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Full offense why are you guys calling jerza open ended and not canon when they’ve been mutually in love the entire fucking series and like if chapter 264 doesn’t exist lol? They’ve been in love with each other. For the entire manga. That’s canon. That’s literally canon. We have a right to be pissed off that they were given the short end of the stick until the very end despite being the most well developed romantic relationship in the series. Mashima really did them both as characters and as a relationship so dirty especially with that shit show ending. But they have been canon for a very long fucking time. “Open ended” my ass.

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So for the meetcute prompts could you do number 7 please? 💖

This was so much fun! Thanks for the prompt! And, as always, also on ao3!

Truth be told, Derek had never actually kissed anyone before. Not really.

Sure, he had kissed Paige on the cheek once or twice back in their sophomore year, kissing her farewell when he dropped her off back home after one of their handful of dates. And he might have kissed the back of her hand while asking if she wanted to dance at the winter formal, but that was all.

They had only gone out a few times, gone to a few dances together, but that was before she had officially come out. A few days before winter break, she had sat Derek down and explained that while she’d had a really nice time with him on their dates and at the dances, she was one hundred percent into girls not guys.

Derek had done everything he could to be supportive, hugging her and thanking her for feeling comfortable enough to share something so personal with him, even offering to throw her a coming out party. She had declined, but shortly afterwards she had started dating his younger sister, Cora.

So, he and Paige had never really kissed. And he had never gone out with anyone else after Paige, either, preferring to focus on his schoolwork. He put all of his effort into maintaining his spotless GPA and honing his skills for the basketball team, hoping to be team captain one day.

Besides, he constantly had to worry about keeping the fact that he was a werewolf hidden so as not to draw any unwanted attention from hunters or worse. And so as much as his friends teased him about being an asocial nerd, dating and kissing just weren’t that high on his list of priorities.

Which was why he was still upset with himself for letting Erica and Isaac drag him to some raucous party at Jackson Whittemore’s palatial house. On a school night, no less!

With Boyd out of town visiting family in New York, Erica was without a ride to the wild party, the same one she and Isaac had been talking about nonstop for weeks. Derek being the only other person in their little group of friends with a car, the sleek black Camaro that Laura had passed down to him when she had left for Princeton his freshman year, the scheming duo had turned to him for a ride.

He was helpless to deny them, especially when they both gave him their best puppy dog eyes. How Boyd managed to resist giving Erica whatever she wanted when she jut out her bottom lip and batted her eyelashes oh so innocently, Derek would never know. So, he agreed to drive them to the party, Erica’s promise that Stiles would be at the party perhaps influencing his decision a bit, too. Just maybe.

Because while dating wasn’t very high up on his lift of to-dos and kissing wasn’t something he dedicated himself to pursuing, it didn’t mean he never thought about them. He did. Quite often, as a matter of fact. And the person starring most prominently in his little daydreams and half-baked fantasies he usually reserved for late at night when he couldn’t sleep, was none other than Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles was infectious. Not in a bad way, it was just that everything about him was positively contagious. His enthusiasm, his laughter, his sometimes twisted sense of humor, even his unique way of looking at the world around himself. It was all just contagious.

Derek didn’t know a single person who didn’t laugh when Stiles made some kind of horrendous yet clever pun about whatever time period they were studying in history of whatever formula they were going over in calculus. Even people who, somehow, didn’t like Stiles always cracked a smile at his well placed one liners and sly innuendos.

Except Mr. Harris. But Derek was pretty sure he didn’t have a soul so he didn’t really count.

Stiles was like a ray of sunshine, ushering forth light and warmth to brighten up even the gloomiest day when he strolled into class fashionably late and took a seat in the front row. He never failed to make Derek’s day just a little bit better, whether it be with an offhand joke or a conspiratorial wink in his direction, or even just a smile or wave in greeting when they passed each other in the hallway.

And he was just so genuinely nice, it almost hurt.

He always asked people about how their day was going and actually listened when they answered, sometimes just sitting with someone he barely knew and letting them rant about school or their family or their favorite TV show. When someone was upset, he would just wrap them up in a tight hug or squeeze their shoulder, tell them that he was there if they ever needed someone to talk to.

He never let any bullying go unnoticed, sometimes charging right up to the perpetrator just to divert attention away from whoever was being bullied. He had ended up with his own fair share of black eyes and bloody noses for his troubles, serving weeks worth of time in detention, but it never stopped him.

A few years ago, he had actually smashed Matt Daehler’s phone when the little creep had recorded a video of Erica having an epileptic seizure. Stiles had wrenched the phone out of Matt’s hand and slammed it onto the ground before stomping on it a few times for good measure as he directed his friend Scott to call the nurse.

He was caring and considerate, alway carrying an extra inhaler in case Scott had an asthma attack, keeping an Epipen on hand should anyone have an allergic reaction, his backpack stocked with pads and tampons for people who unexpectedly had their period. He even carried different sized condoms around so no one had unprotected sex if they were too embarrassed to go out and buy their own, giving them away without charging anyone.

Stiles was amazing. And Derek really, really wanted to kiss him.

So, when he saw Stiles sitting down in the circle of people gathering in the living room to play spin the bottle, he threw caution to the wind and took a seat directly across from him. He could feel his ears burn at the curious looks he received from the rest of the people in the makeshift circle, Stiles cocking his head to the side as he scanned his eyes over Derek in blatant curiosity.

