spinal implants

Girl 1: “hey babe it’s nice to meet you!!”

Terf: “um excuse me have you had any surgeries”

Girl 1: “umm.. yes I had to get a spinal implant so-”


You look striking, darling. Go show them your charming new accessory.

Moira made Angela’s spinal implant after a horrid test of the Varia suit prototype, and encourages her to show it off at the fundraising gala that she’s not allowed to attend since Overwatch keeps her a secret

(My friend Sammy did this for me on commission based on fic ideas Lindsay and I have been kicking around! Go check out her stuff!!)

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pharmercy 69!! :3c

69. “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

(Canon compliant, established pharmercy)

It was something that Pharah had never seen before. Because, as they had gotten back onto the transport after a successful mission, she finally noticed that Angela was trying to hide something. As she walked over, away from the rest of the team, she saw a gloved hand clamped tight over a growing dark stain on the doctor’s side. Realizing it was blood, she exclaimed, “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

Angela shot an uncharacteristically cold glare at the taller woman and hissed, “I’m fine, Pharah. It’s going to heal.”

“Angela,” she said firmly, “sit down.” When the doctor made no move to do so, the soldier moved forward and escorted the doctor to the small on-board infirmary and pushed her to sit on the bench. She quickly removed the top portion of her own armor for added maneuverability, bare hands working nimbly at the spinal implant that connected into the Valkyrie suit.

As her fingers moved lower and lower, she could feel Angela grow more tense until she touched an unusual break in the implant and the doctor gasped, arching away from the contact. Realization dawned on Fareeha and she murmured, “It didn’t heal immediately because your implant was damaged. The nanobots aren’t getting the message.” When she pulled back to look at Angela’s face, her heart ached. The blonde woman was in tears, lower lip caught by her teeth to bite back sobs. “How can I fix it?”

“Huh?” Mercy blinked, the tears falling down her cheeks as she looked in utter bewilderment at Fareeha.

“How can I fix it? Tell me, Angela. Walk me through it,” she ordered.

It was a slow process. The Valkyrie suit had to be removed and as Fareeha worked, Angela had to concentrate through the pain to give her detailed instructions. Her voice shook, her body trembled and every time Fareeha’s hands touched her bare skin, a shudder passed through her. Finally, getting the soldier to use a quick gel to seal the repaired innards of the implant, the blonde woman sagged down against the bench, the top of her flight suit clutched to her chest. Softly, she whispered, “Thank you.”

Without hesitation, the familiarly strong, warm hands of her lover pulled her into a secure embrace. Looking over her shoulder afforded Angela a look at the woman who continued to protect her. Fareeha smiled- certain, loving, unwavering- and said, “I love you. I don’t know medicine like you do. But engineering? You can always count on me.”

“Yes, that ring you wear from graduation isn’t just for show,” Doctor Ziegler agreed with a weak laugh. As soon as the transport landed, Fareeha helped carry their discarded armor while Angela walked beside her.

They were home, they were safe, and they were together.


Some things I noticed about this lovely lady.

She boops Volskya as a playful threat because of the photo, but because it’s her signature/trademark sign-off.

The back of her suit glows around the 13th vertebra, about where her spinal implant starts. Could her enhancements be the power core for the rest of her utilities?

She has a mohawk. The hair is shaved on both sides.

Her cybernetic implants are symmetrical. Those metal components are on her right side as well as the left. 


Fanart about @paladinbluespace Voltron Limb!AU which I love so much. (btw, hope you like it and thank you for lettin me do this).
And yes, I drew a shirt-less Keith cause I’m weak.

I still have trouble drawing human body, but the head and spinal implants are awesome and I really wanted to draw something about this amazing AU. (Also I made a pun about some of the anwers of this AU)

Sorry if the cuality isn’t so good, but I’m having trouble with my tablet so I can’t do digital drawings right now.

Go check out this AU cause it’s so good.

