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Let’s talk a little about bad betta genes

If you’ve ever looked online for a betta to buy, or just took a second to look around at the ones in cups at a petstore, you’ll have noticed that a surprising amount of them have deformities in some way or another. It may have been easy to tell if you know anything about bettas, or have seen so many healthy ones that the unhealthy one just looked off. But the practice of breeding and selling bettas is so rampant with inbreeding and selectively choosing bettas with awful genes but otherwise gorgeous fins, bad breeders and petstores will often times try to pass off a severely inbred betta as beautiful and healthy and normal. I want to talk a little bit about the obvious signs of one of these bettas so you can avoid those breeders at all costs, and reduce the chance of getting a betta that with bad genes.

I should start this off by saying that if you have a betta with any of these traits already you shouldn’t feel bad. You likely didn’t know because it’s just not talked about nearly as often, especially in the trade of a fish so widely and commonly abused and mistreated like the betta splenden. You should also be relieved to hear that these traits don’t necessarily affect the betta’s health, they’re just an indicator of bad genes. Short of a severe spinal deformity, they’re likely to live a nice life assuming they can swim and see fine. The only problem I could think of is that bad genetics could potentially mean they’re prone to more health issues as they grow older, though only slightly more so than a normal betta splenden.

Let’s talk about the betta I saw that prompted me to make this post in the first place.

This is one of the more inbred bettas I’ve seen in the trade recently. Let me go ahead and point out the obvious:

  • This betta has an extremely short and stocky body. It’s essentially the equivalent of those dogs with the short spines, especially relevant to its more natural counterpart.

Here’s some other bettas splendens to compare the length of their bodies. If you didn’t see it before, you should be able to see the difference now.

  • It has a dip in its skull. Though not as severe as ones I’ve seen in the past, this is still bad. A betta should have a nice, gentle curve from the tip of their face all the way along their body, to the tip of their tail.

There are more extreme examples of bettas with these dips, like these ones:

The second one even has a bit of a hunchback, which I’ll get into later in the post.

But you can see how these aren’t natural formations of the skull, even without much reference to what a betta’s head should look like. These types of deformities are extremely common and overlooked by many breeders, just because colorings and fin shapes are prioritized over healthy genes.

Like I said before, your betta should have a gentle slope from the tip of their face to the end of their body, without any severe dips or protrusions in between. These are some examples of bettas with a nice curve:

Giant bettas are especially prone to this dip in the skull.

  • While we’re on the topic of spines and skulls, this is another thing to watch out for: Hunchback deformities.

I shouldn’t have to point out the problem in this picture. Even someone who knows nothing about bettas would be able to see that this is an unhealthy fish with a pretty severe spinal deformity. This makes it difficult for the fish to swim and eat, and can cause huge problems later in life as they grow older and they lose the energy needed to make up for this kind of problem. Most spines don’t get this bad, however. Not the ones for sale, anyway. But it’s something to be aware of and be able to catch even when it’s not as obvious as this. Just remember that a betta’s back should be a nice, smooth curve.

  • Another thing to be aware of are tail kinks.

Now this fish is already deformed, being a feathertail (characterized by the obvious and separate segments of its tailfin like that), but it is especially a problem because if you look at its body right where it meets the tail, it is a clear and sudden dip and rise. This is one of the less obvious ones if you don’t already know what a betta’s body is supposed to look like, and the fins are gorgeous so it’s easy to overlook. However, it’s something to be aware of. A betta’s body is expected to rise at least somewhat as it connects to the tail, but not nearly as severely and obviously as the one pictured above. As stated numerous times before, a betta’s body should be one smooth curve from tip to end.

A fish like the picture in the beginning of this post could sell for hundreds of dollars, just based on its colorings, to fishkeepers who don’t know any better or who just don’t care about the health of the fish they’re getting. I often see bettas being sold for up to $500, almost seemingly because of these kinds of deformities that are so prevalent in the trade industry.

Betta splendens are already prone to tumors, and dragonscales and feathertails are considered especially unhealthy breeds with actual deformities being the staple of their varient. Dragonscales often have their scales grow over their eyes later in life, making them completely blind. Feathertails have such trouble swimming they often bite off their own fins in an attempt to make it easier, and open themselves up to infections that can kill them as a result. I’m not saying don’t buy either of those breeds, I’m saying be prepared when you do. These are bettas that are so far down the tree from their wild counterpart their own poorly taken care of genes work against them, and make their lives difficult for no reason other than they look beautiful.

I could go into much more depth about the specifics of each varient of betta splendens and the problems that may come with each breed, but this post is about the problems that can be prevalent in every betta type, regardless of whether it’s a dragonscale, a plakat, or a crowntail.

If anyone has more to add, please do.

