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I love you

Part 9

This is very long overdue and I am so very sorry that it has taken me over a month to get this written. To everyone who kept asking me about it, there was just a lot going on and I have’t had a lot of time to write and I’m sorry. I’ll do my best to make sure you guys don’t wait more than a week for the next part!

Also, I am always accepting requests for fics. I’m working on three others which is another reason why this took so long to crank out. And I also love feedback on my writing so don’t be shy. 

But yeah… part 9. I’ve got some big stuff for part 10 so get ready. ;)

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Word Count: 4,344


A warm fire crackled with life mere inches from my freezing toes.

I was perched on the coffee table in the living room of Rhysand’s house—my boyfriend’s house.

God, that was still weird to say. Rhysand is my boyfriend. He had officially asked me over two months ago but it felt like it was only yesterday.

We were cuddled up on the couch in my apartment just after thanksgiving. The credits to the movie we had just finished were rolling across the screen. Rhys was on his side and I was on my back, nestled neatly against his chest.

The scent of jasmine and citrus and the sea was stuffed into my nose with him so close, and his warmth was making me drowsy.

A sleepy smile tugged at my lips as I felt his fingers brush my cheeks. His muttered “Feyre” made me open my eyes halfway to look at him.

“Hmmm,” I murmured sleepily to him.

He stroked my cheek gently, trying to coax me out of my disoriented state, all it did was lull me to sleep some more.

“Feyre, I— you know I really like you—“

“Mhmm.” My hand felt its way up his chest and hooked around the back of his neck. My fingers had woven their way into his silken hair.

“And we’ve been going out for a few weeks,” he paused and I had felt the weight of his eyes on my face.

“Feyre are you awake?”

My eyes fluttered open to meet two pools of violet staring intently at me.

“Feyre I—would you, I mean,” he huffed a frustrated sigh. “What I’m trying to ask—ugh. Feyre… will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?” The words tumbled out of lips and fell upon me like a warm blanket.

I gazed at him for what felt like an eternity, my brain taking its time to process what he had asked. Rhysand, this amazing person who I had come to know asked me to be his girlfriend.

Rhysand asked me to be his girlfriend!

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His Present [Jungkook Drabble]

Genre:  Fluff, Smut-ish

Warnings: Emmm, smut-ish? duh

Requested: Yes

Drabble Prompt: 5 (”Fuck you, honestly” “Fuck me, honestly”) & 18 ( “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”) & 30 (“Fuck it”)

Word Count: 696 (i had to make if short since this is a drabble, sorry if you were expecting more *wink*)

Finally. Finally he was coming back home. After touring for several months, your boyfriend was back, and he could go through that door any minute, and you were excited. You knew what dating an idol implied, but honestly, you loved him too much to care about it, plus he was doing what he loved, and as long as he was happy, you were too.

*Ring Ring R-Ri-Ring*

It was Jungkook.

Running, you went to the door, opening it. A smily figure with open arms welcomed you from the other side. Jumping to him, you hugged him tightly, making him take you up in the air. You were glad he was strong at that time, since he grabbed his bags and got them inside the house without letting you fall to the ground.

Once he was done, he closed the door behind him, and placed all his focus in you, touching your cheeks with his fingertips, placing kisses in every part of your face he could reach, finally getting to your lips.

“I have a present for you” he whispered in between kisses.

“Jungkook…. I told you not to buy me anything”

He laughed and broke the kiss to reach to his backpack and got a box out of it, giving it to you.

“Thank me later” He whispered with a large grin on his face. That could only mean that the present was going a really good or a really bad way, no in between.

With a little bit of hesitation, you opened the package.

“Really, Jungkook? Gosh I can’t believe I’m dating a kid” you laughed, taking both overwatch necklaces out of their box.

“One is for you and the other one if for me, to make everyone a reminder of how bad you played overwatch when i met you” He took one of the necklaces and spined you around, . Moving your hair to the side, he helped you put on the necklace.

“Oh, fuck you, Jungkook” you hit his arm once he was finished, turning around again to face him.

“Oh, admit it, you were a disaster. Imagine how bad you would’ve played if i wasn’t your boyfriend. Gosh, it makes me sad just thinking about.” He dramatically placed his hand over his face, slowly shaking his head in disapprovement.

