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Can I keep you? Pt. 3

(A/N) Here is the next part to my Loki Fanfic! I really hope you like it, and I really appreciate your lovely comments. I wish I could answer y’all, but you know how it is….This one is very short too…sorry?
Either way, feedback is always welcome! Enjoy!

Imagine being Tony’s adoptive daughter no one knows about because you’re studying abroad. One day you come home without saying a word and all the Avengers are confused by your appearance and especially Loki being quite smitten by you. The Avengers, especially Natasha being very protective of you when they notice the tricksters’ interest in you. You on the other side, being the curious girl you always were, wanted to know more about the mysterious guy and the world he comes from.

Pairings: Loki x Reader ; Tony Stark x daugther!Reader

Warnings: assholes approaching

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Part 2



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Having Loki walk beside me through a furniture store was as strange as it could be. Still, I tried to ignore all the hateful stares the others shot me and the god and continued shopping.
We looked at different beds, tried out different mattresses and wrote down everything I needed and wanted.
After lying down on a really comfortable mattress, I couldn’t help but close my eyes.
“Please don’t fall asleep Y/N. People would attack me if they see me carrying you out of here.” Loki stood beside me, taking hold of my hand, trying to pull me up.
“It’s too comfortable Loki! Try it.” I tugged at his hand until he gave up and laid down beside me. “It really is comfortable.” I let out a chuckle and relaxed. Since most of the people feared Loki, no one bothered us. Especially since we didn’t take our shoes off.
After just lying there for a few minutes, I noticed myself dozing off, but decided to just accept my fate. Loki noticed it too. He sat up and pulled me away from the mattress, ignoring my weak protests.
After getting the rest of the things, I needed for my room, we paid for it and arranged for it to be brought to the tower the same day.
I also introduced Loki to hot dogs. At first, he was very confused why we would heat up a dog and then eat it, but as soon as he saw an actual hot dog, the confusion went away and he enjoyed his meal.
“Want another one?” I looked at Loki, who had been staring longingly at the counter where we bought the hot dogs. “Please.” Laughing, I ordered two more and waited for them to be ready.
While I waited, I checked my phone for new messages, but found none. Strange. While I was still at the university, Peter texted me almost every day, even though we did see each other on a daily basis. Was he cheating on me?
Think of the devil and he appears!
“Y/N!” I was suddenly enveloped in a bear hug, but immediately hugged my boyfriend back. “What are you doing here?” Before he answered, he pulled me into a slow kiss, which was only broken by other customers complaining about us blocking the que, even though our food was ready.
I took the tray and we walked back to Loki, who had a strange look on his face. “Loki, this is my boyfriend, Peter. Peter, I guess you know Loki.” They shook hands, but it was clear they couldn’t stand each other. Trying to lighten the mood, I just kept talking until I decided to give up and lead them back to the car.
“You never answered my question why you are here.” We stood in the elevator and waited for it to reach the parking level.
“Right. Your dad called me, told me he was throwing a party today and asked me to come. So, I drove here as fast as I could, and as I arrived the others told me you were here. I just couldn’t wait to see you again.” He kissed me again, but I couldn’t concentrate on the kiss. Loki was still there and there was such a bad aura around him. I pushed Peter away, glad we finally reached the right level.
“Well, see you later than.” Loki and I walked to the car and got in.
We were silent during the hole ride home. Just as I parked the car in the garage, Loki turned to me with a serious expression. “This was your boyfriend?” “He still is, Loki. And yes. Why?” He furrowed his brows, as if he thought about the heated dogs again, and shook it after a while.
“I…I just sense something off about this guy. That’s all.” Before I could ask for an explanation, he left the car and walked to the elevator. Deciding to leave it be, I trailed after Loki and walked with him to my room as soon as we reached the right floor.
He helped me, with his magic of course, to clean up the mess from yesterday, and later on, put together all the furniture for me.
Thanks to him, I had just enough time to get ready for the party. All the while, I didn’t see Peter anywhere. But I was certain he knew his way around the tower enough already and ignored the feeling in my guts.
“I should go see dad before I leave.” Since I never really had friends, I started talking to myself from time to time. A habit, I couldn’t shake off.
Taking the elevator downstairs, I had to authorize myself before I could exit the elevator. My dad sure was paranoid.
Walking down the hall to where his “office” should be, I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard Peter’s and my father’s voice, fighting.
“I did everything I could Mister Stark! I can’t help it if she falls in love with someone else!” Peter sounded distressed, but what bothered me more was what he was saying.
“Well, try harder! Get her away from that god and you will get your new suit and everything!”
The world started spinning around me. It was all just a deal between my father and Peter? He never really loved me? But…why?
I didn’t even register that I let my phone fall to the floor, until my father’s and Peter’s shocked faces stared at me.
“Honey, I-“
I turned around and ran, hearing the two chase after me.
“Jarvis, please, just this once, listen to me over my Tony!” My voice echoed through the halls and the AI registered it immediately. “What can I do for you, Miss?”
I waited until I reached the elevator. “Close the doors now!” The doors closed, and didn’t open as my father hammered against them. He shouted various commands at Jarvis, but the AI ignored him.
I pressed the button with my floor number on it and sank to the floor while the elevator rushed up. How could a day that was so much fun, turn into such a disaster?
Tears ran down my cheeks, but no sobs left my body. I guess, the reality hadn’t sunk in yet.
The doors opened again and without checking where I was, I ran out. And just like my luck loved it, I stood in the living room, where all the guests were partying.
Turning around to walk back to the elevator before someone noticed me, I turned back as I saw the door to the staircase open.
Making my way through the crowd, I ignored my father’s cries for me to stop. I just wanted to get away. As far away as possible.
I bumped into a lot of people on my way, but only one held me back by his waist.
“What’s wrong?” Loki’s deep voice filled my ears and the first sob escaped me. His expression was one of concern, as he held my shaking body and took in my tear stained cheeks.  “Take- Take me away.” I pressed my eyes shut, trying to block the rest of the world out.
Loki wrapped his arms around me, and just as my father was about to reach me, we teleported out of the room.
The next time I opened my eyes, we stood on the roof of the tower.