- Xander

Did these people [in academia who claim that they are not exposed to disabled people] realize that when they encountered the work of Rosa Luxemburg (who limped), Antonio Gramsci (a crippled, dwarfed hunchback), John Milton (blind), Alexander Pope (dwarfed hunchback), George Gordon Brown (club foot), [Jorge] Luis Borges, James Joyce, and James Thurber (all blind), Harriet Martineau (deaf), Toulouse-Lautrec (spinal deformity), Frida Kahlo (osteomyelitis), Virginia Woolf (lupus), they were meeting people with disabilities? Do filmgoers realize when they watch the films of James Ford, Raoul Walsh, André de Toth, Nicholas Ray, Tay Garnett and William Wyler that these directors were all physically impaired? Why is it when one looks these figures in dictionaries of biography or encyclopedias that their physical disabilities are usually not mentioned – unless the disability is seen as related to creativity, as in the case of the blind bard Milton or the deaf Beethoven? There is an ableist notion at work here that anyone who creates a canonical work must be physically able. Likewise, why do we not know that Helen Keller was a socialist, a member of the Wobblies, the International Workers of the World, and an advocate of free love? We assume that our ‘official’ mascots of disability are nothing else but their disability.
—  Lennard J. Davis, Enforcing Normalcy: Disability, Deafness, and the Body

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I am!! In Love!! With Truffle and her morph!! She's so cute!! And that morph is absolutely GORGEOUS. It's making it hard for me to decide what morph I want for my first ;w;

Thanks! She’s a good girl. However, I can’t in good conscience recommend supporting the continued breeding of her morph. 

She came from my very first clutch years ago. Though I lucked out and got healthy babies, I learned soon after that Super Cinnamons, Super Black Pastels, and related morphs are more likely to have spinal kinks and facial deformities. I plan to address this in Orochi High–it’s why the character Truffle has a kink in her tail. 

As attractive as the morph is, I haven’t bred for it since and won’t be breeding for it ever again. If you’re set on a solid-colored snake, consider the SUMA! It’s just as dark and beautiful as the Super Cinnamon without the associated problems.

Potential Health Issues seen through Astrology Charts

When Looking at an individual horoscope there are several places you may see where potential health concerns can occur.  The most major one is the sign ruling the 6th house cusp.   Planets in the 6th house can also bring the health afflictions that can be brought on by the body functions and parts they rule over.  If you use Placidus you may look at at both Placidus and Whole signs’ 6th house cusps (and planets) to determine what afflictions can occur.  Another condition that can cause health issues can be Sun and sign it’s in. This is simply because the Sun rules over the physical vitality.

In the natal birth chart the conditions mentioned above can show lifelong chronic health conditions or potential dispositions as life goes.  If suffering from an ongoing health condition transits to the 6th house ruler may agitate or alleviate them temporarily.  Transits to the sun may also in some cases cause this effect.  A planet transiting the personal 6th house may cause a possible trigger of one of these conditions as well in extreme circumstances.

It is recommended to use this information with contemplation in learning how to prepare to navigate the potential these conditions can come to pass. Prevention is the best medicine.

Now the Conditions:

Aries on 6th House Cusp (Scorpio Ascendant) / Sun in Aries / Mars in 6th House

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Isle of Man Shorthair

The Manx cat is a breed of domestic cat originating on the Isle of Man, with a naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail. Many Manx have a small stub of a tail, but Manx cats are best known as being entirely tailless; this is the most distinguishing characteristic of the breed, along with elongated hind legs and a rounded head. Resembling the British Shorthair, the Isle of Man Shorthair is essentially a fully tailed Manx cat. That is, it is a cat of Manx stock, with Manx features, but without any expression of the Manx taillessness gene. As of March 2013, it is only recognised by New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF) with its own breed standard. 

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shout out to all my fellow transboys with mainly girl/corely girl diseases/disorders/etc. as a transboy with scoliosis (a mainly girl spinal deformity) i always feel dysphoria whilst in chronic pain! youre valid and still a boy! and so handsome too!

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That video is not depicting a spider with a "mild wobble" it's showing one with a severe corkscrew. I have a spider with a mild wobble, and she wobbles a tiny bit during feeding time. Snakes aren't intelligent enough to feel upset at being uncoordinated, so anthropomorphizing them like this is pointless and causes drama, like "I hate spider breeders." Do you also hate people who breed super black pastels with their spine kinking? Truffle has a tail kink, and people think that's cute.

I don’t support breeding Spider morphs or Super Black Pastels/Cinnamons, but I don’t hate anyone who does and I certainly don’t support or encourage hating or attacking people who breed or own them! I bred for Super Cinnamons myself once years ago, after all. When I learned about the potential complications, I stopped, and will never breed for them again. Hating doesn’t help anyone, but educating can. 

Not all Spiders will have a severe wobble, and not all Super Cinnamons/Super Black Pastels are born with spinal kinking or facial deformities. The potential is there, though, and people need to be made aware of that. It’s not anthropomorphizing to suggest that a severe wobble or kink could cause an animal stress or decrease its quality of life.   

