 5) He is almost blown up by underwater mines. 6) He is eaten, but not digested, by an angler fish. 7) He is shocked unconscious by jellyfish. 8) Again he is eaten, but not digested, this time by a whale. 9) He survives a spinning “vortex of terror.” 10) Once more, he is eaten, but not digested, by a pelican (for a change).


5 Feel-Good Movie Lessons Undone By Their Own Plots