Meeting Zalfie || Joe Sugg Imagine

“Love you ready to travel down to meet my family?” Joe says trapping me in his arms, kissing the side of my head softly.

“I’m never going to be ready,” I mumble, attempting to break away from his grasp, but Joe being Joe, he doesn’t let me instead squeezing me into his chest tighter.

“It’s all going to be perfect,” He whispers kissing my cheek, letting me go and walking to his room grabbing our bags and taking them down to his car. Joe was going to drive us down to Brighton so that I could meet his sister, Zoe and her boyfriend, Alfie We were going to be staying with Zoë for a few days. I had been so nervous to meet his family, fear of rejection plaguing my thoughts.

“I’m leaving with or without you so I suggest you get you cute little ass down here and come meet my family with me,” Joe yells into his apartment, I chuckle softly putting my phone into my pocket making my way out of his apartment locking the door. I follow Joe, he opens the car door for me. I grin up at him and stand on my tiptoes and kiss him softly. I step into the car and sit down. Joe makes his way into the car and we begin our journey to the Zalfie household.

“Are you stressed about today?” Joe asks I jump slightly, we had been sitting in a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

I nod my head slowly, “Yeah, a little, but its normal, I think,” I trail off giggling softly, Joe brings a joined hands up to his face. He presses his lips to the back of my hand softly. I feel the butterflies in my stomach whenever he’s around, goes insane. A wave of emotion hits me like a truck.

“Hey Joe,” I say softly after a few more minutes of quiet driving, He hums in response, “I love you.” We hadn’t said that we loved each other yet, we just knew.

I watch him as he concentrates on the road in front of him before he realizes what I’ve said. He looks over at me grinning widely, a blush spreading over his cheeks. He continues to smile and lean towards the steering wheel a shy smile gracing his features. He looks back to me, “I love you too,” is all he says, we go back to sitting in silence, my hand still held tightly in his.

A few hours later we arrive at the Zalfie household the nerves build back up, but I bury them when I see the excitement evident on my gorgeous boyfriend’s face. I watch as he eagerly makes his way around to me taking my face into his hands kissing me softly, I grin into our kiss knowing what it meant.

“Are you guys just going to make out in my front yard or are you going to come inside and say hello?” I jump away from Joe, blushing when I realize that it was Zoe.

“Wow Zo, Killing my game much,” Joe chuckles making his way over to his sister embracing her. I slowly make my way over to where the two are stood, I wrap my arms around my waist not knowing what to do with myself. Joe pulls away from Zoe, and takes a step towards me taking my hand in his, he always seems to know what to do when I need him to something.

“Hello Y/N, it’s nice to finally get to meet you, I’m sure you’re aware that I’ve heard of you,” She giggles softly, “Please come inside make yourself right at home.” she says opening the door for me to step through, I look back at Joe watching as he nods “I’ll be in soon love, just need to get our bags,” I look back to Zoe smiling and following her inside, once we’re inside her living room, she takes me into her arms making me laugh slightly, “Thank you,” she whispers into my ear.

