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I just want to make this clear for everybody before tomorrow and the inevitable media spin that tries to make leftists look bad - the “rally” going on in Charlottesville tomorrow is a Nazi rally. These are open Nazis trying to organize for white supremacy and genocide. This isn’t just Milo or some “troll.” This isn’t a fucking game. Before you say something about whatever happens tomorrow, remember that these aren’t moderate conservatives or some shit. This isn’t your racist uncle that listens to Rush Limbaugh. It isn’t my Dad that votes Republican for lower tax rates. These are Nazis. Open, proud, Nazis. And they absolutely must be stopped, and those that stop them are heroes.

“Steve in CA:CW only thinks about Bucky!” / “Steve broke up the Avengers for Bucky!” 

I can’t count the number of times I have seen these phrases or variants thereof uttered in fandom, and it’s starting to make me a little bit bananas. So I’m gonna break down the issues with this line of thinking. 

First off, it isn’t true at all. Yes, Steve has a strong emotional response to issues involving Bucky, and yes, Bucky is a key piece on the chessboard in CA:CW. Decisions are made regarding him that impact the eventual split of the Avengers. But ultimately, Steve’s choices in the movie are rational and based on Steve’s ethics, Steve’s unwillingness to allow pointless death, and Steve’s mistrust of institutions after having been burned twice. All else being equal, and Bucky not being a factor, it is hard to imagine Steve making wholly different choices.

Steve goes after Bucky when he’s accused of bombing the UN, but does so to bring him in, and because there is a kill order on Bucky. Bucky is a goddamn living weapon, and will not go quietly into that good night; Steve has no way of knowing at that point if Bucky will use lethal force or not against those trying to apprehend him, and so goes after him because Steve has a better chance than anyone else of bringing him in without loss of life. Steve going after Bucky alone is a course of action he feels compelled to take not only to save Bucky’s life, but the lives of everyone else involved, at risk to his own. Steve is very explicit about this in his conversation with Natasha ( “If he’s this far gone, then… I should be the one to bring him in.” “Why?” “Because I’m the one least likely to die trying”). At this point, no other Avengers are involved; this is Steve’s choice and Steve’s action, and not a determining factor on the fate of the team. 

While Bucky’s lack of due process is pretty clearly upsetting to Steve, he is still willing to consider the Accords even after that whole incident, and even with his skepticism about the Accords’ definition of accountability. He doesn’t wholly back out until he finds out Wanda is being kept under house arrest without her knowledge and without any justification beyond her perceived ‘dangerousness’ (keep in mind, the incident in Lagos is because Crossbones set off a bomb; more people would have died without Wanda’s intervention. The hate toward her in-universe is a result of media spin and fear of powered people, because her powers weren’t enough to save everyone. It’s worth wondering: had it been one of Tony’s automated suits that didn’t get the bomb clear in time, would we be seeing the same furor?). This is understandably upsetting to a guy who lived through a period of seeing people interned and worse based on public fear of certain minorities, and has seen how it can escalate into absolute horror; while Wanda’s imprisonment is cushy, as Tony points out, it sets a profoundly disturbing precedent. 

When Steve and Team Cap face off against Team Iron Man at the airport, it’s because they need to get to Siberia – not because Steve just wants to run off with Bucky. Steve attempts to explain the situation (“…And there are 5 more super soldiers just like him. I can’t let the doctor find them first, Tony. I can't”), and Tony makes it clear he has no intention of listening at that point (“All right, I’ve run out of patience. Underoos!”).  Steve is left with no choice but to fight his way out to stop what Zemo’s trail has led them to believe is an incredibly serious and imminent threat to global safety, which Tony is unwilling to listen to, and which Ross is later unwilling to take seriously.  

