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Mind control brain implants are real. Don’t be scared — they could do a lot of good.

  • The idea of a microchip controlling the human brain might sound dark and dystopian, but these brain implants are more likely to promise a future where people suffer less.
  • U.K.-based microchip designer ARM is collaborating with the University of Washington on a chip that could help people with paralysis from brain and spinal injuries.
  • The chip would send brain signals to a stimulator inserted into the spinal cord, and that may help people gain back some lost control over their body’s movement.
  • The BBC reported that scientists behind the project are also hoping they can create two-way communication that relays feedback to the brain.
  • If that happens, patients will be able to sense things like heat coming from a mug of coffee is or how tightly the hand is gripping that mug. Read more (5/17/17)

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Girl 1: “hey babe it’s nice to meet you!!”

Terf: “um excuse me have you had any surgeries”

Girl 1: “umm.. yes I had to get a spinal implant so-”


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pharmercy 69!! :3c

69. “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

(Canon compliant, established pharmercy)

It was something that Pharah had never seen before. Because, as they had gotten back onto the transport after a successful mission, she finally noticed that Angela was trying to hide something. As she walked over, away from the rest of the team, she saw a gloved hand clamped tight over a growing dark stain on the doctor’s side. Realizing it was blood, she exclaimed, “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

Angela shot an uncharacteristically cold glare at the taller woman and hissed, “I’m fine, Pharah. It’s going to heal.”

“Angela,” she said firmly, “sit down.” When the doctor made no move to do so, the soldier moved forward and escorted the doctor to the small on-board infirmary and pushed her to sit on the bench. She quickly removed the top portion of her own armor for added maneuverability, bare hands working nimbly at the spinal implant that connected into the Valkyrie suit.

As her fingers moved lower and lower, she could feel Angela grow more tense until she touched an unusual break in the implant and the doctor gasped, arching away from the contact. Realization dawned on Fareeha and she murmured, “It didn’t heal immediately because your implant was damaged. The nanobots aren’t getting the message.” When she pulled back to look at Angela’s face, her heart ached. The blonde woman was in tears, lower lip caught by her teeth to bite back sobs. “How can I fix it?”

“Huh?” Mercy blinked, the tears falling down her cheeks as she looked in utter bewilderment at Fareeha.

“How can I fix it? Tell me, Angela. Walk me through it,” she ordered.

It was a slow process. The Valkyrie suit had to be removed and as Fareeha worked, Angela had to concentrate through the pain to give her detailed instructions. Her voice shook, her body trembled and every time Fareeha’s hands touched her bare skin, a shudder passed through her. Finally, getting the soldier to use a quick gel to seal the repaired innards of the implant, the blonde woman sagged down against the bench, the top of her flight suit clutched to her chest. Softly, she whispered, “Thank you.”

Without hesitation, the familiarly strong, warm hands of her lover pulled her into a secure embrace. Looking over her shoulder afforded Angela a look at the woman who continued to protect her. Fareeha smiled- certain, loving, unwavering- and said, “I love you. I don’t know medicine like you do. But engineering? You can always count on me.”

“Yes, that ring you wear from graduation isn’t just for show,” Doctor Ziegler agreed with a weak laugh. As soon as the transport landed, Fareeha helped carry their discarded armor while Angela walked beside her.

They were home, they were safe, and they were together.


Some things I noticed about this lovely lady.

She boops Volskya as a playful threat because of the photo, but because it’s her signature/trademark sign-off.

The back of her suit glows around the 13th vertebra, about where her spinal implant starts. Could her enhancements be the power core for the rest of her utilities?

She has a mohawk. The hair is shaved on both sides.

Her cybernetic implants are symmetrical. Those metal components are on her right side as well as the left. 

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“All right, if [—-] is here, he’s not on this level. That–It felt like an explosion, but there’s minimal damage.”

“It was an EMP. A burst of electromagnetic radiation. Everything in the bunker with an electric circuit has been fried.”

“How do you know?”

“Because the spinal implant that helps me walk isn’t working. …I can’t feel my legs.”

