have a TON of ‘pepsketches’ ~! (that i decided to call them cos i ended up adding some sort of caption for all of them qq)

they’re all other awesome artists OC’S cos ye, they’re awesome. and i adore them so much. and i wouldn’t be at the place i am today with my art if it wasn’t for them uguu <3

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Lil #WIP of my #SailorSaturn doodle from earlier~ 💜✨ I’m working on it a bit more while Bae is on League. ✨ That iced mocha from earlier is still in my system lmao. ☕️😅 #spindyart

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So, [Nancy-senpai] informed me that this girl is using my art on her [fanpage] (and Nancy’s online alias) without my permission, and even removed the text part and my signature.

This….this is some bullshit.

I don’t understand why you have to steal something I’ve worked really hard on for hours nonstop, and no less, a gift for one of my friends. (Even if it is a piece that’s older than Jesus.) It’s as simple as asking my permission to use my art. Art theft is not cool. 

Please do not contact her about this yet. I’ve sent a friendly message in hopes that she’ll consider that what she is doing isn’t cute in any way. We’ll see how that goes.

☆*:・゚✧♡ Spindy's Print Store - Officially open! ♡*:・゚✧☆

Check it out [here]! I only have a few prints for sale right now, I’m adding more as we speak! 

If you wanted prints, you got ‘em. I think the prices are pretty reasonable?? Mind you, Society6 gets a hunk of the money earned so I made them as affordable as possible. I’ll probably do a legit print store later, y'know, the whole 'ship-everything-myself’ deal a little later, once I have a printer that isn’t terribad. 


It’s only 10:37 here, less than an hour and a half until Day 3 but what the heck, I’ll upload it anyway. Day 3 of the #30daydrawingchallenge - Favorite food. u//v//u Personally I couldn’t choose between churrasco, Hawaiian pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, ramen, or the souls of a thousand men, so I crammed it all in! #food #nom #spindyart

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