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“シロ「春さんなんでいつもいるんすか、暇なんすか、帰ったらどうっすか」春「あァ?消すぞクソガキ」時雨「お前ら本当仲良いなぁ〜」(時雨・春・シロ/MODS) 告知絵がつらくて急いでリカバリーをはかった”

New illustration by Natsume Kazki for the release of NIGHTS BEFORE NIGHT, a MODs spin off, published in the new volume of Cab available on the 26th of April.

I remember one day in 2012, I woke up and the usual ringing in my ears had inexplicably become a roar, and I couldn’t stop it. I panicked, not sure what to do, not sure how long this would last. To regain some sanity, I sat down at my computer and turned on my favorite episodes of Running Man. Over the din in my ears, I heard the familiar voices of the RM family, which I’d only fallen in love with 2 years before. Gradually, my tears stopped, an even turned to laughter. I stayed sane that day because they were there for me.

After joining this blog, I heard stories like this a lot, from people around the world. Running Man reached out to them in a time of need, and brought them into a warm embrace. A family full of laughs to help you through each week. Though I’ve gone very quiet on this blog, those feelings never went away. I think that many others feel the same. 

That’s why I know that, even though it’s over, RM will stay on in the hearts of those it touched. It will always be something incredible that happened to me, an incredible show and an incredible group of loving fans who supported every member.

I waited a long time to say something for a lot of reasons–bad news kept unraveling and my head was spinning, and also Mod Hadh had more eloquently said a lot of the things I was feeling. But I wanted to throw in my two cents because like we said, those feels don’t die. I only want the best for all the members, I’m pissed that they were disrespected the way they were, but at the end of the day I will follow the family wherever they go. I’ll always wish them well. 

And you all, too. It was so much fun following you all on this journey, seeing all the beautiful art and writing and theories you created. Thank you for being part of my Running Man Feelings :)

thekaraethoncycle  asked:

I want to see/read the story about the one English speaking person who really like the look of this new "Sword Art Online" game coming out in Japan and so ordered it and then was not only stuck in the death game but also was the only one not speaking Japanese. And them trying to find someone who speaks enough English to tell them what the hell is going on. I think it'd be pretty interesting to see how they'd cope with the language barrier as well as the death game.

Someone… allow this man to write a SAO spin-off.

- Mod Fil