spinning equipment

You know what sport helps you gain self-trust? Color Guard. If you don’t show up there’s a hole in your drill. You’re spinning equipment that has the potential to not only give yourself but others bruises, bloody noses, concussions, etc. Tbh i find this most prevalent in rifle bc you have to spin a block of solid wood- decked out with sharp metal screws, leather, and plastic- mere inches from your face. Whilst looking like you’re not terrified.  

How to Tracer:

Cheers love! The cavalry’s here! but if it is on the objective that’s another question.

  1. Customization: The skins aren’t the most important part about Tracer, but her voice lines. Set it to ‘Eva get dat feeeelin’ of Deijah-Vuuu’ or ‘CHEERS LOVE! THE CAVALRY’S HERE’. Keep spamming it throughout the entire match so your team mates know you are completely in character.
  2. Your ass started a discourse - use it. Motivate your team mates by having the spin&wink emote equipped, they’ll love it.
  3. Blink around the map and pretend you know where you’re going. Doesn’t matter that you hit your head on 3 walls, 2 doors, and 4 enemy players, you are still alive and people think you are a pro.
  4. Your ult is very powerful in the right hands! It’s almost a guaranteed insta-kill on everyone else. For the maximum value stick it to a Reinhardt shield while the entire enemy team is only 1 link behind it. 
  5. Use your rewind when you need hp! Have 145/150 health? better rewind. who knows what the future holds. Oh woops a  team fight, well shit.
  6. Go after the supports! Use your 3 blinks to get behind the entire enemy team while your own is still on its way back from spawn and try to 2v6 Zenyatta and Ana. They are supports after all, what could go wrong?
  7.  Make sure to say Tracers voice lines in the team chat! Use your best fake-british accent and make sure to growl DEATH COMES whenever you kill a Reaper.
  8. There is an enemy Widowmaker? Time for Alive 2.0! Get close to her and wave while she’s scoped, then throw your ult on her and emote. You two may die together but at least you avenged Mondatta.
  9. One thing you and Widowmaker have in common is your allergy to the objective. Payloads can run your delicate little british body over and after all you are supposed to be a flanker. Spend your time trying to harass the backline and die after Reinhardt gets you once with his hammer. Repeat. 
  10. Blinked off the map? That’s okay! You have rewind rea-oh wait no you used it to get 5hp back. Looks like the party is over.
  11. You  need to be gay to play her. Sorry cishets but she’s ours.
Color Guard Q&A

1) Favorite piece of equipment?
2) Dance or Equipment?
3) Favorite Scholastic A show/guard?
4) Favorite Independent A class show/guard?
5) Silver poles or gold poles?
6) Favorite Independent Open class show/guard?
7) Favorite World class show/guard?
8) Favorite drum corps guard?
9) Best equipment trick you know?
10) Favorite uniform from indoor or band?
11) Best action shot (show it)?
12) Marching band season or indoor season?
13) Uniform or costume?
14) Favorite show you’ve performed in?
15) Is it acceptable to smack your teammates butt?
16) What year do you age out?
17) How many uniforms do you own?
18) 36" rifle or 38" rifle?
19) Favorite flag silk?
20) Who is your dream guard to march with?
21) Gloves or no gloves?
22) Rifle or Sabre?
23) Flag or weapon?
24) Plastic or metal sabre?
25) 36" sabre or 39" sabre?
26) What circuit do you like the best?
27) Which circuit does your team spin in?
28) What class is your team?
29) What is your dream show?
30) What song would you love to perform to?
31) What do you perform better (angry, happy, sad, creepy, etc.)?
32) Are you a guard guy or guard girl?
34) Do you carry electrical tape everywhere you go?
35) Favorite weapon brand?
36) Longest time spinning for one team and what team was it?
37) What team do you want to age out with?
38) Do you embrace being a flaggot?
39) Why did you join guard?
40) What is your favorite color guard related blog?
41) Favorite guard quote?
42) Last time you spin equipment?
43) Do you choreograph?
44) Last time you danced?
45) How often do you spin?
46) Best guard memory?
47) Longest practice you’ve ever had?
48) Hairography: yes or no?
49) Favorite floor design (show it)?
50) Can you see yourself becoming an instructor?

Do you know why I like color guard so much? Actually, do you know why I sold my soul for a flag and a couple of weapons? There are a multitude of reasons, but one of the reasons is that I’m awful at expressing my feelings through words, but once I’m spinning a piece of equipment I am able to convey my feelings to an audience with ease. I am able to freely communicate with another person through dance and expression. And in my opinion, it’s a hell of a lot greater than speaking.

Blue Neighbourhood (1/3)

Part 2

Part 3

Troye and Connor had been friends, possibly more, for as long as both could remember. They were incredibly close, and it seemed like nothing could break the special relationship they shared. It seemed like it.

It all began on a sunny day, both boys at the park and playing in the play area. Troye had been trying to spin the roundabout and simultaneously ride it round and round as it went, which, as you may have guessed, didn’t work out so well. Connor, shy and new to Australia, walked over to Troye and spoke quietly.

“Hi, I’m Connor.” He told Troye, his American accent showing through his high pitched voice. Troye looked up from his futile attempts and smiled warmly at Connor, his bright blue eyes running over Connor’s body with a tiny little smile.

“Hi! I’m Troye!” He replied in a louder and more confident tone, folding the fingers of his right hand up and down a few times in a childish wave. “You talk funny.” Troye stated, running around the roundabout again, pushing the platform around.

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