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Fidget spinners — the trendy toy of the moment — are causing a commotion. A lot of kids love them, just as many teachers hate them and some people think they’re more than just toys.

The basic fidget spinner has three prongs centered around a circle with bearings in the middle. Take one prong, give it a spin and watch as the triangle shape becomes a blur, sort of like a ceiling fan. The toys are manufactured by several different companies, and sold all over the place — airports, gas stations, train stations, toy stores.

In many places where fidget spinners are sold, they’re touted as miracle toys that help people focus as well as aid people dealing with post-traumatic stress and other disorders, but one expert says those claims aren’t backed up by science. And some teachers have complained that the toys are causing disturbances in the classroom.

Whirring, Purring Fidget Spinners Provide Entertainment, Not ADHD Help

GIF: Raquel Zaldivar/NPR


My spinner came in today!!!!!!! (he/him)

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: 1- A 17 y/o white redhead nonbinary boy wearing a rainbow tie-dyed Go.dspell shirt stands in front of the camera jumping up and down and flapping his hands excitedly as he holds his fidget spinner in front of his face and watches it spin. 2- A close up of just the spinner (which is black and red) spinning above a granite countertop. 3- The same nonbinary boy jumps and flaps his hands and arms a little more freely and subconsciously is sucking his lower lip as he happy stims, holding the spinner in his right hand, which is no longer spinning.]