spine cold

그 밤 (The Night)

(named after this song which I listened to on repeat while writing)

Member: Jeonghan
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1949

The first week back from winter break was always decently easy, but you still felt tired. You just wanted to go back home and sleep some more, and come back next fall. It was hard to be motivated to learn new materials when it was this cold outside and the novelty of snow flurries had faded. Not being able to fall asleep, you bundled up to make your way to the little greasy takeout place across campus.

It was pretty late and not many people were out, causing the campus to feel a little more like Silent Hill than usual. You weren’t exactly sure if the chill that ran down your spine was from the cold or the spooky atmosphere. Your steps quickened as you got closer to the restaurant; you couldn’t wait for the warmth and safety it would provide…as well as the chicken.

When you finally got there you slammed the doors open, your breaths coming in hard pants from the urgent jog you had resorted to in the final stretch of your trek. The two workers behind the counter both stopped whatever they were doing to look up at you and you could only give them a sheepish smile and pretend to not be embarrassed. You stepped up to the counter and ordered your usual, paying with a few crinkled bills you had to dig out of your pocket with stiff, cold fingers.

The place was pretty small, with just the counter and a few small tables pushed to the side of the room. You sat down at the table furthest from the door and pulled out your phone to distract you while you waited. You scrolled through tumblr with one hand as you sandwiched the other between your thighs, trying to use your body heat to warm it. Your mind wandered around aimlessly, thinking about everything from the musicians’ pictures on your phone to the assignment you wanted to start on tomorrow morning. You didn’t look up when you heard the door open, but when you heard that voice– that unmistakable voice– your heart stopped in your chest.

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Now and Always

Jason asks you a question you were far from expecting.

[F/n] - First Name [e/c] - Eye Color


Turning under your comforter you felt around in the bed. Brows furrowed in confusion upon finding your fiancé missing.

“Jay?” groggily asking while eyes opening. Looking around the room, he was nowhere to be found. Having not heard Addilyn over the baby monitor and Jay having come home from patrol hours ago, you were finding yourself stumped. Where was that boy?

Slipping out from under the blankets, a shiver ran up your spine from the cold floor. Padding out of the room and around the apartment, not in the living room, kitchen, bathroom. But there was one more room to check.

Quietly tiptoeing down the hallway and peering around the open doorway. You saw Jason sitting in a rocking chair watching your daughter sleep in her crib.

A soft smile graced your lips as you quietly came into the room. Wrapping your arms around his shoulders and chin resting in his neck. He reached up one hand intertwining his fingers with yours.

“Did I wake you? I wasn’t meaning too”  he sighed before looking over.

Chuckling and answering, “I know, it’s just second nature to know when your not with me now”

“I didn’t hear the monitor, what woke you?” placing a kiss on his temple as you spoke.

He shrugged, “I just… I missed her tonight. I wasn’t able to get back from patrol early enough to see her.”

Unwrapping your arms from his neck and puling you in front of him, then onto his lap. Wrapping his arms around your waist he let out a content sigh resting his head on your shoulder. “I missed you too”

Smiling you had one arm wrapped around his shoulder and while running a hand through his hair. Both staying like that for a few minutes before being brought back to reality by Addilyn’s little noises.

Looking over you both chuckled at the sleeping infant. “Only one month and she already has us both wrapped around her pinky finger” commenting while looking back at Jason.

He smiled before placing a soft kiss to your lips. “I wouldn’t have it any other way”

“Except, well maybe I’d change one thing” catching your attention. “And what would that be?”

“Can we have another?” he proposed, eyes widening in shock while you looked at him.

“Y-you mean?” glancing over at the crib.

“Yeah. Babe, I just… I love Addie so much and I love you. I don’t know I just want to give you the family you’ve talked about.” he babbled his reasoning. “You deserve the world for everything you put up with when it comes to me and-“ cutting him off with a finger over his lips.

Taking his hand you led him out of the baby’s room as to not wake her. Pulling him out to the balcony, where it was a comfortable summer night.

“First things first. It’s not ‘putting up with you’ when I love you more than the world itself. Where’s all of this coming from love?” taking his hands in your own.

His expression softened upon meeting your [e/c] eyes. “I-” pausing, “I don’t want to miss anything else” he confessed. “I know she’s only a month old but.. I already feel like I’ve missed so much with having to work both day and night. I’ve just been thinking maybe it’s time to cut back on the hero thing and really have this family. [F/n] I want to have another baby. Not now because we’ve got our hands full with just one, but in a year or so.”

