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In my head / Harry centric

Prompt: Can you do one where Harry passes out from exhaustion on stage and no one notices until Louis trips over him. They call him a drama queen and dismiss it. He’s sick for the next few days and the others say he’s being stupid. He passes out in rehearsals and they others find out he has a serious head injury.

word Count: 4.2k

Trigger warning: head injury, accident,

One direction was probably the biggest phenomenon of the decade. The five boys Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn were known worldwide and most of the teenage girls adored them. They were between twenty and twenty-two years old and were just ‘normal lads’ like they always said in interviews.

Before the boys had gotten famous they had been typical teenage boys from the United Kingdom with the dream of becoming famous. They had all auditioned at the X-Factor and had made it through to the next round but then they hadn’t made it through and their dreams had been shattered right in front of them. Some of the people had celebrated and cried of joy and happiness because they had gotten through but the five boys had been the ones that had cried out of sadness.

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Supernatural needs to sign Tahmoh Penikett as Gadreel and be a recurring character if not a regular… 

I love to point out when Castiel said “do you believe we three would be enough?”
then Gadreel appears.. I said “No Cas, FOUR is…" 
I see Gadreel as a missing puzzle on TFW cause I feel Sam needs someone like Gadreel.. (I could even see them going head to head with Destiel fanbase)
Theres a lot of potential with Samdreel/Sadreel/Samreel interactions that should not be waste…

For me Gadreel is the BEST thing that happen this season… His storyarc and circumstances that happen to him plays a subtle but effective way of character development "like a silent volcano that suddenly explodes and now the fans wants him not being dead”

I feel like Gad has been here since seasons ago that it feels so natural to see him with Dean,Cas, and Sam. And Gad is the reason why I watch Supernatural again. And it’s not because Tahmoh is easy to the eyes (that’s a plus) but also his portrayal of Gadreel is perfection… 

Now that Misha is a series regular next season, I want Tahmoh(Gadreel) to feel the Gap and be more like Cas-is-to-Dean to SAM… 

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