spinning heads

Grantaire as a disruptive class clown all throughout school

Grantaire always deflecting inquiries about his family situation, mental health, and sexuality with a joke and a sly quip

Teachers hate him, can’t understand how such a smart boy seems to only use that intellect to undermine them

His classmates love having him in class, but never invite him to things, only saw him as the guy who can make any teachers head spin in under 15 minutes with no other skills or worth

Grantaire seeing his self-worth in how quickly a figure of authority will yell, how many people will laugh, how long he’ll hear the story swirling around the halls

Grantaire automatically doing this when he starts attending Amis meetings, snarking and teasing, waiting to he disciplined or thrown out because come on Granatire you’re not in school anymore

Genuinely surprised when he is invited back with open arms, with Combeferre one of the leaders, complementing it’s immature but it makes us think outside the box- it’s helpful

Grantaire finding that his obnoxious abilities are welcomed, greeted with a similar sly joke or jab- but that isn’t all he’s valued for that his art and kindness and quirkiness are also celebrated is this crazy new family he had stumbled upon

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Bebe's manager Adam posted on IG and even rusty posted on his IG story. I like this coordination so far.

I bet Crusty’s head is spinning cause he’s working too much today, he’ll need 3 months in a swimming pool to recover!! 


For the anon that requested and angsty fic between Bruce and Arkham Jason ^_^

Don’t make me do it, Bruce. Don’t make me pull the trigger.

Jason had one of the guns in his hand, the sleek metal all to familiar, yet haunting. His knees were tumbling, and Bruce couldn’t see the pained expression that was hidden by his helmet.

“You know I never meant to do wrong by you, Jason.” The gruff words came from Bruce, but almost bounced off Jason. The older man stood like a statue, wanting to nothing to provoke Jason more than he already had.
“Do wrong by me? It was a little more than that.” Jason’s head was spinning, wanting to drive Bruce away and let him in at the same time. The barrel of the gun was still pointed at Bruce, fingers tense.

Jason didn’t want to do this. He hoped that Bruce would refrain from coming closer, because he knew that if Bruce did, he wouldn’t have what it took to shoot him. Leave, Bruce. Leave me to myself so you can be spared from the damage.

“I saw that video, Jason. I watched him kill you. I never meant to leave you to him.” Bruce’s hands motioned in accordance with his tone, but Jason kept still.
“You had so many things I could’ve properly helped when you were Robin, and I know it’s my fault the this happened to you. Please, let me help.” Bruce took one step forward, but Jason started to crack. His arm fell down, thumping against his side, and he ingredients his head.
“Why didn’t you? Why did you let me stay blind?” Quietly, Bruce shuffled forward. He needed to be closer, needed Jason to see him. Hearing the words from Jason come out shakily, his throat got tight.
“I thought that-that if I made you stronger, you’d find the best way to heal yourself. It was wrong, I was wrong.” Another step fro Bruce, and more uneasiness in Jason’s knees. Stop. Stop, please.

It took a few moments for a response. They stared at each other, more forlorn than tense in the silence. Jason watched his former mentor gaze at him. He saw a myriad of emotions; empathy, sadness, guilt, pain. Nothing negative, ironically. Bruce had every reason to hate him. Every reason to put him back in the place where the Arkham Knight was created. He won’t because he knows that this wasn’t entirely your fault.

“It wouldn’t matter if I came back anyway. You have Tim.” He spat the new Robin’s name, anger spiking again at the subject. His replacement.

“It would. He’s Robin, you’re you, Jason. You two are completely different.” Liar.

“He was only there to replace me!” His tone climbed to a shout. Already, Bruce was shaking his head.

“No, no he wasn’t. If anything, he made me realize what I did wrong. He was to make up to the world what I took from it. You Jason, I was the reason you left and what’s worse is that a place like this didn’t deserve someone like you in the first place.” He’s just trying to get himself out of the shitstorm.

No he’s not. Maybe he is.

“Stop! Just stop, please.” The shouting was to no one in particular. Himself, what his head told him, or Bruce. All three. Jason couldn’t tell, but he wanted everything to stop. Bruce’s heavy pace thudded across the concrete floor as Jason fell to it, vision getting a little more blurry.

“It could be okay Jason. Let me help, for real. This time I won’t do it wrong.” The hand on Jason’s shoulder felt more like a weight. Something he couldn’t carry or live up to. Something he might not deserve.

“Come home, Jason. Come with me.” He kneeled down to match Jason’s eye level.

“I can’t, I can’t.” He settled a little more, back hunched and head threatening to rest against the more heavily armored shoulder. I can’t be forgiven. A few click, and a breeze washed over Jason’s face. The helmet was tossed aside, the metal and glass hitting the ground with clangs and cracking noises.

“Yes, you can. I don’t want you back on the streets. Even if you wanted your own place… I could get that for you. I promise.” Bruce brought his arms, heavy, around Jason. He needed to keep him close, to assure him that he wouldn’t let this happen again, because it wouldn’t. He promised.

So today was the first day I met with my therapist. I tried to write a list of things I’d like to talk to her about down on a Google Document, but I got a bit distracted, as you can tell.

Let’s just say I didn’t use my notes during my session.

Sad Newsies is over (again) so I made my own papes!

So I saw Newsies twice (might have skipped class to watch it the second time whoops) and here are some of my favorite parts:

- Seeing Broadway newsies and toursies all performing together

- The projections of the headlines/Jack’s drawing of Katherine

- Hearing “Letter from the Refuge” in hd

- Seeing newsies spit in hd

- Jeremy Jordan’s raw emotion while singing Santa Fe

- Kara’s bro voice when she says “for sure”

- The camera angles esp during the fight scene

- And when it zooms in on Davey after Jack betrays him and the guys and then it pans back to Jack who just looks so helpless

- The world’s yer erster!

- Les making the deal w/ Jack

- Les’s reaction to Medda’s theatre

- How excited Les got when Katherine said “let’s get drunk!” in King of NY

- Just everything about Les he’s perfect


- How Davey says “… that’s it??” after Katherine first taps in King of NY

- The face Jack makes after shaking Roosevelt’s hand

- The audience losing their minds during the key change in Once and For All when the towers move forward and also during Brooklyn’s Here

- The audience cracking up at “why do old people talk so much?” “to prove they’re still alove”

- When Hannah secretly applauds Jack for the strike in Pulitzer’s office

- When the live audience throws papes at the stage during curtain call

- Jeremy attempting to do a dance move and almost falling during curtain call

- The girl next to me sadly whispering “oh Crutchie” after he sings “watch me stand, watch me run” during the Prologue

- The same girl during credits: “Tommy Braco?? Tommy BRACO?!?” and “Spot Conlan?! Spot CONLAN?!?” “WHY CAN’T THEY BOTH BE SPELLED RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME?!”

- Basically I loved everything 


- It’s not in theaters anymore and it’s not available for purchase (yet, hopefully it will be soon)

- So little screen time for Spot Conlon and Kid Blink, aka the sweet cinnamon roll that is Andy Richardson 

- I basically cried for the whole 2 and a half hours