After registering his words, you asked “are you sure you want to give up being Red Hood?” looking for some clarification.

“I don’t want to give it up completely and hang the guys out to dry but, I’m ready to cut back. I’m ready to be here every night help you put her to bed. Ready to alternate shifts the entire night when she’s fussy or has a bad dream. I want to be the father to her that I never had.” his tone was calm yet passionate.

Expression softening before stating  “Whatever you choose I’ll support you every step and so will your family. As for another baby, lets just wait until we feel the time is right. We have enough on our plate with the little sleeping beauty in there” you laughed before gesturing to the apartment.

Jason let a beaming smile decorate his features as he leaned down and kissed you with the same amount of passion as his prior words. You loved this man more than anything and he still found ways to make you love him even more.

“I love you so goddamn much” he gushed before kissing you again.

“And I love you, now and always” confessing as you pulled away.

Sadly, the moment was interrupted by a high pitched crying. Both looking at the balcony door Jason kissed you again before saying, “I got her” and walking inside.

Watching him enter the apartment you smiled, muttering “how did I get so lucky?” before following to help him.

The Edge of the Universe

“All right, Karen, you all set up?”

I nodded and slipped on my headset. “I’ll be speaking to a Mr. Markus Bruno, correct?” Wife beater. Murderer. A truly amazing person, I thought sarcastically.

The coordinator, a man with not enough hair on his head, chewed his bottom lip. “Unfortunately, that will not be the case. He committed suicide about twelve hours ago. Got ahold of another inmate’s medication and took the whole bottle. You’ll be speaking with… Grant Byrd?”

My spine went cold. The coordinator eyed my nametag.

“Huh. Byrd. Same last name as you, nasty coincidence, huh?”

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Christmas Tales

Hi! This my first imagine. Hope you like.
Newt Scamander X reader
So basically this is part one I guess. Newt gets back from his travels and the reader and him catch up.

It had been so long since the last time you saw Newt. A year to be exact. He had left you after a short week to continue to write his book. Maybe this time would be longer and better, if that was possible.

Tina was at work. Queenie was with Jacob at the bakery. This time of year was busy, you need to have the best pastries for Christmas after all. With everyone working, you were the only one waiting for Newt. Which was fine with you, of course it was. You loved Newt. Although you’d never admit it.

The boat was pulling up to the docks. All of the sudden the air felt colder. A shiver ran down your spine. The cold was trapping you. Suffocating you. Why? You had no clue. Maybe because of Newt, but you seriously doubted that. Why would you get scared of seeing him? Realizing you were overreacting, you took a deep breath in. Suddenly you were warmer.

Everyone was emerging from the boat. That’s when you saw him. The cold was forgotten and turned into warmth. A smile spread across your face. You can’t remember being nervous, only excited. Newt walked to you feeling equally happy. When he finally reached you, a hug was shared. And oh how you loved it! To be with him again, in his arms. When you pulled away he looked into your eyes. You looked in his marvelous green eyes. “ I missed you so much! Everyone’s at work right now. We could stop at the bakery if you’d like. It’s incredible! Jacob is an incredible baker! We’ve got to go!” You said in a rush of excitement. Newt smile at how eager you were to show him the bakery.
“ We should get going then.” Newt said.
“ Yes. We should. Queenie’s there too. She loves to help him and learn how to bake the no-maj way. And she’s great with the customers, but that’s not a surprise, really.”
“ Sounds great. Now let’s hurry!”

You and Newt caught up while walking to the bakery. He has been writing a book. That’s all he’s said. Newt was being oddly quiet. Well, quieter than usual.
“So, only writing? That’s it?” You asked. You expected some crazy adventure.
“I’ve been traveling too. But only to help me write. And I might just add that all you’ve been doing is work. At MACUSA. That’s pretty boring, if I’m being honest. You haven’t done anything?”
“What else can I do? I need money. I can’t just travel the world to write a book like you.”
“I don’t mean that. I mean, like in New York. Anything interesting. Did you move, g-get a boyfriend or a promotion?”
“Same old apartment. No promotion, but a raise and luckily for you, I’m single.” You joked. Newt turned bright red.
“I-I… Umm… Just wanna be caught up with your life. Yeah. Not date you! Not that I wouldn’t date you! I mean, your very attractive and all its just… Wait no! You’re not attractive! Oh no! That’s not what I meant. Your nice and any guy would be lucky to have you.” He said with a sigh. You tried not to laugh at how awkward he was, but you loved it.
“And any girl would be lucky to have you.” You said. Wishing you’d be the lucky girl.