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Run Out On Me (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Author’s note: Hiya! Welcome to my writing blog! I hope you enjoy this story <3

Warning(s): Swearing, angst, mentions of the nasty, mentions of abortion.

Your hands trembled as you sat on the edge of the bath tub, your hair had fallen over your face as you stared at your knees, breathing fast and hard. Your bare feet rested on the tile of the bathroom floor, cooling your body.

Anxious. That’s how you felt.

These next five minutes could change your life forever. But were you ready for this change? You were young, freshly engaged and ready to explore the world. Whatever the result of this pregnancy test was, it could make or break these plans or even worse. Your relationship.

You and Peter had met at the X-mansion, during the apocalypse. He’d rescued you (and of course the others) from the building that was about to explode, and you both had been infatuated with one another ever since. The pair of you told each other everything, you shared with him how your mutation cost you, love and friendship whilst he told about his father, Erik.

You first knew that you loved Peter when you’d slowed down time just to steal a kiss from him, and how he practically skidded to a stop and crashed into Kurt, making a mess of the library. It was only after he’d gazed after you dreamily
,as you walked away, that you realised you were in love with the big goof but of course you’d never tell him so. You wanted to do it romantically.

Although your romantic confessions hadn’t exactly been ideal, it was still everything you could have wanted. During a mission, one day, you had screamed out that you loved him after Peter almost had himself killed (along with half the team, let’s be real) but nothing like a near death experience to bring two people together, am I right?

Even after all these years, your love for Peter burned as bright as it did when you first got together. Although you didn’t really verbally expresses your love for one another often, you knew in your heart and mind that Peter loved you more than anything in the world (even more than his twinkies) and despite how insecure Peter could get (even after 5 years of being together) you promised him you’d never leave and you hoped he would do the same.

You gasped as the timer beeped, sending shrill sounds through your body, only increasing your nerves. Shaking hands reached for the small stick that rested on the ledge of the bathroom sink. You screwed your eyes shut and took a deep breath as you let the pregnancy test rest in your lap.

‘Whatever happens, happens, Peter will always love you’

Cautiously, you peaked open an eye to gaze down at the stick in your lap. That’s when you felt your stomach drop and the world around you spin. You dropped the test as your vision begun to blur, salty tears streamed down your face as the image burned itself into your mind.


You smiled sadly as you stirred the pasta, boiling away in the pot. Gently, you rested a hand on your stomach, thinking of the life you were going to bring into this world. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing? Maybe this was the world telling you that it was time to slow down? You and Peter had always taken the fast lane with things, that’s just how you lived, how *he* lived. It was time to do things your way for a change.

Feeling a lot brighter, you happily skipped to your China closet, pulling out your best dishes for the dinner you had made tonight. Carefully, you set them out on the table, along with an extra plate for the pasta and bowl for the bolognese. You dished out the two components of the meal before heading over to the sink to wash the pots and pans before Peter came home.

“Honey I’m home!” A voice called out from the front door, presumably Peter’s, you grinned to yourself as you washed the last utensil, before rinsing it and leaving it on the draining board. You turned around just in time to face Peter, who left a quick kiss on your lips before speeding over to the table and dishing out his food at light speed.

“Hey Pete” you gushed at your fiancé, you walked over to the table before pulling out a chair and taking a seat, opting to share out your own food. “Good day?”

The silver-haired man gulped down his food, spaghetti sauce painting his pale cheeks, you let out a laugh, leaning over the table and swiping your thumb over the stain before licking it off and returning to sharing out your own meal. “You betcha”

Peter winked at you as you felt a crimson blush rise up on your cheeks. “What about you?”

You shrugged, putting down your fork. “It was…a day”


You rolled your eyes at your husband, as he scarfed down his food. You admired him as he did so, and although he looked like a dog that was having his first meal in months, you still couldn’t help but feel like you were falling in love with him all over again. A small smile graced your lips as Peter’s eyes looked up to meet your own. ‘Maybe I should tell him?’

“What’s got you lookin’ all dreamy like?” Peter asked, with a small smirk. You blinked, shaking your head. “Aw c'mon sweets! Don’t be like that, I mean I know I’m good looking but there must be something else that’s up”

You snorted, sending both you and your fiancé into a fit of giggles. You admired the way little crinkles would form where his smile reached his eyes, and how those dark chocolatey orbs would light up as laughed. You sighed happily once you’d both calmed down, Peter returned his gaze to you, his dark eyes searching your own. “Seriously, what’s going on love?”

You smiled. “Well I found something out today”

Peter leaned back in his chair. “Did you now?”

You looked down shyly at your food and begun pushing it around with your fork. You nodded slowly, smiling timidly. “Mhm”

Within an instant Peter was by your side, crouching beside your chair, face inches away from yours. “You wanna tell me what it is?”

Peter hated waiting, you knew that for a fact, and you were too excited to keep the guessing game up any longer. You grinned at your soon to be husband, eyes locking with his, making you feel safe and secure.

“I’m pregnant”

As soon as you uttered those words, you regretted everything. Peter’s grin had dropped, his face drained of colour and a sinking feeling had swept over you. He didn’t look excited, nor happy, nor surprised.