“Fuck you, honestly” you laughed again, but his reply made you go silent.

“Fuck me, honestly.” He said, and for the first time since he got there you could finally see the little sparkle of lust in his eyes.

Slowly, you grabbed the resting necklace from his hands. Without even caring in turning him around, you got on your tippy toes, placing your hands on his neck, moving slow, making contact with his sensitive skin. After some seconds, you finally got into actually hooking the necklace around his neck.

“Maybe” you whispered in his ear once you were finished, staring at him and biting your lip.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” He said with a cracked voice.

“And what if I am?” You teased him, moving your hands to his hips, closing the space between you both. He smiled and started moving his head to kiss you as his hand went under your shirt, when you stopped him, placing a finger on his mouth. “Not so fast there. I’m not taking anything off until you admit that I wasn’t that bad in overwatch before knowing you”

“Really?” He sighed, chuckling a bit. “Oh, fuck it. Yes, you were.”

The minute he said that, you were thrown towards the wall, but a hand stopped your head from hitting the wall. His lips and hands were fast, kissing your lips and unbuckling your pants at the same time. Without even caring of taking your pants off, he got his hand inside your underwear, moving his fingers around. After some seconds he took his hand away, making you sigh. He placed his fingers in between his lips, tasting you.

“Just as tasty as I remembered”

Robb Stark - It Wasn’t Me!

Words count: 1105

Warning: none



Requested by Anonymous 

11,16,17 with robbb pretttyy pllsss

11- “Spit it out!”

16- “Don’t blame me, I did nothing.”

17- “Are you serious?”

You’re the future lady of Winterfell. You and Robb are betrothed, thankfully you two knew each other before you knew about the betrothal and liked each other. You both wouldn’t admit that you liked each other though. But the betrothal gave you two the necessary push to confess your feelings. You and Robb’s siblings got along very well, you spent more time with the Arya and Bran. They both looked up to you, as you have a strong personality and not afraid to say what’s on your mind and don’t take shit from no one.

So one day while Robb and his parents were visiting the village nearby. You, Araya and Bran decided to play a game of hide and go seek. It was your turn to seek, finding those two wasn’t easy they took the gamer seriously and hid in places hard to find, and Bran would climb anything to hide. You were searching the castle unable to find those two.

“Arya! Bran! Come out, come out wherever you are.” You shouted giggling as some servants, pointed to the Robbs room. You walked to his room and opened the door to his room. “Are you two here?”

“NOW BRAN.” Suddenly those tow came out of their hiding and pushed you in the middle of the room, and held rope in their hands and tried to tie you. “You’re our prisoner now!”

“Never!” You shouted and tried to push the two Starks off you. You fell on the floor and the two Starks on top of you.

“Arya quick help me.” Bran yelled to his sister trying to tie your hands. You moved around trying to make it as hard for them as you could. Arya fell on Robbs bed and took his pillow to hit you when something fell on the ground. You all froze and Bran got off you.

“What’s that?” You asked and moved to take the leather bag from the floor. When Arya jumped to catch it before you. “Arya!”

You both moved to get it but Bran got it before you two and held it away from you.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” Bran said quickly.

“Clearly it’s not nothing.” You said and held your hand out for him to give it to you. “Show it to me.”

“(y/n) it’s nothing, come on let’s go.” Arya said, you nodded but then got the bag from Bran when he wasn’t expecting it and a necklace fell from it, it had the stark sigil and a few now charms around it. It was made out of white gold and each snow flake had a diamond in the middle of it.

“Robb will kill us.” Arya groaned, you couldn’t take your eyes of the necklace. “Let’s go before he comes back, he and father and mother should be here anytime now.”

“(y/n) put it back.” Bran said and you nodded and did as he said.

“Arya put it where you found it.” You gave the bag to Arya and quickly. You and Bran arranged everything to the way it was before you came in the room.

Just as you all were done, the door opened and in walked the one person you didn’t want to find you here.

“Robb! What are you doing here?” Arya asked smiling. You shook your head and shared a look with Bran that said ‘we’re screwed.’

“This is my room.” Robb said confused, he looked suspicious of us.

“Don’t blame me, I did nothing.” You shouted, they all looked at you as if you’re crazy. “What?!”