Min Yoongi ~ Fantasies [SMUT]

Group: BTS
Member: Min Yoongi
Type: Smut
Word Count: 2164

He claims your mouth, rubs his hand along your lower back, disappearing under your skirt and grasping your bottom.
The sting sends a shiver of anticipation down your spine.
‘Cold?’ He asks as he places soft kisses along your neck and jaw. When his mouth is only a hairs breadth away from yours, he curves his lips into a sexy grin. ‘All these things that just escaped from your innocent lips…’ He runs his head over her nipple and gives it a light squeeze. ‘Made me realize that I’ve wasted all these years jerking myself off…’
‘Yoongi…’ You whisper, your breath hitching as he manipulated your nipple with sensual finesse. ‘Thinking that you’re not interested in me. But I guess…maybe I just didn’t read the signs right?’ 

‘Did you have a nice dream?’ He asks, catching you off guard. You nearly choke at the words escaping from his mouth. You half-smile at him, running your hand through your hair as you search for an answer. Your heart races at the thought of him having heard all the dirty things you imagined. All the things you imagined him doing to you.
‘I’m sorry I must have-.’ You’re cut off by his lips brushing against yours. ‘Why don’t we make it reality?’

You feel your eyes getting heavier with the movie carrying on. Watching an action movie wasn’t your ideal type for a night in with your best friend who you haven’t seen in years but decided to go for it after his endless pleading. You feel your head constantly falling against Yoongi’s shoulder, quickly getting you awake again. Your terrible attempts to stay awake earning a chuckle from your taller friend. You look up at him with furrowed eyebrows to see him smiling down at you with the gummy smile you adored him for. ‘Tired?’ He asks understandingly. You quickly pull yourself up on the couch and shake your head at his question. He giggles at your answer before placing his arm around you and pulling you closer to him. ‘Just use me as a pillow.’ He explains before forcing your head to fall onto his heaving chest. You smile, remembering why you’re so lucky to have him as a friend before you feel yourself drifting off to sleep to the steady rhythm of his heart beating underneath you.

‘Yoongi…’ You moan, your back arching off the bed. He smiles down at you as he thrusts into you with so much passionate, that you think you might explode. Your hands trail to your breasts, massaging them as you watch him closely, your eyes locking with his. He leans down and places a loving kiss on your lips, his tongue tracing the outline of your bottom lip. ‘I’m all yours…princess. Forever.’ A smile plays on the edge of his lips as you feel butterflies flying around your stomach at his words. He grabs your leg, opening you further so he can ease into you easier. You squeeze your eyes shut at the feeling, moaning his name in pleasure.