The film’s initial marketing (and hyper-focus on the eyeroll-worthy “he’s my friend”/”so was I” exchange) plus the lens of Stucky shipping have actually done us a disservice, I think, by characterizing Steve as someone who makes all his choices around Bucky. But even with Bucky not being a factor, I honestly don’t think we’d see Steve make different choices when forced into this same situation and provided with the same intel. With the threat of brainwashed super soldiers being unleashed and no time to wait for the UN to get its ass in gear – and that only happening IF Ross could be convinced to listen – he would probably still head to Siberia to try to stop it himself should no one else listen and be willing to act. If Wanda was being imprisoned and a precedent set for interning enhanced people who didn’t sign the Accords, I think he’d still be opposed to signing. Even before Bucky is ever a factor, Steve has legitimate concerns about the Accords – Accountable to whom? What’s the process? What happens to people who don’t sign? What guarantee do they have that the Avengers won’t be used for national agendas?

Maybe Tony would have been more willing to listen to Steve if Bucky weren’t involved. But Steve is actually responding pretty rationally throughout, and being honest with himself about what he thinks he can and can’t promise in good faith.

Tony, on the other hand, is painted by many fans as someone who is making choices from a rational, reasonable place, but if we look at what is said and done canonically… the opposite appears to be true?

While unquestionably an intellectually brilliant man, Tony is pretty consistently characterized as someone who reacts from a place of emotion and impulse rather than from a place of detached intellectual analysis. It’s part of what makes him an interesting character, and makes him diverge from the ‘aloof genius’ archetype we see with Reed Richards and a number of other super-geniuses of the Marvel universe. He makes a lot of choices – good and bad – based on strong feelings and gut reactions rather than thinking things through. Sometimes this means throwing caution to the winds and setting a whole new ethical course for his company. And sometimes this means accidentally inventing a murderbot. 

Tony straight up tells Steve that he wants to sign the Accords to get Pepper back while still doing his Iron Man shtick ( “I never stopped. Cause the truth is I don’t wanna stop. I don’t want to lose her. I thought maybe the Accords can split the difference.”) And he only gets involved with the Accords after being made to feel guilty when ambushed by Miriam. Tony’s support of the Accords stems from his personal guilt, and personal motivations to get Pepper back more than any consideration of longterm, far-reaching effects. We can see the lack of thought he’s put into this when Tony himself later goes completely rogue and ignores Ross (to whom he’s supposed to answer under the Accords), defying the very policies he’s been pushing because they become inconvenient in a way he didn’t anticipate. We also see it when he admits he didn’t know the rogue Avengers would be thrown into the RAFT, implying he didn’t investigate the ramifications of the Accords fully. The timeframe of the Accords is rushed, with the Avengers given an ultimatum on an absurd deadline, and Tony’s eagerness to soothe his guilt and repair his relationship drives him to help force them into that scenario – where a schism is more or less an inevitability. 

And contrary to the narrative that the marketing team seemed to push and that a lot of fans on both sides cling to, it isn’t Steve’s reaction in this conflict that comes from a place of emotional impulsivity due to Bucky. 

In fact, the most visceral, emotional, irrational decision made in regards to Bucky in the course of the movie? Is made by Tony

Now, I can’t honestly blame him for wanting to kill Bucky after seeing the footage of Howard and Maria’s deaths – I would straight up murder anyone who laid a finger on my mom, no matter the situation, so I have a LOT of sympathy. But while it’s understandable, it is not excusable. Bucky did not have any agency as the Winter Soldier. He was a brainwashed torture victim with no free will; the culpability for Howard and Maria’s deaths lies on the HYDRA handler who sent the Winter Soldier after them. And Tony knows this. But he responds from a place of pain and emotion and tries to kill Bucky anyway – because he’s hurting and wants to make someone else hurt too, and also, according to the Russoes’ commentary, to hurt Steve. 

And it’s that final violence, with Bucky and Steve forced to fight Tony for Bucky’s life, that drives the ultimate wedge in the Avengers. Tony had seen the flaws in the Accords and been willing to defy Ross; Steve finally had the opportunity to explain the threats he was dealing with and have Tony listen; they were ready to confront Zemo together. Up to that point, reconciliation and reunification of the Avengers had been a very tangible, present possibility. But once again, Tony backs Steve into a corner with an ultimatum: before, it was his ethics or his legal standing. Now, it’s Tony’s friendship, or Bucky’s life. And because Steve is obviously not willing to let Tony straight-up murder Bucky to satisfy his vengeance, that reconciliation is taken off the table.

