sping flowers

An Almost Secret Confession

It was a sunny Spring day in Magnolia, a slight breezerustled through the trees, leaves dancing amongst their branches casting similar dancing shadows onto a blue haired mage in a blue dress coat and matching color pill box hat. She looked up and gazed at the blue sky as it peeked through the various gaps that the trees happened to miss in their quest to capture the sunshine. Though it was only a short time ago since she first saw that untouchable blue, Juvia could not comprehend how she managed to live her life so long without it.

Juvia continued her stroll in the forest, taking in the sweet scent of Sping flowers, and enjoying the happy songs of young birds; life would be complete if she was walking beside her one true love.

Lost in the thoughts of her beloved the water maiden failed to notice the birds had suddenly hushed their singing to rush to the skies above until it was almost to late.

The first object grazed past the very tip of her nose. Her eyes widened as she turned to the object origin only to fing others making their way to her.

The speeding projectiles easily traveled straight through her aqueous bodyand making contact deep inside the bark of the trees behind her.

“Who would possibly want to hurt Juvia-sweet on this fine day?” She whispered to herself mentally readying herself for battle while inspecting the nearby trees.

The tree was riddled with small pieces of iron, at a closer glance Juvia noticed how the iron was shapely and delicate like flower petals. There was only one person she knew who could make iron, but his craft was rustic, much like himself.

“No,” she said to herself, “Juvia-sweet knows another who could make iron pretty like this but…”

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Elie Saab Couture Spring 2015

The Lebanese designer let his models walk down as a garden-decorated runway, making sure that they are the most beautiful flowers out there.       He created a dreamful and nostalgic athmosphere, presenting long gowns as well as youthful short dresses. You could catch sight of solid-color dresses as well as dresses with blooming floral motifs like mimosa or tulips. Combining the looks with low-heeled satin sandals, Elie Saab created a charming, romantic and feminine silhouette. He devoted this collection to his origion and his lost hometown, Beirut.

Pictures: Style.com