His long, pointy fingers trail along your lower back, the feeling sending shivers down your spine. His fingers move down a bit more, his cold fingers suddenly touching the skin above your ass.
Your eyes shoot open, your heart racing rapidly as you shake off the last remaining glimpse of the dream you had. You flicker your gaze up to him, offering him a shy smile. You gulp, the heat raising to your cheeks with the naughty dream still very vivid in your mind. Your eyes slowly wander down your body. The dampness between your legs very visible. You squeeze your eyes shut, hoping to wake up from this dream.  Yoongi smiles back at you, a smirk tugging at the edge of his lips as he trails his thumb along your cheek, bringing your head up.
Your breath hitches as he leans towards you, his mouth only inches away from yours, his breath cold on your lips. ‘Did you have a nice dream?’ He asks, catching you off guard. You nearly choke at the words escaping from his mouth. You half-smile at him, running your hand through your hair as you search for an answer. Your heart races at the thought of him having heard all the dirty things you imagined. All the things you imagined him doing to you in your dream.
‘I’m sorry I must have-.’ You’re cut off by his lips brushing against yours. ‘Don’t talk. Just take the pleasure’ He draws you closer, kisses you. He means to go slow. Show you how much he cares about you, how much he cherishes you. But the moment you part your lips and sweep your tongue around his, a potent combination of love and lust explodes inside of him. You’d lie if you say that you never had such dirty dreams about your black haired friend. That you never once thought about his thick, plumb lips on yours. And you’d definitely lie if you say that you regret having a wet dream on him.
You feel his erection pressing against your butt as he moves you onto his lap. He claims your mouth, rubs his hand along your lower back, disappearing under your skirt and grasping your bottom.
The sting sends a shiver of anticipation down your spine.
‘Cold?’ He asks as he places soft kisses along your neck and jaw. When his mouth is only a hairs breadth away from yours, he curves his lips into a sexy grin. ‘All these things that just escaped from your innocent lips…’ He runs his head over her nipple and gives it a light squeeze. ‘Made me realize that I’ve wasted all these years jerking myself off…’
‘Yoongi…’ You whisper, your breath hitching as he manipulated your nipple with sensual finesse. ‘Thinking that you’re not interested in me. But I guess…maybe I just didn’t read the signs right?’
He lifts you up and forces you to wrap your legs around his hips. Kissing him, you feather your fingers through his hair and hold his head. Holding him locked in place, you take over the kiss. You nip and lick his lips, press open-mouthed kisses along his jaw until you bring your mouths together. Your noses and teeth colliding. You blister his lips with a kiss so hot, that he thinks he’s going to self-combust.
He carries you up the wooden stairs of the house where you’ve spend your entire childhood years chasing each other through the corridors, laughter echoing through the rooms. He sets your butt on the edge of the mattress and breaks the kiss. You pout at him. He winks at you before lifting up yours arms and helping you get rid of your white blouse. He quickly throws it on the ground before reaching behind your back and unclasping your bra. He brushes his mouth along your neck and chest until he reaches one of your pink nipples. While sliding his hand between your thighs, he draws the hard tip into his mouth and sucks, earning a pleasured moan from you.
He rubs your soaked womanhood through your lazed panties, the skirt riding up against your stomach. You hold his head to your nipple, your fingers intertwined in his sweaty hair. He slips your panties aside with ease and pushes two digits inside of you. Warm, wet and inviting.
The feeling of needing your lips wrapped around his cock arching in him. He kisses a path down your belly, grabs your hips and lays his tongue flat against your womanhood. You spread your legs wider as you slowly rock your pelvis against his mouth. Your body begins to tremble. Your breathing quickens. Knowing you’re nearing your orgasm, he presses his fingers between her thighs again, his tongue flicking fiercely along her clit. Your inner muscles tighten around his fingers. You arch your back, releasing a husky, sexy moan.

He kisses a trail along her inner thighs, working his way up, over your soft belly. He sucks a bruise into the sensitive skin above your collarbone, chuckling at your body trembling underneath him. ‘You’re still sensitive…’ He whispers, locking eyes with you as a smile tugs on the edge of his lips. His eyes glisten with lust.
‘Please…Yoongi…take me.’ You whisper in desperation, your hands cupping your breasts. Yoongi takes your hands into his. Yours looking so much smaller compared to his. He places your hands on each side of your naked torso, pecking the beautiful bruise he’s just created.
‘Patience, kitten. I’m all yours.’ He says before trailing his down along your lips, making you part them slightly. He kisses into your mouth, his teeth grazing your lower lip. ‘Only yours. Always.’
The fire for him burns brighter as his words of honesty spill out of his mouth, leaving her speechless. With another peck to her bruised lips, he gets off her. His fingers trail down his defined abs and come to rest at the waistband of his shorts. He locks his fingers into it before pulling his boxers down in a teasingly slow manner. You groan in desperation, biting down on your lip. Yoongi smirks at your reaction, finally riding himself off his shorts entirely. His erection springing up against his abs. A husky groan escapes his lips as the cold air touches his shaft. You push yourself off the couch and fall onto your knees in front of him. His hand comes up to cup your face, making you look up at him. He looks into your eyes, searching for the slightest hint of uncomfortableness in them. He smiles down at you worryingly. ‘Only if you want to…kitten.’ He explains, making this experience more pleasuring for you. You’re glad that you didn’t wait any longer. That you’re finally able to let him know how you feel towards him. And that there’s no one else besides him.
You wrap your hand around the base of his cock, pumping him once. You look up at him. A wicked gleam heat your eyes as a small, sexy smile curves your lips. Then you take him in your mouth.