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I'm not the same anon but what I don't understand is why it's okay to get cochlear implants or spinal surgery but not sexual reassignment surgery? If srs is wrong because god didn't make a mistake, why are allowances made to correct the other mistakes (if God didn't make a mistake with them??)? Like why do people say "God doesn't make mistakes" to trans people but no one tries to use that against disabled people.

Spinal surgery and cochlear implants is correcting physical health problems. Gender re-assignment surgery does not. (x) (x) The reason is that they’re trying to fix something mental by chopping off physical genitals. It’d be like “curing” social anxiety by sending someone to live as a hermit. That’s not fixing the problem, that’s trying to placate the symptoms.

headcannon dump:

As Fareeha cooks, Mercy does dishes and simple tasks as assigned. 

Mercy cleans the bathroom and living room meticulously but her office is a mess. She wants to make sure Fareeha has something clean and peaceful to come home to, she doesn’t actually care if the house is clean for herself. 

Fareeha walks the dogs, but Angela scoops the litter box. 

Ana comes over at least once a month so they can make dinner together. She always ends up talking with Angela more but Fareeha sits and chimes in with personal stories when she feels needful. She’s happy to have the women in her life safe and happy for a moment: 

Angela talks too much when she’s nervous or upset, Fareeha is nonverbal in the same situation. 

They both curse, Angela indiscriminately mixing French, German, as English. Her English curses are actually just stand in words like frick. Fareeha curses in every language she knows, she loves the word fuck but uses curses more sparingly. 

Fareeha is a quadruple amputee. At each base of her limbs she has implants that either plug into prosthetics or the raptora. 

Mercy has a spinal implant allowing her to move and heal as she does. It’s exactly the one in her Valkyrie suit. 

Angela’s experiments and trauma have warped her sense of life and death as well as ethics and reality. She sometimes asks Fareeha to make sure if something is right or wrong or real or fake. Even littler thins like brushing her teeth is sometimes outside of reality if she’s having a bad dissociation episode. 

Fareehas ptsd is severe; she frequently wakes up screaming or sleepwalks or has horrific night terrors. Mercy took masters level classes in psychology specifically relating to trauma so she could better help. Most of the time though all Fareeha wants is to cry and be held and taken care of until it passes. 

Fareeha signed a DNR. No extraordinary measures. 

Angela used to date Genji. After his resurrection they weren’t able to look at eachother the same way. That love was one of summer and giggling and puns.It was what Angela needed then. After some urging from Zenyatta, Genji and Angie reconcile and become close friends.  

Fareeha boxes and rides a motorcycle and draws. Angela knits and likes coloring. Sometimes Fareeha will let her color whatever doodles she’s made. 

Mercy can’t drive. 

Fareeha couldn’t snap her fingers before the amputation. Her doctors programmed a snapping sound into her prosthetics. 

Fareeha knows more about world history and archeology and anthropology than Angela. Angela knows more about chemistry and biology and medicine. 

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Perhaps gency #20? (Apologies for the double ask, I sent the last one before I was finished typing haha)

Let’s do some Pre-Fall of Overwatch featuring Genji-who-is-angry-and-has-not-yet-undergone-character-development featuring Young!McCree-who-still-has-both-arms!

Genji folded his arms in the front seat of the car as McCree frowned over the engine. He couldn’t really tell what he was doing to the engine with the hood up, but Genji figured McCree knew what he was doing more than he would. Mercy sat in the driver’s seat looking over a map and he realized he had never seen her in civilian clothes or out of a labcoat or scrubs before. Reyes and Morrison’s instructions were for them to keep a low profile, which Genji couldn’t really do in a cybernetic exoskeleton. They were mostly running on the hope that people would simply take him for an omnic. 

“This is a waste of time,” muttered Genji.

Mercy glanced up from the map. “You keep going on about taking the fight to the Shimada clan,” she said, raising an eyebrow. 

