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His voice actually makes me melt. I am now a puddle bleep bloop.

          ~::{ Decided to do a Left vs. Right hand experiment w/ my boy The Spine cause nobody can stop me and

          I am…. really surprised with my left hand like wtf no. I refuse to believe. }::~


Imagine learning that the Joker is obsessed with you.

Your heart fluttered against your ribs painfully as you tugged at your restraints. “Pl-please don’t kill me,” you begged, blinking blindly into the sack that had been put over your head. You could hear footsteps and you turned towards them, fighting back sobs, “Please, just let me go. You don’t have to kill me.”

You winced as the sack was tugged off of your head, squeezing your eyes shut against the sudden rush of light.

“Kill you? I don’t- I don’t wanna kill you!”

You forced your eyes to open and let out a whimper of fear, cringing away from the macabre painted face and awful scars. The Joker clicked his tongue, one hand reaching out to caress your cheek. You didn’t dare to breathe, the touch sending a shudder of fear and disgust through your spine. “Pl-please…”

“No, no, no, no…” the Joker soothed, turning your face so you were forced to look at him, his maniacal grin turning serious. “You… you… complete me!”

“Please, I just want to go home,” you whimpered, unable to stop the tears from dribbling down your cheeks.

“No, no, no, don’t cry,” the Joker wiped the wetness away with his thumbs and you tensed, not wanting him to touch you. The Joker didn’t miss your reaction and his eyes darkened. “Is it the scars? Is that it?” He flicked a pocketknife out of his pocket and you were certain your heart stopped beating as he inserted the blade into your mouth, pressed against the inside of your cheek. “You really should smile more, [f/n]. You do have such a lovely smile.”

Gif Credit: Joker

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How would the US, UF and SF bros react to their S/O trying to cheer them up after a bad day by doing pretty much whatever it would take. Like, making them tons of food, showering them in love and affection or tickle attacking them, and they won't stop until they are absolutely sure that their Skelie is happy

omg yas. also, sorry this took longer than usual. some stuff came up, but who cares right? you want an imagine, so on with the show!))

He walks in after a long day of training with Alphys, who told him again that he couldnt be part of the royal guard yet. You Immediately walk over to him and give him a hug, which he appreciates, but he needs more. Thats it. Please give this smol a full on cuddle session, with a heaping side of compliments so that he knows he is special. By the end of it, he will be grinning with pride, sure that he will get in with you at his side. He chuckles at your strategy for making him feel better, because he knows it works every time.

Uhg, work. he just doesnt like it. Today was exceptionally long due to the very rude customer that insisted that he give him a refund for an already eaten hotcat. Give him a honey bottle and maybe play some videogames with him. Just give him a distraction for a while, and then make puns. Lots of stupidly bad puns. Hes laughing his nonexistent ass off and you just made the worst day into the best one.

Right now hes laying facedown on the living room floor, Probably asleep. Welp better get to the kitchen. Make him all of his favorite foods, and then place them all around him. sit on the couch and wait. When he wakes up and sees the food, he thinks he died and somehow snuck into heaven. Then he sees you smiling on the couch. He sits up and laughs, then starts eating. In between foods, he gives you pecks on the cheek and makes food puns.

he is soooo grumpy. youll need to ease him up. Just, go up to him and give him some cuddles. He wont like it at first, but then he relaxes and lets you. then give him a spine rub pls. he may start purring at some point. He pets your hair and mumbles something along the lines of a thanks.

oh hell help you. he comes in angry at everything and everyone. buuut if you surprise him with a tickle on his ribs, he will take it as a challenge and tickle you back. keep going back and forth for a while and will forget why he was even angry in the first place. Hes too prideful to admit it to you, but you may be thanked later in the form of a gift because you helped him out.

He doesn’t like the way m'lord is treating him. again. he just sits grumpily on the couch. But then you come over and lavish hom in love. Compliments, kisses, cuddles, anything to tell him that he is worth anything. He may be a bit overwhelmed, but he chuckles and kisses you back, giving the same amount of love you give him.

aaaahhhhh i feel like this sucks, but i hope you enjoy!))

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did u mean


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