“Bran, Arya can you give us a moment?” Robb asked his younger siblings.

“Arya, Bran don’t leave me with the direwolf.” You said faking scared.

“Sorry (y/n) you’re on your own.” Bran said and Arya smirked as they left.

“Now (y/n) spit it out.” Robb said once you were alone in the room.

“Spit what out?” You asked him playing dump.

“What were you, Arya and Bran doing in my room?” Robb asked amused, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“We were playing hide and go seek.” You said innocently.

“So why do you look guilty?”

“I do not.”

“Just say the truth.”

“… I may or may not saw a necklace that I shouldn’t have seen.” You told him looking at the ground.

“You should have seen it on out wedding day.” Robb said and took the necklace from under his pillow.

“Honestly Robb this is the worst place to hiding place ever.” You told him.

“I know but I was rushing this morning.” Robb told you and held the necklace in front of you. “Turn around.”

You did as Robb asked and turned around, you felt Robb’s hand touch your neck as he moved your hair to the side, it sent shivers down your spine. The clasped the necklace around your neck the cold metal making you shudder for a second.

“It’s a family heirloom it belonged to my mother, and my grandmother and her grandmother all the way to the first Stark.” Robb told you as he moved you to look at yourself in the mirror. But you were looking at him and not the beautiful metal work around your neck. “You’re supposed to have it on our wedding day three weeks from now, but if you hadn’t of seen it I would have been surprised.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright, just don’t tell my mother, she wanted you to be surprised.” You smiled at him and nodded. You turned around to face Robb, your eyes met.

“I cannot wait for us to get married.” You told him smiling lightly.

“Neither can I.” Robb said and he captured your lips with his. You smiled into the kiss as your lips moved in sync. Your eyes closed and your hands on his chest while his around your waist holding you close. You pulled back for air after a while and took a second to open your eyes. The first thing you saw was Robb’s bright blue eyes.

“You have to give it back to me.” Robb said, you looked him eyes wide mouth open.

“Are you serious?” You asked him already attached to it.

“Sorry (y/n), its tradition.”

“Fine.” You said and gave it back to him.

“Now let’s go, father and mother want to talk to us about the wedding.” You two left the room after Robb put the necklace under the pillow to talk to his parents about the preparation to the wedding. You walked hand in hand smiling. You winked at Arya and Bran as you passed them. The laughed glad that Robb didn’t get them in trouble.

August Book Photo Challenge Day 13: bookish item

a miniature bookshelf necklace. 

Even wrapped up in layers, you can feel the cold. Your cheeks and nose are flushed by the chilly air, as are Harry’s. He keeps you pulled tightly into his side, doing his best to keep you both warm and somehow, even in the cold, his body radiates warmth. Even with red cheeks and a red nose, he looks so snuggly, so easy to curl up next to. You find yourself trying to snuggle closer, arm wrapping tighter around him and he chuckles, glancing down at you with a playful smile.

“If you go any farther, you’ll be wearing my clothes.” He comments.

“I’m sorry.” You say through chattering teeth.

“S’okay, babe.” He replies, rubbing his hand up and down your back over your coat.

You take another step forward on the line to get to the ice rink, waiting for your turn. You watch people skate around, holding each other up or just gliding along beside each other. You stay snuggled under Harry’s arm, smiling up at him when he leans down to press a kiss to your lips.

“You’re frozen.” He says against your mouth and you nod.

“So are you.” You say and he just smirks, shrugging his shoulders. “Promise we’ll get some hot cocoa after this?” you ask and he nods enthusiastically.

“We’ll get the biggest cups full they’ve got.”

You giggle and he kisses your head over your hat, walking up with you towards the entrance to the ice rink. You’re granted entrance into a small area where you can pick your skates. Harry finds a pair he think you might like and holds them out to you, displaying them with an odd little dance. You laugh, shaking your head as you grab the skates so he can find a pair for himself. You sit down beside him on a bench, pulling your boots off and replacing them with the skates.

“Here,” Harry says, interrupting you with his hand on your leg. He kneels in front of you and smiles up at you as he takes the laces in between his fingers. “I’ve got it.”

He ties the laces just right and helps you up, guiding you to the ice. You move carefully, afraid to fall and embarrass yourself in the crowd of people. Harry glides along, better than you’d expected.

