I am so fucking sick to my stomach.

I was literally about to go to sleep, then I hear about the Charleston shooting. I can’t believe the white man really walked into a Black church and shot 9 people while they were praying. Are you fucking kidding me? I can already see how the media will spin this shit like he had some sort of mental disorder or some shit. No fuck that call it what it is, it’s terrorism. There’s no defending this. I’m just praying so hard for Charleston right now. Not only Charleston but to all my black brothers and sisters. We can’t even go to Church and feel safe anymore.

Hearts and Foxes’ Mobile Play

Spinmedia’s new tween/teen celebrity site Hearts and Foxes is positioning itself for the mobile era.

Sometimes it takes an origami calendar to prove you’re onto something. Hearts and Foxes, the new teen/tween celebrity site from Spinmedia, found its name serendipitously. Site editor Aimee Curran was sitting through naming meeting after naming meeting. And like anyone who’s had to suffer through these, she started doodling and found herself drawing a fox and a heart. The next day, the company’s lead engineer, Kris Cost, saw that his origami of the day calendar was showing how to make a fox. The following day, the calendar depicted a heart. It was kismet.

Hearts and Foxes, which went live on March 23, is also betting that timing is in its corner. After recognizing the limitations of WordPress, which the entire Spinmedia empire (Spin, Brooklyn Vegan, and Stereogum, to name a few) uses, the company decided it needed a flexible framework to foster mobile publishing. It wanted a better foundation for better touchpoints across devices. In entertainment, where news moves rapidly, Hearts and Foxes set out to create a new platform that was better in tune with storytelling for the mobile era.

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1D and Media Spin

It must be very good to be One Direction.

Not only are the boys adored by girls all over the world, but they’re also raking it in.

New figures reveal that the band - which included Zayn Malik at the time - got payed more than £1 each just for agreeing to their Where Are We Now tour.

That means that they were literally rolling it in even before they sang a note or sold a ticket. Good going, eh?

Accounts for their company ODOT, which stands for One Direction on Tour, reveal the company had £6.1 million in assets in its first year.

The documents signed by Liam Payne, state: “Advances are taken to income on receipt.”

The money covers the year to May 2014 which is just after the 69-date world tour kicked off.

Overall the tour grossed £185 million, but as well as paying the band, much of that would go to paying for the stadiums, roadies and travel costs.

Zayn Malik, who quit the group earlier this year, will still get his share as he remains a director of the company through his holdings in another 1D firm.

The tour kicked off in Bogota, Columbia on April 25 and ended in Miami on October 5.

It was ranked as the 12th biggest grossing tour of all time.

A financial expert said: “They receive advances to ensure they will commit to the tour and secure their services for a certain period.

"There’s a huge amount of outlay in arranging a tour and the organisers will want to be sure that the star attractions are going to be there.”

Figures from 1D Media released last year show the band grossed just under £50 million, with most of the money coming from the UK.

From here it looks like the world is One Direction’s oyster - well, except for Glastonbury.

Niall Horan recently claimed that he didn’t see the festival in the group’s future because they’re ‘not cool enough’.

He told 3am: “We’re not cool enough to play at Glastonbury. It’s so cool, we had loads of fun.

"We were there for a day but we had to leave at 1am because we had a gig, but we’re going back next year for sure. It’s great that we get to come back home after every concert on the European tour.”

The thought for the day continues to be “o rly?”. LOL I know in this part of the fandom we’ve been discussing both Zayn’s continuing business associations with 1D as well as how difficult it would be to get out of a touring contract (I has a sad ain’t gonna do it).

Why is The Mirror bringing this up? Why now? Why the gratuitous Liam mention? Why mention that an “expert” says touring contracts are designed to make sure the stars show up for a specific period of time?

Unreality has done their own version of this story based on The Mirror’s:

An excerpt:

The good news for them is that they later signed up for another world tour, On The Road, which wrapped up in Europe last week. It’s likely that the lads were advanced a similar amount for those shows, though Zayn may have had to forfeit his payment since he left the band in March 2015, shortly after the tour began.

First, notice the Larry-centric click bait headline. Then notice how Lisa McGarry  speculates that Zayn gave back his OTRA advance, with no proof to support that assumption. This I think was done to neutralize the mysterious “expert” comments. This article also doesn’t mention Zayn’s directorship and doesn’t make a gratuitous Liam mention.

1DHQ what are you playing at? We’ve got two articles that seem to be catering to two different audiences: one pro stunt (which many Ziam believers support) , one anti-stunt (which many Larry believers support). They’re keeping everybody’s attention, though. Smart, but shady. 

This tour started before PSY became famous. We’re proud of him and very happy for him. PSY let know more people know about Korean culture and Korean music. But other than that, those same people who have an interest in Big Bang — in our music, in our style, in our music videos — they’re coming to see us.
—  Taeyang
Punknews.org and the Westboro Baptist Church

At the risk of editorializing too much, Punknews (and Spin Media) can absolutely fuck off. Click bait is one thing, but providing a space for Steve Drain to expound on his and the Westboro Baptist Church’s beliefs is absolutely disgusting.

I don’t give a fuck how you tangentially they connected it to punk music. The majority of the interview was Steve Drain promoting his fucking hate group. Providing an absolute piece of human garbage a forum like that is unacceptable.

I don’t give a shit that “lol I asked him about The Dwarves lol.”

“Recently, on TV, we saw how the Paul McGann Doctor died - now it’s time to find out how he lived.”

In case you are interested, and I know a lot of you aren’t because facts are terribly troublesome things that get in the way off all your anti-Moffat ranting, this is an old quote from Moffat where he he is describing the entire Eight Doctor audio range of adventures, not the upcoming ones with River. This is Moffat endorsing the show’s spin-off media, not claiming ownership.  


Miley Cyrus Exclusive Interview with SpinMedia on AMA Red Carpet

Spin Media’s Makeover

Spin Media is trying to rebuild itself, and introducing a creative services team to help advertiser’s create content.

Spin Media’s Steve Hansen has had a hell of a first six months as the company’s CEO. But he’s looking over the horizon of the next two years, and while it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, Hansen sees some rays of sunlight peeking through.

Buzz Media, which bought Spin Media last July and rebranded itself as Spin Media this March, is coming off a year of tremendous turnover, both on the business side and editorial side. But out of the ashes, the company is focusing on three core tenets — audience engagement, better advertising opportunities for brands and a beefed-up technology platform — to build its digital business.

Click through to read the rest. Oh, and Spin Magazine, the print version, is coming back.

VIBE Magazine Sold To SpinMedia, May Become Online Only

VIBE Magazine Sold To SpinMedia, May Become Online Only Once again, VIBE magazine has been sold. SpinMedia announced its purchase of the Urban music and fashion title, and its multiple websites, today. Reports the New York Times: SpinMedia, a group of music and pop culture Web sites that…