For the record, the real Truffle does not have a tail kink. I got lucky with that clutch. It’s something I added to the Orochi High character to bring attention to the potential complications associated with the morph.

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #11

20 more questions and comments to power through, Vetlings.

@bobthejob said: Hey i just wanted to say that im not even going to vet school, i just love learning about animals. Aint got the spoons for actual vet school, it would kill me. But i have learned a lot from you and my friend who IS doing vet school was very surprised when i used the word “brachycephalic”. I was like yeah i learned it from drferox! But yeah i just wanted to say thanks, and give you some encouragement. Have a great day!

Aw, thank you. I highly recommend using big words in conversation when the opportunity presents itself. I’m glad I’ve taught somebody something by typing away back here.

@its-animalcrazy-love asked: Is true that you can improve your surgery skill can improve by knitting? I want to be a good at surgery

Anything that improves your dexterity or hand-eye coordination can be helpful for improving your skills at surgery. Actual surgical practice is the most useful, but short of that things like knitting, sewing and other crafts can help develop the fine motor skills you require. My personal favorite is video games, which double as also being useful for pre-training for endoscopy and ultrasound.

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hey i have scoliosis (a spinal deformity) and i can't bind because of it and i never see posts for transguys who can't bind because of their deformities/disabilities. can i have some positivity?

Yep I’ll make a post now!! - Matthew



The Cymric ( KIM-rik or KUM-rik) is a breed of domestic cat. The name comes from Cymru (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈkəmrɨ]), the indigenous Welsh name of Wales, though the breed is not associated with Wales, and the name was possibly given as an attempt to provide a “Celtic”-sounding name for the breed. The breed’s Manx bloodline originated in the Isle of Man, though Canada claims to have developed the long-haired variant. The breed is called the Longhair Manx or a similar name by some registries. Some cat registries consider the Cymric simply a semi-long-haired variety of the Manx breed, rather than a separate breed. Except for the length of fur, in all other respects the two varieties are the same, and kittens of either sort may appear in the same litter. 

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List of LISA AU’s (Updated)

Brad: The Painful RPG: Brad and Lisa switch roles, and Marty dies instead of his wife. The flash kills all the men.

Office: Everyone’s a worker at Joy corp.

Dog: Everyone’s a dog.

Fairy Terry:  Terry is a tiny hint fairy that follows brad around, like navi from Zelda.

Animal: Everyone is an animal (fly is a fly, Buff Van Dyke is a buffalo,Geese is a goose etc.)

Magical Girl’s: Everyone’s a magical girl in a cute dress, like Sailor Moon.

Wrestling Plot: The whole game is a wrestling plot.

Medieval:  Brad is the king of Olathe and Buddy is the princess. Terry is the royal adviser.

Warlord Brad:  AU where Brad is a warlord and his gang are his soldiers. Dusty is just a regular person living in Olathe when one day he finds Buddy. He keeps trying to give Buddy to Brad, but Brad doesn’t recognize Dusty and brushes him off, to comical effect.

Monster Hybrid’s: Everyone is a demi human creature.

Suburban: Everyone is happy and lives in a nice suburban neighborhood.

Vengeful Lisa: Lisa switches places with Buzzo.

Beautiful: Instead of Buddy and Brad hiding away from everyone, Buddy and Brad are on the run from degenerates, perverts, and criminals trying to get their hands on Buddy.

Frozen Olathe:  AU where instead of the white flash turning Olathe into a dry desert, it turns it into a frigid, Arctic terrain.

Fantasy: Yado is an evil sorcerer, Rando’s gang is basically a travelling group of adventurers trying to help everyone after the world tore itself open and mashed itself together again. Big lincoln is a badass he doesn’t fight wearing armor and Terry Hintz is a bard.

Underjoy: Buddy takes Frisk’s place in Undertale

Painverse: Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe end up in Olathe and join Brad on his adventures.

ROSE: The Painful RPG: LISA’s characters are replaced with characters from Steven Universe. Greg is Brad, Pearl is Buzzo, Rose is Lisa, and Connie is Buddy. 

LISA: P.T.: An AU of LISA Where you Play as Brad exploring Marty’s deserted house while the ghost of LISA Armstrong pursues you.

LISA: Shattered Memories: Lisa survived her childhood because Brad actually tried to defend Her from Marty instead of running away. But Marty accidentally killed Brad one day. Marty was sent to jail and LISA ended up in foster care. Years later, a 20 year old Lisa goes to see a therapist, Dr. Yado, for help with her delusions about her brother. You then wake up as kid Brad in Marty’s house and set off to find Lisa, unaware that you’re already dead.