Arrow 6x07 “Thanksgiving” Review: Not Much To Be Thankful For So Far

My feeling is that Arrow season 6 has peaked at 6x04. The first couple of episodes weren’t great; 6x03 was better; 6x04 the best; and let’s just not speak of 6x05 or 6x06 ever again, okay? I had hopes for this episode but I was mostly let down.

Cayden James

I genuinely was confused by everyone being so convinced that Cayden was going to set off a huge bomb. This is the same guy we see scolds Black Sewage for killing. So he didn’t ultimately kill anyone in this episode with a bomb but he’s holding it in reserve. Because all of that makes sense.

Also, I had so much hope for the Cayden James villain storyline because I thought he was supposed to be Felicity’s nemesis this season. Feathers has to deal with her ex (yawn). Or was it Black Sewage? Both? Either way, yawn. Diggle was dealing with the Avocado (yawn). Oliver’s is apparently Agent Watson. But now suddenly Cayden James is evil because Oliver killed his son? Who the hell did he kill?  

Dear God, please save me from this repetitive revenge bullshit. We have actually been here before. First it was a girlfriend (Shado and Slade, s2); then it was a father (Adrian in s5) and now it’s another MySon. When I said we were about to have umpteen versions of MySon on this show as we do Birds, I was so completely on the mark.

I know these writers and showrunners are as misogynist as they come. (Oh, #FireKreisberg, btw.) But they genuinely don’t think of women and daughters at all. Rene is supposed to be fighting for rights to his daughter but we’ve never heard anything about it since the premiere. I guess because MyDaughter doesn’t roll off the tongue like MySon does? And let’s not forget about that deplorable time they erased the existence of a black daughter to make way for a black son. #RememberSaraDiggle.

They fridge all the women on this show. Sometimes more than once. And if they don’t outright kill them, they freeze them out of any meaningful storyline.

Cue my annoyance because Felicity has earned her own villain storyline that is more than a guest spot villain of the week. And now suddenly it’s because Oliver killed “Owen Post,” the son of Cayden James who went missing shortly after Cayden was arrested. Maybe Cayden is a villain for Felicity and Oliver together—a kind of husband and wife team-up. Great. Except that once again Felicity isn’t the focus here. Did Cayden really need to have this revenge plot with Oliver? No.

Originally posted by dogiplier

Not every villain on the show needs a personal tie. I was okay with the reason Felicity being tied to Cayden was because she was the one to match his wits and her sense of personal responsibility for having freed him. I didn’t need there to be a deeper history there. And what happened to Alena saying that it was his time in ARGUS that turned him? That was literally three episodes ago.

Curtis and Felicity

Okay, frankly, to be honest, this entire argument between these two felt rather forced on the part of the writers. But if it means this venture folds and I get a Smoak Tech equivalent instead of Helix Dyn—yeah, still can’t do it—then I’ll go with it.

Ta-and-ta Curtis. Door’s that way, bro.

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Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“All right, if [—-] is here, he’s not on this level. That–It felt like an explosion, but there’s minimal damage.”

“It was an EMP. A burst of electromagnetic radiation. Everything in the bunker with an electric circuit has been fried.”

“How do you know?”

“Because the spinal implant that helps me walk isn’t working. …I can’t feel my legs.”

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On Christmas Eve can you release a story where everyone gets together to have a Christmas dinner and on Christmas Day everyone opening there gifts if you can’t do it that’s ok but if you can awsome

Okay like… I had a whole bunch of family stuff so I can’t write out a whole fic, but I can give you a gift exchange. 7 minutes to christmas! Let’s do this!


Genji gave Mercy a new heated back pad for days when her spinal implants are really bugging her. She smooched him like a million times when she opened it. Mercy gave Genji a nice leather-bound journal and a pen as well as a few sketchbook pages for him to band into his journal since he seemed to like drawing in the margins of their letters…and there was a really sweet note to him and a photo of both of them pinned to the inside cover of the journal.

