Getting ready for an influx of media spin on how Kasich is a moderate. Pro-tip; if you tried to pass ‘right-to-work’ through the statehouse TWICE, passed clinic restrictions to drive abortion clinics out of business, presided over tax cuts that devastated local budgets, installed charter school cronies to the state board of education (to cook to the books), intervened to prevent medical marijuana, and ignored environmental catastrophes brought on by fracking and unfettered pollution? Not a moderate.


EMPIRE MAGAZINE (March 2016): Lois Lane (and Clark/Superman) Teases
     It’s been a few years since Man of Steel, but Lois Lane hasn’t slowed down. […] Her priority is definitely the latest scoop. It could be that Lex Luthor is in her journalist crosshairs this time. If the first film found space to ponder the state of journalism in the digital age, this new adventure takes a sidelong glance at how the media can be manipulated by the powerful. “How corporations can use the media,” says Adams, “and different people can use media to spin perception.” It’s a theme also reflected in the headlines The Daily Planet and Gotham Free Press run for and against their local heroes. […]
     And if the guys in tights are grabbing the front page, Lane serves a vital function amid their mayhem. Because Superman, as she puts it, is “100 percent earnest”, while Batman is “a little self-serious”. Whereas Lois Lane is the one who is effectively saying, “Really?” “She is the one asking the questions,” Adams says proudly. “She speaks from an audience perspective.” [Nonetheless, her] fearless determination to get to the truth of any story is “messing” with Superman’s agenda to become accepted by the rest of the world; it hardly looks good if he’s prioritizing rescuing her over any other human being, yet how can he not? 

Hearts and Foxes’ Mobile Play

Spinmedia’s new tween/teen celebrity site Hearts and Foxes is positioning itself for the mobile era.

Sometimes it takes an origami calendar to prove you’re onto something. Hearts and Foxes, the new teen/tween celebrity site from Spinmedia, found its name serendipitously. Site editor Aimee Curran was sitting through naming meeting after naming meeting. And like anyone who’s had to suffer through these, she started doodling and found herself drawing a fox and a heart. The next day, the company’s lead engineer, Kris Cost, saw that his origami of the day calendar was showing how to make a fox. The following day, the calendar depicted a heart. It was kismet.

Hearts and Foxes, which went live on March 23, is also betting that timing is in its corner. After recognizing the limitations of WordPress, which the entire Spinmedia empire (Spin, Brooklyn Vegan, and Stereogum, to name a few) uses, the company decided it needed a flexible framework to foster mobile publishing. It wanted a better foundation for better touchpoints across devices. In entertainment, where news moves rapidly, Hearts and Foxes set out to create a new platform that was better in tune with storytelling for the mobile era.

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My second time seeing one of my favorite bands! Best Coast did NOT disappoint!!! They played all my favorites and ended their set with my ultimate jam “Boyfriend” they had confetti cannons blasting as Bethany sang the last couple lines from the song it was the perfect ending to a perfect set of a perfect night! #BestCoast #Spin #SpinMedia #SpinMagazine #YearInMusic2015 #TheRegent


Miley Cyrus Exclusive Interview with SpinMedia on AMA Red Carpet

This tour started before PSY became famous. We’re proud of him and very happy for him. PSY let know more people know about Korean culture and Korean music. But other than that, those same people who have an interest in Big Bang — in our music, in our style, in our music videos — they’re coming to see us.
—  Taeyang