“It would be better to strike at the heart,” he said, looking out the window at the desert, “The Shimada clan conducts many weapons and drug deals with numerous criminal organizations around the world. It conducts these deals in order to keep them in line. One petty motorcycle gang—”

“Deadlock ain’t just one petty motorcycle gang,” said McCree from outside the car, “It’s an organization with an iron grip on the whole southwest, and it’s lookin’ to expand. It might just be the Shimada clan’s way of keeping them in line, but this weapons deal goes through and we’re all in a helluva lot more trouble,” he tweaked at something under the car’s hood. “All right, try turning it over.”

Mercy turned the key and the car rumbled to life. McCree shut the hood and threw his hands up, “Hallelujah,” he said with a grin as he made his way around the car again, “Scoot das boot, Doc. My turn to drive.”

“You do realize you’ve just said ‘Scoot the boat,’ right?” said Mercy, still looking at the map, “And it’s not my fault your car broke down.”

“I realize this is a joint Blackwatch-Overwatch operation, which means yours truly’s in charge,” said McCree, thrusting a thumb at his chest with a grin before putting his hands on his hips, “Now come on, scooch.”

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Hello, lovely human being!~ I hope you've had a wonderful day so far, surrounded by warmth and love from the people who are important in your life. :) Anyway, I really like Overwatch a lot, and I enjoy hearing people's favourite head canons about it. Care to share some? I'm sure they're quite nice. x)

Woah, this is really sweet hahaha. Sorry this too me a bit to answer. I had to think on it heh. I can only think of Pharmercy or individually Mercy or Pharah ones (to name only a few) so here we goooo: 

- Overwatch recruitment (Jack or Ana or idk) went to the hospital she was working in in Zurich to meet this medical prodigy to hopefully recruit her. With the help of other nurses who had their suspicions where to find her since she wasn’t doing rounds or anything… they definitely found her napping in a closet or slumped at her desk when she was supposed to be doing work (she hasn’t actually gone home or had a break in god knows how long.) Imagining her waking up with a start and getting super flustered and embarrassed getting caught napping by OW officials as a first impression.
- Reinhardt is sort of like a father figure to Angela. Sometimes they have a quiet drink late at night together and just talk (lots of the time in German) about.. stuff? Life, missions, reminiscing etc.
- He calls her Little Bird, always has since early Overwatch days. Still does even now when shes in her late 30’s.
- I love the idea of her having spinal implants to control her wings, you have no idea!
- She’s not much of a cook (that’s even if she gets out of her office)
- Is n o t a morning person.

- Is a morning person thanks to military body clock. She goes running
- Fareeha has a god-awful sense of direction (made a post on that)
- Her & Hana have developed a close bond. On  & off the battlefield. She has a tremendous amount of respect for Fareeha (as Fareeha does for Hana) as a soldier but will still shit stir each other around the base. I love the idea of fareeha being a big sister and mentor figure to Hana, sparring & training together etc.
- The classic Fareeha having a stoic & level head personality but is also a big pun-loving dork & goofball with those she’s comfortable with.
- I head cannon her as not much of a drinker, if at all. Maybe in her younger days.
- She’s totally the best candidate to be Strike Commander!!

- I love love prosthetics!Pharah. To summarise, I had a thought of maybe Fareeha telling Angela as a young adult she was gonna join the Military. Angela makes Fareeha promise to contact her if there’s ever an emergency, she’ll be there asap. This puts Ana’s mind slightly at ease. Years and years later (after Ana’s ‘death’), Angela gets a call. Fareeha is in critical after a failed mission. She drops everything and flies to Egypt. Fareeha has lost at least an arm and a leg amongst other injuries. With Fareeha’s consent, The HSI medic team figured it was best to let Mercy handle the prosthetics operation and rehabilitation (she insisted as well), as well as counselling for the rougher moments in the process when she needs a shoulder or has trouble coping. They spend a lot of the recovery time catching up on each others lives and reminiscing about old times. They grow close really fast. really close. Angela has to inevitably leave eventually. But the recall happens soon enough. 

 - Fareeha, Angela & Jessie are all bros. Thick as thieves since early OW days. (Fareeha and Jesse have always been brotp, Angela took some warming up to Jesse but they’ve been tight ever since). I like to imagine them as the next generation trio of Ana/Jack/Gabe

 - Rein now calls them both little birds :’)

Just a few of my personal head cannons. Thanks for reading :) 

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#1 Gency based off @singasongbird's amazing fanart

This one, right?