“C’mon, I’ve got you.” He says encouragingly, pulling you with him. You follow his movements and manage to catch up a bit. You hold his hand tightly, squeezing a bit harder whenever you think you might fall. His smile is the brightest light in the park as you skate together, not so cold now that you’re moving more. He lets go of your hand and your jaw drops slightly, a gasp falling from your lips.

“Harry!” you exclaim, afraid you’ll fall without him to hold onto.

He attempts a spin, managing to not fall. You skate along, a little shaky without him, but well enough to stay standing. You applaud his little stunt, smiling when he grabs your hand again.

“Wanna try?” he asks playfully.

“No no no.” you reply, shaking your head.

“Pleeeease.” He begs with a pout and you shake your head again, trying hard to resist his pouty, pink lips.

He ignores your protesting and grabs both your hands, skating backwards from you. You plead with him, telling him no as he grins at you. You giggle through your protests, giving in finally and throwing your head back in defeat. He spins you around and you manage to stay on your feet.

“See?” he says with a smile and you giggle, letting him guide you again. He goes a little faster this time and you find yourself shouting his name as you come stumbling down onto the ice.

You lift yourself off the ice, breaking into a fit of giggles as soon as you hear Harry’s laughter from beside you. You look at him, at his curls spread out on the ice, his beanie just inches away. He holds his belly with one hand as he sits up, trying to stop his laughter. He half crawls, half slides over to you. You laugh, shaking your head as you attempt to right yourself, wobbling and off balance. You stand up with the help of Harry, sitting as he continues to laugh. You try to help him up, but he just stays planted on the ice, legs spread out and arms in the air as you try to lift him, almost slipping back to his level as you fight to get him on his legs.

“Harry.” You whine through gritted teeth as you pull him, sighing in relief when he finally lifts off the ground.

“I’m sorry.” He says, his laughter quieting down finally. “Are you alright?”

He brushes some ice off his shoulders and repeats the action on you, fingers dancing along your shoulder and down your arms, to your hands where his fingers lock with yours as you both use each other to keep your balance on the ice.

“I’m okay.” You say, meeting his eyes, bright with amusement.

He bends down carefully to grab his hat and you pull it back on for him, tucking his curls under the front of the beanie. He kisses the tips of your fingers as you let your hand drop from his face and you blush more, your gaze falling to the floor. You miss his smile, the one that says that he loves how much he affects you even though he’s always telling you not to shy away from him. His hand tightens on yours as he guides you along the ice again, deciding not to pull any stunts this time around. You move together, staying as close as possible to keep warm. You do a few laps and eventually decide to pull off, stepping off the ice. You sit down to unlace the skates, pulling your warm boots back on your feet. You stand up, Harry following behind to return the skates. He pulls you back into his side, kissing your lips when you look up at him.

“How about that hot chocolate then?” he says, voice low as he speaks against your lips.

“Mmm sounds good.”

You walk to the little booth that’s set up in the park, stepping in and sighing contentedly when you feel the warmth. You sit at the last open table, smiling when Harry scoots his chair closer to yours.

“Can I give you something?”

“Hm?” you reply, watching as Harry digs into the coat of his pocket.

“Harry you don’t have to-“

“Please, y/n.” he says with a shake of his head. “It’s your birthday we’re celebrating here. And Christmas. I’d give you the world if I could.”

You smile, shaking your head shyly as he pulls a little box out of his pocket.

“Happy Birthday, love.” He says, leaning forward to plant a kiss on your lips, lingering for a second before pulling away with a cheeky smirk on his face. “I hope you like it.”

You open the box to reveal a necklace, three chains in one. Each has a charm- a moon, a star, and a sun. On the back of each, one word is engraved and when read together says You’re my everything.


You can’t really manage anything else so you pull him against you with your hand on the back of his neck, into a kiss too passionate to be happening in a pop up bakery.

“Thank you.” You whisper against his lips when you break the kiss, eyes staying shut as you rest your forehead on his.

“Can I put it on you?” he says softly, voice tangible on your lips.


