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“EK, did any of the new Elbow tracks give you super intense and teary Yuri/Viktor feelings?”



Protector (Part III)

Prompt by: Multiple Anons

Imagine: After having admitted your feelings to Obi-Wan, you avoid him. He eventually finds you and demands an explanation.

Warnings: None.

Part I

Part II

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The single syllable word is broken by his disbelief.

You realize your mistake too late. In your anger you’ve admitted to something that could possibly ruin both of your careers and prevent you from seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi ever again. He’ll no doubt go to the Council, demand to be removed from the assignment, and therefore take Anakin with him. Which will also take Padme’s love from her.

You swallow and clamp your hands together. Turning around you do not meet his gaze. You bow your head just the slightest. “Excuse me, Master Kenobi, I must be going.”

You manage to get a few feet past him before he grips your elbow and spins you back around. “You cannot just say something like that and walk away!” he protests.

“Watch me,” you growl, roughly pulling your arm out of his grasp. You walk out the door and slam it behind you.

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anonymous asked:

what's the most childish thing you still do?

“I don’t do anything childish!”

Elbow fights, spins computer chairs, keeps Lampent out on very dark nights like a nightlight, too insistent on convincing everyone else he isn’t a child, floppy paw-sleeves (tugs and drags on his sleeves to hide his hands if he’s wearing clothes without pockets– extremely rare), likes fairy tales and children’s books a bit too much.

((@firewarriorshamus: spinning chair deathmatch! Let’s see whose endurance is higher?))

Nightmare || Open RP

“NO!” screamed out Margaret as she immediately sat upright in her bed, beads of sweat dripping down her face, neck, and chest as she breathed heavily, shaking hands immediately covering her face. Her scarred blind eyes closed in the efforts to make the room stop spinning, elbows nestled in her knees that drew in close as her body trembled. The Oracle struggled to shake off the horrors she had just witnessed…but she never could. No matter how many times she tried with any of these visions that haunted her dreams…they just never went away.


The start of something fantastic… One arm elbow spins… but painful as hell breaking them in! #getbent #gettwisted

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I was sneaky watching @davidpoleartistry teaching this single elbow spin in his class today and I had to give it a try! So much fun!! (at Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness-Manayunk)

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Reverse grab elbow spin with trapped split. Haven’t done this one in awhile, forgot how much fun it is! (at Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness-Manayunk)

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SICK spinning elbow KO’s and a demo on how to setup the spinning elbow attack. Check it out! #muaythai #knockout

He barely makes it out of the cafe before a familiar hand grabs his elbow, spinning him around, and then Arthur’s pressing him against the wall, ignoring the looks they get from passersby.

“I have no idea,” Arthur growls softly, “no clue whatsoever how, after all this time, you can be such an incredible, unbelievable idiot.”

“It’s a gift,” Merlin mutters. “I just—”

Arthur kisses the rest of it off his lips, swallowing down every protest and licking away every doubt. Merlin is purring by the end of it, wishing they were back home in their bedroom.

Bartender AU (Part 6)

Part 1 by the lovely morelikecreamhuff ,  Part 2, Part 3Part 4, and Part5. All of my parts are written with permission (and help) from morelikecreamhuff.

Suddenly your living room feels far too hot and your mouth is far too dry, and everything about the moment is just far too much.

You look away and down the rest of your bourbon. The ice in the glass is inviting and you suck a cube into your mouth, hopeful that it will cool you down.

When you dare to look back at Carmilla a moment later, she’s leaned back and is studying you once more with another expression you can’t read.

“Do you need another drink?” you ask rather than answer the questions that are hanging between you. You stand, quickly, not waiting for a response.

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That spinning back elbow ain’t nothin to fuck with! Repost from @muaythaimovement

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