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Nico is great at comforting Hazel (I mean come on that forehead kiss and tucking her into bed at the end of blood of olympus like A+ brothering right there) and only Hazel. but everyone else he just awkwardly pets their hair and prays that they stop crying because nico doesn't deal with emotions unless they're his own

Dude, Nico can’t deal with anyone’s emotions, especially his own. (running away from camp bc his sister died and he had a crush on Percy, getting manipulated by Minos, pushing away everyone who tries to help, getting tricked by dad into tricking Percy to come to the underworld, killing a heartless murderous psycho by Screaming at him, Intimidating the Goddess of Misery with how much pain he carries, etc. etc.)

Hazel and Reyna are the only exceptions. Hazel because she’s Nico’s only living mortal family and Nico is damn sure he’s not gonna mess that up again. It just kinda feels natural to take care of Hazel. Reyna because they have an Understanding. They’re running on the same wavelength and they both just Get It without the other needing to explain anything.

Other than that Nico is useless when it comes to emotions. Incredibly awkward, stiff and basically just wants someone else to do this whole consoling thing because wow does he Suck at it. 8 times out of 10 he just makes it worse. 

  • Silica:You lied to me, and now you want a favor?
  • Leafa:Yes. Silica, we know it's a big favor, and it probably looks even bigger to you, but I'm sure you can see past our lie.
  • Lisbeth:And if you can't, you can get up on that chair, I could put you on our shoulders... Long story abnormally short, will you help us?
  • Silica:Well, those 12 short jokes really primed me.

Whenever the Sonic gang runs in with the Mario cast, Sonic and Bowser generally get along really well, while Mario is more fond of Eggman. Sonic and Bowser’s similar egos and penchants for havoc somehow manage to get along splendidly, and they often end up spending lots of time eating and complaining about their respective nemesis. Meanwhile, Mario and Eggman often find themselves bonding over a fondness for their exquisite facial hair and their desires to keep things in order.

Despite being on the same side of the moral compass, Sonic doesn’t like Mario much, and the same holds true for Eggman and Bowser. They generally regard their heroic/villainous counterpart as “doing it wrong”, causing no small amount of frustration when interacting with them.


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“Out of all the main female cast, I feel that Silica and Lisbeth did not get enough screentime. I mean, come on, Asuna was the focus of the Aincrad arc, followed by Leefa in the Fairy Dance arc and Sinon in the Phantom Bullet arc. All Silica and Lisbeth got was one episode, respectively.”

Imagine Person A getting really upset because they never land on Person B when they play spin the bottle. Person B notices this and asks Person A to come with them alone to the next room and kisses them there.