🍋 The mighty Reyes’ test to join the Blackwatch:
If you save the fruit you are with Overwatch… but if you slice it you’re badass enough ahahah


Droog learns how to use Itchy’s weapons against him, and regrets it.

screeno42  asked:

You shouldn't blame yourself. There are sadly plenty of people in the world in similar situations to you, and it's not their fault either. Sometimes life is like a card game; you can get dealt some REALLY bad hands.

[* But if you were a little cuter, a little nicer, a little funnier, a little braver, it wouldn’t be as bad.]

[* If you were a little better, it wouldn’t be as bad.]

[* Mama’s locked the door.]

[* Of course she did. You’re out way past curfew.]

[* That’s fine. You’re fine. You’ll just stop being a baby about it and find somewhere else to sleep.]

[* You’re finding it a little hard to believe, at the moment.]

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