His breath caught as you suck and lick him. When you graze your nails along his balls then follow with your tongue, it takes everything in him to keep his knees locked and remain standing. He knows that if you don’t stop licking up along the base of his cock soon, he’s going to explode. He isn’t going to allow that without giving you one more orgasm or missing the sensation of burying himself between your thighs. He’d fantasize about moments like this for over five god damn years. Now he can’t imagine that fantasy not being reality. He regretted denying the women he loves and regretted more than ever, not fighting for you. Seeing you walk away with another man holding your hand in his broke his heart into million tiny pieces. Right now isn’t about your past or the things he regrets not doing. Right now is about the pleasure he’s going to give you.
Holding his gaze, you gave his penis one last kiss before getting up. He moves forward, crowing you until you fall back onto the mattress. ‘I’ll make up for all those years I’ve wasted on seeing you with a man who couldn’t pleasure you like I can.’ He whispers into your ear hungrily before kissing your earlobe. The feeling sending shivers down your spine. Rather than allowing his mind to go down that depressing road, he spreads your thighs and climbs onto the bed until you’re chest to chest. Your nipples press against his chest as you wrap your arms around his back. Gazes locks, he places his tip in front of your entrance.

‘It’s you…’ You mumble, the words coming out as nothing but a whisper. ‘It’s always been you’ He slides inside of you without warning and then holds himself still. Running your fingers through his hair, he captures your lips and rocks his hips. The slow friction, the feel of your soft skin hitting his and the taste of your mouth arouses him beyond measure. How he regrets waiting all these years.
As your tongues battle for dominance, his hips rock faster, harder. Breaking away, you grasp for air, spread your legs wider and dig your nails into his skin.
‘Oh god…Yoongi.’ You moan out, squeezing your eyes shut. He pumped his hips harsher at your words, holding onto your shoulders. You scrap your nails along his back and then cup your breasts. Whispering his name, recreating the dream you had about him, you pinch and tug your nipples. He isn’t going to cum until you get there first. Determined to pleasure you, he reaches beneath you and grabs your bottom. He massages your cheeks as you rub your thumb over your clit and he thrusts into you harder.
‘Oppa…I.’ You gasp then grab his biceps. Your entire body shakes. Your sex clenches around him, drawing him deeper into your body. As you ride out your orgasm, he thrusts once, twice and then buries his load deep inside of you.

With ragged breath he gently rolls your bodies until you lay sprawled on top of him. Your heart is beating fast. Yoongi places his hand on your hip and releases a sigh. He’s in serious trouble. He’s fallen in love again with the girl he’s loved so many times. ‘I love you…’ The words spill from his lips before he can think about it. You turn towards him, smiling at him lovingly. You watch as he closes his eyes in embarrassment, not looking at you. You gently peck at his nose, ruffling up his hair with your hand. ‘And I wish you’ve realized this earlier…’

Birthday Breakfast *Sebastian Stan x Reader*

Originally posted by bovaria

Summary: you surprise Sebastian with breakfast in bed plus tickets to Romania for his birthday.
Warnings: Nothing
Admins Note: Sorry if this is rubbish, I’m not exactly a big fan of Seb as I am with Chris, so I will try my best to write him right for you all. – Ro

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Light snoring from beside your ear gently brought you out of your slumber; you stretched and rolled over, squinting due to the daylight peeking through the curtains of your New York apartment. The light breeze drifting through the window sent a shiver down your spine; it was too cold for it to be morning.

You rubbed your eyes to get rid of the sleep, sighing gently at the strong arm wrapped around your stomach, anchoring you into place and you smiled gently running a hand soothingly up and down the smooth arm. You looked up slightly at the peacefully, resting face of your boyfriend, Sebastian. His mouth slightly open; blowing hot breath into your hair and a slight upturn on his lips.

You smiled once you remembered what day it is, Sebastian’s birthday, you had the whole morning and day planned out… all you had to do was get out of bed without waking him. Which is easier said than done, he was a heavy sleeper but having to move his stupidly heavy limbs off of you would be the greatest challenge, you sighed and began to gently – try – to push his arm off you.

You gently rolled to the side of bed, hearing the gentle thump of his arm hitting the soft mattress where you once laid, you looked over your shoulder and watched as Sebastian rolled onto his back and remained sleeping. You pulled one of his shirts over your head and softly walked to the kitchen, beginning to make him a birthday breakfast in bed.

