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Hedgecraft According to My Tradition

Let’s talk about hedgecraft! It’s a difficult topic to discuss, because if you ask fifteen self-identified hedgewitches what hedgecraft is, you’ll probably get seventeen different answers, and when you do get those answers, sometimes the language is cumbersome, difficult and sometimes bordering on appropriative that can make people feel awkward and strange about it. So, I’m here to try and put this difficult subject into somewhat easier words, or at least, as best reflects my practise and traditions. Others may disagree, or want to expound on something, and I hope they do! I’d love to get a dialogue going. I’ve only been actively hedging (ie: on purpose) for about sixteen years, so I know there are people out there with more (and different) experiences than me!

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Midnight Masquerade - Part 3

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Genre: Angst | Fluff | Vampire! AU

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask? 

Pairing: Reader X BTS

Word count: 2075 (Longer than the previous parts c:)

Warnings: Mentions of blood, biting, some swearing from time to time.

(A/N: A good friend of mine helped me work out the plot for this story, so I’m kinda excited to share with you guys! Enjoy! c:)

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 | Pt 10


Tears began to spill from your eyes, rolling down your face in quick succession, as it dawned on you; your best friend, your only friend, was well and truly dead.

Your heart seemed to halt in your chest, your chest constricting until it hurt to breathe. Once the first tear brimmed over, the rest followed in an unbroken stream, staining your dress as they sank into the fabric. Your lips parted as if to scream, but no sound came, instead leaving you standing in the midst of the people, looking like a gaping fish. Your hands began to tremble and shake, as you forced yourself to glance down at the corpse lying in front of you, your once best friend looking strangely at peace, despite her eyes having rolled back in her head, the blood drained entirely from her face. Your legs seemed to be frozen to the floor, leaving you fixed in place.

Tearing your eyes from the body, you looked up at the people surrounding her, devilish smirks fixed on their faces as they hungrily stared down at the corpse. On a closer look, you noticed what looked like fangs slowly being to protrude from their teeth, their tongues flicking out to drag across their lower lips. Your eyes involuntarily dragged back to the body, the sight of the small stream of blood dripping from her neck causing an unfamiliar feeling to stir in your chest.

“I have to get away. If they did that to Mina, what the fuck would they do to me?” You whispered to yourself, your eyes scrunching up tight, as you tried to eject the thought from  your mind. At this point, you had started to suspect that this cryptic invite Mina had received wasn’t actually from her “distant aunt”, the thought making your blood run cold as you wondered just what you were doing here. Some of the “people” - though you weren’t sure you could even call them that anymore - peered up at you, their eyebrows furrowing in both curiosity and confusion, yet looking away after a few seconds. You wondered why they simply sat there, why didn’t they attack you? What even were these people, cannibals? But that couldn’t be it, what human has fangs coming out of their teeth? Their skin wasn’t even that of normal human beings, it was unnaturally pale. Pale to the extent where it was almost marble-like, void of any flaws or scars.

Your legs finally freed themselves, carrying you somewhere, anywhere away from the disaster scene in front of you. You struggled to run, your long dress trailing on the cold floor, tripping you up on more than one occasion. Huffing in frustration, you grabbed a clump of fabric, lifting up your dress, finally allowing you to get away faster, snaking through the masses of people. Stopping in front of a door, you exhaled, pushing the handle, the door swinging open.

Peering inside, you spotted a man standing in the corner, looking over a sheet of paper, a frown curling downwards on his face. His jet black hair fell over his face, as he impatiently brushed his fringe out of his eyes. He looked up, hearing the shuffling of footsteps by the door as you stepped in, the door slamming shut behind you, making you jump a little. Looking directly at you, the frown on his face further deepened, as he set the piece of paper down onto a nearby table, his eyes scrunching up as he studied you carefully.

“Who are you?” He asked, taking a step in your direction. You opened your mouth to speak, but the same sparkle that you’d seen from the other two… people you’d met appeared in his eyes, causing the words to get stuck in your throat.

“I asked a question.” The stranger raised his eyebrows in anticipation, his arms crossed as he stared at you in dismay. Once again, you opened your mouth to answer, but once again, the words caught in your throat, leaving you speechless.

“What are you, a fish? Cat got your tongue?” He chuckled darkly, taking another few steps in your direction, as you backed up, until your back hit the door, leaving you nowhere to run. Your heart picked up in pace again, as you found yourself only a few inches away from the stranger, heat rising to your face, your cheeks flushing pink. At the sight of your flushed skin, his face contorted into a confused expression, his eyes slowly darkening. Your face flushed even brighter as he leaned in even closer, his warm breath blowing onto your neck, making your skin tingle in response.

“Maybe the question I should be asking isn’t who are you… but what are you?” The man murmured into your ear, his eyes becoming darker and darker by the minute. His arms pressed against the door on either side of you, blocking you from escaping or getting away. You mentally slapped yourself for being so passive, but no matter what you did, your body remained frozen in place, your limbs seemingly glued to the door behind you. “You’re not one of us… are you?” He’d asked menacingly, his rough voice tickling your ears.

