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Gelphie waitress au? (Idk why it popped into my head but maybe???)

(idk if you mean just a waitress au or waitress the musical. if it’s the latter i’m sorry i don’t know it well enough but if it’s the former then congrats here ya go)

“I don’t know, Galinda.” Shenshen looked around the little cafe they had wandered into. “This place looks weird.”

“It is weird,” Galinda said. “That’s the point. Expand your horizons.”

“You said everything is locally grown?” Milla asked politely.

“Yep. Plus no Animal products or exploitation whatsoever. And it’s pay what you can. Anyone can get a meal, no matter what.”

“But we all know the real reason you wanted to come here,” said Pfannee, grinning. “So go on. Where is this waitress you have a crush on?”

“I don’t have a crush,” Galinda protested. “She’s just interesting, that’s all.”

The other three girls shared a look. Galinda huffed. “Whatever. Can we just order?”


“So what happens if you can’t pay the full price?” Milla asked once they ordered and sat down.

“You volunteer an hour,” said Galinda. “Washing dishes or cleaning tables or something.”

“I like it.” Pfannee turned a bit in her chair, taking in the decorations around them. “It’s cute.”

“Sure,” said Shenshen, “but what we’re really interested in is Galinda’s mystery waitress.”

“Will you hush?” Galinda pressed her palms to her cheeks, trying to hide her blush. “It’s not a big deal.”

“So who is she? You haven’t pointed her out.”

Galinda sighed. “You’ll know her when you see her.”


“Potato soup, two avocado sandwiches, and spinach tortellini?” Their plates were placed in front of them with remarkable ease. Galinda looked up and immediately flushed deeper. Around her, the other girls simply stared up at their waitress. “Can I get you anything else?”

“N-no, thank you,” Galinda managed. The girl wandered away, and the others immediately leaned in closer.

“She’s green?”

“Is it natural? Did she die it?”

“Her hair is so pretty.”

“Galinda, are you breathing?”

“Shut up.” Galinda scowled at them. “You’re making a scene.”

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Pfannee. “She’s cute. Weird, but cute.”

“Like this place,” Milla added.

“Her name is Elphaba,” Shenshen said. They all looked at her. “What? Waitresses wear name tags.”

“You should ask her out,” Milla said.


“Yes!” Pfannee said, sitting up straight. “Why not? You know her name.”

“That’s not basis for asking someone out,” Galinda protested.

“No, but thinking they’re cute is.” Shenshen kicked her gently under the table. “Go on. She’s right over there. Do it.”

Galinda glanced across the cafe, where Elphaba sat sorting silverware.

Milla reached over and plucked a fry from her plate, widening her eyes innocently when Galinda gave her a look. “What?”

Galinda rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I’m not asking her out.”

“Do you want to?” asked Shenshen.


“Then it’s decided.” Milla pulled Galinda’s entire basket of food away from her. “No lunch until you ask your cute waitress crush on a date.”

Pfannee giggled and nudged Galinda, encouraging her to stand up from her seat.

“I hate all of you,” she hissed, but she took a breath and straightened her blouse and walked timidly across the room.

Elphaba didn’t notice her until she was right in front of the table, but when she did see her she put down her stack of spoons.

“Can I help you?”

“I, um…” Galinda forced herself not to glance back at her friends, who she could feel watching her. “I was wondering if…”

“You come in here a lot,” Elphaba said. She looked like she was going to add more, but she didn’t. Her cheeks turned a slightly darker green. 

“I like it here.” Galinda bit her lip. “Listen, I wanted to know…I mean, I was…”

Elphaba tilted her head as she trailed off. “What’s your name?”

“Galinda. Do you want to get coffee sometime?” She let out a breath, her shoulders relaxing a little. Elphaba continued to look curiously up at her.

“Are you asking me out?” 


“I don’t drink coffee.”

“Do you go out with girls?”

Elphaba smirked a little. “When nice ones ask me out.”

“So…?” Galinda shifted her weight. Elphaba pulled a pen from her pocket and snatched a napkin from the dispenser on the table.

“My number,” she said, sliding it across the table. She looked over Galinda’s shoulder. “Your friends just got really excited.”

Galinda pressed her palm to her forehead. “Of course they did.” She still refused to look. “So, if not coffee…?”

“Lunch sometime?” Elphaba wrinkled her nose. “Somewhere that’s not here. I eat here too often.”

Galinda beamed, folding the napkin carefully. “That sounds great.”


Since becoming vegan, mushrooms have been a wonderfully fulfilling addition to my diet. Try this simple sandwich recipe with your favorite kind of mushrooms and greens!
I used the following:
2 Shiitake mushrooms sautéed with ½ chopped tomato over medium heat, seasoned with kelp (nice alternative to salt), garlic powder, and black pepper.
2 slices toasted Tuscan Pane bread.
½ avocado sliced and spread onto toast.
Spoonful of olive tapenade spread on top of avocado.
Topped with a handful of spicy spinach blend.
Made and eaten with love 💓


sasuke definitely comes up with roundabout ways to spend time w hinata

he has a massive crush on her but is in denial, or can’t say it

like if this were an office au, he calls her into the conference room to go over some project the company has been working on

he strategically calls her in right before her lunch break

and he has all this fucking food laid out…. but it’s just him and hinata, and he wasn’t exactly sure what she liked to eat so he purchased the whole menu lmao

“Come in, I was just about to have lunch.” He’s sitting at the head of the table and pretends to act super casual, leaning back into the ergonomic chair.

Hinata eyed the feast on the table.

A wide variety of take out items was spread out on the long table of the conference room. Disposable containers with dishes like pasta, stir fry, and sushi took up a majority of the space; she would barely be able to tetris her documents amongst all the food. The litany of appetizers and main courses and desserts teased her senses and the emptiness in her stomach became magnified tenfold.

Was this how CEOs regularly ate? She reasoned that her boss could certainly afford it, even if it seemed a bit excessive.

“Wow, that’s quite the lunch,” was stated in a friendly, neutral manner.

“Yes it appears I ordered too much…” Sasuke cleared his throat, “Have you eaten yet?”

He knew damn well that she hadn’t, so when she shook her head, he smoothly followed up with, “Why don’t you join me?”

The turkey and spinach sandwich she quickly threw together this morning paled in comparison to the banquet in front of her, making her quick to agree.

“Sure,” she smiled, “It is almost lunch time and I know Ino and Kiba are also about to go on break so if you wanted to invi-”

“No no, I think there’s only enough for two,” he was quick to interrupt. While Yamanaka and Inuzuka were good employees, sometimes their personalities grated on his nerves. He already had one energetic loud mouth that followed him at his heels.

Besides, he didn’t want anyone to get in between their… er, meeting.

“… Okay, Uchiha-san…” She fought to keep the skepticism out of her tone, cautious of offending him due to his generous offer and his status as her boss.

“Sasuke,” he insisted. “You can just call me Sasuke.”