LISA The Painless: the Flash never happens and Marty is a supportive, good dad. Buzzo and Lisa are both students of Brad’s karate class. Throughout the game, you find other party members and recruit them by solving their problems (e.g. helping Olan beat his alcoholism, helping a young Jack learn magic, finding a good home for all of Yazan’s stray cats.)

Joy Rando: An AU where Buddy can’t defend for herself and Rando took Joy, they desperately scout the land for a cure before Rando turns completely.

Hogwarts: Everyone’s a student at Hogwarts. 

Zombie Apocalypse: Actually, there’s no zombies, joy mutant’s will serve for the zombies. Lisa ran away with Buzzo instead of committing suicide. Brad made his house into a fortress with his friends, Rick, Sticky and Cheeks, and adopted Buddy. Buddy runs away when joy mutants intrude into their house. Rando and Brad don’t meet, Rando trained himself. Females are still around, so Buddy is not rare. Some warlords lead gangs but some don’t. Lisa and Buzzo still have bitter feelings toward Brad, and they like wandering, so it’s hard to be managed. 

Rando and Buzzo Role Reversal: Buzzo was the peace bringer and Rando was the one stalking and torturing Brad. Buzzo destroyed Brad’s dojo and cut off Rando’s face, Rando went insane. He followed Brad because he was obsessed with making him love him. He was jealous of Buddy and hurt her to get at Brad. Buzzo became horrified by what he had done and vowed to honor Lisa in a better way, while also redeeming himself. He helped the downtrodden and mistreated people of Olathe so that no would would end up like Lisa.

Very Terry: AU where everyone is Terry Hintz.

Pirate: AU where everyone’s a pirate. 

LISA: The Regretful:   You play as Marty on a trip to get some cheap beer. However, a Joy prototype has been released to the local drug cartels (against Dr. Yado’s knowledge and will) and it has swiftly consumes the local market. As Marty goes and grabs beer the shop keep mutates initating the first fight. Now Marty has to relearn how to fight, get sober or die, and hopefully change his ways as he tries to find Brad and Lisa and escape.

Rando: The Heartful:  AU where you play as Rando in the early days of the Flash. No longer working under a higher power, the police become corrupted and swiftly use their greater weaponry to dominate and abuse the people of Olathe. Rando teams up with the warlords who would wind up on The List in their early days and their deeds cement themselves as the strongest in Olathe.

 Dating Sim AU:  A dating sim for the LISA: The Painless AU, where you can also date the party members and help solve their problems.

LISA The Bizarre AU: It’s a game taking place within the LISA setting combines the uses of stands within the game. Nothing much has changed but people have stands that they developed through the flash, plus it is a mini-game to figure out what the enemy stand does to fight back against it. Adds more strategy and problem solving to the game while giving it a rather bizarre® mood to it.

LISA: The Irredeemable: A LISA AU where the accident or illness that kills Marty’s wife also kills Brad and Lisa leaving Marty with no one to abuse or take out his frustrations on. This causes him to slowly but surely lose his mind due to having no one in his life and having to hold all his problems inside. After the flash he lives all alone as a sad pathetic creature and everyone else treats him like shit and steals his stuff on a regular basis because he’s just a weak old man at this point. He also starts taking Joy and has hallucinations where his dead family tortures him and viciously berates him for the monster he is. The main theme is redemption, or more specifically, if redemption is even possible for some people. Depending on the players actions, Marty may or may not become a better person, but even if he does he still can’t ever make up for what he’s done.

Possessed Buddy AU: AU where Buddy gets possessed by the spirit of Lisa after visiting her coffin in the Joy labs. But she isn’t fully possessed. Instead, Buddy fights with Lisa over control of her own body and Lisa goads Buddy into doing worse and worse things. Just imagine Buddy yelling and screaming at some invisible person while Rando and Buzzo are confused as all hell. It doesn’t even have to be during Joyful. It could be during Buddy’s childhood in Painful. Imagine how differently she would act around Brad and Marty knowing what they’d done in the past because of Lisa telling her. “No, I know what you really are. She told me so.” Imagine that scene when Brad gets knocked out and Buzzo force feeds him Joy. Buddy is just sitting there and says “I know who you are, and I know why you’re doing this.” Buzzo doesn’t take it seriously and goes “Really now? Then tell me why I’m doing this.” And she just quietly says “You’re doing this for Lisa, and she says you’re not doing a very good job.” Both Buzzo and Brad are staring at her with their mouths wide open. She probably wouldn’t care about being important to the world or being free either because of Lisa’s influence.

Betta Harvey AU: AU where Harvey is a Betta fish. 