So yes, the Avengers are ultimately still broken up at the end of CA:CW because of an irrational decision made about Bucky.

But it’s not made by Steve. 

the fact that the ‘couple of candles left’ was in reference to the many candles he had and that specific story and not about having a few flames left tells you everything you need to know about what the media will spin and write based off his original image and also how we should never read articles ever again and only wait to hear the audio because context and hes CLEARLY trying to shake that image

Donald Trump Has Criticised Sadiq Khan Over The London Bridge Terror Attack (Again)
The mayor of London previously said he was too busy to reply to the US President's "ill-informed" tweets.
By Jim Waterson

Donald Trump has once again decided to comment on the London Bridge terror attack, which resulted in the deaths of seven individuals, by criticising Sadiq Khan.

The US President accused Khan of having “to think fast” after the mayor of London said there was no reason for Londoners to be alarmed following the terror attack, which appears to have been conducted by Islamist extremists.

Trump also said the mainstream media was spinning the story on the mayor’s behalf and implied Khan, one of the only Muslim mayors of a major Western city, had to come up with an explanation for his comments after the event.

Previously on LiliCole Sprousehart: We started off where we last saw them, not revealing too much and mostly spending time with their friends. Lili wasnt feeling too great and had a lot of anxiety. They are also maximising hangouts with friends before going to Vancouver for almost a year (YES A YEAR CAN YOU BELIEVE). Lili liked a post on Facebook saying how this girl used to be jealous of everyone getting to kiss Cole but now she was jealous of Cole cuz he gets to kiss Lili *smug face*. 

Cole joined the folks over at Reddit and commented on a video of Lili from “Scientastic”, (which one of my anons found!) saying how Lili would kill him for mentioning this in an interview - like a PROPER hubby. 

Lili then proceeded their Social Media spree, with replying a fan on Twitter who wanted to know which one of the Sprouse twins as kids was Cole. She knew straight up (duuuh*). She also tweeted “She was his Meme Queen of the silver screen” which is a biiiit eye emoji worthy to say the least.

The Twitter party continued and Debby confirmed Cole lives with her when she liked a tweet about how she and Lili knows each other because Cole introduced them and how Lili now always hangs out at their place. Good times indeed. But the Social Media party didnt stop there. Someone saw Cole and Lili’s Spotify accounts and noticed that they only follow each other and a few artists. But dudes, don’t bother asking about their account names; we wont give them out and everything is set in private now anyways. 

NEXT UP BABY! NEWWWWW YOOOOORKKKK!!!! Lili, Cole and Mads travelled together and as we all know, they dare to post about each other whilst with another cast mate. We got videos from both Cole AND Lili! #shook. Lili photographed Cole in the NY cab and posted them on here. SUCH LOVELY. Dont ever forget; “I’m the photographer now”. 


Cole left for London and Paris, but couldn’t help but to leave a little small emoji on Lili’s instagram post. Yes, you read correctly. AN EMOJI. Cole Sprouse commented with an emoji. And not whichever emoji; the heart eyes emoji.

To finish this week off. Cole’s stepmother liked Lili’s post that Cole commented. Cole is in Europe. Lili is hanging out at Debby’s/Cole’s even when he’s away. 
PHEW, that was long. 

Next week on LiliCole Sprousehart: I don’t even know. My head is spinning. Their social media game was INTENSE. Lets hope for more. Stay tuned as always!

hold onto your hats as I present a possibly questionable zimbits au

It’s kinda a Night at the Museum au where Bitty (who can’t make ends meet with his baking) reluctantly takes a job as the night watchman at a sporting museum in Providence.

Everything comes to life at night, and once Bitty gets over being freaked out of his skin, he starts actually bonding with certain people. He gets a bit of a crush on one Jack Zimmermann of the Providence Falconers, and basically falls for him. But these mannequins/wax-figures/whatever are only reflections of who they’re representing, and so the Jack that Bitty knows (and loves?) isn’t quite right. He’s more the media version of Jack.

