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isn’t it neat how the kids who actually need the fidget spinners or any other stim toy try to conceal it but the kids who don’t need it at all are gladly out in the open about it and are really annoying about it too? hahahah

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As much as people joke about fidget spinners and cubes... They're sincerely helpful. I suffer from a thing (I forget the term; it was OCD related) where I pick at my skin and scalp. Its absolutely horrible and I can't help myself from doing it if my hands aren't occupied... So having a fidget toy just... It keeps me healthy man. Sure, be aware of your surroundings and make as little noise as you can with them in public (spinners whir), but they are really, truly helpful.

I haven’t really seen people joke about the cubes, just the spinners. And based on what I’ve heard from other neurodivergent people the cubes are better anyway. But yeah, fidgeting is even just a natural part of human existence, so I don’t think it’s much of a stretch that people with mental conditions that would cause them to fidget or become more easily distracted than others would benefit greatly from an item that lets one fidget easily.

So I wanna share this for some reason: today was a great day! As per @woahthisguy ’s suggestion, I used my fidget spinner in public (my family really approved of it and even asked to use it at times to see what it did, curious and pretty much accepting of it) and it helped me while in a loud crowded place. and I hung out with my neurodivergent cousin John Paul who’s really happy all the time and we were just very hyper and happy together. We had lunch and we sat at our own table and his parents and my grandma and aunt sat at another table. John Paul and I talked a lot and we were just really HAPPY because his hyperfixations are things I usually know about or used to be interested in and mine is usually things he wants to learn more about or studied because he knew I liked it. We spilled two mini bowls of soy sauce, almost broke my spinner, and managed to squirt lime all over ourselves, but it was fun and enjoyable and the loudness and people didn’t bother me very much.

Today was a good day.

Let it be written down for the historians, this happens very rarely. :P