A Day on the Beach

Peter made the poet in you come to life. You never thought you’d be the type of person to indulge in saccharine love and yet you couldn’t love Peter any other way if you tried. He laid in your lap as you sat on the beach. Tony was somewhere with Pepper, Steve and Bucky were somewhere else, and Sam went to go get drunk with Natasha. That left you and Peter on the beach together, his head in your lap as you read sweet poems aloud to him.  He toyed with a seashell in his hand. You stole glances at him as you read. You remembered how you used to pinch at your thighs with distaste when you wore shorts, but if they were any thinner then they wouldn’t be as soft, and Peter deserved the softest of pillows under his head. As you thought about this you let the book fall to your side.

“I was listening,” he protested.

“I know you were, but the book was in the way of your pretty face,” you admitted, running a hand through his hair. He blushed at your compliment, squirming slightly for a moment before covering his face with his hands.

“Stop it,” he groaned, his voice was muffled by his hands. You laughed lightly as you let your hand continue combing through his hair.

“Pete, come on, look at me,” you begged after a few seconds of being without his gaze. You didn’t like it, not being able to see his face whenever you wanted to. He moved his hands and looked up at you with a bashful expression. You leaned over and kissed him.

“Your eyes always reminds me of freshly baked chocolate cake,” you murmured as you hovered above him.

“Stop it!” he whined, covering his face again.

“Peter, let me woo you with sappy compliments,” you laughed.

“I can’t it’s too much.”

“So I shouldn’t tell you that you have lips like a pink rose?” you asked, “or that I’d walk hundreds of miles just to kiss them?”

He looked up at you with an exasperated expression, “I mean I’m supposed to say those things to you!” he complained.

“You make me fuck up the stereotypes. I want to stand outside your window and boombox Somewhere Only We Know. I want to buy you flowers, so many flowers that you’ll have no idea what to do with them all. I want you to be  bathed in flowers. My sweet handsome flower boy.”

He rolled over so he could hide his face in your stomach. You laughed again, patting his shoulders to try and comfort him. You never thought you’d be okay with having someone this close, to have someone as cute a Peter with their face against your stomach without sucking it in at all. He deserved the softest of things, you’d never deny him the softness of your stomach. Steve and Bucky walked past. Steve glance at the two of you and rose a confused eyebrow.

“He’s being bashful. He can’t take my sappy saccharine love,” you explained, “I want to shout how much I love you from the roof tops Peter,” you teased, “I LOVE PETER P-” suddenly his hand was over your mouth.

“Stop!!!” he laughed. Steve and Bucky shook their heads and muttered about young love.

“You are so sappy!” he complained, but you knew he loved it. He moved his hand slowly as if he expected you to start yelling again the moment he move it. When you didn’t say anything he slowly settled back into his previous position, lying on his back using your thighs as a pillow. You quickly bent grabbing his face in your hands, and pressing as many kisses as possible all over his face. He laughed and half heartedly pushed you away.

“My sweet cherub,” you cooed between kisses, “my handsome manly man, my heart, my love, my shnookums.”

“Hey! Love birds!” Tony yelled, and your head snapped up to look at him. Peter sat up too. Tony opened his mouth to scold the two of you but as he looked at the both of you he couldn’t help but to laugh. Peter had lipstick marks all over his face, and your lipstick was smudged. You looked at Peter and laughed too. His hair was all askew and lip prints were all over his face.

“I like this look Peter,” you admitted, “You should always be covered in kisses… wanna know why? Because love looks good on you.”

He rolled his eyes, then surged forward and kissed you. He leaned into you heavily and you weren’t ready so you fell back on the beach towel.

“Hey! Don’t suck face on my watch!” Tony yelled, “I’m telling your Aunt about this!”

Peter sat up and looked to Tony, “Don’t tell May!” he yelled back.

“Leave them alone, Tony!” Natasha yelled, “They’re in love.”

You sat up and turned towards the bar to give her a thankful smile. She only winked in response. You wondered why Sam hadn’t yelled at you yet, then you realized he was putting the moves on someone at the bar. Peter settled back on the beach towel, and you laid on your side, supporting your head with one hand  so you could play with his hair again. You  sort of hovered over him, blocking out the sun. He opened his eyes to see what you were up to know. He looked up at you curiously, then his face settled into a smitten smile.

“You know when Prince Eric wakes up after Ariel saves him from drowning?” he asked. You nodded, “You’re kind of recreating that pose right now.”

“Are you saying I look like Ariel?” you asked skeptically.

“Nah, you’re prettier than Ariel, plus dating someone who’s half fish is a little weird.”

“So you don’t want me to sing Part of Your World to you, because I’ll do it.”

“No… but you kind of look like sunshine… if sunshine were a person… the sun is in your hair and it… it looks like sun rays,” he tried his best to sound smooth and romantic, but his delivery was halted and awkward and distinctly Peter.

You grinned, “I’ll be your Ariel…I’ll always save you when you need it, because nothing makes me stronger like your fragile heart.”