Then there’s a big event at the museum, and Bitty meets the real Jack. He’s starstruck for a second until Jack says something that the mannequin!Jack has said before. Totally the same phrasing, tone, etc, and suddenly Bitty’s lost his nerves and is chatting away with Jack like they’re old friends. Which they’re not, and Jack is being media Jack with Bitty, this random person he does now know who won’t stop talking to him. It makes him seem even more like mannequin!Jack. They do start hanging out though, after the event. Jack ended up appreciating how Bitty could get him away from less pleasant atendees who had less pleasent things to say and imply toward him. Bitty didn’t act around Jack like many other people do, and Jack liked it.

It’s beacuse Bitty feels like he already knows Jack, and in some surface ways, that’s true. He knows his parents names, and his hockey stats, and his favourite book. He doesn’t know what he dreams about at night, and what he does first thing in the morning, and whether he’d cry or yell if he gets angry.

Bitty has to re-learn who Jack is. He struggles with learning all these things about the real Jack–his anxiety, and his fears, and how different his past is to mannequin!Jack. He learns the real Jack, not the media-spin history of mannequin!Jack

So it’s rocky, and Jack gets worried that Bitty is pulling away, and he asks Bitty about it. Bitty can’t lie to Jack. So he tells the truth. About the museum and what happens at night. He brings him along, and Jack meets his mannequin self, and proceeds to have the strangest conversation of his life.

And then they can move forward in their relationship, with Jack in the know, and Bitty letting go of mannequin!Jack for the real thing.

louis emphasising how good of friends ot4 are and that the media spin bullshit all the time but at the end of the day they’re family who would drop everything for each other at the blink of an eye

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What does it mean to have Scorpio Pluto?

Whenever a Fixed Sign (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus) is found in Pluto, the generation is said to be a ‘revolutionary’

“Trying to figure out what the Pluto in Scorpio generation is up to is extremely difficult for the rest of us. Everything happens out of sight, in cyber reality - or maybe telepathy?” RosieOne

On the dark side, the Pluto in Scorpio generation (1984-1995) must deal with serious depression, inner depression - and also outer economic depression. Suicides and mass killings, bullying, oppression, slavish debt, corporate corruption, and the secret government(s) - and wars where citizens, even the soldiers, don’t know what we are fighting for

Pluto in Scorpio were the first generation to have a higher death by suicide than death by combat, and many were forced onto chemical pharmaceuticals at a young age. Pluto obliterates everything it touches, and the Fixed structures of society are shattered by Pluto in Scorpio. A generation forced to fight against their government to save the environment (climate change denial, pandering to resource companies) Taurus, the ecology sign is the duality of Scorpio meaning the war is very much environmental, and the advocacy is aggressive. This generation has been in-programmable to capitalist spin and mainstream media propaganda, and this has been inherited by the following Pluto in Sagittarius.


Be Kind

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:   1171
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request either a Jensen or Jared x reader (your choice!) where she their PA on set and they’ve had feelings for each other for a long time, but she’s afraid to move forward because she knows how harsh the fandom can be and she’s scared of getting close to him?

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know.

         “Good morning, Y/N,” Jensen smiled as soon as you walked onto the set with two cups of coffee and your usual planner to keep track of everything Jensen was supposed to do that day and the coming days.

           “Good morning,” you smiled as well. Being a personal assistant for Jensen Ackles was the best job you could have ever asked for. Not only did he treat you like a normal person, but he treated you like a friend, “I have coffee.”

           “Because you’re amazing,” he said, taking the coffee you offered him.

           “I try,” you grinned, taking a sip of the other coffee.

           “So, what’s on the agenda for the weekend?” Jensen asked as the two of you walked toward where he was going to be filming a scene.

           “You’re actually free this weekend,” you told him.

           “So, that means you’re free?” he asked.

           You nodded, “I guess that’s what it means too.”

