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Why Does The Proton Spin? Physics Holds A Surprising Answer

“With two up quarks – two identical particles – in the ground state, you’d expect that the Pauli exclusion principle would prevent these two identical particles from occupying the same state, and so one would have to be +½ while the other was -½. Therefore, you’d reason, that third quark (the down quark) would give you a total spin of ½. But then the experiments came, and there was quite a surprise at play: when you smashed high-energy particles into the proton, the three quarks inside (up, up, and down) only contributed about 30% to the proton’s spin.”

You might think that the proton, made up of three spin=½ quarks, has a spin of ½ for that exact reason: you can sum three spin=½ particles together to get ½ out. But that oversimplified interpretation ignores the gluons, the sea quarks, the spin-orbit interactions of the component particles. Most importantly, it ignores the experimental data, which shows that the three valence quarks only contribute about 30% of the proton’s spin. Our model of the proton has gotten more sophisticated over time, as advances in experiment and in Lattice QCD calculations have shown that the majority of the proton’s spin comes from the internal gluons, not from the quarks at all. The rest comes from orbital interactions, with the low-momentum gluons requiring a more sophisticated electron-ion collider to experimentally examine.

After decades of mystery, we’re finally closing in on exactly why a proton spins. Find out the surprising physics behind the simple answer!

“In a world driven by self-promotion and spin, Jesus modeled something different for us. Jesus was saying that instead of telling people about what we’re doing all the time, there’s a better way. One that doesn’t require any capes that can get snagged on something - something like ourselves. Maybe Jesus wants us to be secretly incredible instead. That was His plan for self-promotion. Secretly incredible people keep what they do one of God’s best-kept secrets because the only one who needs to know, the God of the universe, already knows.” (Bob Goff, Love Does)

This. This is what our society needs to hear. I see it more and more each day - we feel the need to advertise our lives. We feel the need to photograph every moment, share every quote, post every video, and so much more. We make our lives seem so exciting online. When speaking with others we put on a facade of being busy and doing important things. We love to self-promote. Even those posts that we try to make seem selfless and good and loving for others - what are our real motives?
I think that God wants us to do things, yes. And I think that if people find out, then so be it. Own up to the things you do. Don’t lie to people. But I think our society needs to really relearn what it means to live lives of humility. Each of us, instead of making the mediocre things we’re doing seem so good, should just quietly do awesome things.
I know it can be hard not to self-promote sometimes. But friends, God knows. God sees what you do. Know that He is proud of you. Know that He sees your deeds and He is well pleased. Keep up the good work.

Countdown to Halloween: Day 7 (Encantado)

So this one is based off a Brazilian folklore. It is an encantado. I explain a little about them in the story. Hope you enjoy <3

Also, please listen to this (X) while reading this. It will set the mood (also, the youtuber is an amazing musician)

-Admin Kat

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“How about this,” I say when peeling off Luke’s cock, making Luke let a groan fall from his lips as he stares at me, questioning what I’m going to be doing. “Before I continue to go down on you, I want you to tell me the five dwarf planets.” I say while moving my hand up and down along the head of Luke’s cock.

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Words: 3000+

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Rating: R

“Ok so when one hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun, solar radiation spreads over a small area of the Earth’s surface which means that it’s summer, and then when one hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun, solar radiation spreads over a large area of Earth’s surface which means that it’s winter.” I explain to Luke while pointing at the diagram that explains how the seasons work.

“So depending on the way the Earth’s hemisphere is tilted that kinda depends on the season?” Luke questions while rising one of his eyebrows and staring at me questionably.

“Yes!” I cheer while throwing my hands in the air and smiling at Luke, making a hearty laugh escape his lips before he takes the black textbook with planets decorated on the cover of it, and closes it.

“What are you doing? We still have to review a few more stuff and then we’re done,” I whine while trying to reach over and grab the textbook but Luke places it on my bedside table.

“I’m tired lets watch a movie or something,” Luke sighs before reaching forward and picking up my MacBook that lies at the end of my bed. “No Luke you need to study for exams.” I say while gently placing my hands on his lower back and pressing a kiss to his shoulder.

“It’s time for a study break,” Luke declares before peeling the lid open and coming in contact with Photo Booth.

“Jesus look at my sexy girlfriend.” Luke whistles while clicking on the pervious photos that I toke of myself, some cute and girly while others are some sexy photos that I send to Luke. “You don’t understand how hard you got me with this photo!” Luke exclaims while sitting back and bringing the laptop with him.

“God Luke you exaggate everything,” I say as I feel a blush creep onto my cheeks while digging my head into his shoulder that smells like Axe and chocolate.

“Me, exaggating, baby do you not know how sexy you look in this photo, you’re getting me hard just from looking at it,” Luke chuckles while turning his head and trying to get a look of me buried in his broad shoulder.

“You’re such a liar,” I groan while peering over his shoulder and staring at the photo of me in a plain pink lingerie set, with a tiny bow set in the middle of the bra while two set on either side of my panties.

“Don’t believe me?” Luke says while looking at me shaking my head back and fourth, and before I can even react Luke is grasping my hand in his and pushing my hand towards his crotch making me come in contact with Luke’s erection, my eyes staring intensely at Luke as he winks at me.

“I have an idea,” Luke says while smiling his devilish smile before releasing my hand in his and beginning to tug at the white tank top that is covering my body for today. “How about you go change into this,” Luke says while gesturing to the lingerie set that I’m wearing on the screen while bitting down on his bottom lip. “And model it for me.” Luke says before reaching towards me and peppering kisses along my neck, which makes my head spin.

“Model it for you?” I question while leaning into Luke’s addicting touches, his finger tips now roaming up my naked thighs as he continues to press kisses down my neck.

“Mhm,” Luke hums while now running his hands along my hips now. “Wait, wait, hold on, if I do this will you continue to study for your exams?” I question while smiling at Luke with an innocent smile as I see Luke begin to shake his head.

“You’re insane, I’m not doing that,” Luke mumbles while pulling his head away from my nape and resting on my shoulders, his once adventurous hands now lying against my hips.

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Got the shots back from my shoot at Tragic Beautiful. This was probably my favourite outfit, I am in love with this dress and this crown! Need them both in my life!

Dress: Spin Doctor Clothing
Crown: Restyle
Model/MUA: ReeRee Phillips (yours truly 💜)

tony’s party ♛ steve

Characters: Steve/Reader, Tony, Wanda, Natasha, Sam

Genre: fluff, slight (not really) smut

Warning: make-out session [fangirl screams in background], language

Summary: Nat and Wanda dress the reader up for one of Tony’s party’s, which she usually skips to stay in her room and read a book.

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