Vegan Pizza:
1. Cut and fry vegan bacon in 2 TBS earth balance
2. Add chopped spinach to bacon and cook all the way through
3. Boil noodles and add to spinach/bacon mixture
4. Toss with ¾ of pizza sauce and shredded cheese
5. Use ¼ of the pizza sauce directly on pizza crust and spread evenly
6. Throw spinach mixture on top and spread evenly
7. Bake 16 - 20 min

I love all kinds of pizza, and I’m a huge CiCi’s Pizza fan… but pizza in general is extremely unhealthy. I’m kind of a health freak too, so I decided to make my own healthy pizza. It’s super affordable and I can eat it without feeling guilty. The best part about making my own pizza is that I can add different toppings that most pizza restaurants don’t serve! My boyfriend really loves it too (he just saw the picture of the pizza and asked me if I could make it tonight, haha) so that’s a plus :)

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