Forests are great! Except when they’re not.

You were expecting a nicely drawn comic after that last one I did? Too bad! It’s just a hastily scribbled comic! (Okay, I shouldn’t wear this joke out)

So in our randomized run, the hivemind chose the female trainer, and she was named ‘aoooo’. And was immediately called a werewolf. (Which works quite well if you think about the vampire line in my previous comic.) I’m not sure if I’m putting that into my headcanon yet, but I sure as heck love all the adorable pictures that’ve come from it.

In any case, my headcanon’s telling me that she’s a wild child. Which is why she’s running the way she is in the last panel, and talks the way she does. My intention was for her not to speak poorly, but with more concise words. She’s very intelligent, but still doesn’t feel comfortable drawing out what she’s trying to say when she can just use a few words to get her point across.

Also, seriously, Route 30 is really dangerous for our starter. Trapinch only has Hammer Arm, but there’s hardly anything kind to her in that forest.

Sidenote: I tried to incorporate the twitch color into her outfit (essentially replacing any instance of red she has on her). Dunno if this look will work, but eh.

anonymous asked:

Spinerak eggs laid inside computer

⊰ ⊗ ⊱

                   Ah yes, time to settle down in front of one of his many secondary laptops to try and type out a quick memo on good old Craigslist.

                  [ CELIO is typing ]

CELIO: hello I am having a really weird specific problem

CELIO: there’s this ariados in my house… which wouldn’t be that big a deal if it didn’t lay a bunch of eggs in my computer

CELIO: seriously it looks like that movie ALIENS with the Deoxys in there, I’m afraid some facehugger will burst out of one of them if I get too close

CELIO: anyway I live in sevii so it’s too far out of the way to call for professional help so if anybody is willing to come and get them out of my computer so I can get back to work

CELIO: that’d be great?????? please?????? please come help spiders scare me :C