I don’t know why I even asked if y’all would want to see these.  You want to see everything and also they’re delightful!

In honor of the spooky season, I’m scanning and posting up the serialized installments of The Phantom of the Opera that appeared in The Spinechiller Collection, a UK horror magazine for kids that ran for 55 issues from 1997 onward.  The Phantom story appeared as its very first serial in the first four issues, and was followed up by other classic (and helpfully public domain!) ghost and horror stories in issues to come.

This serialization is adorably short and simplified but pretty cute, and emphasizes the story’s horror qualities for its target audience of twelve-year-olds who want to read it under the covers with a flashlight.

I’ll be posting it in the same installments it was originally published every three days, until we finish up on Halloween.  Happy reading, and there’s a transcription behind the cut if the scans are too difficult after going through Tumblr’s upload process!

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27.02.16// So I haven’t posted for a while, sorry, because my phone hasn’t been working! Not much of my work has been particularly pretty though anyway, thinking about it! Here is a picture of my new teddy bear highlighters and black folder that I get when out with my sister after seeing Deadpool! I don’t like that the green one is sad though… Hope everyone is well xx