Your eyes widened, your pupils dilating as you watched a set of fangs slowly protruding from his mouth, gulping as you noticed just how sharp the pointed end was. Shutting your eyes tight in anticipation, you whimpered as you felt something sharp and needle-like piercing the soft skin of your neck. The man sank his teeth into your flesh, not entirely, but just enough to draw blood, trickling down your neck. You felt an odd sort of tugging at your neck, beginning to feel slightly faint. A feeling of slight anger began to stir in your chest, and so you pressed your arms to his chest and shoved as hard you could, wincing as the fangs practically tore out of your flesh. You pulled down on the door handle, not looking back even once, instead wanting nothing but to get out of this nightmare, running out as fast as your legs could carry you. You tried your best to ignore the spinning feeling stirring in your head, squinting as you searched for any possible exits. Stumbling forward, you headed towards another door which was slightly ajar, allowing you to peer in, looking directly at what looked like a hidden hallway of some kind. You sighed, sliding through into what was may have been your last chance to escape.


Yoongi lay against the wall, wincing as his spine ached from the impact. What human had that much strength? Brushing his dark hair out of his eyes, his eyes darted around, looking for any sign of you. Gently touching his tooth, he glanced down at the speck of blood on his finger, the ravenous feeling in the pit of his stomach stirring once again. He flicked his tongue over his fingertip, relishing in the sweet taste of your blood, his eyes rolling back in his head in ecstasy.

His eyes clouded over, his mind focused on nothing but the thought of you and the taste of your sweet, sweet red liquid. No human’s blood could even contest with yours, your blood becoming almost like a drug to him. He wanted more. He needed more. He had to find you.


You slowly moved through the hallway, looking around at the deep red wallpaper that decorated the walls. Touching your neck, you winced at the pain that continued to course through, your mind casting back to the incident in the small room. Who was that man? And why was there a strange feeling of familiarity nagging at the back of your mind?

You sighed, wishing you had never agreed to go with Mina to this place. Your best friend was now dead, gone, never to come back, and you were left with no way to get home, becoming fainter by the minute as blood continued to seep out of your wound. Ripping your mask off, you threw it on the ground in frustration, tears bubbling up rapidly as you stared at the damned thing.

“You know what, no, now is not the time to cry, now is the time to get out of here,” you mumbled to yourself, taking deep breathes in an attempt to calm yourself. Your eyes wandered over the intricate designs on the walls, halting when you noticed a small drawing of two stick-men in the corner, that could only have been done by a kid.

“Huh?” You crouched down by the wall, your fingers brushing over the drawing. Something about that drawing was strangely familiar, a sense of nostalgia almost washing over you, as a distant memory popped into your head, a memory that didn’t even seem like it belonged to you.

“Faster!” The kid squealed, running down the hallway. You laughed, your hair flying out behind you as you ran after him, running as fast as your small legs could carry you. “The adults are going to find us if you don’t run!” The kid hung back, grabbing you by the hand and pulling you forward, as the two of you ran down that very hallway, fast approaching the door at the end.

“Help me up, (Y/N),” the kid demanded, as you struggled to lift him up so he could just about reach the handle of the tall door, pushing it open. The both of you cheered in victory, pushing the door further so you could slip outside, strolling into the forest behind the gigantic house.

Taking his hand in yours, the kid looked at you, a gummy smile forming on his face as his jet black hair fell into his eyes, causing you to giggle as he pouted. You brushed the hair away for him, pecking him sweetly on the forehead, before running off into the forest again, squealing as the kid ran after you.

“Yah! Come back here!” He exclaimed, laughing as he chased you.

“What…?” Your mind finally came back to the present, as you blinked rapidly, trying to make sense of the situation. Peering down the hallway, you saw the same tall door lying at the end of the hallway. That was your way out. Your chance to get out of this hell, this nightmare you were living.

Hitching up your dress, you half-ran, half-walked down, desperate to get out, despite the growing pain in your head. Pressing your hand to the cold handle, you pushed down, and sure enough, the door opened, swinging open to reveal the same forest. Stepping out, and pushing the door shut behind you, you looked around, surveying the scene. At this point, you were feeling dangerously faint, the running having worsened your condition.

“Ugh, fuck,” you cursed, clutching your head, yet vowing to find a way home. Walking to the left, you squinted, noticing what looked like a road of some sort. “This has got to get me out of this place,” you mumbled, trudging towards the ‘road’, your vision slowly and gradually beginning to fade as your head began to spin. Stumbling out onto the side of the road, you saw a car approaching in the distance, weakly waving your arm to signal it to stop. The car approached nearer and nearer, and yet you grew fainter and fainter until your legs buckled beneath you, making you fall to the floor, the world suddenly going black.


“Where could she have gotten to?” Yoongi scanned the large ballroom, his eyes searching among the mass of people for you. “She can’t have gone too far, right?” He mumbled to himself, a frown etched onto his face. His stomach rumbled deeply, the feeling of hunger never leaving him once. That wasn’t the only reason he had to find you again, however.