LISA: The Survivor AU:  a LISA AU where lisa survives and brad dies and some other things are different too, there’s a lotta things that make the olathe of the Survivor AU significantly different from the olathe of canon. There’s both women and men in olathe now but still no chances at reproduction since any adult with a chance of being assaulted under the excuse of repopulation mutilated themselves as a form of protection. there might still be possible childbearers out there but they’re essentially cryptids Men and women tend to settle apart from each other, though groups or gangs with both aren’t uncommon. In the place in time where her suicide would be in canon, lisa instead ran away from home for good and lived with bernard. The red skull incident still happened and was the tipping point for brad, who killed himself soon after. Lisa broke up with bernard after brad’s suicide and bernard has trying to win her back and show her he’s a good person ever since (she’s not having any of it,) In post-Flash olathe. bernard has attempted to reform civilization in central olathe and he forces all his people to wear shirts which is sort of admirable. After the red skull incident dusty was homeless again until he found a nearby office building and begged the boss to give him a job there. That boss was dr. yado and he took dusty in as his personal assistant. dusty admires yado greatly and sees him as sort of a new dad?? yado knows this and uses it to exploit dusty, conditioning him into the ideal submissive servant and then experimenting on him. This left dusty with spinal deformations, chronic pain, and a partial joy mutation, but on the plus (???) side he’s resistant to fully mutating. which is good at least because he takes joy for his pain. Lisa is incredibly protective of viviana around other people, to the point of killing others on occasion should they wander too close. viv is very scared of her mother and averse to bloodshed, to the point where being stuck with lisa upsets her so much that she flees to try to get to central olathe, which is where she heard a man named bernard has been reforming civilization. Lisa has ice powers for combat and one of her signature moves is the Cold Shoulder

Beyond Broken Buzzo AU: An AU where Yado is Bernard’s biological or foster father? You know what, I’ll expand on this little idea and make it bigger. Yado in this universe has a change of heart after seeing a downtrodden and miserable looking child on the streets while on business in the city. Yado stops and asks the boy “What’s a kid like you doing in a place like this?” Bernard just shrugs and says “Failed another grade at school and my parents didn’t want to deal with me anymore, were going to send me off to a military academy, so I ran.” Yado then feels a connection to this child squatting in a box in an alley. Yado himself lived with cold and distant parents who were gone most of his childhood, yet felt that they could comment and direct his life, so Yado too ran away. Yado, in what to him seemed like insanity, decides to adopt Bernard, and Bernard not wanting to go home and not wanting to stay in his cardboard box reluctantly agrees. It goes far better than either expects, and they end up bringing the best out of each other, all the while having the brightest and happiest years in either of their lives. Because of this new found purpose in life, Yado loses interest in his Joy Project and soon hands over control of it to a lab assistant. That assistant is Marty Armstrong. Don’t worry, Marty is still the same bastard in this universe, he’s just a genius on top of all that. Marty then continues the Joy Project and as a precaution hires someone as his muscle, Chris Columbo. Yado visits the labs one day and finds himself horrified at the products of Marty’s experiments. Yado then tries to stop Marty, but Marty is one step ahead, and Columbo pulls out a gun and shoots Yado, Yado get’s hit in the chest and slowly bleeds out on the floor. Marty then says “Clean this up kid.” Buzzo is devastated when Yado fails to come home for days. He then finds himself living on the streets yet again, while getting involved with Lisa as more of a coping mechanism in this universe. Although he still falls in love with her and ends up maiming her as well. Buzzo is completely destroyed as a result, and is even more violent and crazy. He doesn’t just wreck the dojo and scar Rando, he also sets the place on fire and Rando ends up with scars all over his body, Rando ends up having to cover his whole body not just his face. Buzzo vows to not just torture Brad, but kill him and Marty as slowly and painfully as possible. Buzzo doesn’t have a gang here, he just has animals and mutants that he forces to follow him, Buzzo himself is also covered in blood constantly and has piercing covering his entire body.

LISA: The Spaceful RPG: LISA AU where everything’s the same, but the games now take place in a science fiction outer space setting with aliens and stuff.  

Opposite Day AU: AU where it’s opposite day and everything is inversed.

Noir AU: AU where brad is a hardboiled detective with terry as his hintful assistant. 

The Reset Blues LISA AU: A LISA AU where some of the main characters like Buzzo, Brad, Buddy, and Rando get a vague or strong feeling of déjà vu whenever the player loads a save or restarts the game after finishing it? Brad and Buddy have memories of dying or other horrible things happening to them, Buzzo starts to get the impression that something else besides Joy is controlling Brad and starts calling the invisible entity out, and Rando struggles to keep on hoping when he already know how the events of the game will play out and is powerless to stop it.

The Last of LISA AU: AU where the flash doesn’t happen or work out, but Joy is a disease/infection instead of a drug, which is spread by cuts or contact with fluids etc. Everyone lives in small gated communities, protected by either the army or gangs led by warlords. Joy Mutants are a lot more dangerous and common. Brad travels with Buddy, the only girl immune to Joy, to give her to Rando’s firefly like group to make a cure. When Joy broke out initially, Brad ran away with Lisa after Marty got attacked by an infected person. Just like The Last of Us, Lisa gets killed by some army dude or whatever. But don’t worry, most people in this AU are still awful. Buzzo still follows Brad, but his more like David now. Yado is still just working in the background. The party members are just random survivors.