You turn slightly in your chair, pulling off your hat. Harry sweeps your hair off your shoulder, letting his fingers linger on your neck, his gentle touch sending a shiver down your spine. He takes the necklace out of the box and locks the small, silver clasp on the back of your neck. You run your fingers along each charm, holding them in your finger before letting the cool silver drop against your skin. You turn back to him and look into his twinkling eyes, smiling as your hand finds his and locks together, his fingers tracing over your skin.

“I can’t believe you worried I wouldn’t love this.” You tell him and he chuckles, shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m just glad you do.” He says, leaning forward and resting his head against yours again.

He pecks your lips softly before dropping your hand and standing up to order a couple of hot chocolates. He brings them back, topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle and your mouth practically waters at the delicious sight. He smiles and clinks his cup against yours, smiling over the rim when he sees you’ve gotten whipped cream on your nose. He starts to giggle and you look up at him, eyes narrowed.

“What’s funny?”

He shakes his head and leans close to you again, poking your nose and swiping off a bit of the cream.

“Oh.” You realize with a giggle, about to wipe off the rest when he kisses it off your nose, his tongue poking out just barely to collect what he’d missed.

“Harry.” You scold, biting back your smile. “We’re in public.”

“Yeah and I’d still lick that cream off from anywhere.” He says before taking a sip of his cocoa, making you almost choke on yours.

He laughs and you shove him playfully, shaking your head. You feel the familiar warm blush he constantly brings to your cheeks and he takes your hand in his, lowering his head to search for your eyes. You gaze at him in his comfy looking sweater, his beanie pulled over his head making him look so snuggly, just how you like him. You finally meet his eyes and you let yourself just stare into them, breathing out a soft “I love you.” He lifts your twined fingers to his lips and kisses the back of your hand, lips gentle as his breath fans over your skin. You swallow down some more of the sweet hot chocolate, snuggling close to him and enjoying the warmth from him and from the cocoa that burns down your throat and into your belly. You finish your tall cup of drink and lick your lips afterward, resting your head on Harry’s arm as he finishes his, sharing mindless chatter as customers shuffle in and out of the small, toasty booth. You grab a big, very warm chocolate chip cookie to share on the way out, taking a bite of it from his hand as you settle back into your coat and head out into the cold again. You’re instantly pulled into his side, his arm wrapped protectively over your shoulder, your head on his chest and your strides matching.

“Got any other plans for us this evening, Styles?”

He glances down at you, a smirk on his lips at the use of his last name. He shrugs and looks around the park then back to you.

“Tonight is yours, love. Tell me what you want to do.”

“You’re mine too, right?” you say and he stops, turning so he’s in front of you, his arm dropping to your waist.

“Always.” He replies, leaning lower.

His eyes flutter closed as yours do, leaning forward to press a warm kiss to your lips. His arms around you and his gentle lips warm you and you pull him close, needing to feel all of his warmth, all of his body. You stay like that, under the Christmas lights strung about the trees in the park, holding each other, lips moving as his tongue slips out to ask for invitation into your mouth that you grant immediately, accepting him, and needing him. He breaks the kiss before you both get too lost, a smile tugging at his lips.

“Oh my.” He says softly, tracing your lips with his thumb before taking his place beside you again and continuing your quiet stroll.

“Should we just get going?” you ask, interrupting the comfortable silence.

“If you want to.”

You nod and look up at him, squeezing his side. “Let’s get home.”

He nods and you start the walk back to the flat you share, snuggled close together to get away from the sharp wind. You lose track of time and barely even realize how close you are to home till you’re walking up the steps and following Harry through the door. He flips on the Christmas lights and you shrug your coat off, hanging it beside his. You smile at your cozy flat, the lights hanging around and the perfect Christmas tree you decorated together sitting with a few presents underneath.

“Thank you for tonight.”

He looks at you over his shoulder as you step behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist and kissing his shoulder through his sweater.

“You had a good time then?”

“Better than good.”

“How good?”

You giggle as he turns around in your arms, your hands locking behind his back now.

“So good that I’m not sure I’m the one that should be getting any presents.” You say, resting your chin on his chest and gazing up at him, taking in how angelic he looks even in the shaded light of your dimly lit apartment.

“You should always be getting presents. And it is your birthday.” He says sweetly, combing his fingers through your hair.

“Then we’re missing something aren’t we?” you ask, raising your eyebrows at him suggestively.