“For what?” I finally use my voice.

“You make my brother so happy, I’m so glad that you both found each other,” She lets go of me tears gathered in her eyes.

“Please don’t cry,” I say panic evident on my face, she laughs softly.

“You’re as bad with emotions as Joe is,” She smiles over at me.

“You’d be surprised on how romantic your brother is, well normally, I was the first to say I loved him, which was in the car on the way here,” I nervously babble out.

“Wait you guys said that you loved each other for the first time today?” She asks staring at me with her mouth open.

“Uh,” I trail off, “Yeah?”

She bursts out laughing. “You guys are so cute, Hey Alf come here!” She calls out to Alfie.

I see a tall man make his way into the room that Zoe had led me into. “Hello, I’m Alfie, it’s nice to finally meet you Y/N,” Alfie says hugging me.

“It’s nice to meet you guys,” I say stepping back from the couple, Joe make is way into the room, and wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head on my shoulder.

“I love you,” He whispers kissing my cheek, making my blush a deep red.

“So Y/N I feel like as your future sister in law I’m legally obligated to tell you embarrassing stories about Joe,” Zoe says laughing when Joe groans burying his face in my neck. I laugh and nod my head, “Please do, Then I can tell you stories of our relationship,” I wink at her.

“Oh my God, Yes!” She takes my hand in hers and drags me away from the boys, “Come with me,”

I giggle following her into her second living room, we sit on the floor and that’s where we sit swapping stories for hours, eventually, our girl talk being crashed by our respective boyfriends.

“So do the fans know yet?” Alfie asks. Joe nods his head, “She basically lives at my housemate, if they didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to vlog,” He chuckles kissing the side of my head quickly.

“We’ve known about you for ages Y/N/N, Joseph hasn’t been hiding you from us, Alfie is just trying to figure out the rules for videos,” Zoe says laughing.

“Yeah this kid doesn’t shut up about you, like ever,” Alfie laughs at Joe’s obvious embarrassment. I spin my head to the man that’s sitting next to me, I raise an eyebrow, he looks down to his jeans, “Like what?” I direct the question to Alfie seeing how red I can get my boyfriend’s cheeks. I watch as his eyes snap up to Alfie and widen, the red on his cheeks becomes more apparent. Alfie, Zoe and I all burst out laughing.

“Don’t tell her mate,” Joe warns, challenging Alfie with his eyes.

“Why not buddy? I’m sure Zoe and Y/N would love to hear that story,” Alfie laughs. I turn my gaze away from my Boyfriend and place my eyes on Alfie.

“Okay, now you actually have to tell me,” I say concern flashing over my face, Zoe’s face is locked on Joe’s, “What happened?” I glance over each face.

“Mate, I’m going to have to tell her,” Alfie says, worry clear in his eyes.

“I’m right here, I can hear you,” I feel anxiety bubble in my chest.

“Fine, but if she breaks up with me I’m going to beat your ass,” Joe mumbles laying his body down. Joe wraps his arms around my waist, calming me down. He loves me.

“Okay so before you guys got together Joe, Marcus and myself went away, and during them few days, he wouldn’t shut up about this girl that he had met, Y/N, but the thing is is that he thought that you were into Caspar,” Alfie says, I laugh softly.

“That’s really all that you didn’t want me to know?” I look down at my boyfriend who shakes his head ‘no’, I bite my lip.

“I didn’t want him to tell you, how he helped me plan our first date, but since we’re on the topic of things I didn’t want you to know, I didn’t say 'i love you’ first because I still think you’re joking about being into me,” He says standing up and walking out of the room. My mouth falls open, tears prick my eyes.

“Uh, I’ll go talk to him,” I mumble following him up to the guest bedroom.

“Joe? What was that?” I ask, wrapping my arms around his waist. His arms are bracing him against the wall.

“Please just pretend you don’t know how insecure I am,” He mutters spinning around to face me.

“I love you, insecurities and all,” I say standing on my tip toes to kiss him, “Now please have a good time, and relax a little, I like knowing all the little things about you,” I wink.

Instead of saying anything he presses his lips to mine, the kiss is sweet and innocent. We are hopelessly in love. I pull away from him and hold his face in mine, “By the way you’re way hotter than Caspar,” I wink making my way down the stairs back to where Zoe and Alfie are sat. I smile at them subtly letting them know that he was alright, “He’s okay,”

I watch as the two look to each other and back up to me, “What?”