Newest addition to the rescue family. I’ve decided on the name Abalone! Thank you pinkyisblue for the suggestion (for some reason it won’t let me tag you, huh). You can see the spinal deformation really easily in the photos; her back is kind oddly shaped. She settled in quite well to her QT container, and ate immediately. Right now I’m not sure whether I’ll be keeping her or placing her up for rehoming, but my goodness she is a cute little spunky fish. 

The Whale Named Stumpy

Commission for @the-hero-google-needs

I got a chance to honor one of the most “special” killer whales - Stumpy (X163). Stumpy is a female from Norway, she has an injury to the dorsal fin and what is either an injury or possibly a structural spinal deformity. Despite this, orca has managed to survive. Stenerson & Similä stated that Stumpy had been in the company of, and provisioned by, no less than five different groups.She was seen often close to a big male, who may have been provisioning her or providing her with protection.

As for the work itself, it was interesting and very challening as we have not so many images of Stumpy and the markings are an important part of the drawing. This has taken 12 hours to be done, so, I hope you enjoy it!

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Send me a reference to where you get your information about WIN. I've looked for a little while and seen nothing. I've seen complaints about the manager being very outspoken about wanting to help animals but otherwise, I've seen no credible sources about anything bad about them. They're just a rescue and rehab that does educational opportunities like any other sanctuary as far as I know.

Alright everyone gather around. I’m going to teach yall how to identify a problematic/shitty/irresponsible facility.

First, I’ll start by saying that there aren’t always articles about the specific facility you’re looking for. You have to know what types of practices are exploitative, problematic, and irresponsible. When you know what to look for, you can go on the facility’s website and search around for anything that might be problematic because I’m telling you, most of the time you’re not going to find an article about that specific facility (unless it’s really popular like Tiger Temple/Tiger Kingdom).

Alright, so a common misconception: just because you see “non-profit” on a facility’s website, doesn’t mean it’s automatically great and responsible and all rainbows and unicorns. I was talking to a girl who went to WIN to pet the cubs, and after she looked at all the sources about cub petting and realized how detrimental it is, she said something like “wow, I thought all non-profits were good places.” And I’m assuming she’s not the only one who thinks (thought) that.

If we’re talking about sanctuaries/rescues, remember that no true sanctuary breeds its animals.

If a facility participates in pay-to-play schemes: bad.

If a facility breeds for color morphs (white, snow white, and/or golden tabby) in tigers: bad.

If a facility breeds its color morphed tigers: bad.

If a facility breeds “mutts” (genetically impure tigers aka mix between multiple subspecies): bad.

If a facility breeds for hybrids like ligers, tigons, taligers, liligers, and literally any other hybrid out there like leopardxjag, lionxleopard (i can’t remember what they’re called lol sorry), etc.: bad.

The main reasons why these breeding practices are problematic and detrimental is big cats are endangered—tigers especially. There are 3,000 tigers left in the wild and people are breeding genetically impure tigers and color morphs. People pay to see these animals, while organizations that actually help preserve them still need donations. There are 3,000 tigers left in the wild, yet people all over the world want to hold them and touch them and keep them as pets. The tigers in the exotic pet trade are trafficked. The tigers in the pay-to-play industry are trafficked. People are killing tigers for their pelts and for traditional medicine when there are only 3,000 left in the wild. There are only 3,000 in the wild, yet people can’t seem to open their eyes and stop contributing to extremely harmful and detrimental industries and help spread awareness. None of these things are secrets; people choose to be ignorant. 

(wow okay that paragraph was a little emotional i’m actually crying rn lol can you tell how much i care for these animals)

I answered a question last night about A Walk On The Wild Side and this “rescue” was terrible! (You should go read that post for more examples of a problematic facility.) They not only had pay-to-play for big cat cubs, but they also had snakes and kangaroos and tortoises! The constant handling and camera flash in their eyes like that is stressful and damaging. There was more about that “rescue” that was irresponsible, but I won’t get into it.

But if we’re talking about WIN specifically, it hits at least four of the above points (pay-to-play, breeds color morphs, breeds for color morphs, breeds “mutts”). I reblogged this girl’s cub petting picture once (before I knew that it was at WIN), and she said to me, “the white tiger here was not inbred, it was bred from two orange tigers… the two tigers here are sisters born to an orange tiger with black stripes and an orange tiger with orange stripes.” Yes, all white tigers are inbred. And yes, all golden tabby tigers are also inbred. In a natural situation, there is a 1 in 10,000 chance a tiger will be born white. So, that is why you see people saying “all white tigers are inbred” because in captivity they are. The “orange tiger with orange stripes” she’s talking about, is a golden tabby tiger. In captivity, white and golden tabby tigers are bred because they’re beautiful and different, but there’s so much more to it than that: they are so unhealthy.

