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poltergrease  asked:

How about a threeway Chuck/Julie/Mike fusion? A fusion of all five burners?? Or is it even possible in your fusion verse for more that two people to fuse?

AH YES.  Burnerx5 fusion!  

Desperately tricky to pull off but devastatingly effective. >:D They spend most of their time arguing with themself, but when they have a single focused goal they’re marvelously effective!

Plus they’re really big.  Like, really big.  A giant enby!

Also loud.  They have pieces of Mike’s enthusiasm, Dutch’s passion, Chuck’s hysteria and Texas’s…Texas.  They get pretty noisy sometimes.

But they’re cool!  And everybody involved has a lot of fun, while it lasts.  It’s just so tricky to stay balanced it’s way easier to fight seperately or fuse in smaller combinations, haha. 

frigga · goddess of marriage, childbirth, motherhood and wisdom

Frigg was the Norse Goddess of marriage, childbirth, motherhood, wisdom, household management and weaving and spinning. She was the Queen of Aesir and the only one permitted to sit on the high seat other than her husband Odin.This Goddess’s home was Fensalir (Marsh hall) in Asgard. All marshy and boggy ground was sacred to this Goddess.As Goddess of weaving she was associated with weaving clouds and the threads of fate, known as Wyrd in the Nordic tradition. Despite this and the gift of prophecy she is unable to save her own son from his fate. The Goddess made him invincible to everything other than mistletoe but unfortunately Loki disguised himself and tricked her in to revealing this weakness.She has more than ten handmaidens who assist her, the most well known of these are Hlin (Goddess of Protection), Gna (a messenger Goddess) and Fulla (a fertility Deity). Some academics have suggested that the attendants represent different faces of this particular Deity.Barren women would invoke this Goddess and ask her to bless them with children.

Outfit of the Day

It’s hot as hell in my part of Australia, but I still want to wear velvet.

Blouse: Spin Doctor Clothing
Vest: Punk Rave
Skirt: Queen of Darkness from Attitude Holland
Necklace. Alchemy Jewellery
Bag: Dysfunctional Doll Clothing


A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step 2xLP

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Dream A Little Dream

A.N - My first what will be a smutty Crowley x Reader fic. Let me know what you think :) 

Warnings - Smut, mentions of BDSM and swearing.

The second you heard the damn accent flood the room you stiffened, Sam and Dean thought it was because you still harboured ill feelings towards the demon after he kidnapped you a few months back and used you as bait to make the Winchester’s more compliant. That was partly true, but that wasn’t the whole story.

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Miss Me? - Part One

Pairing: CrowleyxReader

Summary: Crowley finds out you’ve been spending a lot of time with Dean fixing cars and shit and decides to show you you’re his

Warnings: Smut smut smut ladies and germs. Oh and swearing probably

Word Count: 1,515

A/N: This is going to be a two parter. Pure smut ladies and gents! Requests are open! Leave me some feedback y'all it helps a lot :)
A/N2: I am also currently working on a request for Crowley, so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)
(Ps: I hope the tags work because some people were saynig that it didn’t tag them in my last one sooo yep)

Supernatural Masterlist

(gif not mine yo)

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