You grabbed a pan and bacon you had somehow managed to hide from Seb, grabbing all the things you needed for his special breakfast; eggs, hash browns and sausages, plus baked beans. You were really pushing it out today, considering you weren’t exactly the best cook ever, but you were trying your best to not burn anything.

Decided against turning the radio on as you cooked, you’d end up singing and dancing too bloody loudly and you’d spoil the surprise, it took a lot to refrain from turning the music on and instead cooked in silence; cooking seemed to happen much slower with no music but it would be worth it. Once all the food was cooked to somewhat perfection, you grabbed two plates and began serving it, grabbing some orange juice you somehow carried the tray of food back to your bedroom.

Resting the tray on the bedside table beside Seb side of the bed, you gently climbed onto the bed beside him and lightly tapped his cheek to wake him, he began to flutter his eyes open and looked at your sleepily; he had only just come off from filming a movie and was slightly jet lagged from the flying and working.

“Mornin’ birthday boy” you whispered and he grinned, shifting to wrap his arms around you and bring you down for a kiss, you smiled and pulled away; making him whine slightly at you “breakfast will get cold, Seb” you tell him, his grey eyes drift to the tray and he raises his eyebrows at you slightly, you slapped his arm “shu’up” you mutter as he chuckled.

You both sat against the headboard, eating breakfast and watching Sebastian’s favourite show, Stranger Things; despite the fact, he had finished whilst he away, he wanted you to watch it, getting you addicted to the thriller of Winona Rider.

“Not to offend all your other cooking but that was great,” Sebastian tells you “nothing was burnt, that’s an achievement, practising whilst I was away?” he asked, slight amusement lacing his voice, you shrugged.

“Yeah, practicing on all my other boyfriends” you smirked as Sebastian nudged you in response, you laughed at him “kidding, but your mum did give me pointers along with Mackie sending me his secret about making the perfect bacon” Sebastian laughed at you, you shrugged in response.

Then suddenly you remembered his present, you jumped out of bed almost knocking your plate over, Sebastian frowned and called after you; you ran out of the bedroom and towards the place you had hidden it, collecting the envelope and running back. He had moved the plates to his bedside table just in time for you to jump into his lap, waving the envelope in front of his face.

“I said no presents, (Y/N)” he sighed, taking the envelope from you, you shrugged as he tore the letter open and pulled out a card you had brought… Marvel, obviously, you added a black marker pen ‘3’ in front of the giant number ‘4’, making it say ‘34’. He chuckled at that, reading the card and smiling, leaning over to kiss you gently you pulled away again and nudged his hand for the rest in the envelope.

He pulled out folded printed out paper, you smiled as his eyes scanned over it, widening slightly as he fully took in what the sheet said and you grinned; a widening grin formulating on his face, in a mere seconds, you were engulfed by his arms and smell, he was kissing your cheek and neck as you giggled at him. He kept kissing you, your lips and anywhere his lips could get to.

“This is amazing… how did you? I didn’t even know I had those dates off” he chuckled gently, looking over the accepted bought tickets to Romania again.

“I got in contact with your manager, did some string pulling and managed to get those dates fully booked off, cause I am awesome” you tell him, smiling as his eyes twinkled brightly, he chuckled and nodded in agreement and kissed you once more; deepening the kiss instantly, holding your cheeks, you smiled running a hand through his thick dark locks.

“I love you, (Y/N), this is amazing.” He sighed, resting his forehead against yours, eyes piercing into your own; you simply grinned and stroked his cheek affectionately.

“I love you too, Sebastian” he pecked his lips “and this is just as much a present for me as it is for you, I get to see Romania for the first time ever, with you beside me,” He grinned and nodded, kissing you once more and running a hand through your own hair “also, I arranged lunch with Evans and Mackie” he groaned over that.

“Dammit, jokes about being old is gonna be fun” he whined, you chuckled and nodded.

“That’s why I arranged it,” you tell him, rolling your eyes and kissing him again.