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You spiiiin me right round baby right round like the way a paper in the mainstream media does with something that’s a betrayal of what Scotland was promised.

Some of you might remember that in the run up to the 2014 referendum Scottish Labour, as part of Better Together, rolled out the leaflets seen in first picture. They promised that Glasgow shipyards would receive a purchase order for 13 Type-26 frigates. Pretty enticing for those who’s lives depended on the future of the shipyards.

Of course that didn’t last long because a year and a bit after the referendum, with no purchase order being submitted, the UK government dropped that figure to 8 frigates. Not what we were promised.

Well, the Scotsman has a great story for you today. A whopping THREE frigates have been announced. THE SHIPYARDS ARE SAVED! Or they were sold a lie and have had their purchase order cut by ten frigates.

This is the sort of media spin we’re up against in Scotland. There are positives to this story, I’m not saying that the frigates will be good for the shipyards. But it’s a case of the UK government promising one thing in return for staying in the union, giving us drastically less than what was promised, and then the British media propping up the Westminster choice as if they’ve swooped in to save the day.

Fight the spin or Scotland will end up going down…down.

A Day in the Life

A/N: This here story is dedicated to my @larkistin who has given me this bitch of a prompt to write. Thank you @minidodds for the beta.

Oh, for fuck’s sake!

6.00 a.m.

Rafael swore as his alarm screeched annoyingly. He groped his beside table, eyes still closed, in search of his phone. His own personal groundhog day hell. Every morning he told himself that he would change that irritating tone and every morning he opted to snooze for a further five minutes before rising for his daily java fix.

A cold shiver shot through Rafael’s spine as he threw back his blankets, skin erupting in goosebumps as his feet made contact with the cold hardwood floor. He could have sworn he had a pair of slippers somewhere. Not that he had any inclination to go searching for them, it would certainly make him late for work.

Work! The thought spurred Rafael into action. Shedding his silk pajamas, Rafael trudged into the shower. The jet of steaming water slowly brought his mind to life, along with other parts of his body. Rafael grumbled slightly, he often wished he planned for this inevitability. No wonder he always so stressed out at work. There was only one thing he could think of to cure this frustration. Coffee!

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Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Thirty-Seven

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature : NSFW **dirty dirty**

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Aria stood in the large space, which would become her second restaurant, the insides gutted and under construction. She was working with her contractor and designer to plan out the final placement of the dining and kitchen areas. Her mind was envisioning how she wanted everything, down to the seating area for those waiting for tables. Aria was consumed by planning every minute detail in order to avoid thinking about Jeffrey and the media. The length of time apart had made the heart grow fonder and the mind go crazier.

She’d come to realize she needed Jeffrey in her life more than she’d originally thought. He’d become a cornerstone to her mental stability and without him, she’d been spinning out. 

The medias efforts to drive her loony and film it, had not helped in the slightest. Ever since the pictures of Liam holding her, the paparazzi had been relentlessly following their every move. Every dirtbag with a camera was aching for a shot of Aria and Liam doing something inappropriate. It would be a huge payday for them and they were not taking any chances on missing it. 

Thankfully, Jeffrey was coming home the next morning and she couldn’t wait to finally see him in person. The lack of physical contact with him was not only sexually frustrating but emotionally draining. She wanted a Jeffrey Dean Motherfucking Morgan hug, the best kind of hugs on earth. He’d wrap her up from top to bottom, rock her back and forth, making everything all fucking better. 

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Sounds like TMZ is creating a sensationalized headline. I doubt any review has actually happened. It's just come 8AM in LA, when courts would actually open, and this isn't exactly a pressing matter for them to come in on the weekend or early Monday morning to review. No serious injuries or death. Not even a felony charge. Plus his hearing isn't scheduled until the end of the month. TMZ is pulling that entire article out of their ass IMO using really negative descriptors. The question is why?