He looked broken.

“W-what?” He whispered, his voice low and uneven. Your own smile dropped, and suddenly you felt like your whole world had come crashing down. You swallowed the lump growing in your throat and tried to suppress the nauseous feeling that was swimming around in your stomach.

“I-I’m pregnant” you tried again, looking him directly in the eye this time. It was as if you were looking for something, Approval? Love? Security?

Peter shook his head, his silver locks bouncing as he backed away from you. A panicked expression had swept over his face whilst his pale hands weaved their way into his hair, gripping his locks and pulling them. “Peter…”

“N-no… t-this can’t be happening” he whispered, pacing around the room at lightening speed. Watching him zip back and forth was making you light headed, with a wave of your hands you’d managed to slow down time just enough to see him. You took a deep breath and looked up at him with watery eyes.

“Peter please…”

“We never… we haven’t-how? We were… y'know?”

Although he wasn’t making full sentences, you knew what he was trying to say. “Remember, our anniversary a few weeks back… when you proposed?”

The panic returned to his eyes and he begun to pace and time had sped up again. “Shit, shit, shit” he cursed, still running about. You couldn’t help but watch hopelessly, as involuntary tears slipped down your soft cheeks, your vision of a happy family shattered. How could you ever think that he’d want this? You desperately wanted this scene to end, throw it to the back of your mind and act like it didn’t happen. You wanted the reassurance that you would get through this, together, but you knew now that wasn’t going to happen.

“Peter god dammit, will you fucking stand still?” you yelled out, rising from your seat. The brown eyed man stilled so he was directly in front of you, his face pale with fear etched into every feature. You cupped his face as he leant into your touch, his dark brown hues were searching yours. “Like it or not Pete, we’re having this baby-”

“We are?” He interrupted. You stared at him incredulously, pulling away from him embrace, surely he didn’t expect you to…

You backed away from him. “What are you saying Peter?’’

He looked down at his feet, one of his legs bouncing wildly as he twiddled with his thumbs. “I-I mean can’t you… get rid of it?”

In that moment you felt a white hot fury rip through you. How could he say such a thing? How could he want to destroy a precious yet unborn life? How could he want to destroy something that was a piece of him? You clenched your fists to refrain from punching your fiancé in his face. You screwed your eyes shut in hopes to prevent angry tears from escaping.

All the while Peter watched you clench and unclench your fists, he knew he’d fucked up, he knew he’d hurt you. He loved you, fucking hell he did, but there was a constant sense of insecurity that prevented him from enjoying the situation, he was scared beyond belief but he couldn’t bring himself to be happy. He hated himself for being the reason that caused you such anger, such pain and hurt, but he couldn’t go through with this, he wouldn’t want the life he had for his child.

Your body shook with rage, as you struggled to comprehend what Peter had just asked you. “Fuck you Peter” you whispered, eyes still closed. “Fuck you for thinking that I’d ever get rid of our child. Something we both helped to create. I love you and I can promise you that I’ll love this baby.”

Peter sighed and ran a hand through his silver locks. He knew this next move would break you more than it did him, but he had to do it, for you and your baby. “Then I can’t stay”


“I can’t stay, I can’t be the father you want me to be… I can’t… I’m sorry”

You could see his eyes glaze over, this wasn’t your Peter, not the one you loved. You tried to move forward and reach for him but he only backed away. “Peter please don’t do this, you know I love you, you know we can do this. I-I know you’re scared, hell, I am too but we love each other and that should be enough. This will be a first for me and you, another step we’ll have to take on our lives but we can do this together-”

“(Y/N) please, you’ll only make this harder” he whispered.

You felt the anger and hurt bubbling up in you again. He promised he’d never do this to you, he promised he loved you and right now he was breaking all these promises. “So what are you gonna do?” You snapped, tears falling freely. “Are you gonna run out me like he ran out on you? Are you really going to be everything your father was to you, to our child?”

But all you felt was a gust of wind in response, he was gone and he was never coming back.


Jackson x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: hints of smut

“Leave me alone.” You snapped as your skirt was tugged at and lewd jokes were thrown around.

“Guys come on… let’s just go.”  Danny mumbled and grabbed someone’s hand before they could slap your ass, he jerked his head and you smiled before hurrying off to the library where Matt was reading.

“I hate Jackson and his friends.” You huffed and slammed your bag on the table.

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Fantastic Artwork of Walt Disney World Attraction & Transportation Cars, Trains, and Boats

Artwork: copyright Chris Buchholz

Yoon Jisung Royalty Au

Y’all really love Jisung and honestly, same.

