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The next story arc of Supernatural will be Dean and Sam discovering [pulls paper from hat] the Garden of Eden but it’s guarded by God’s [spins wheel] former pet dragon and Cas has to leave because of [throws dart] an angelic plague

You know what I think would be cool? A spin-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but Iroh’s story. Zuko said how he had a complicated past, and Iroh constantly refers back to when he was a general for the Fire Nation saying how he was “a different man”. I want to see what made him change. I want to see if he went into the Spirit World. I want to see when he met the Sun Warriors and met the dragons vowing not to kill them. I want to meet his wife. I want to see him grow up with Ozai and see what made him the corrupt, sick, and twisted Fire Lord we know today. I want all of it. Scenes with Lu Ten, scenes with the two brothers, their parents, coronations… Everything.

I want to see where his story started and how he turned into the tea drinking, advice fixing, wise cracking old man that we know and love.

It would be called:

The Dragon Of The West

This is literally EVERYTHING I want out of the next Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC. Plus the gear he ran away with. Those were Tier 4 deets! Not to mention those answers he promised. And you know, a cure for the heartbreak.

Feel free to share your Lavellan’s rant to a runaway Solas! I know exactly what MINE has to say!

Queens of Darkness spinoff

half-hour web series that goes with Once. small town, big magical drama.

Maleficent gets some tedious taxes and paperwork job for the town, because Regina’s out of the office often saving the town, going to Camelot and the Underworld but governing still has to happen. It is mind-numbingly complicated and involves so many forms, mayoring used to be a full time job for Regina, after all, before the Snow Queen and Peter Pan and the Camelot invasion. 

She secretly loves it. It’s like being able to horde an entire town. She’s also very patient, and meetings take a distinctly different tone. 

Ursula returns from the far oceans because she misses the internet , and indoor plumbing. Her father and other merfolk visit, occasionally. She opens a bar. Hilariously, at first it’s just ‘the dive bar’ but it sticks. It has a strange sort of underwater and antique aesthetic and she performs several nights a week. 

Since Storybrooke has a housing shortage, Ursula and Maleficent live together in a big old Victorian house (like the Dark Swan house). Ursula takes forever in the shower, but she sings beautifully. Maleficent has a collection of various kinds of hot sauce that takes up a whole cupboard. 

Cruella discovers she can haunt them both, as she’s now queen of the underworld. (turns out it’s meant to be a ghastly place, and she’s really quite good at convincing people to move on in one way or another). She appears in mirrors, in glasses of water, anything reflective, and she can occasionally possess animals, to hilarious effect. (squirrels, rabbits, the neighbor’s cat). 

She jokes that she could possess Maleficent in dragon form, but they’re trying to get along. Cruella didn’t really abandon Lily in the woods, she brought her to a fire station and left her with some very attractive firefighters. How was she supposed to know that Lily wouldn’t stay there and grow up with them? She would have left herself there if she could have. 

Lily gets pissed off and accidentally destroys her apartment by turning into a dragon and has to move in with them because no one else will rent to her. Leading to the hilarious problem where everyone but Lily knows Regina is Lily’s other mother. (Cruella promises not to tell because she wants to see Lily’s face when Mal eventually has to tell her). 

Maleficent’s quietly unrequited love for the Evil Queen turned heroic Mayor of Storybrooke is hilarious to Cruella (She’s gone soft, how can you find that attractive, Mal, really?) and Ursula (Well, the chances of actually having a successful relationship are much better now that you’re both reformed, less curses, less heroes causing trouble.)

Kathryn returns from law school, now a real lawyer and sets up a magic friendly legal practice, as well as helping Maleficent with the town business when Regina’s away. She’s also their neighbor, who has a cat that Cruella keeps possessing.

They have over the fence style discussions and garden together (Ursula can uproot anything and Maleficent is very good at weed control). Kathryn helps them navigate.

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A new Fairy Tail spin off has been announced featuring Sting and Rogue as main characters.

The spin off is going to be a ‘MagaPoke’ exclusive title.

No plot details have been revealed but Mashima is involved in the project.

Rumors are he is going to draw and write the series.

"Dragon Ball" Spin-Off Imagines a World Where Yamcha Totally Rules
The story of the series involves an ordinary high school boy who after an accident finds himself reincarnated in the body of Yamcha in the world of the Dragon Ball comics. Using his knowledge of what comes later in the manga, the young man trains hard to transform Yamcha into the strongest hero around.

Someone is getting paid for their HiE fanfiction. This is so awesome.

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lmao what, writing fics of the straight men in dragon age is gay fetishization now? shit, better check my self-fetishization there

no you read it wrong: cullen just fucking sucks 

So apparently there's a new official Dragon Ball spin-off manga starring Yamcha

A kid in the real world who’s a huge Dragon Ball fan wakes up as Yamcha, and using the knowledge of the series he has, he tries to make Yamcha (himself) the strongest there is.

I personally love the idea
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Arcane dragons spinning holograms out of pure magical energy. Sure, they’re not as sophisticated as Shadow flights illusions, but it’s still hella cool when they create a three-d map of the area out of sparkling magenta light.