Exactly. Especially given the fact that the pap’s involvement seemed planned. At first I thought it was just to make Louis look like the ‘protective boyfriend’ and give Elounor a more serious spin in the media, but now I wonder if what happened was to a certain extent planned (aka the pap was meant to ‘sue’ in order to lead to possibly a movement on the bg front), or if they are just going with the flow now that things have gotten worse and the pap actually fell. It’s interesting how TMZ is focusing on the pap whilst the British media is focusing on the girls (as the two syndicated narratives on Saturday already pointed out).

My problem is that I don’t understand if TMZ’s involvement is a coincidence and it’s due to the fact that they are known to focus on this sort of drama, or if it’s because of their relation to bg.

fireminer  asked:

When did local toku heroes become a thing? What is the first of them like?

From the information I can find on Japanese websites (the English language info on Local Heroes is seriously lacking) the trend began in the mid-2000s with the arrival of Choujin Neiger in the city of Nikaho in Akita Prefecture.

Choujin Neiger was the brainchild of Tamotsu Ebina, a former Univeral Wrestling Federation wrestler and gym manager. Choujin Neiger’s true identity is Ken Akita and is the protector of agriculture and is designed to resemble a local oni called the namahage.

In the above picture, he is wielding his Buriko (Sandfish) Gun though his other weapons include the Kiritan (named after a traditional local food) swords:

His preferred method of transit is a vehicle named after a sauce for fish called the Shotstar, which transforms into his ride from a combine harvester.

Neiger transforms into his heroic form thanks to the mystical Gōshaku Jewel though he is not the only one to harness this power.  There are several local heroes of Akita Prefecture, all of whom draw their powers from this gem.  They include:

Neiger Geon the defender of forestry:

Aragemaru  defender of fisheries:

Neiger Mai the defender of local industry:

Choujin Neiger became so popular that he spawned spin-off media including radio drams, manga, TV specials and a few songs about him, including one by the legendary Ichiro Mizuki!

Now, he might not be the very first Local Hero but from what I can find Chouin Neiger was the first to really get the trend started. Of course, a lot of this information is based on Japanese sources badly translated so it may not be entirely accurate.

Still, I hope this helps answer your question and introduce you to a new Local Hero!

This is a post I’m making called ‘own your shadow’ and I invite people to join in.

The problems that a lot of the world face currently are caused by the fact that we accept and take pride in some aspects and achievements of our society and we seek to subvert the less attractive realities of how these aspects often came about.

For example, we talk about how ‘we won the war’/‘we won the world cup’/‘we abolished slavery’ however when remembering the time immediately prior to this, we phrase it as ‘they owned slaves’.
We talk about people in poverty (particularly people of colour) and we refuse to accept that we see them as a different species, a black 9 year old child gets gunned down at night time in Detroit and people ask ‘where were the parents?’ ‘Why were they allowing their child on the streets at night time?’ and we seek to talk about ‘them’ being ‘the other’ and being inherently to blame instead of asking ourselves ‘okay, so what time should a child not be on the street in order to not be murdered?’ And acknowledging that we hear ‘black’ and we hear ‘Detroit’ and the story in our head is already written.

This is how our society avoids the necessary conversations which lead to solving the problems that we, as a collective have to tackle. This is refusing to own our shadow.

And so I’m going to make a post which may or may not change some opinions on this matter, it may or may not cause a chain effect, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a good personal note for me to have on the record.

So for example, one might say ‘I recognise that although I see myself as successful in comparison to a lot of the population, I fail to recognise that my success can likely be highly attributed to my ethnic background, and I should recognise that if black people entered this country on their own two feet as a travelling population, instead of in slave boats, these low income pockets surrounding black communities wouldn’t exist, and I would likely have been less successful than I am because I would lose my inherent advantage’.

Refer to it as a ‘self call-out’ if it helps.