“What’s that?” he replies, voice lower, a bit more gravelly.

“Birthday suits.”

He smiles menacingly and lowers his face a bit, closer to yours. He walks with you, arms locked around each other.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

He plants a warm, firm kiss on your lips, not holding back now that you’re in the privacy of your home. He bites your lower lip playfully, sucking a bit before letting go and letting his lips move over yours again. Your hands leave his back and rub up his shoulders, locking against the back of his neck. His arms stay wrapped around your waist, holding you close as his lips move on yours, tongues dancing as your bodies press together, desperate for each other’s heat. You tug his beanie off, letting his curls fall loose. You run your fingers through his locks, fluffing them as your kiss deepens, your body bending back in his arms as he presses forward needing to feel more. He takes another step and you stumble blindly through the short hallway, falling against the bedroom door that pushes farther open when you bump into it. You cling tightly to him when you feel like you might fall and his grip on you tightens, keeping you steady. You giggle into the kiss, amused by the mess of tripping legs and tangled bodies you’ve become so quickly. He smiles, breaking the kiss to move his lips along your jaw line, lingering on a sweet spot on your neck.

He lets you go briefly to adjust his grip on you, lifting you onto the dresser he’d had you trapped against. You lock your legs around his waist, pulling him against you as your fingers twist into his hair. Your lips meet and you don’t hesitate in deepening the kiss, your tongue searching for his, desperate to feel him. His hand move under your shirt, squeezing your hips before rubbing upwards, cupping your breasts over your bra and then moving lower again. He explores you, hands roaming over you under your clothes. You let go of him, only to pull your blouse over your head, dropping it to the floor below. You lock your hands with his and guide him over your body, bringing his hands to your breasts and squeezing firmly, biting back a smile. He hides his bright, mischievous grin in your neck, kissing and nipping your skin as he keeps hold of your breasts, squeezing gently. You guide his face back to yours, your lips moving against his, tasting him. You pull his sweater up, exposing his lower stomach. He raises his arms and you pull it higher, exposing his inked skin. You drop it when it’s off, letting it join your blouse on the floor. You trace your fingers over the birds that are drawn onto his chest, then along his shoulder. He takes your fingers in his and kisses the tip of each before running his fingers along your own shoulder, tugging at your bra straps so they fall loosely over your shoulder. His hands come back to rest on either side of your neck, his thumbs rubbing gently along your jaw, lips breezing over yours. You nip gently at his lower lip, barely catching it in between your teeth. He lifts your head slightly and you look up at him, palms pressed into his back. His thumb traces your bottom lip and he leans closer, finally pressing his mouth against yours.

It takes not even a second to lose yourself in his kiss, in the way he holds your face to his. You moan softly into his mouth, legs squeezing around his torso. You grind against him and he breathes into you, letting one hand leave your face to unclasp your bra. He fumbles with the small clasp before finally getting it undone. The fabric falls from your body, exposing you to him. He kisses you harder, trailing kisses from your lips to your neck, working his way down to move gently over your chest. He presses warm, open mouthed kisses to your breasts, surprising you when he shakes his head in between them. You shriek with laughter, arching back in his grasp, but unable to get away. He pulls away with a dimpled grin on his face, peppering you with kisses again. He pecks your lips and your laughter fades as you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you.

“Harry.” You whisper against his lips, unsure of what else to say. Tonight was wonderful, just like every night with him is. You think you love him a little too much, this curly haired, bright eyed young man. He’s become so big a part of your life. You are everything to each other.

“My love.” He replies, tracing your lower lip with his thumb again, pulling down slightly.

He takes a step back and helps you off the dresser, pulling you with him to the bed. Your bodies stay pressed together, your skin warm against one another. He sits down and pulls you close, standing in between his legs with his arms wrapped around your waist. You rest your hands on his shoulder, watching as he leaves a path of kisses from just above your jeans to right below your breasts. He smiles up at you when he presses a kiss to the small valley in between your breasts and you giggle, shaking your head at him. His arms loosen from your waist and he rubs his hands over you, stopping at your jeans. He pulls at the zipper and button, his eyes never leaving yours. He tugs the tight denim down your legs, revealing you to him. You kick off the jeans and he pulls you closer. You run your fingers through his loose curls, mussing up his hair as he kisses your stomach again. His lips move lower and his breath fans over you above the fabric of your underwear.