•You love life in the city,
• You grew up moving back and forth between the hustle and bustle of the city and to your family’s farms in a small village in the country, so yanno, an equal balance,
• But yeah, you decided to start a buissness in the city after years of internal debate and struggle ™ (because decision making is hard and scary okay),
• Because whilst growing up you had strong tactics in making friends:
• Baked goods.
• 10/10 good thinking, well done.
• Because you moved back and forth, it was kinda hard to maintain friendships?
• So you did what any wise 9 year old would do:
• Bought their friendship (Probably didn’t have to but you likes making cakes anyway so eh),
• No, seriously though, people then understood you were really friendly and kind, and it was always good with old friends because it was like a ‘sorry you haven’t seen me in 6 months but look I have pastries’
• So, baking was like a safety blanket with good connotations, and you were seriously awesome at it.
• Family recipe? Pffft, you made the family recipe.
• So what better investment than a small bakery in the city?
• People in the city missed the home cooked feeling you could bake and if business was quiet you could people-watch through the glass front, the royal palace nearby drawing in lots of tourism,
• So you make your cakes and chat with regulars in your dainty little bakery, aesthetic goals,
• You’re slipping some warm cookies into the glass showcase that you use as your counter when your bell jingles, telling you that you have your first customer,
• You smile at the man sliding through your pastel blue door; he’s elegant looking, clean, and you can feel his aura instantly, holding himself well,
• His face is covered with a mask, a common accessory, especially in the colder weather, and a bobble hat pulled down adorably all the way down, so you can’t see much of his face,
• Although his eyes seem somehow piercing, they’re warm and gentle looking and you can tell the man in front of you can’t be much older than yourself,
• You greet him and then make yourself look busy with some cinnamon buns so he doesn’t feel any pressure to buy anything,
• “Have you had this place long?”
• His voice makes you jump, and you laugh at yourself for being so skittish, but the man’s voice is smooth and oddly familiar,
• “Only around 9 months, but I’ve been baking since I was small,”
• You see his eyes crease, indicating a smile that warms your heart,
• “I enjoy cooking but I never get the time to do so,”
• You take your time in appreciating how he pronounces every syllable of what he says, making him sound like he means every word,
• You have a feeling he could say 'shrek is a cinematic masterpiece’ and you’d believe him whole heartedly,
• “That’s sad, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what stops you? You should be able to do what makes you happy,”
• “I have a family business which makes time quite scarce, and I do not entirely know how to make anything as complex as these chocolate cookies,” his tone is quite and almost sorrowful, but lilts upwards at the end, joking,
• You can’t hold back the giggle that escapes your lips, although his words hang slightly on your heart,
• You push the sliding door open and scoop 4 of the large chocolate cookies into a paper bag, taping down the top with a flourish and presenting it to the man with an exaggerated bow, as if he was royalty,
• *nervous laughter*
• The man behind the counter starts searching his pockets, but you cross your arms with a soft smile,
• “Free for such a lovely first customer,”
• He begins to refuse but you sigh and lightly push his hands away from searching his pocket,
• Because you’re nothing but bold AmIRight,
• His hands are covered in some black silk gloves, a clue that keys in with his speech that this man may be of higher class,
• Despite the gloves, his warmth radiates through them and sends a small shiver up your back,
• (Someone walking over your grave my ass),
• “Listen, if you can’t do what you enjoy, you should at least get to enjoy the finished product,”
• The man looks reluctant as you watch something shift in his coffee coloured eyes, but nods anyway,
• And that is not the last encounter with this regal man,
• He starts to come every other day, making his way through your whole menu, and the two of you becoming casual friends,
• You have a habit of watching his eyes, desperate for any type emotion you can read,
• You always have the radio on and if there’s no customers you’ll dance and, on rare occasions, get the man to do a jig with you, he swirls you around and it takes an extra 5 seconds for you heart to stop spinning,
•  You test new bakes on him, and you can always count on him to tell you the honest truth,
• You hug him spur of the moment sometimes, When he comes into the shop or helps you in any way,
• Self control, what’s that?
•He always freezes at first and then melts into you, wrapping one arm around you,
• If he ever has a minute of spare time he’ll people-watch with you,
• His shady and sassy comments always make you crack up,
• “Those kids running, they have not yet experienced the cruel world,”
• “Jisung they look to be 6, I hope they haven’t,”
•  or
• “ That dog looks to have more swag than you, Y/N,”
• So yeah you develop a slight crush on this complete stranger,
• Who suspiciously has never taken his mask off but you don’t pressure him,
• But tbh how couldn’t you fall for this guy,
• Jisung,
• He obviously thought the name Jisung was common enough not to raise suspicions about who he was but,
• It’s when he tells you his name that you put the pieces together,
• Expensive clothes, articulate, little time to himself because of his 'family business’, always covering his face,
• Jisung is the name of one of your country’s princes, to be particular, the one who will inherit the throne, the oldest of 11,
• And then you start realising things,
• How much Jisung composes himself, and how precious the moments he lets himself go are,
• Grace and elegance seem to be drilled into him,
• His eyes seem to be wise beyond his years, observing and omniscient, the way they track you with a caring sheen making you trip over your own feet,
• The way his eyes take in every detail about your baked goods and cozy little shop,
• How he always seems to take deep breaths, inhaling the sweet smell of cooked bread that you always have in your store,
• Because how could you be a bakery without having that classic smell™,
• And how he always seems to buzz and relax in your shop, in the early hours of the day before any customers will arrive, how much softer he is in your shop than he ever is on TV or at royal gatherings or in public,
• Upon your discovery, yeah, you have a mini mental breakdown because you’ve been chatting to the future king so casually and he likes your pastries!!!!!
• But you don’t tell him you found out, or act differently, because if he wanted you to know he’d tell you,
• But man have you fallen head over heels for this gentle, regal Jisung,
• “I was thinking, whenever you have the tiniest amount of spare time, head right here. I’ll show you how to bake those brownies you always eye up as if they offer you the answer to your dreams,”
• Oh boy, does your heart do the pla dunk when you ask him, trying not to sound awkward or desperate,
• But at this point, do you really care? Jisung will judge you anyway,
• He laughs and your heart soars because YOU could make that melodic sound come to life,
• The next morning when your bell dingles, and your heart warms like always when in Jisung’s aura,
• “I thought I’d take you up on your offer,”
• Jisung’s stood at the door, an apron in hand and you laugh as he ties it over his jumper,
•One of the superman aprons, he’d obviously seen before that you had the wonder woman one,
•" But, uh, Y/N, I have something to, ah, tell you?“ He seems nervous, shifty and a little jittery before he pulls himself together to stand tall and confident, probably what he’d been taught to do, before leaning forward onto the counter,
• "Would it, perhaps be, I don’t know, the fact that you’re Prince Yoon Jisung, the nation’s cutie?”
• You also lean forward in your counter, your faces closer than predicted, but you use all of your willpower,
• A l l  of your will power,
• To focus on Jisung’s reaction,
• His eyebrows shoot to the sky and he straightens immediately in surprise,
• “What, y-you knew?”
• “Us commoners aren’t that slow, Jisung,” You tease, pulling at his mask and nabbing his hat to slide into your own head, grinning at him, the low light bouncing off his chocolate hair, matching his eyes,
• It takes a solid 15 minutes for you to stop giggling at the amount of shocked questions Jisung fires at you, and he seems incredibly revealed you haven’t changed the way you act around him,
• But then he admits he wants to bake with you,
• And Ho Boy, who are you to refuse a man of achieving his dreams?
• So you’re showing Jisung how to make your secret recipe chocolate orange and lime cupcakes (it works with the magic of your hands trust me) when Jisung kinda just stops stirring and just stares at you,
• And your like bruh have I got it on my face? I mean you aren’t complaining about the attention but you’re v on edge at his open staring,
• “I’m to inherit this whole country, but all I want to do is spend the rest of my days in this bakery with you Y/N, and I can’t bring myself to care that that’s wrong,”
• What’s this? You’ve flat lined? Me too bro, me too,
• “Everyone’s allowed to have a dream Jisung,”
• You smile through your radiating red cheeks and heart that doesn’t want to beat to the right rhythm,
• “What if it didn’t have to be a dream, Y/N, would you let me stay here? With you?”
• Tbh, you don’t even need to say anything, that soft smile is all he needs,
• But through this whole conversation, he has some chocolate mix resting on the corner of his lips and yes this is very important and heart racing but the chOcOlAte MiX Is DisTRacTinG,
• So you lean forward to kiss him, the icing seemingly melting into the kiss as well as the two of you,
• It’s sweet, quite literally, and slow and exactly like a prince charming,
• His hands skim your back and you drape your arms over his shoulders and his hair’s damn soft and there’s fireworks,
• It all sorta tumbles from then on,
• Jisung has many, many, m a n y negotiations with his family about what he wants to do,
• Upside to having 10 brother’s, at least one of them won’t mind taking the throne instead,
• And the king and queen are understanding and you pretend not to know they’re a little pissed atm about all the hassle for your own health if nothing else,(They love you after a while dw),
• News of Jisung sorta stepping down from royalty to co own a tiny bakery spreads like wild fire and the bakery is swarmed with press and people and pure hell, and some people think it’s cute and your adorable but some think you’re a gold digger and he shouldn’t step down from royalty for something so stupid,

