I am all over the place today

Most days I’m like an ass kicking, fan fiction writing, house cleaning, maxi dress rocking, sarcastic comment flinging, flirty wink dropping, kizomba dancing, margarita drinking, pansexual bundle of fucking fun.
And today I keep looking at my phone all sad like “why hasn’t my friend texted me back”
“Why didn’t I get any comments on AO3 today yet”
“Why did I eat a whole bag of m&ms instead of my spinach and banana shake like I should have”

lol you guys save me from myself and my insane pmsing.


Kingsman is harder work (to prepare for) but far more rewarding. When I played Eddie, I didn’t do any training and went a bit wild with food. Now I’m back to fish and chicken breasts and spinach and protein shakes and am in the gym every day. I really, really love food, so I have to go all or nothing. I’m either a glutton or a Buddhist monk.

NHL Players and Hangovers:
  • Jonathan Toews: Drinks green kale and spinach shakes with electrolyte enhancement
  • PK Subban: Looks at himself in mirror and smiles; is completely cured
  • Tyler Seguin: Drinks more and parties through
  • Andrew Shaw: How much coconut water can one person possibly drink in an hour?
  • Michael Latta: Lies around all day and leaves comments on Tom and Andre's latest instagram posts
  • Claude Giroux: Grilled Cheese and AC/DC music cures anything
  • Eddie Lack: Eats tacos and then sleeps it off
  • Johnny Gaudreau: Hangover? What's that? Where do you buy one?
Snapped |Bonus Chapter!|

(Okay, so this is taking place in the fist part, but in the perspective of Spinach can. If you haven’t read the first part, this will be pretty confusing. I suggest you go back and read it if you haven’t already. So… Enjoy! 0v0)
Spinach was curled up inside her cabinet, getting ready to sleep. She knew that Lamp was going to teach tonight. She couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. She felt a bit guilty about murdering That bird guy, and it would be so dull and boring if he ended up killing the Yellow one. Their boss would have to send more students, and they’d have to start all over again, which would tale a while. “NO! GO AWAY!” Spinach jolted up, hearing someone shout. It was followed by a loud crash and then a door slam. Was that… The yellow child? She heard whimpering and muttering in the kitchen, and loud banging. Spinach slowly opened the cabinet, peaking out of it.
She saw the yellow one banging on the window, crying. ‘He can’t break it. It’s plexiglass.’ She thought to herself. Their was then a quick flash, and then Lamp appeared. “Where you running off to?” Lamp asked. Spinach twitched her eye, and then changed her expression to an annoyed one. She could tell he was drunk. His voice always sounded like that drunk 'He’s drunk? I told him not to drink before teaching! No wonder the Yellow kid escaped.’ Spinach quietly grunted. She wanted them for a while longer, and then noticed that Yellow was uncomfortably moving to the left. 'What is he doing?’ her eyes widened noticing he was moving closer to… The knife box.
'He’s a kid! A child! Theirs no way he’d attack him… right?’ She continued to watch, her hands in nervous fists. Why wasn’t Lamp noticing? How drunk was he? Did he even… care? The yellow one took out one the knifes, and then threw it at Lamp, luckily missing him. Spinach let out a gasp, and then quickly put one of her hands over her mouth. She didn’t want to be heard. Lamp started to nervously speak, as the yellow one jumped off of the counter and began to yell about his friends, and then pinned Lamp to the table. Spinach began shaking. She wanted to help, do SOMETHING, but she just sat their, almost paralyzed. The yellow child then began to stab Lamp. Spinach stared watching the scene in front of her. She shuttered, silent and shaking in fear and shock. The yellow child then picked the lamp up, and slammed it onto the table, as his body shattered everywhere, surely killing him. Yellow dizzily picked up his knife, and walked away into his bedroom.
Spinach sat their and stared at the shattered Lamp. That… Child just killed him. “L…Lamp…?” Spinach squeaked out. She stared at it for a few more seconds, just hoping this was all some cruel prank. But nothing happened. “LAMP!” Spinach jumped out of her cabinet, landing onto the table. “Wh… wh….” she was could barely say anything. She was still shaking. She never thought that yellow child would be capable of doing something like… this. She slowly picked up a shard from the Lamp’s remains. “No… you can’t be… dead…!” Spinach began to cry, and hugged the shard. It began digging into her, gently impaling her lower half. She didn’t care if it hurt. 'I should’ve done something. It should have been me…! If she kept a closer eye on Lamp last night, and made sure he didn’t drink, he would of been more aware… this is all my fault’ she thought. She lowered her upper half, and kissed the shard. “I’m so sorry… This is all my fault… I… I love you.” She sat their and silently cried for a few minutes, until she heard a squeak from behind her.
She spun around, and saw the yellow one, staring at her. He was wearing completely different clothing, and looked nervous and almost scared. Spinach wanted to jump down and attack him, but she was to scared to. He just killed her love. She just sat their and stared, and watched him slowly reach for his brown bag, but then put his hand back to his side and ran out of the hall. Spinach sat and stared in silence for a few seconds, and then heard a door close. 'Did he just… leave the house?’ She thought. She didn’t care that much right now. She felt the hatred for that kid build up in her mind. She gripped onto the shard harder, and then put it down, and held the wounds on her. She was in pain. She just didn’t care and lowered her head and continued to cry.
(WELL WASN’T THAT DEPRESSING! It was fun to write, though. The 3rd part to Snapped might come put late tonight, but it will most likely not come out until later tomorrow. Hope you liked it!)


So Nick is incredibly nice! I woke up at 4AM to head down to BBC R1 and wait until he pulled up in his cab. He was running a bit late (as per usual - though he claimed it was due to his spinach and kale shake - which I told him looked disgusting) REGARDLESS he couldn’t stop long as he really did have to get to work as it was probably about 6:20AM but he stayed long enough to ask me where I was from, how long I was staying in London, and what were my plans for the rest of day. Before we parted he said one final goodbye and then a quick “see’ya around”. So it was pretty amazing!!