McCree got Hanzo a new jacket since he noticed his old one was getting a bit worn down, as well as a bottle of sake, which was a brand and year that impressed Hanzo very much. Hanzo got McCree a beautiful new holster with fancy custom embroidery for his peacemaker.

D.Va got Lúcio an old record player. She knew he could get state-of-the-art music gear with his connections in the industry, but pre-omnic crisis stuff is harder to get. She knows deep down he loves old music, and don’t worry, she won’t tell Reinhardt. Lúcio got D.Va a cute custom wrist brace that’s comfy enough to sleep in. It really helps keep off the carpal tunnel and D.Va thinks of him every time she looks at it.

Symmetra got Pharah this beautiful set of gold and tanzanite lotus earring studs which Pharah considers her lucky charms and wears 24/7. Pharah got Symmetra this gorgeous antique chess set and oh man they still play on it all the time and every match is like… this absurdly drawn-out sexy, flirty thing. Like these two are incapable of having a normal chess match.

Sombra got Widowmaker an immaculately tailored little black dress that was really only in the sketches for the Aetria spring collection three years in the future but somehow Sombra got her hands on this dress (Was it blackmail? I’m gonna say it was blackmail). Widowmaker got Sombra a lovely little gold and pink diamond bangle and a bottle of vintage pink prosecco, Château Guillard specialty. 

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So since Celestia got addicted to the serum Alicorn, did her mane start falling out and her muscles start locking?

Nah fam. Not everyone has the same symptoms occur to them. Her hair didn’t start falling out but she began having difficulty moving around and had started to see hallucinations, mostly of her sister taunting her and scorning her for what she’s done (because even at her cruelest, Celestia feels a touch of guilt for everything she’s done, she’s just good at completely ignoring it). So the symptom that affects her the most is joint and muscle weakening, something she combats with a number of implants and the use of prosthetic limbs (all of her limbs aside from her left arm are prosthetic, and she has a spinal implant similar to what Hosts help better control the alicorn doses she takes).

It’s gotten so bad at this point that she must take one daily dosage of alicorn to even function properly. And she’s actually not as addicted or as dependent on the stuff as some of the others are. >.>

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I'm not the same anon but what I don't understand is why it's okay to get cochlear implants or spinal surgery but not sexual reassignment surgery? If srs is wrong because god didn't make a mistake, why are allowances made to correct the other mistakes (if God didn't make a mistake with them??)? Like why do people say "God doesn't make mistakes" to trans people but no one tries to use that against disabled people.

Spinal surgery and cochlear implants is correcting physical health problems. Gender re-assignment surgery does not. (x) (x) The reason is that they’re trying to fix something mental by chopping off physical genitals. It’d be like “curing” social anxiety by sending someone to live as a hermit. That’s not fixing the problem, that’s trying to placate the symptoms.

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Please write some McSombra

…Okay something short. For the rarepair crowd.

“You’ve got shit cold tolerance,” said McCree.

You’ve got shit cold tolerance,” Sombra shot back, teeth chattering. 

The hat, serape, and belt were a holy trinity in their own right, and Sombra was trespassing on sacred ground. Well… if he said that she would probably laugh and he’d never live it down. Besides, body heat was body heat and he wasn’t in the mood for hypothermia. They were in Nepal and a blizzard had them stranded in the Orca. They should have been fine, had not the Orca’s generators shut down. If it weren’t snowing so hard, they might be able to manually reset the couplings between the Orca’s solar panels and its power grid, but they couldn’t. Sombra was able to get the signal out to the monastery, but the response had been that the two of them would have to wait it out a few hours before help could come. Night had fallen. The inside of the orca was dimly lit by an emergency lighting system. Outside was certain snowblindness. Sombra tightened McCree’s serape around herself and shuddered up against him. 

“You’re not even trying,” muttered Sombra.

“Wh–trying?! There’s nothing to try! You just need to be patient and—”

Ay,” Sombra scoffed and seized McCree’s wrist and then crossed his arm over herself, then did the same with the other arm.