They just drew a comic based off of one of my fics! It’s only fair I return the favor!

In terms of continuity, this one takes place shortly after Recall and Overwatch members started converging on Gibraltar.

The box shook the desk a bit as it landed. Mercy rubbed her forehead and pushed her hair out of her face as she sorted through it. Empty biotic canisters from the old days, some reusable, some not, some she had marked with a black felt pen to be cannibalized into other biotic distributor prototypes. Some old files featuring alternate designs for the caduceus staff, and even some old designs for the valkyrie suit itself. Mercy felt her spinal implants itch a bit. A part of her longed to wear the wings again, and that was one of the reasons why she came back, wasn’t it? No one could pilot it like her. No one could help people like her. It was the same reasons she had joined Overwatch when she was barely grown years ago, only now she hoped she would not make the same mistakes. 

“Doctor Ziegler,” Athena’s voice suddenly came from a pocket in Mercy’s labcoat and she rifled through them and pulled out her comm.

“Yes, Athena?”

“If you desire, the dining hall has recently become operational, and will be serving dinner in 15 minutes.”

“A bit early for dinner isn’t–” Mercy glanced at the time on her comm display, “…Oh. Thank you Athena,” she moved to set the box aside, “You know in an odd way, I’ve almost missed Overwatch’s terrible, salty RTE—” she glanced down at the comm to see Athena’s icon was gone already. “AI’s work is never done I suppose,” murmured Mercy. She straightened the collar of her labcoat and headed toward the door of the infirmary lab when suddenly a spray of droplets hit the window. Mercy sighed, then glanced over to the side of the door to see a red umbrella covered in cobwebs tucked into a lonely corner. She scoffed a little. Five years. Five years and that umbrella had been here the whole time. Still, it was a bit serendipitous. She grabbed it, dusted it off and opened it up, then headed out the door. 

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Hello there! I have a request, but first please excuse my bad english its not my first language.. Would you mind writting about Genji getting used to his new body after the recent procedure to bring him back to life and his s/o helping him through it (she/he could be a doctor or maybe an assistant, whatever you feel like it). Thanks! Love ur blog

/) ////W//// (\ Oh gosh thank you!! Of course I can write that for you!!

I hope this is what you were asking for!!

Anxiety game is taken from this post

You heard the heart monitor for Shimada Genji jump before his strangled voice reached you down the hall. You grabbed the clipboard labeled with his name and hurried down the hall, shouting behind you to the H.U.C. that you needed another nurse and to page Dr. Ziegler. You slowed as your rounded the doorway and stepped into his room. Dr. Ziegler had made sure he was hooked up to the right machines to keep the nanobots in his body from attacking the remaining organic material while his body got used to the new cyborg parts of him. The rest were the basics of medical care.

Genji turned his gaze to you, chest rising and falling in panicked pants beneath a series of wires and carefully placed metal plates. His face was scarred and pale, pieces of long hair sticking to his sweaty skin. The green was faded at the ends where it had once been dyed and the revealing dark brown roots showed just how long he had been in the hospital. Almost five inches. He rasped out very harsh Japanese, and you frowned, shaking your head. It was one language you had yet to learn. He dropped his head back against the stained pillow, breaths coming even faster.

You walked over and set the clipboard on the nightstand. You softly introduced yourself, first in Swedish, then in English. His eyes darted to yours. “You know English?” you asked quietly. You took his wrist between your fingers, rubbing slow circles against his pulse. You sank into the chair next to the bed, one that had been empty since he arrived. He followed your movements. He was panting now. “Let’s play a game,” you whispered.

“What?” he choked out.

You continued to rub circles against his wrist. “Indulge me,” you said, “Tell me five things you see.”

His pulse jumped under your fingers. You slowed them, drawing a wider circle, careful of the bandages on his arm. You watched him swallow. “Television,” he said slowly. His accent was thick. “Door. Window. Curtains. Chair.”

“Good,” you said with a smile. You tilted your head closer, your voice softer. He swallowed again, watching you. “Four things you can touch,” you whispered.