“I love these.” He says, hooking a finger into the band of your undies and pulling at the lacey pink and black number.

You bite your lip as he keeps a tight hold on your hips, his mouth moving gently over your skin. He leans back and pulls you with him, smiling as his lips mold against yours, tongues swirling as your bodies move together, adjusting on the mattress. You straddle him, kissing down his neck, your palms pressed against him as your lips move over his skin, tongue tracing along his tattoos. You taste the dips in his stomach as you move lower, lingering along his happy trail. You unbutton his jeans and kiss the newly exposed bit of skin, smiling when he sits up, hurriedly pulling down the black denim. He kicks them off, letting them pool to the floor beside the bed. You bite back another smile when you rub your hand down his body and feel the bulge in his boxers, growing with your slow touch. You kiss him again, just above the band of his black boxer briefs. He sucks in a breath when you pull the fabric lower, exposing him and letting his erection bounce out. You wrap your hand around him and kiss the tip, swirling your tongue over the head, staring into his eyes as you do.

“Babe.” He calls out, stopping you before you take him in deeper. “As good as that feels…” he says, sitting up and flipping your positions so he’s on top, “… it is your day.” He kisses your lips before speaking again.

“I want…” he kisses your neck again, tongue swiping the warm skin of your neck.

“to make you…” another kiss, lower now, in between your breasts.

“feel good.”

You moan underneath him as he presses a final kiss just below your belly button, ending the trail that lead down your body. He nips at the lace covering your skin and pulls it down a bit. His breath on you sends a shiver down your spine. His fingers hook into your underwear, pulling them slowly down your legs so you can kick them off to join his clothing. He licks his lips, humming against you in between your legs. His curls tickle your inner thigh and a breathy giggle leaves your lips, becoming a moan when you feel his fingers on you, stroking gently in between your other lips. He hums again, licking his lips before flicking his tongue over your wetness. He applies more pressure, moving his tongue hotly over you. He flicks it over your clit, smiling in between your legs when you moan under his touch. You reach down to cling to him, fingers twisting into his curls and holding him to you, desperate for more. His tongue circles over you and he sucks gently before running his tongue over you again, up and down, slow at first then fast, then slow again when you arch back into the mattress, thrusting against his mouth. He groans against you, pleasured by your pleasure, needing to hear you more.

“Is that good, love?” he says encouragingly, dipping his tongue into you again.

You manage a gasping moan, a broken “Yes” leaving your lips as his sucking and licking grows harder, rougher as your legs begin to quake.

“Please. Ha- Harry.” You beg, lifting your body off the bed and curling up, squeezing his curls in your hand and throwing yourself back onto the mattress, biting back moans as his tongue works on you, his fingers joining to help. He pumps in and out of you, watching from between your thighs as you convulse beneath him, lost in his touch. You squeal when you feel yourself close, his name leaving your lips again when he pulls you over the edge. The taste of you spills onto his lips and he laps you up, leaving you panting underneath him. He kisses you gently, lingering for a second before starting another trail of kisses back up your body. He sucks at your neck and you pull his face back to yours, parting your lips against his. He caresses your body, moving up your stomach and over your breasts, to the chain that hangs on your neck now. His fingers dance along the chain, tracing around the charms. He traces higher, up your neck and around your lips, pressing a warm kiss to your lips again.

“You’re so good.” He says softly and you smile shyly, kissing him to avoid him seeing that same blush he always brings.

“You’re better.” You reply, brushing his messy mop of curls back.


You wrap your leg around him, smiling when he hikes it up a bit higher.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispers, tracing your lips again, resting his forehead on yours. “It’s so strange wanting to destroy something so beautiful, so pure.”

Your lips part at his words, no words coming out, just a soft gasp.

“I want you so badly.” he adds, puckering his lips to meet yours briefly.

“Then take me.” You tell him, pressing your palms into his back and pressing him closer. “Destroy me.” You command softly, moaning softly when he grinds against you, nipping playfully at your lower lip.

“Your wish is my command.” He says with a soft hum, kissing down your neck, toying with you before starting another round, dragging on your already perfect night, getting lost in the sounds and feelings of one another.