“Tch…you wanted a hug you could’ve just said so,” said McCree.

I want your body heat,” Sombra said through gritted teeth which chattered again as she pulled his arms tighter around herself.

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headcannon dump:

As Fareeha cooks, Mercy does dishes and simple tasks as assigned. 

Mercy cleans the bathroom and living room meticulously but her office is a mess. She wants to make sure Fareeha has something clean and peaceful to come home to, she doesn’t actually care if the house is clean for herself. 

Fareeha walks the dogs, but Angela scoops the litter box. 

Ana comes over at least once a month so they can make dinner together. She always ends up talking with Angela more but Fareeha sits and chimes in with personal stories when she feels needful. She’s happy to have the women in her life safe and happy for a moment: 

Angela talks too much when she’s nervous or upset, Fareeha is nonverbal in the same situation. 

They both curse, Angela indiscriminately mixing French, German, as English. Her English curses are actually just stand in words like frick. Fareeha curses in every language she knows, she loves the word fuck but uses curses more sparingly. 

Fareeha is a quadruple amputee. At each base of her limbs she has implants that either plug into prosthetics or the raptora. 

Mercy has a spinal implant allowing her to move and heal as she does. It’s exactly the one in her Valkyrie suit. 

Angela’s experiments and trauma have warped her sense of life and death as well as ethics and reality. She sometimes asks Fareeha to make sure if something is right or wrong or real or fake. Even littler thins like brushing her teeth is sometimes outside of reality if she’s having a bad dissociation episode. 

Fareehas ptsd is severe; she frequently wakes up screaming or sleepwalks or has horrific night terrors. Mercy took masters level classes in psychology specifically relating to trauma so she could better help. Most of the time though all Fareeha wants is to cry and be held and taken care of until it passes. 

Fareeha signed a DNR. No extraordinary measures. 

Angela used to date Genji. After his resurrection they weren’t able to look at eachother the same way. That love was one of summer and giggling and puns.It was what Angela needed then. After some urging from Zenyatta, Genji and Angie reconcile and become close friends.  

Fareeha boxes and rides a motorcycle and draws. Angela knits and likes coloring. Sometimes Fareeha will let her color whatever doodles she’s made. 

Mercy can’t drive. 

Fareeha couldn’t snap her fingers before the amputation. Her doctors programmed a snapping sound into her prosthetics. 

Fareeha knows more about world history and archeology and anthropology than Angela. Angela knows more about chemistry and biology and medicine. 

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Hello, lovely human being!~ I hope you've had a wonderful day so far, surrounded by warmth and love from the people who are important in your life. :) Anyway, I really like Overwatch a lot, and I enjoy hearing people's favourite head canons about it. Care to share some? I'm sure they're quite nice. x)

Woah, this is really sweet hahaha. Sorry this too me a bit to answer. I had to think on it heh. I can only think of Pharmercy or individually Mercy or Pharah ones (to name only a few) so here we goooo: 

- Overwatch recruitment (Jack or Ana or idk) went to the hospital she was working in in Zurich to meet this medical prodigy to hopefully recruit her. With the help of other nurses who had their suspicions where to find her since she wasn’t doing rounds or anything… they definitely found her napping in a closet or slumped at her desk when she was supposed to be doing work (she hasn’t actually gone home or had a break in god knows how long.) Imagining her waking up with a start and getting super flustered and embarrassed getting caught napping by OW officials as a first impression.
- Reinhardt is sort of like a father figure to Angela. Sometimes they have a quiet drink late at night together and just talk (lots of the time in German) about.. stuff? Life, missions, reminiscing etc.
- He calls her Little Bird, always has since early Overwatch days. Still does even now when shes in her late 30’s.
- I love the idea of her having spinal implants to control her wings, you have no idea!
- She’s not much of a cook (that’s even if she gets out of her office)
- Is n o t a morning person.

