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A couple of things I want to discuss

Since May is mental health awareness month, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about some things concerning me. If you want to provide a counter-argument, please be kind and respectful, I’m not in the mood for jerks.

1. Fidget spinners and fidget cubes

Fidget products are designed to help people with autism, Adhd/Add, anxiety, and other neurodivergent groups focus and/or calm down. They people who invented them specifically made them to benefit us, the neurodivergent community, designing the gadget to stimulate a disorder’s symptoms. These are not toys. If you do not have a mental illness, but would like a fidget spinner or cube for stress, make sure we get ours first then go for it. If you want one for fun, remember that they are not toys and they serve a purpose besides entertainment.

2. The stim community

There are a couple of issues that I’m having with the stim community the way it is now. Stim blogs are supposed to function as a place where anybody who stims can come to and, well, stim. I don’t understand why people are adding “before you follow”s to their blog that list every belief they have, and if you don’t agree, don’t interact. I can respect if a user doesn’t want a certain community to follow because it might trigger them, but with that aside, the stim community shouldn’t be a platform for politics. 

Another issue concerning me is how stimming is interpreted. I feel like “stimming” and “oddly satisfying” are beginning to merge, and that shouldn’t be happening. They can be stimmy, but glitter and slime are now what stimming is. Hand flapping, collarbone tapping, rocking, and chewing on things are stims. Rolling a marble around your thumb, feeling a texture, and even typing are stims. Stimming isn’t just watching people mix paint or hearing rain fall. Stimming is more than looking at something that has a great aesthetic value.

If anybody wants to talk to me about this, or provide extra information, please do it in a respectful and kind manner. I don’t have to time to deal with people who are going to call me an idiot and scream at me.

manic-pixie-dream-nb  asked:

Hey! You might already be aware of this, but there's a reasonably new shop in Altona, Victoria that specialises in stimtoys! It's called "Sensory Oasis for Kids" (shame about the for kids bit but eh) The owner is really friendly. It sells spinners, chewable jewellery, weighted blankets and other cool stuff. Just thought this'd be cool knowledge for you and your Melbourne followers :)

I actually saw their site come up the other day! I was searching for something and bookmarked it in my “need to look at” folder, at which point it was promptly forgotten by everything else going on. But having a community member come forwards and say good things is so much better than my posting a link, so thank you! I really love talking about places where people have had good experiences!

Here’s the Chewables and Fidgets selection for anyone who wants to check it out. Folks should note that for things like Tangles, it’s pretty expensive ($10 AUD for everything I can get from Toyworld for $6 AUD) but prices on Chewigem pendants are the same as other online stores ($22 AUD). They also offer things that are only accessible online - Twiddles, chewables, wooden puzzles, spinners, various chain fidgets, Koosh Balls, at about the same price I’ve seen them offered elsewhere. I’d say they’re pretty fair.

(I’d love to look at the Chewigem skull pendants, Twiddles and spinners. I so want to get my hands on a Twiddle!)

They offer $9.95 AUD flat rate shipping (higher than one or two places, not as bad as some) but they’re one of the few stores that has any kind of storefront, opening hours and open invitations to come and check toys out. (Plus, they have this shipping info upfront and easy-to-access payment info. They’ve hit all my criteria for a good online seller.) Since this can save a bit or a lot of money for locals (or people who are in Mebourne on a semi-regular basis like myself) having the open storefront to check things out is pretty important. Most of the Melbourne-based OT/sensory/stim webstores I’ve looked at don’t have this option, sadly.

I’ll note that the owner lists Amaze on their links list (I hate Amaze so much) but this list has all the state autism organisations (so it may not mean that much) and she does use person-first language to refer to her sons and throws in a few occasional references to autistic adults. It’s not too terrible for a child-focused store, to be honest. I’ve seen a great deal worse.

Thank you so much for letting me know! New stimmy stores to check out in person are always the best.

( @ambiguouspieces: I can see several bus routes from Sunshine and/or Footscray stations, according to PTV. Want to get hopelessly lost going somewhere new when you’re next free? Having someone else along would stop me from having such a bad panic attack about getting off a bus at an unknown stop. Which would not be an issue if bus stops were numbered like tram stops so I didn’t have to trust the driver to tell me when to get off, so yes, I’m well aware that my panic is based solely in the system being ridiculous…)

My job has a single communal fidget spinner that one of our supervisors will hand to you if he catches you dozing. It’s pretty good at keeping you awake, better than coffee at times. I use it a lot because I’m tired and stressed often to the point where I can’t even concentrate on reading. Somehow, the spinner keeps me in line. It spins for about two minutes so if I focus on spinning it and watching it, two minutes disappear pretty easily, which is huge at my job where two minutes can feel like twenty. I wanted to buy a fidget spinner that I saw would spin for four minutes, but decided that would be a colossal waste of money.