• Honestly it’s a lot to take in and there are several emotional points where you question whether this was the right idea but then Jisung walks over to you with some new cookies, warm heart and comforting words and everything’s okay,
• but within a year it’s died down, although you definitely still get some press or whatever it’s not so bad,
• You meet Jisungs’ brothers, which is an adventure™ oh boy, and your family all swoon for Jisungs’ proper manners and royal charm and at first you feel incredibly judged by the king and queen but then you settle down and everything’s calm,

• Then one day you realize you’re a flippin’ princess! You visit the royal palace and are in love with a prince and this is definitely not how you planned your life but can you complain?
• And most importantly, the two of you sell the best cinnabons in the country partly due to the fact you’re both cinnamon rolls, okay? So soft and sweet.

Until Dawn Headcanon Dump

¤(In accordance with @transchrishartley ’s step-siblings au) Everyone going over to the Hartley house for pizza and video games ever friday night (even the jocks who don’t like to game)

¤ Hannah and Beth being alive

¤ Josh and Sam dating

¤ Chris and Ashley dating

¤ Hannah and Matt dating

¤ Jess and Beth dating

¤ Emily being ace/slightly aro and is perfectly okay just being single. (She has cats and adopts a daughter later in life)

¤ Mike becoming a better person (helps at the animal shelter with Sam *and Josh on occasion* on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

¤ Everyone effectively getting therapy

¤ Josh’s anti-depressants and anti-psyches working/taking them regularly

¤ Everyone going to Matt’s football games to cheer him on

¤ Emily’s family offering scar removal surgery for Jess as a peace offering

¤ They become better friends again, and Emily becomes a fashion designer who Jess models for