His wrist flexed as he reached out with his fingers. He laughed faintly, a small, strained sound. You assumed it was because he couldn’t feel anything with his opposite hand. “Sheets,” he said. His voice had jumped several octaves. “Bed. Call button.” He looked up at the ceiling and then to you. “Doctor.”

“I’m not a thing,” you said teasingly, “But I’ll take it.” You tugged the chair closer until you could comfortably lean on his bed. “Three things you can hear,” you said slowly. You laced your fingers through his and he gripped your hand as tight as he could.

“Heart monitor,” he stuttered, “Your voice.” His pitch dropped. He made a sound of hesitation. “Nurses,” he finally said.

You nodded. “Two things you can smell,” you prompted.

“Clean,” he barked out. You smiled and squeezed his hand. His fingers relaxed. You kept his gaze, noticing the bandage on his arm turning red in your peripheral. He sniffed. “Perfume? I think. It’s sweet.”

“Must be my shampoo,” you said softly, “I don’t wear perfume.”

“It’s nice,” he slurred. You glanced up at the observation window across from you. Dr. Ziegler hovered just out of sight, holopad in hand. You could barely see her finger sliding up on a display of pain medications. Shimada, Genji was printed across the top.

“One thing you can taste,” you said. Your voice rose in volume so he could hear you.

He shifted against the pillows, eyes squeezing shut in pain. “Copper,” he answered. You squeezed his hand again. Your free fingers found his pulse again. It had slowed.

“What is your name?” you asked carefully.

He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. “Genji,” he answered after a long moment. He swallowed hard. You stood. His hand clamped around yours. “Don’t leave,” he rasped. You slowly sat back down. “What happened to me?”

You frowned. “I can’t answer that. I don’t know. All I know is you arrived in our care. Dr. Ziegler took you as her patient without question. She wanted to help you,” you replied. You cleared your throat. “I can tell you the condition you’re in right now. If you’re ready for that. If not, I can let you rest,” you said softly.

He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He didn’t open them back up. His heart rate slowed to the steady rhythm of sleep. You stood and quietly left the room.

You didn’t return for almost three weeks. In that time, Genji was gaining his strength and learning of his condition from Dr. Ziegler. He had asked for you and numerous occasions but you had declined. You weren’t his primary doctor, and the complexity of his condition left one Dr. Ziegler to answer all of his questions. However, when you heard that he was making his first trip to physical therapy, you offered your time. You arrived in the gymnasium to see Dr. Zielger pushing Genji and his wheelchair in through another door.

You smiled. “It has been a while,” you said slowly, stumbling your way through choppy Japanese. Genji grinned. You shrugged. “I thought I would try to learn. Thought maybe it would be more comfortable for you,” you added in English.

He tilted his head. “English is not difficult,” he said.

“Would you like to take over his physical therapy, doctor?” Angela asked. You nodded and crossed the room. She stepped away from Genji. “His condition has left him without the use of his limbs. A blood clot took his other hand. He is learning to operate his new artificial limbs with the use of a spinal implant,” she explained softly. She held out his chart. “Since you’ve been asked for multiple times, I asked him if he would be okay with having you as another of his doctors. He agreed.” You took the chart gently, giving her a gentle smile. You turned to Genji. “I’ll still be observing,” Angela stated. You nodded.

Genji turned his face towards you. “So you’re gonna help me with this?” he asked you.

“Course I am,” you said. You flipped through his chart carefully. “What progress have you made?” you asked him. Genji made a sound. His arms slid off the wheelchair and hung by the wheels. Slowly, he gripped them and rolled the chair forward. “That’s great!” you exclaimed.

“It isn’t much,” he said. He took a deep breath. You could hear something rattle in his chest. “Dr. Ziegler says much of my body has been replaced. One of my lungs. My ribs have been rebuilt. A valve in my heart. My liver and a kidney. My arms, obviously, and my legs,” he swallowed hard, “And the rest of my body has been riddled with nanobots that have been strengthening my muscles and what remains of my organs.” He gave you a wry smile.