(Oh, God, is this good? I really tried to get Sebastian right for this, I am not Kristina, she writes Seb perfectly and I am over here like… Bucky is one of the characters of Seb I can write perfectly. Anyway, Happy Birthday to that Romanian puppy, hope he has a good day. - Rosalee)

Remember me as someone who loves the stars way too much. Someone that does not like sharing drinks and food but would gladly take yours. Remember me as someone that is very loud and quiet at the same time. Someone that  loves coffee and tea, but would sometimes prefer  a cup of hot chocolate instead. Remember me as someone who loves dark, rainy and gloomy mornings and spine tingling cold weather. Someone that likes the colors lemon and chiffon. Remember me as someone that loves to drop unnecessary  innuendos and initiate crappy puns. Remember me as someone that loves late night adventures and craves freedom. Most of all, Remember me as someone that will have your back through thick and thin – someone that is grateful to have met you and will cherish your existence for eternity. Remember me and please ever don’t forget.
—  goodbye
#166: He Takes Off Your Bra


So this was very spontaniously written after my monthly period talk with you guys. Quite amusing if you ask me, check out my blog to read first times stories about getting your period ahha! :D 

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With a teasing smirk and his forehead pressed against yours, Luke couldn’t stop the tickling feeling he gave you while ghosting his fingers against the skin of your spine. The cold tiles behind you in the bathroom were heated up the second you guys connected to it and even if the circumstances weren’t that great you shrugged it all off. “I doubt you need this.” He breathed against your lips while hooking his fingers around the claps of your bra and unlocked it. His hands caressed up your arms to take down the straps, his lips teasingly ghosting over yours meanwhile. Your nipples were shown instantly through the thin white fabric of your top and Luke smiled widely while throwing the bra to the floor, his hands hooking under your thighs to lift you in the air and finally press his lips against yours. “How freely. Don’t you think?”


“I’ve been waiting for this moment all night.” You mumbled in a whine, the last part of your words being in a dramatic tone. Calum chuckled lightly by your words while taking off his blazer, placing the black material on top of your mattress. Watching you struggle to open the zip of your strapless dress he cracked a small smile when it pooled down to your feet. “Here, let me help you.” His hands came up to touch your shoulder blades, caressing down to your bra claps. Moving your hair to the side of your shoulder he loosened the material around you and you almost had to hold in a moan. His hands caressed over the skin of your breast while looking into the mirror in front of you, both wearing satisfied smiles on your faces. “Thank you.” You breathed while he placed a soft kiss to your shoulder. “You’re welcome babe.”


“You don’t think I can?” Michael asked with a challenging look, his gaze turning towards you instead of his phone. You shrugged your shoulder with a faint smirk playing on your lips. He let out a scoff of disbelief and stood up from the bed to approach you at the dresser. “Baby in case you didn’t notice. I am the bra champion.” Pressing his lips briefly against yours he pressed you against the dresser slightly, his hands moving your shirt up to get access to your bra. Moving one of his hands behind his back his fingers fiddled with the bra claps with ease. It took him less than five seconds to unclasp your bra, the material loosening up around you. A smile of victory appeared on Michael’s face by his achievement. “Told you I could do it with one hand. Now you’re determined to take it off, Y/N.”  


His curls were tickling the skin right by your navel while his lips were peppering with kisses, occasionally doing raspberries to tease you. “Your hair tickles.” You giggled and felt shivers down your spine when his hands rubbed up and down the back of your thighs. He smiled in delight by your words and looked up at you, his bum pressing against his bed while you were standing in front of him between his legs. “And you’re still wearing your bra.” He stated cheekily his hands ghosting over your panty line and touched your spine delicately. “Well you haven’t taken it off yet.” You hummed and placed your legs on either side of him, leaning your bum against his lap. Pressing your lips against his he unclasped the bra and let the material fall down your arms. The second it pooled down on the floor with his pants you pressed his shirtless body against the bed, pressing your lips harder against his.

Vacation and Phone Vibrations

based on this photo

The bed around you had grown cold, no trace of body warmth from when Calum had rolled out of bed hours before to the violent sound of his phone vibrating on the bedside table. The curly haired man had looked between you sleeping peacefully and his vibrating phone before sighing, hitting the answer button, and briskly walking out of the dark bedroom.

You sat up in the empty bed, the silk sheets falling down your body and pooling around your hips. You used your knuckles to wipe the sleep out of your eyes and a small shiver vibrated your spine at the cold temperature of the room. You turned to look at Calum’s empty spot and your lips formed into a pout. You slid off the bed, goosebumps automatically forming on your bare legs from the air conditioning. Your husband’s large tshirt hung loosely from your shoulders and ended at the top of your thighs. The soft material rubbed against your skin as you walked.

