• Silica:You lied to me, and now you want a favor?
  • Leafa:Yes. Silica, we know it's a big favor, and it probably looks even bigger to you, but I'm sure you can see past our lie.
  • Lisbeth:And if you can't, you can get up on that chair, I could put you on our shoulders... Long story abnormally short, will you help us?
  • Silica:Well, those 12 short jokes really primed me.

Honestly this was my favorite song from the sountrack? Like I love how funky it is. Tbh I used to just find Miror B and just let the music play. I alos loved him as a character. I dunno if ya’ll ever played this game but it was one of the best spin-off games!

-Mod Herobrine