You hugged the chart to your chest and bent at the waist, brushing the hair from his forehead. “Look, Genji? May I call you that?” you asked. He nodded to you slowly. The smile faded. “I’m here to help you. Okay? It’s my job, yes, but I’m also your friend. I’ll stay with you until you feel you don’t need me anymore. Got it?” you said.

He stared at you for a long time. Then, he smiled sadly. “Got it.”

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Angela isn't a morning person, so Fareeha is the first one up to make coffee so that when she finally stumbles out of bed, she can get coffee right away

This goes on for months until Angela realizes she’s being lazy and putting too much work on her already busy lover so she tries for weeks to wake up before Fareeha and make her breakfast, oil her prosthetics, make her tea, or do literally anything but she absolutely cannot wake up in time.
Fareeha keeps checking when Angela’s alarm is set and wakes up even earlier. Sometimes even getting back in bed after making the coffee to convince Angie she had won. Somehow Fareeha always manages to look effortlessly awake and beautiful no matter the hour. Her lover on the other hand has bags under her eyes and drool spots on the corner of her lips.
Angela is not one to be outdone so she uses Fareehas prosthetics, with their built in vitals monitoring, to predict the exact time Fareeha was going to wake and then signal her own spinal implants to wake her 15 minutes prior. She sprints down the flat stairs overwhelmed with her victory.. only to realize the coffee maker was on a timer with a sticky note that says “sometimes you have to let me support you xoxo -Fareeha”

Harry Paul from New York was born with congenital scoliosis, a curvature of the spine that forced him to endure more than a dozen operations growing up. That’s why starting in his freshman year of high school, he worked to research a new type of spinal implant that can grow along with a child so that it doesn’t have to be constantly replaced or adjusted with surgery.

Arrow Fic: I Have Been Quietly Standing in the Shade

4x15 Olicity spec. What happens when Felicity finds out.

“She stays until they get William back, of course she does. Before anything else, she’s his partner.”

Title from “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch.

I Have Been Quietly Standing in the Shade (AO3)

It lands somewhere between ironic and tragic, that one of the first things she does when she can stand again, is walk out on him.

She stays until they get William back, of course she does. Before anything else, she’s his partner. Their team works day and night to keep Samantha safe and bring Oliver’s son home unharmed, and Felicity shoves everything else – the whirlwind of emotions, every little tragic detail – into tiny little boxes in her mind. That’s what heroes do. That’s how they save the world when everything’s falling apart.

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32 genji or mercy

¿Por que no los dos?

Send Me Valentine’s Day Prompts!

32. Dancing

Mercy had all but tuned the music out as she scrolled through the agendas on her phone, trying to figure out how much tonight would set her back. There was still the forms and filing on the civilian cases from the Hollywood incident, post-mission check-ups with all members of the team, and countless emails from scientists all over the world on ethical applications of biotic technology. “The lab will still be there when you get back,” Winston had said as she frowned at different dresses D.Va had picked out for her, yet still she was compelled to at least get some of her scheduling done while she was at this silly party.

 She only glanced up from her phone to do a bit of people watching. She had to admit, Hal-Fred Glitchbot threw a great party. D.Va and Lúcio, well-adjusted to fame and flash, were taking pictures with Thespion 4.0 and Hisao Takahashi, grinning and eagerly chatting with each other. Winston had managed to get into a private conversation with Dr. Al-Shahrani (the Dr. Al-Shahrani!) and was discussing lunar geology over a shared banana bread pudding. McCree was surreptitiously hoarding hors d’oeuvres to take home with Pharah running interference for him (or maybe she was just flirting with the waitresses while he swept half the canapes into a doggie bag–it was hard to tell), and Tracer and Emily were tearing it up on the dance floor. She glanced back down at her phone when someone stepped alongside her.

“Surely you are not working tonight of all nights, Dr. Ziegler?” Mercy glanced up from her phone to see Genji standing in front of her. His appearance was so sudden she fumbled and nearly dropped her phone but Genji easily caught it. She gave him a brief glance up and down. She thought her first words to him would be “Hello Genji” or “Enjoying the party, Genji?” but instead she just incredulously blurted out “You’re in a suit.”

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