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what halloween costume do you think would suit kiri best?

For obvious reasons

…of Sharks being manly


to be real, either a shark or dragon (or canon red Riding hood) would be the best. I dunno, I like to think whatever costume he picks he always gets his makeup/effects done by Mina/Momo

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Akira spinning and balancing his phone on his thumb is my aesthetic, so goddamn COOL!!!!☆☆☆☆

He is a very talented pencil spinner too.


I think it’s a lot like faith. To keep believing, trying, and enduring until you finally become able. Because people entrust us their hopes and rely on us to carry on…perhaps that is what makes us ninjas.


2017 4CC FP

Wasn’t that exciting!!  I had excitement from Hanyu’s 4 minute Fp you normally get from a 2 hour action movie!!!  It gave me energy enough that I stayed the whole day despite waking up early to watch him!!  With a cold, fever and headache!!!  How’s that!? (how many energy drinks does that count?).

This is what I like about this guy!!  He’s a fighter who never gives up!!  He looks like a harmless Pooh but inside he has spirit & courage of the bravest men!!  God bless him and protect him.

Ok.. calm down!!  Honestly I was watching the Fp live and praying the whole time, I didn’t see the spins nor his step sequences!!  My eyes were locked on his jumps only until the end!!  I didn’t notice that he didn’t do the biellmann spin nor any other move OO just jump safely and I’ll enjoy the program later!!

When he popped his 4S, I went into space.. somewhere near Pluto.. noooooooooo.. but I teleported back to earth immediately when his second 3A combination changed and he jumped another jump!!  Wait!!  Was that a Quad just now??  And from the score I knew he did and got crazily excited and then the 3A jump came last!!  Oh my god Oh my god.. He did it.. (screaming & crying without a sound cause everyone’s sleeping)!!!

To be honest.. when he popped his 4S combination, I was wondering if he’ll attempt that 4S he practiced at the end as some fans reported!!  But I’m glad he went for the 4T instead!!  So relieved..

To change jump layouts is not that easy, I remember Oda the Japanese skater said once that it’s impossible, it’s too difficult.  Cause you ought to make mistakes.. that’s how Hanyu’s a genius!!

((Another thing that amazed me -he never stops to amaze me- he actually changed his 3A-2T combination into 3A-3T.. now that, i didn’t notice at all.. so he was preparing from the 6th Jump, he removed the 2T to put it with the 4T!!  Just subarashii, he’s really a crazy genius.  In the picture above the changes he did are in yellow))

If only he didn’t do a combination with that popped 4S.. he could have used the third combination with the last 3A and won!!  But that’s asking too much of him!!  He would be super human if he did that!!!  What he did was already great!!  It was an emergency, he panicked maybe and did a one turn jump in a desperate attempt, but patched that mistake greatly after that.

Though he didn’t win the gold!  I’m so satisfied with this FP, personally I think he deserved the Gold! His artistry is first class –even in state of panic-, and he moved and surprised everyone with those sudden changes even his coach didn’t expect it, I would give him points for that too.. but what happened happened! And it’s not like Chen didn’t deserve it.. he’s one tough rival who popped suddenly!!  I’m sure Hanyu is uncontrollably excited!!  ((Which will put more worries and nervousness on us, his fans and his poor coach))!!

Congratulations to Shoma too.. lol, I’m gonna start calling him the bronze champion.. he’s always third!!  Shoma ganbare.. and work on your stamina..

Yoku Ganbatta.. See you in Worlds!  Ja mata.. 


wOw okay…so in Kiku’s Getting Hitched Spin-off we’re surprised in the summary with “hey we’re having a baby!” but honestly I wasn’t expecting to actually see their kids…and having them named!? 😮

So they’re non-identical, different gendered twins.  The boy is named Shigure (時雨) which means rain/drizzle/shower that usually happens end of autumn & beginning winter.  The girl is named Hisame (氷雨) which means icy/frozen/cold rain - I saw ice storm in some def. - or anything close to that.  They both have names with rain in it 😍 .