There was something about you, something so familiar yet so distant about your eyes, that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. His eyes would come to a stop on the door to the hallway, the door ever so slightly ajar. Something drew him to head towards the door, a pull he couldn’t explain. Pushing the door gently, he stepped in, the familiar sight greeting him. He looked around, searching for any signs that you went this way.

Noticing an object lying on the ground, his curiosity piqued, walking closer until he realised it was a mask; the very mask you had been wearing. Examining it closer, the scent of you sent his senses into overload, as he clutched it tightly in his hand, vowing to work out; who is she?


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Rexsoka Week Theme 2: All in Good Fun

The crew had decided to land back on Seelos, to grab a few things from their fallen Terrain Tactical Enforcer. Apparently in their haste to return to the ship, they forgot a few things.

“Glad you could make the trip, Commander.” Captain Rex said to his co-pilot.

“Ahsoka will do, Rex.” she smiled kindly to her friend.

The small transport ship came to the spot, seeing as the Empire had long left the planet and their Republic tank was left more or less untouched since their battle.

“HOO! Maybe we can find Big Bongo still!” Gregor cheered, leaping off the ship soon as he could and charged to the ship excitedly.

“You think that thing would STILL be around after a week?” Wolfe yelled after him, taking a slower walk towards it.

“What are you guys looking for?” Ezra asked, keeping closer to Captain Rex than the other two. To the amusement of the old Captain, the young lad stuck to his side through most of the trip.

“Just some trinkets we don’t feel like leaving behind.” Rex said as he hopped down onto the dirt, with Ahsoka right behind. “Sometimes an old solider needs his favorite toothbrush to travel.”

“OH! My bells are still here!” Gregor shouted, holding up the sweet bells that were attached to the walker. They chimed just as softly as they did when the craft walked slowly across the land. Wolfe was more concerned about a crate full of weapons and bombs. Things he stored for years but didn’t use in the battle.

“What are you here to look for?” Ezra asked the Captain. In response, the bearded man just smirked and climbed on board the vessel, going to one spot in particular. Some crashes went off, some grunts and curses but eventually Rex emerged from inside with a small box in one hand and his helmet in the other.

“These, are what I was aiming to find.” he said, holding his helmet up.

“Oh hey! I was wondering where I lost that!” he said, feeling sheepish he forgot to bring it back to the Captain by hand.

“Eh, don’t worry about it, kid.” He glanced to Ahsoka briefly, the nickname bringing more memories between them then could be spoken. “Here, how bout you wear it some more?” he said, shoving it onto his head. Ezra gave a cry of surprise and stumbled backwads, grabbing the thing to hold steady.

“What’s in there, Rex?” Ahsoka asked. She was patient the whole trip. But now she wanted to at least take a peek.

Rex smirked, patting the lid. “Well…something quite special.” he said, pulling the lid off. The Jedi didn’t gasp, but she let her jaw drop in surprise. Rex reached inside and brought out the familiar Jedi Braid of beads she wore as a young padawan.

“You have those?” she said, looking to him questionably.

“Well…The General was feeling down about your departure. He held onto it for a long time. But then…I suppose he just got occupied.”

Ahsoka refused the urge to bite her lip. She has yet to tell him the terrible news…Instead she smiled. “I’m glad you kept it all these years, Rex.” Then a sneaky smile grew on her face. “You never told me you had it on you before.”

A flush started at the base of his neck and grew up to his ears and he rubbed his bald head. “Well, I didn’t want to burden you with this piece of information, and it was just so long after you left the Jedi Order, I didn’t want to bring up bad memories.”

She laughed, shaing her head, “No, its fine Rex. Its yours, keep it.” she reached over to hold his arm and they both smiled to each other in the eyes….

“HEY! What’s that you got?” shouted Wolfe. He walked over with a crate, frowning at the two of them. Somehow Rex had a feeling Wolfe interrupted on purpose…

“Just some trinkets I held onto!” he held the box up.

“OH! Let’s give us a see-“ Gregor probed, and Rex let him. He was always kinder to Gregor when he was this happy. “You kept the harmonica!” he sang. “Oh lets play a song, shall we?” Without waiting for an agreement, he went on playing a song.

“Not now, Gregor…” Wolfe said tiredly, heaving up his crate of weapons and walking towards the transport.

“We’re in no hurry,” Ahsoka offered lightly. It was then a hand was presented to her and she smiled to her old friend.

“Remember the old days? With our Wolf travelers?” he smirked.

“Oh you cheeky thing,” she smirked right back and took his hand.

Ezra finally pried the helmet off in time to witness a clone playing an instrument and another clone dancing and laughing with a Jedi. Watching the two spin around joyfully stirred his stomach a bit. Like he was witnessing something private and should look away. They were good at it too. They moved as though they knew each step the other was about to take and had shared a dance together enough times to hold each other close and securely. Despite the war going on around them, the dangers hanging over their heads…this little moment seemed to dwarf them. Just for a little while.

Setting the helmet on the ground, he took a seat to patiently wait for them, watching with a soft smile at two dancers.