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Morning - Thatcherjoe imagine

She looked so beautiful. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was steady and calm. Her body peacefully lying next to mine. I felt her chest rising up and down and my hand wandered to her back. I started drawing patterns with my fingers on her soft skin. Her tiny, gentle palm was laid on my bare chest. It was so cold. She was cold. I noticed shivers sent down her spine as the cold wind crushed into the window in my room, letting the breeze through, settling down on her bare skin, covered only with my quilt and my arm. That´s where she belonged. In my arms. No make-up on her face made me feel like we were home. In our home, somewhere alone, not with my roommate just few metres away. Her skin wasn´t perfect but I loved it that way. I loved that I could kiss all the scars she had, all the stains and freckles. I adored how lovely she looked in my arms. And hah, her hair was an absolute mess but.. I loved how it tickled me every now and then. Shivers went up my legs as her cold feet met mine. I´m not a big guy but she´s so petite and delicate. Like a Belgian chocolate exposed to the Sun. She needs protection and I´m the one who will protect her throughout her whole life. Looking at her I decided to run her a hot bath. Slowly I tried to get out of the bed. My cotton pyjama pants were the only thing I wore, still I wasn´t feeling cold.

“Joe?” she whispered sleepily. I looked over and saw her clutching to the quilt to keep her warm.
“I want to run you a bath, Y/N …you´re cold.” I told her as I looked through the window, reviewing the trees that were bent from left to right by the force of the wind.
“Come..come back.” She whispered, almost inaudibly. Her eyes were drowsy and beautiful.
“Please..”she added.
My heart fluttered with happiness as I lay down and cuddled her. Her body smelled like a strawberry muffin and I couldn´t get enough of her fragrance. As my hot skin met the cold skin of hers, I kissed her forehead and stroked her gently. And I realized that..

I love her.


A/N - So I was feeling kinda emotional. Hope you liked it! I’m gonna continue with requests tomorrow so feel free to send some suggestions or requests :) love ya xxx

  • anyone: so what's the deal with mads mikkelsen?
  • me, feeling the darkness creep up my spine as a cold sweat forms on my brow and all the angels of hell start screaming "THEY KNOW! THEY KNOW! THEY KNOW WHAT YOU DO ONLINE!" and five hundred generations of my ancestors roll over in their graves due to the shame my blogging habits bring to our bloodline: lol uh idk he's from sweden or something?
Remember me as someone who love the stars way too much. Someone that does not like sharing drinks and food but would gladly take yours. Remember me as someone that is very loud and quiet at the same time. Someone that  loves coffee and tea, but would sometimes prefer  a cup of hot chocolate instead. Remember me as someone who love dark, rainy and gloomy mornings and spine tingling cold weather.  Someone that like the colors maroon and blue. Remember me as someone that loves to drop unnecessary  innuendos and initiate crappy puns. Remember me as someone that love late night adventure and crave freedom. Most of all, Remember me as someone that will have your back through thick and thin – someone that is grateful to have met you  and will cherish your existence and for eternity. Remember me and please don’t forget.
—  lm // if we ever part ways. 

so my ears are ringing with songs from another era,
if I could be transported I’d definitely be different,
goosebumps disperse down my spine,
the cold anxiously bites my finger nails,
my eyes are grey, surrounded by blue pools,
shortsighted, the lights blend and swirl,
a copper, bronze, silver cocktail,
precious metal sunset,
hatred bubbled through irony,
but it doesn’t matter.
my motivation drips through my fingertips,
it flows into clutched coffee cups,
i’m a self-medicated nightmare,
a self diagnosed mistake you never made.

favourite books published in 2015 [2/?]

Made You Up
The lobsters were piled up just below the hatch. I plunged my hand in. Shock raced up my spine from the cold. My fingers closed around the nearest lobster. I expected it to thrash its claws and curl and uncurl its tail. But it didn’t. I felt like I was holding a heavy shell. I pulled it out of the water.
“Thank you,” the lobster said. “You’re welcome,” I replied. I dropped it on the ground.
I reached in for another. And another. And another. And pretty soon the entire tank of lobsters was crawling across the tile floor of the Meijer supermarket. I didn’t know where they were going, but they seemed to have a pretty good idea. Blue Eyes dropped me with a huff and we both landed in a puddle of cold water. He stared at me, his glasses clinging to the tip of his nose.
“Do you do this all the time?” he asked. “No,” I said. “Just today.”