¤ Jess getting slight scrutiny for her relationship with Beth

¤ Emily telling them to piss off

¤ Chris and Ashley have four kids

¤ Sam and Josh only have one

¤ Matt and Hannah have three

¤ Mike being known as “Uncle Mikey” and Emily being known as “Auntie Em” from everyone’s children

¤ Mike teaches all the children basic survival skills

¤ Emily lets them pet her cats and has a soft spot for Chris and Ashley’s youngest daughter

¤ They still stay in touch

¤ Beth and Jess being the most “fuck you” gay couple ever

¤ Like they make out in front of gay marriage protesters

¤ And they don’t even care

¤ Sam reminding Josh to take his pills and driving him to therapy

¤ He really likes the snakes at Sam’s animal shelter

¤ He’s named quite a few of them

¤ Would you look at that Mike has a Wolf Friend™

¤ Ashley becoming a published author

¤ Chris becoming known as “The Next Bill Gates” in the technology world

¤ Sam becoming a veterinarian

¤ Josh becoming a special effects editor

¤ Mike becoming an actor (Johnny Cage level of sass)

¤ Hannah spinning blood at the test lab for a job

¤ Matt becoming one of the most aggressive players in football (but anyone who knows him knows he’s the BIGGEST softie ever)

¤ Josh setting both Jess and Matt down in a room and lecturing them in a creepy voice about the dangers of hurting his sisters

¤ Beth works as a mechanic, less interested in the spotlight

¤ Hannah sometimes guest stars in Josh’s movies

¤ Josh adapting some of Ashley’s books into movies

¤ Ashley not being able to see blood without passing out. But Chris gives chees commentaries to calm her when they watch horror movies

¤ Sam is the type of mom to let her kids learn from their mistakes instead of argueing

¤ Chris is the “I’m the parent I’m always right” parent

¤ Josh is the parent that gets suckered into buying their kid anything they want

¤ Hannah is the kind of mom to always embarrass her kids

¤ Matt is the kind of parent who is super attentive to his family and wouldn’t trade them for anything

¤ Ashley is the kind but firm parent



The Cure. (The Walking Dead)

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The Inova Alexandria Hospital stood longer than most everything else in the small town located on the northeast banks of Virginia, but it too fell in the end. This is where I have been held up since the beginning. At first my main priority was surviving, but the longer I stayed the more I discovered about what the doctors had been doing here. They had been trying to figure out what was causing the epidemic that has now taken over the world and reanimates the dead. With nothing else to do with my time, I dedicated myself to finishing their work with less than half of the supplies the doctors themselves had had in their possession.

Time went by quickly while I researched and tested for what seemed like a waste of time and resources, in my opinion. It seemed I failed more than I won with these experiments. I had a close call with a dead one I had tried to bring into the hospital once. Much to my dismay, I had no choice but to dispose of the corpse and find another one. The research progress was slow and frustrating. It felt as if I was gaining nothing out of this but headaches.

What was worse is that I was running out of supplies a lot quicker now than before I started researching. I was in need of fuel for the vortex machine and for the air conditioning in the building. It had to be cold so I could feel when the corpses turned even the slightest bit warm. Today I had no other choice than to leave the hospital and scavenge.The only reason this was a burden to me was due to the fear of having an encounter with other people. I wasn’t selfish with the hospital’s shelter, but I wasn’t exactly trusting of what people had become now that the world had gone to shit.

There weren’t as many dead ones outside of the hospital. I kept most of them fenced in around the health department not too far from the hospital itself. This made it easy to get across the street and hide along the walls of the high school where I kept backup ammunition and resources. The stuff I wouldn’t touch unless it was an absolute emergency. And finally, across the street from the high school was the Bradlee Shopping Center. I had a foolproof route I took to obtain my supplies. It was safe and untraceable to outsiders.

I wouldn’t bluntly say I was more intelligent than other people, but I’ll say it now considering there are few people left. I’ve always been a gifted problem solver. I was good at math and science. I analyzed and planned and developed strategies before ever taking action. I was a thinker, not a doer. That was until I stumbled upon a fairly large group of survivors. The sudden presence of so many people overwhelmed me and when a boy around my age spotted me the first thing that popped into my head was to bolt for it.

That was the most impulsive thing I had ever done. In any other situation I would’ve hidden until they left and returned to the hospital afterwards. There was no way one of them wouldn’t find me if I had hidden in the Safeway supermarket we were all in though. When I made it to the high school, I made sure they weren’t close behind me and then returned to the hospital, clutching the bag in my arms tightly and trying to steady my breathing.

As the day progressed, the group had left my mind and I was so engrossed in today’s results that I didn’t even notice when they came into the hospital. They had managed to rig the alarm from the outside. Recently, my research seemed to be on a consistent track, it was leading me somewhere and just as I was printing out the final results I heard a gun cock behind me.

“Put your hands behind your head and turn around.” The rough voice behind me was too close for me to reach under my desk for the gun I had taped under the wooden surface. My heart was beating rapidly against my chest and I swallowed the lump in my throat, refusing to let them intimidate me. “Turn around or I’ll pull the trigger.”

An irritated sigh left my mouth before I could stop it and I turned around rather snappily. I was annoyed with this man’s audacity to come into my shelter and tell me what to do, but I was smart enough not to do anything in front of his large group who all had a weapon aimed at me. “Can I offer you some coffee?” My voice was dripping with sarcasm, a trait not exactly appreciated by the group.

