I am a blend.

Pour your milk into me and I will remain.

Let its stream pervade into my vibrant soul.

Let its stream hit every aspect of my being, but never allow me to dissolve and disappear.

My color might fade but will always be seen.

Your stream will meet my pool of pride at place where mine and yours will become one.

A blend of value, culture, and identity with a splash of the world around us.

Let the milk of society pour into my soul but never dissolve the tea of my tradition.

Palak / પલક

Spinach Pasta Salad by Janet Hudson
Via Flickr:
Recipe to follow! 2 cups boiled pasta ¼ cup diced red bell peppers ½ cup cooked chopped spinach 1/ cup carrots, parboiled and sliced 1/ cup smoked tofu, cubed 3 tbsp chopped sundried tomatoes with oil 2 tsp lemon juice 4 tsp rice vinegar 1 clove minced garlic 3 tbsp Rice Parmesan Salt & Pepper Combine ingredients. Feeds 2-4. Best if refrigerated overnight.


In the garden 07-06-15

We’ve got our first pea flower hopefully the first of many. It looks like the first thing that will be ready will be the zuchinn and our first cucumber is gonna be weird. The tomatoes are coming in but I’ve already discarded a bunch due to blossom end rot. I’ve Since amended the soil with garden lime, hopefully the rest of the tomatoes will be ok. Cabbage worms have taken a liking to the kale. I picked off all I could find including the eggs and made some decoys out of eggshells. This is my first time trying this. Supposedly the cabbage moths seeing that theres already a cabbage moth laying eggs on a plant will move on to another. Some things have come in unevenly (the spinach and some of the peas) and each time I replant seeds something keeps eating the sprouts. I’ll try growing things indoors until they’ve sized up a bit before moving them out. Lastly, does anyone know what the black worm eating my spinach is?