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Some things I noticed about this lovely lady.

She boops Volskya as a playful threat because of the photo, but because it’s her signature/trademark sign-off.

The back of her suit glows around the 13th vertebra, about where her spinal implant starts. Could her enhancements be the power core for the rest of her utilities?

She has a mohawk. The hair is shaved on both sides.

Her cybernetic implants are symmetrical. Those metal components are on her right side as well as the left. 

Harry Paul from New York was born with congenital scoliosis, a curvature of the spine that forced him to endure more than a dozen operations growing up. That’s why starting in his freshman year of high school, he worked to research a new type of spinal implant that can grow along with a child so that it doesn’t have to be constantly replaced or adjusted with surgery.

  • me: wow, what a long and exhausting day! i think i'll just lay down in this warm, comfy bed and sleep -
  • my brain: do you think the spinal implants we see in darth vader's neck at the end of ROTJ were necessary because the weight of the suit or the design of the shoulder armor screwed with his spine? in order for the control panel to function it would have had to be wired directly into him, so what happened if a battle wound screwed with the wiring - did it all have to be replaced? does having heavy, metal organs mean that he can't lay in specific positions or they'll press into what little organic and fragile organs he has left? wouldn't artficial organs made of metal cause some form of internal bruising/bleeding? does he stand and sit so stiffly because bending his torso means a slow and painful death? are vader's muscles utterly destroyed from not being able to bend, at all, ever? in order to -
  • my brain, ten minutes later: .... how does he yawn? can he sneeze? do you think

‘Cyborg’ spinal implant could help paralysed walk again

Paralysed patients have been given new hope of recovery after rats with severe spinal injuries walked again through a ‘groundbreaking’ new cyborg-style implant.
In technology which could have come straight out of a science fiction novel or Hollwood movie, French scientists have created a thin prosthetic ribbon, embedded with electrodes, which lies along the spinal cord and delivers electrical impulses and drugs.
The prosthetic, described by British experts as ‘quite remarkable’, is soft enough to bend with tissue surrounding the backbone to avoid discomfort.
Paralysed rats who were fitted with the implant were able to walk on their own again after just a few weeks of training.
Researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne are hoping to move to clinical trials in humans soon. They believe that a device could last 10 years in humans before needing to be replaced.
The implant, called ‘e-Dura’, is so effective because it mimics the soft tissue around the spine – known as the dura mater – so that the body does not reject its presence.
“Our e-Dura implant can remain for a long period of time on the spinal cord or cortex,” said Professor Stéphanie Lacour.

Reuters FYI: News you may have missed

The science behind paralysis treatment has taken a major step forward.

A new spinal implant was shown to reverse paralysis in rats, and researchers say the development could soon extend to humans. Click here to watch the video (it’s worth it, even if it’s just to watch a rat walk on his hind legs).

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