So, again, you can’t always rely on articles to tell you what’s wrong with a facility, you have to know what to look out for, and use your own judgement.

Since I said I would tell you the health problems regarding color morphed tigers, here you go:

White tigers endure a host of health problems about which the public is largely unaware, including immune system deficiencies that cause many to live miserable and short lives, scoliosis of the spine, hip dysplasia, neurological disorders, cleft palates, and protruding, bulging eyes. Many are stillborn and many more turn out to be too deformed to display. Among the ones that look pretty, according to some tiger trainers, only one in 30 will consistently perform (x).

The same gene that causes the white coat causes the optic nerve to be wired to the wrong side of the brain, thus all white tigers are cross eyed, even if their eyes look normal.  They also often suffer from club feet, cleft palates, spinal deformities and defective organs (x).

This inbreeding leads to several severe health problems in white tigers and sometimes even in the orange and black cubs in the same litter. These health problems are generally kept a secret from the public and can include spinal deformities, cleft palates, club feet, mental impairments, defective organs, immune deficiencies, hip dysplasia, and bulging eyes. Also, the gene that is responsible for the white coloration causes the optic nerve to be connected to the wrong side of the brain which means that all white tigers are cross-eyed even if their eyes look normal. Because this gene is so rare and there are so many birth defects, the death rate of white tiger cubs is astonishingly high. When an orange and white tiger are bred, only 1 in 4 cubs are born white and of those 80% die from birth defects. Only 1 in 30 of the surviving white cubs will be suitable for display. So what happens to the excess orange and black cubs and the white cubs not suitable for display? The white cubs rarely end up in accredited facilities but end up being killed or sold to neglectful facilities. The outcomes for the orange and black cubs are not much better. Most end up being sold into the pet trade, becoming victims of canned hunts, or being killed and sold for parts in the Asian markets (x).

It has been said the entire captive white tiger population originated from one single white tiger and has been inbred ever since. In order to retain this recessive gene zoos and breeders must continually breed father to daughter and father to granddaughter and so on. This inbreeding has caused many genetic problems with tigers such as cleft palates, scoliosis of the spine, mental impairments and cross eyes (x).

Thomas Hoepker. China. Guangxi Province. Yangshuo. 2001. An old peasant woman with spinal deformation goes to work in the rice fields with the Karst mountains on the horizon.

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Hi, uhm, I really don't know much about animals and I was wondering if you could please elaborate that post you just made about pugs. You know, what sort of problems they have and how to take care of them?

oh yeah, of course I can! (I’d like to just say that, obviously if people aren’t aware of the problems, I do sympathise, but it’s only when people still insist on denying problems when they’re totally aware of them that I feel it’s a breach of welfare)

Here’s a list of common health problems:

  • Short nose causes severe brachycephaly and makes it harder for them to cool down and to breathe because the soft palate is the same size as a normal dog’s.
  • The corkscrew tail is the result of spinal deformity called Hemivertebrae.
  • The flat (almost concave face) makes eyes popping out a scarily usual occurrence, it also means their primary sensory organ is substantially smaller than other dogs and as a result it makes their sense of smell actually pretty terrible, no sniffing about for these guys.
  • Collapsing Trachea.
  • Pinched nostrils.
  • Their stout bodies give them hips and joint problems, and thick bodies on short legs exacerbates joint stress, will increase the likelihood of elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and other orthopedic problems. 
  • Hanging tongue syndrome.
  • Their mouth is too small to house their teeth; their teeth as a result are atrocious.
  • Every pug in the UK can be traced back to 30 individuals, which means wowow inbred.
  • Stenotic Nares
  • Luxating Patella
  • Oh and they even come with their own illness, PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis)

That’s a hefty list for a small dog, and I’ve probably missed a lot of other common health problems out.

Taking care of them is more difficult, because every single pug is brachycephalic because of their squished noses. That means they all have breathing problems and they all have an elongated palate. There are operations to cut the palate, but obviously, you can’t make a nose longer. You can’t give them back the organ in the nose that helps them cool down, you can’t make their sense of smell better and you can’t really make the breathing much better (cutting off the elongated palate helps, but not a huge amount. 
There are healthier alternatives. They are not perfect by any means, but they’re certainly better than the Pug, although they’re harder to come by - Retromops Pugs. There’s a post here about them if you want to learn more. 

But my genuine advice would be to boycott breeders. There aren’t many Pugs in shelters, but if you see one in a shelter, sure get one if you really want to (and if you’re willing to spend lots of money on health care). BUT PLEASE BOYCOTT PUG BREEDERS. DO NOT BUY A PUG FROM ANY BREEDER. Don’t buy a purebred pug, don’t buy a crossbred pug. Just don’t. Boycott them. By boycotting breeders, that’s the only way we can possibly show that we don’t want sick dogs anymore, and we want our pugs to be healthy and happy. Because that’s what’s important. It’s more important than a short nose and a curled tail. Health and happiness > “cuteness”.