So here goes my turn:

First point- I am racist and classist.
Not intentionally, and not without shame, but I recognise an inherent feature in my own perception which puts people of colour at a disadvantage, should they seek to engage with me for whatever reason.
The example that I give is that I’ve recently returned from London, I visited places of varying societal stature, I visited rich areas like King’s cross, and I visited poorer areas like Hackney, Islington, Camden and the likes, and I noticed that although a lot of these areas had no real differentiation in terms of environmental structure, the people I saw around me greatly affected my perception and my discomfort in an area.
To summarise, lots of white people in jeans and casual wear made me feel safe, and lots of black people in hoods and sports gear made me feel uneasy because of the ingrained predispositions I have about ‘black gang member’ types, which I truly need to eradicate from my perception.

Now that we get the jist, quick fire round:

*I often blindly follow the ‘typical lefty thought process’ without much critical thinking, and it sometimes takes for me to check comments sections and notes areas before I see someone else speaking objectively which reminds me to think on my own two feet.

*I am also liable to occasionally fall for information without seeing the brazenly obvious media spin (left or right), leading to a similar situation as mentioned above.

*Lots and lots of animals and people have died because of me, I ate meat for the first 18 years of my life, which means that I caused the direct death of thousands of animals, and the resources which were used on behalf of one of my meals could have likely fed tens of other people, meaning that however indirectly, I likely have human blood on my hands, and even though I’m vegan now, simply no-longer contributing is not enough; In order to reverse the negative effects I have had on this planet, I need to become much more involved in activism and changing people’s mindsets about veganism.

*I have horrifically low self esteem

*I could do more to help my family

*I often forget that all crimes and injustices are committed by people, and as easy as it is to dismiss inhumane acts as ‘they aren’t human’, those kinds of atrocities live in all of us and it’s important to understand the events leading up to an incident before passing a verdict on the offenders.
Even the Nazis were human beings, it’s terrifying but important that I remember that.

These are the major issues that I can think of for now, thank you for listening to me as I try to own my shadow, and I hope that some of you feel inspired to reflect on your own!

From a Comrade:
Right now downtown St. Louis is a scene of out of control police misconduct.

From friends, live feeds, and first hand reports:

Media were shot with rubber bullets and falsely detained, with police explicitly bragging about having silenced their brave dispatches from the street.

Lawyers grabbed up in mass arrests

Police chasing down terrified protestors individually through city streets

Police vehicles speeding through screaming demonstrators

Police posting pictures to twitter with deliberately misleading information and visibly false claims, like claiming apple cider vinegar is an “unknown chemical agent”

This is the consequence of confirming to police that they can get away with murder

Where is the local media? Where is mayor Lyda Krewson? Where is acting Chief O'Toole?

Silence from the bourgeois criminal class as their goons attack our friends and neighbors in the streets with total impunity.

Demand the release of falsely imprisoned citizens!

Demand the removal of the ineffectual mayor Lyda Krewson!

Demand the resignation of Chief Thug O'Toole!

Keep following independent media sources here in STL, and don’t believe the spin from the bourgeois media! The STLPD are out of control!

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The remarkable thing about Eight is his consistency. The movie set his design; the spin-off media has not strayed from it. Eight is a Jules Verne adventurer, as filtered through 1960s adaptions--dashing, charming, deeply humane. The twist: his archetype is placed in situations very far from his own genre. Whether it's the EDAs, Big Finish, or the strips, this is the throughline that holds true: a Jules Verne character in very non-Verne situations. The drama always emerges from the contradiction.

Ooh, that’s a very interesting perspective. I know I’ve seen musings before on how that even is an approach that can clash with the snarkier way McGann plays the role, but I guess, like you say, contradictions are a great source of drama. I like the way you think.

Las Vegas ~ “terror attack” or “mental illness”? Whatever the media spin it’s a sad day. The innocents of Las Vegas, who have become “collateral damage” to an “agenda”, have just experienced a day in the life of a Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, Palestinian…

While we all start to pray for Las Vegas, please continue to pray for those who are being snipered daily. Don’t get caught up in the media spin. See. See what’s happening in Las Vegas. See. See what’s happening in the rest of the world. We can’t afford to look away anymore. Say no to the geopolitical agendas. Stop the wars. Stop the arms deals. Regulate guns. Support the marginalised. Create communities. Connect. Be kind. And it all starts with peace within yourself first.