“What’s your name?” the guy asked, coming closer and causing me to take a sudden step back.

“Stay away from me.” I warned. The guy glared at me, his grip tighter on the handle of his gun at being ordered by a teenager. Regardless, he gave his group a look and they all took one step back.

“What’s your name?” he repeated.


“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’ve been here since the start. What are you doing here?” I put my hands down and they all tightened their grip on their weapons. Their leader put a hand up and gave them a single nod. Their weapons came down, but the tension in the air was still thick. I saw a boy around my age shivering, holding a baby girl closely to his chest. I had forgotten how cold it was in here. “Do you want a blanket?”

The boy’s blue eyes met mine and he gave me a thankful nod. I moved past them and towards a closet near the door of the laboratory. I pulled out a blanket and handed it to him. He wrapped it around the baby on his chest and his bare arms crawling with goosebumps.

“We saw you out there and thought you might have a shelter.” the leader’s eyes seemed to soften after my gesture as did his voice. “My name’s Rick Grimes.”

“You should know, Rick Grimes,” I said as I finished printing out my results. “This isn’t an open home for those wandering out in that world.”

Rick nodded, placing his gun in his holster. “I know, but I think it’s worth a shot to convince you. We’d stay out of your way. We’d stay in our part of the building. We’d help you scavenge. Glenn,” an Asian man came up to Rick’s side and I turned to give him a nod. “He’s our best scavenger. In and out. And Daryl,” he motioned to the man holding a crossbow. “Daryl can track anything.”

“I may be a teenager, but I’m not naive. I know what it’s like out there and there is no way a dead one didn’t see you on your way here. Then that dead one causes a chain reaction and more dead ones follow him and the next thing you know there’s a herd of them blocking my exit ways. It’ll be much harder to know if one got in now considering you destroyed my alarm system. You’re impulsive and don’t think you actions through, Rick. I can’t have that type of people under the same roof as me.”

“Listen, kiddo,” a redheaded man with a handlebar mustache came up to the front. “You may think that you’re the shit after fixing this place up and figuring out how to work that test tube spinning thing, but there are bigger problems than you’re bullshit science fair projects out there. Are you really going to send a baby back out there?”

“She’s survived this long.” I said with a small shrug.

“We are on a mission to get this man,” he pulled a nonchalant looking man sporting a mullet to his side. “To Washington, D.C. Eugene here has the cure to whatever the hell is happening out in that shit show and if you don’t help us we are all undoubtedly going to end up like those walking hell raisers out there.”

My eyes met with those of Eugene’s. They were shifting, trying to avoid mine. I smirked a little. “Do you really? Well that makes two of us.” His eyes narrowed while the rest of the group’s widened.

“What?” Rick asked.

The vortex machine came to a stop and I pulled out one of the test tubes before walking towards the back room. Rick and his group followed me without hesitation. The dead one I had tied down to the operating table began to struggle against it’s restraints when he heard us come in, when he smelled us. “I’ve been doing some research since the beginning,” I paused. “Well, adding on to previous research files, more like. It’s safe to say that today is the closest I’ve come to a potential cure.”

“How likely is this cure going to work?” a black woman with a katana asked. My eyes met hers and I hesitated slightly on answering, but I got nothing out of lying to them.

“There is an 83% chance that this will work. That is the highest percentage outcome I’ve had since the start.” I handed Michonne the results I had printed out and she had Eugene take a look at them to confirm.

“That is accurate,” Eugene looked at me. “But I don’t know if I’d trust it. What’s in the cure?”

“Amoxicillin and Ciprofloxacin.”

“Those are only antibiotics. The use of the two simultaneously will cause nothing but an even quicker death. What you’ve created is a suicide injection , kid. Death guaranteed and certified by your own hand.”

The group shared a look among themselves that only they understood before turning back to me. “It might not work, kid.” Daryl spoke gruffly.

My shoulders raised slightly as I turned to the dead one. The syringe I used filled up a little over halfway with the antibiotic mixture and then I injected it into the dead one’s arm. There was a dilation in the pupils behind the cloudiness in its eyes. Slowly, the white began to clear away and the struggling lessened as did the moans and groans. And suddenly, it fell limp and stiff still. I quickly turned to the monitors and stared at the heart rate as well as at the corpse’s body temperature.

“A body loses or gains heat progressively until it equilibrates with the temperature of its environment. The normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in this room is exactly 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Which means the body needs to reach 52 degrees before it begins to revive and reach the normal body temperature again.”

“How cold is the body right now?” Rick asked.

“99.2 degrees. He was recently bitten, a day ago more specifically. It took him two hours to reanimate and his body matched the temperature outside. Even so, once he reaches the normal body temperature and comes back in a human state he’ll be very ill, but with the right medication he will be able to heal.”

“A body loses 1.5 degrees per hour. We won’t see any results until then, kid.” Eugene said.

“Stop calling me kid,” I snapped angrily. “My name is Y/N and this cure is created to work faster than 1.5 degrees an hour. In thirty minutes his body temperature will be 97.7 degrees. And I’m not asking you to stay to see any results. I’m not asking you to stay at all.”