I hope this was helpful. <3

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Just remember - you asked for this <3
(Also i will try to give this some structure but .. we shall see how that ends up.)

Stumpy’s Identification number is X163 . She is a female orca from Norway. Specifically Tysfjord, Vestfjord and Øksfjord (all areas where she has been spotted) When she was first sighted in 1996 she and another orca (her presumed mother) were with NE15 pod (a pod Stumpy has been sighted with the most) She had an injury to the dorsal fin, severe damage to the left ribcage and an injury to the spine, which is presumed to be in a boat collision, without the injury to the dorsal/ribcage it would have been presumed that Stumpy had structural spinal deformity as orcas with a similar body profile have also been witnessed. After she did not show up the next season it was presumed she had succumbed to her injuries but she showed up again in 2002 still going strong!

Also when she was first spotted, she was presumed male. This fact was changed when she was later spotted and she had not sprouted (a term given to a male orca who’s dorsal grows out)

Stumpy’s deformities obviously impair her movements. She cannot dive very deep underwater as she does not have the strength in her tail. She also requires two tail movements to a normal orca’s one tail flick when swimming, She also has to stabilize herself often with her pectorals. Other than impaired swimming, Stumpy is also (despite being 19-20 years old) only about the size of a small calf. She is often witnessed in the calf position, using other orcas slipstream to keep up.

[Opinion not fact] In my view i think that is because of the extra kinetic movements she needs to keep up, perhaps its stunting her growth. It could also be that her deformity had meant she is unable to grow much larger as her spine could not manoeuvre the extra weight causing it too much strain.

However other than physically Stumpy has no problems, she is a very social orca- and has been cared for and provisioned by nearly 11 pods in the Fjords. This could be down to the tight knit of the fjord orca, as they were subject to intense whaling between 1960-80 the compensatory mechanisms could have kicked in which led to such pro-social behaviour shown to towards stumpy, perhaps because she is female perhaps because of her condition- sadly we may never know.  

She has been witnessed being provisioned by 5 out of the 11 pods she has been seen with so it is presumed that they all provision her. In particular the NE15 and NE5 are the pod she is witnessed with often, She changes pods a couple of times a month. (Observations during autumn) Its possible she is a relative of NE5/15 which could be why she is with them so often. The pods care for stumpy very well, and seem to know what’s best for her! Often shielding her from passing boats and adult males allowing her to swim in their wake- which must be much easier on the tail! Its possible that stumpy gets left behind by other pods whom are travelling faster and hooks up with other passing pods whom all seem to know and want to help Stumpy. Its also possible that the pod she is with passes her along to the next pod possibly making sure she is never on her own.

Norwegian orca typically eat a diet of Herring, Salmon, Eider Ducks, Little auk, Jellyfish and often bigger mammals such as Harbour Porpoise, Minke Whales and Grey. When Stumpy has been witnessed to being provisioned (given food) the adult orca will bite the food in half and allow the other half to float to stumpy. This was witnessed as purposeful behaviour in 2012 as a film crew were witness to an adult orca biting a Salmon in half for stumpy, something the adult orca could have easily swallowed whole.

Stumpy when she was younger did not take an active role in Hunting, she would stay off to the side of the feeding group. As she got older she was witnessed mimicking the swimming patterns of other hunting/feeding orca and it appeared she aided in at least the vocal side of hunting.

So yea that’s pretty much all about stumpy that is known, but that isn’t explaining why she is so special to scientists and everyone….

Basically in most other creatures, its survival of the fittest - if a member of the group became gravely wounded or born with deformities they are left behind and they die. But with orcas (as with a few other members of the animal kingdom) Stumpy is a prime example that orca’s like the navy don’t leave a man behind.

She proves that orca have a social structure kind of like ours, the pro-social behaviour (voluntary behaviour intended to benefit another) even if the orca is not a member of their pod.

This behaviour and compassion i think surpasses humans, because we have to deal with many issues surrounding making a living our compassion has been dulled whereas orcas seem happy to care for and teach a whale like stumpy.

Its not a behaviour just in Norway however (which makes me think about the theory that she is only cared for so well because of compensatory mechanisms) its been seen in South African Pods, New Zealand pods and in other cetaceans too.

But Stumpy is a great ambassador to learn from don’t you think?

She important to me for a few personal reasons too, it’s just amazing to see that although she must struggle for every movement (and of course whales don’t technically sleep ) she just keeps on going fighting the current moving on and powering through the waves ! (okay perhaps thats a stretch but you see where im going with this?)

She fights everyday to just keep moving.

If that isn’t like a kick up the butt for people i don’t know what is.

-gold star if you read all that i think it hit 1000 words-

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