“Why are you so good at that?!” he complained. You laughed again, he sounded so frustrated.

“Maybe because I love you more.”

“No!” he disagreed.

You rolled your eyes because you didn’t mean you loved him more than he loved you. No you meant you loved him more than anything else. More than you could hate the fat on your thighs, more than you could hate the way your stomach stuck out, more than anything that could make you unhappy about yourself because because Peter loved them… and you loved Peter.

“I love you more than anything else.”

“I love you too, Pete, like moons love the planets they spin around.”

~Mod Lillian

ナツメカズキ●「MODS」発売中 on Twitter
“シロ「春さんなんでいつもいるんすか、暇なんすか、帰ったらどうっすか」春「あァ?消すぞクソガキ」時雨「お前ら本当仲良いなぁ〜」(時雨・春・シロ/MODS) 告知絵がつらくて急いでリカバリーをはかった”

New illustration by Natsume Kazki for the release of NIGHTS BEFORE NIGHT, a MODs spin off, published in the new volume of Cab available on the 26th of April.

artsyzar  asked:

Avengers x teen reader where the reader is like sailor moon 🌙

I literally just though of all the stupid quips Tony would make.

“Hey magical girl, on your right.”

“Wait she’s gotta twirl around first.”

“No no it’s cute it is, except we don’t have time for you to spin around like ballerina.”

~Mod Lillian

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How do you do chibis? My little pony and humans?



here are some tutorials on both from several different artists. what I would recommend would be trying out every tutorial, then mixing them up a bit and try creating your own style! That's how most people start out is looking to the greats and trying to out there own spin on it
~Mod Lex~

anonymous asked:

in your opinion, which male skater has the best spins? (speed, positions, etc). Thank you and have a nice day!

Thanks for asking!

In my opinion Jason Brown has the best spins. His positions are almost always aesthetically pleasing, and always look effortless, like he doesn’t have to try very hard to reach the position; his spins maintain good speed, he doesn’t slow down to a crawl like some skaters, he keeps them well-centred, and he routinely hits level 4 and gets high GOEs for them. Whatever you think of the rest of his skating, he would smash a spin competition out of the ballpark.

I think my favourite spin of his is his camel-change-camel. I am a massive sucker for a good basic camel and both his basic and variations are exquisite:


It was a normal, peaceful meme-y day, in which our two lovely mods, Mod Ev and Mod Jared were once again chilling out like two bros (no homo) and enjoying their lives together (noo homo).  It was some time after Canada Day, in which every Canadian comes out of their winter dens to celebrate with fireworks and hockey sticks, and because fidget spinners are a thing now, there had also been patriotic looking fidget spinners that Mod Ev was lucky to get.

Of course, on this perfectly meme-y, no homo day, Mod Ev was messing around with it, much to Mod Jared’s pleasure.

“You knoooow,” our wonderful .5 mod started, “I bet if you have like, a really small dick, you could totally fuck a fidget spinner.”  Mod Ev stopped spinning the fidget spinner, looking at Mod Jared with a look of mild horror.  Of course Mod Jared would bring up something like that.

“I mean, sure.  I guess.”

“Yeah!  There’s like, holes and everything.  You could fit THREE small penises in there!”


“And you know…” Mod Jared crept suspiciously close to Mod Ev, making the latter look at them warily.  "I reeeeaally like that Canada Day fidget spinner you got there.“ 



“It’s mine!”

“But would YOU fuck the fidget spinner?”

“Let’s not talk about that.”

“Cause I would. I have a huuuuuge kink for this Canadian fidget spinner.”

“Oh my god, shut up please.” Mod Jared laughs and rests their chin on Mod Ev’s shoulder.

“The biggest kink.”

“No.  You can’t fuck my fidget spinner.”

“Why not?”

“It can’t give consent!”

“Fiiiiine.” Mod Jared pouts, leaning against Mod Ev.  

They remain silent, the two of them watching the fidget spinner spin in Mod Ev’s hand.  It was comfortable, and nice, even without the memes.

Mod Jared smiles with warmth, before wrapping their arms around Mod Ev.  Mod Ev looks at them with surprise, since it isn’t everyday that Mod Jared becomes surprisingly tame with their comments and gestures.

“You knoooow,” they drawl out slowly, leaving Mod Ev hanging.


“Fidget spinners can also apply to people.”

“Okay…? Why?”

“Because people who spin fidget spinners are technically fidget SPINNERS.”


“And…” Mod Jared presses their lips against Mod Ev’s for a brief few seconds, pulling away with a cocky grin as the other mod sputters incoherently. “I have the BIGGEST kink for this Canadian fidget spinner.”


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( I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much I LOVE your Specs. So here I am. — I LOVE YOUR SPECS. You’re perfect. )

(( @jackscrutchie Dreams achieved. I can pack up. I can go home now. This is the only thing that I’ll be posting about for weeks, folks. au revoir friends.

Jk thank you thank you thank you ;0; This means so much to me considering you were one of the one’s who’ve inspired me to start in the first place. Keep on the incredible work, pal ))