Rick put a hand up before Eugene could retaliate. “We have nowhere else to go. Please let us stay. Just for the night. We’ll be out of your hair in the morning.” he pleaded. Our eyes held each other’s for a long minute and I then I found myself nodding.

“Fine. But in the morning, you’re out of here.” I said firmly. Rick nodded in agreement. I looked at the corpse’s monitors and sighed. Maybe it wasn’t going to work. Maybe I had put too much hope into this. Maybe they were right. “I’ll show you where you can stay.” I lead the group to the hospital’s lobby and set them up with blankets and pillows before returning to the lab.

It wasn’t until I arrived there that I heard a loud crash behind me and I turned to see Glenn bending down to pick up a metal trash bin. I chucked and he blushed. “Sorry. I was doing good until then.”

“Did you need something?” I asked walking into the lab and to the back room.

“I just wanted to tell you that I think it might work.” I looked at Glenn and he gave me a small smile. “I don’t know much about science, but I don’t really have anything to lose with having hope on this.”

“Thanks, Glenn.” I said with genuine appreciation.

In the brief silence between us a faint beep emitted from the monitors and we both turned to see that the corpse’s temperature had dropped to 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Requested: Reader is an incredibly smart and tough teenager held up in a hospital working on a cure. Scavenging one day, she stumbles into Team Family and they follow her back to the hospital. After explaining her situation, they don’t think her cure will work, but it does. I actually have no idea if anything in this scenario in regards to ‘the cure’ is even the slightest bit accurate, but I did my best. Regardless, I hope you like it! Thanks for requesting! xx

May I Have This Dance? (Jack Lowden x Reader)

Summary: A sudden illness leads to a new addition to the set of “War and Peace”.


AN: So this fic has a male reader. I don’t know what Jack’s sexuality is – and I respect his boundaries and all, it’s his business. This is fic is for me. Because I’m trans-masculine, I feel left out of all the fics that are aimed at women readers. Not having a dig at fanfic writers or readers – y’all go and are amazing – but it is a little tiring, that’s all.

 This is just a nice scenario I came up with and wrote during a bad night when I couldn’t sleep. It’s quite personal and I don’t think it could ever be considered complete because all I ever want to do is edit it until I finally “got it”. I didn’t really want to post this but maybe there’s another person with typically male pronouns who needs something along these lines to make them feel included.

Requests are open as always. This is a reminder that I do write for male and non-binary readers. Just let me know in your request what your pronouns are and I’ll write your prompt with them.

Thank you @hie-mal my bes fren whom I love v much and always makes me feel better. Thank you to @lowdenlowden for letting me confide in the above a week or two ago which led to the motivation that got this fic written. Finally, thank you to my followers and anyone really who reads my stuff, leaves a like, reblogs, adds a comment etc. I love writing on this blog and any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading, now let’s get to the fic!


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Another spinner variation made with my personal preferences in mind.  I have pretty small hands and noticed that when doing test spins, I wound up mostly just using my thumb to worry the bearing cover.  The bearing pins on these are nice and high with an indent for fingertips, and the spinner itself is short and compact so even my tiny hands can spin it easily.   Fits nicely in a pocket and in the palm of your hand.

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Hoseok; noted

✉desperate measures call for desperate needs 
►1546 words | scenario, gangster!hoseok (gangster!hobi trash this way pls)
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It had been what (?), three days since you’ve seen Hoseok and you were not about to question his presence, no—not when he had blown you off again, for the second time this week and really, you should’ve known better than to believe his words of I’ll be there, promise when it’s not the first time he’s done this. So when it happens the first time of the week, you let it slide, hell, you allow him to make it up to you with sweet loving after that. But no, not for the second time of the week especially when there has not been enough room for you to get over the fact that he keeps blowing off dates that he sets up.

You don’t know if you should feel as frustrated as him, but clearly, you are.

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anonymous asked:

Parent head cannons for Megumi, Erina, Souma and Takumi

Megumi Tadokoro: 

  • Megumi is a mother that wants her family to eat together, putting hardwork and love into each of her meals and making sure it warms up her family from the inside as they all eat together.
  • She takes requests from her children and spouse, wanting to make them foods that they live; if she didn’t know how to make a particular meal, she would simply find a recipe and put her own spin on it to test it out.

Nakiri Erina:

  • Erina is a strict parent and has large expectations of her child(ren), their life never being easy but they do get rewarded for their hardwork and receive praise from their hard to please mother often.
  • Erina would appear at every single competition that her children are in, taking great pride when they win, and offering advice but never losing faith in them if they lose.

Takumi Aldini: 

  • Takumi is a doting father who likes to be a part of his child’s life, his Italian side shining through with how highly he regards spending time together; he grows more agitated as they go through their rebellious stages, but refuses to give up on them. 
  • Wants to have a large family, so that he’ll never have a dull moment; he had always had fun juggling multiple tasks, and would find that the more children he had to love and spend time with, the happier he’d be.

Yukihira Souma:

  • Souma initiates the same type of relationship he had with his father with his own child, wanting them to follow in his footsteps; he doesn’t mind if they don’t, but it helps him get to know his child even quicker if they have the same interests.
  • Souma is an affectionate father, kissing his children goodnight every single night, holding them when they’ve had a bad dream, and reading them stories if they can’t sleep.