- Is a morning person thanks to military body clock. She goes running
- Fareeha has a god-awful sense of direction (made a post on that)
- Her & Hana have developed a close bond. On  & off the battlefield. She has a tremendous amount of respect for Fareeha (as Fareeha does for Hana) as a soldier but will still shit stir each other around the base. I love the idea of fareeha being a big sister and mentor figure to Hana, sparring & training together etc.
- The classic Fareeha having a stoic & level head personality but is also a big pun-loving dork & goofball with those she’s comfortable with.
- I head cannon her as not much of a drinker, if at all. Maybe in her younger days.
- She’s totally the best candidate to be Strike Commander!!

- I love love prosthetics!Pharah. To summarise, I had a thought of maybe Fareeha telling Angela as a young adult she was gonna join the Military. Angela makes Fareeha promise to contact her if there’s ever an emergency, she’ll be there asap. This puts Ana’s mind slightly at ease. Years and years later (after Ana’s ‘death’), Angela gets a call. Fareeha is in critical after a failed mission. She drops everything and flies to Egypt. Fareeha has lost at least an arm and a leg amongst other injuries. With Fareeha’s consent, The HSI medic team figured it was best to let Mercy handle the prosthetics operation and rehabilitation (she insisted as well), as well as counselling for the rougher moments in the process when she needs a shoulder or has trouble coping. They spend a lot of the recovery time catching up on each others lives and reminiscing about old times. They grow close really fast. really close. Angela has to inevitably leave eventually. But the recall happens soon enough. 

 - Fareeha, Angela & Jessie are all bros. Thick as thieves since early OW days. (Fareeha and Jesse have always been brotp, Angela took some warming up to Jesse but they’ve been tight ever since). I like to imagine them as the next generation trio of Ana/Jack/Gabe

 - Rein now calls them both little birds :’)

Just a few of my personal head cannons. Thanks for reading :) 

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Perhaps gency #20? (Apologies for the double ask, I sent the last one before I was finished typing haha)

Let’s do some Pre-Fall of Overwatch featuring Genji-who-is-angry-and-has-not-yet-undergone-character-development featuring Young!McCree-who-still-has-both-arms!

Genji folded his arms in the front seat of the car as McCree frowned over the engine. He couldn’t really tell what he was doing to the engine with the hood up, but Genji figured McCree knew what he was doing more than he would. Mercy sat in the driver’s seat looking over a map and he realized he had never seen her in civilian clothes or out of a labcoat or scrubs before. Reyes and Morrison’s instructions were for them to keep a low profile, which Genji couldn’t really do in a cybernetic exoskeleton. They were mostly running on the hope that people would simply take him for an omnic. 

“This is a waste of time,” muttered Genji.

Mercy glanced up from the map. “You keep going on about taking the fight to the Shimada clan,” she said, raising an eyebrow. 

“It would be better to strike at the heart,” he said, looking out the window at the desert, “The Shimada clan conducts many weapons and drug deals with numerous criminal organizations around the world. It conducts these deals in order to keep them in line. One petty motorcycle gang—”

“Deadlock ain’t just one petty motorcycle gang,” said McCree from outside the car, “It’s an organization with an iron grip on the whole southwest, and it’s lookin’ to expand. It might just be the Shimada clan’s way of keeping them in line, but this weapons deal goes through and we’re all in a helluva lot more trouble,” he tweaked at something under the car’s hood. “All right, try turning it over.”

Mercy turned the key and the car rumbled to life. McCree shut the hood and threw his hands up, “Hallelujah,” he said with a grin as he made his way around the car again, “Scoot das boot, Doc. My turn to drive.”

“You do realize you’ve just said ‘Scoot the boat,’ right?” said Mercy, still looking at the map, “And it’s not my fault your car broke down.”

“I realize this is a joint Blackwatch-Overwatch operation, which means yours truly’s in charge,” said McCree, thrusting a thumb at his chest with a grin before putting his hands on his hips, “Now come on, scooch.”

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