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What do you mean with you hope: „it’s not one of those exclusive loan from the jeweler situations that the Danish ladies are fond of.” Hope you didn't had to answer a similar question before. :)

I actually haven’t answered this question before.  Both Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie have agreements with jewelers where they are the only person who gets to wear a certain tiara but the jeweler still technically owns it.  It works out well because the jeweler gets publicity for having a princess wear their tiara but the royal family doesn’t get a bunch of bad pr about their spending habits.  The downside is that because it’s not owned by the princess, it doesn’t stay in the royal family or passed down to the persons children and one of my favorite things about tiaras is seeing them on different generations of a family.

Crown Princess Mary was the first in the family to do this.  Charlotte Lynggaard created the Midnight Tiara for the exhibition ‘The Tiara - Queen of Jewels, Jewel of Queens’ at Amalienborg Royal Palace Museum in 2009 and then came to an agreement with Mary that she could wear the tiara whenever she wanted but Lynggaard would keep ownership of it.  They agreed that Mary is the only person who can use the tiara and they won’t sell it to someone else.  The tiara costs about 235,000 USD.  When you compare that to the Ruby, Spinel, & Diamond Necklace Tiara Mary bought at auction a few years ago that only cost about 9,000 USD, you can understand why she would not buy the Midnight Tiara outright.

A few years later, Princess Marie followed suit.  In 2011, she worked with Anja Blinkenberg of Flora Danica to create the Amethyst Lily Tiara that only she can wear but is still owned by the jeweler.  Lilies were chosen because Marie’s French and they are supposed to represent her, her husband, and their son.  This was before she gave birth to Princess Athena.  I don’t know what the price of this tiara is since it was never intended to be sold but there’s no way it’s even close to the ridiculously expensive, and in my opinion overpriced, Midnight Tiara. 

And I had to update this before it posted because it turns out the my hopes have been dashed.  This morning Heaven of Countess of Monpezat received information from the Danish Royal Court that the tiara worn by Princess Marie was a loan from the French jeweler, Maison Mauboussin.  According to the press release from Mauboussin, Marie took part in the creation of the tiara and named it Nuits Claires/Lyse Nœtter.  They assured Heaven that the tiara will be available for Marie to wear in the future and I hope that she makes full use of it.  The tiara is made of sapphires and diamonds set in white gold.  Given the materials used it’s probably much more expensive than the Amethyst Lily Tiara so it’s understandable that they would work out one of their loans as opposed to buying the tiara but it still makes me a little sad because I want Marie to actually own the tiara and pass it down to her children.


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Red Spinel and Diamond High Jewelry Necklace by Harry Winston

This fabulous necklace features 180.00 ctw of red spinels