I don’t know what to say about Shigure’s skill, makes me think of those who speak Parseltongue in HP lol. I’m not too sure how it could be useful except maybe in combat, or maybe like Disney princess who have animals “at their service” but boy I hope this skill doesn’t cast him out from other kids later on…

i hesitated on posting this for awhile, cause i kind of wanted him so be a secret character?? but he’s good…god he’s just…too good. here’s one of the “cow boys” in Canyon Jive 

Important facts: 

-they are literally cow people

- theres the whole spectrum of cow folk, not just boys don’t worry :y

-they ride massive condors, and instead of hearding cows, they wrangle clouds! they make formations, and guide the rains and such 

but most importantly:

I love him 

Something I had in my head for a little while since I work in a god damn gas station: Road trip supplies.

Bakugo: Jalepeneo anything. The boy likes spicy food just in case he needs to blast one of his friends for some reason. He also takes water because he isn’t afraid of the burn.

Ashido: I feel like she would take gummy candies. Gummy lifesavers, gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy anything. She might like peach tea, too!

Kaminari: Energy drinks. He just brings energy drinks. He likes the flavor, but he does not nap at all during the long trip, so by the time they get to their destination he is a little grumpy, but it’s okay because he is with is buds.

Kirishima: Like a 5 pound bag of jerky. That is it. He spends all of his snack cash on this giant bag of fucking jerky. They all warned him about it, but he wanted it, so he got it, and about 2 hours into the trip he gets parched and starts asking everyone else if they can share their drinks. Kaminari does. They aren’t afraid to share the same can.

Iida: Anything a tourist would want to bring. Super prepared. A map, sun screen, sunglasses, bug spray, and he gets on everyone else about what they should bring but they mostly ignore him. He scolded Kirishima for the Jerky pretty hard. Forgets the camera.

Midoriya: Remembers the camera. He is a little indecisive when it came to what snacks to bring, so he grabs a tea, a water, and a soda, and then a variety pack of granola bars.

Uraraka: She brings a few different kinds of cheap chocolate candies, pretzels, and some sparkling water to spoil herself! Hangs around Midoriya for most of the trip because he has the camera. She gives everyone ideas on what to shoot and pose, and helps everyone get into the shot with her quirk for some entertaining photos.

Sero: Brings a cooler with some veggies in it, some fruits to share, and some teas and water bottles. He also brings gum. About 6 different flavors for everyone’s tastes. Bakugo is the only one who takes the cinnamon. Maybe as a display of dominance, we aren’t sure if he genuinely enjoys it.

Todoroki: Shares the cooler with Sero, and also ices it for him because it was a good idea. He probably brings some food from home instead of convenience store food.

Ojiro: He planned for a long rest stop in the middle of it all, so he brought some instant ramen cups to go around and of course a kettle. No kindling material though because he knows he can ask Todoroki. Maybe Bakugo, if he is feeling brave.

Tsu: Brings a lot of water for herself if it’s the summer time. Frogs need to keep hydrated!

Hagakure: She brings the hand sanitizer and no one thought about it until she gave herself a squirt, then EVERYONE asked for some, and kept asking for the entire trip. She has like 3 travel bottles so she had… a quarter of one by the time they get home. She also has some lotion in her bag.

Tokoyami: Salty snacks, and his own little portable fan because he likes his dark clothes, but he gets a little too hot and refuses to give up his fashion choices. Sticks around Todoroki’s right side, and doesn’t disclose to anyone on why.

Koda: He brings his bunny, of course! Even his own little carrier, even though the bunny sits in his lap almost the entire time, but does visit the other student’s laps on the ride. Also some pellets, but Sero offers his cooler greens, because he wants to see the bun eat. Everyone watches the bunny nibble away, even Blasty.

Mineta: No one invited him.

(I know there are more kids but I couldn’t think of anything else since I don’t know much about the others. If you got any, go ahead and add on!)

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So I joined my school’s fire spinning troupe…