“He loves you a lot, but I’ve never seen him be so un-Joe-like before, He’s a completely different person,” Zoe says, a small frown gracing her features. I feel the anxiety bubble in my chest again, “Is that a bad thing?”

Her eyes speak the words she’s too afraid to say, “Oh,” is all I say, picking up my phone from her coffee table, “I’ll be back soon, I’m just going for a walk,” I exit the house before she or Alfie can stop me.

I turn my phone off when I can no longer see the house, tears well up in my eyes. I let my feet take me in any direction they choose and before I know it I’m at the sea, I take a deep breath. The smell and sound of the ocean are so calming to me. I take a step onto the beach and sit on the stones. I feel the tears begin to fall, I lay my back down on the stones and think about Zoë, is she right? had I changed Joe? I’m a bad person, I don’t deserve him. I lay there for a while longer with my eyes closed. I open them after I had finished crying and sit up when I notice that it’s dark out.

“Well fuck,” I mumble under my breath. I turn my phone back on and notice that I have fifteen missed calls from Joe. I hear the sound of steps on the stones.

“I wish you hadn’t of left you know?” I here Zoe’s voice say, “You sent my brother into quite the anxiety attack.” I glance up at her and back to the sea in front of me.

“I-i,” I attempt to talk but Zoe cuts me off.

“I really like you, I love you and Joe, But it’s weird seeing him so in love,” She says sitting down next to me, “I told him that you’d be here, I can tell that it’s your safe place as well as mine, but that boy was far too upset to listen to me.”

“I’m sorry,” Is all I say.

“He loves you so much. I’m sorry if I said something that offended you, but all I meant by it was that you are both acting ways too grown up for your age, Hell you’re what? 22? Joes 25. You guys are both already better adults than I am,” She laughs making me laugh, “But please just try and have fun, I’ve never seen him like this with anyone,” I nod my head.

“He’s my other person,” I say shrugging, “Have you met your brother? I don’t think that he’s mature at all,” I chuckle.

“You ready to come home now?” Zoe asks standing up, holding her hand out for me to take, “I drove so we won’t freeze getting home.”

I smile and take her hand standing up. I hug her, “Thank you Zo,” We make our way to her car and back to her house.

Joe is stood out the front, worry evident on his face. I step out of the car and make my way over to Joe,  "Why did you leave?“ He asks pulling me into his chest.

"I just wanted to go for a walk,” is all I say, not wanting him to feel like I don’t like Zoe. I lean up to kiss him softly, “I’m okay,”

“You turned your phone off,” He pouts, I look around and notice that Zoe has gone inside to Alfie.

“I’m okay, you’re okay, let’s go inside and do something with your sister that doesn’t involve either of us walking off,” I chuckle taking his hand, pulling him inside after me.

boys locker room || stiles stilinski (!!)

author: @broodybell
pairing: stiles x reader
word count: 1,984

warnings: NSFW — swearing, oral (male receiving), public sex, teasing

authors note: after a very long time, it’s finally here. thank you to @ridin-roscoe for helping me complete this lmao. 

summary: stiles and reader sneak into the boys locker room to fool around, the pack not knowing they’re dating.  

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One time I dreamt that I was in the middle of the ocean floating on a huge donut & my cousin was pushing me towards land but we never got any closer. It was like we stayed in the same spot. But after like 3 minutes of her pushing me on my giant donut & getting nowhere, a stingray floated out of the water & was just hovering & looking at me when all of a sudden it started dancing & spinning around while saying something in a language I’ve never heard before then it screamed “POP”. Then I woke up.

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Okay so everyone’s been talking about SSLL so I’m gonna start it today 💪🏽 I’m excited to read your work♥︎

Aw, thank you!!  <3   I really hope you enjoy it!  If you do, I’d love to hear about your favorite part~.

Falling Stars (1)

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Pairing: none yet!
Word count: 1146                                                                                               Summary; You just wanted a normal day for once but turns out you just can’t and end falling into middle earth and accompanying Thorin’s epic quest          Warnings: Swearing                                                                                            A/N: Hey guys this is my first fanfic on here and I’m planning on making this a series I guess! I hope you like it, suggestions and requests are open too!

It really was just your luck to end up in the situation you were in now. All you wanted on this fateful day was a break from the endless piles of paper given to you from your professors and a cup of coffee. But no, ohhhh no, you just had to take an accidental dive down the stairs, drop your laptop into a muddy puddle and suffer from possible brain trauma caused by a certain professor of yours.

It really wasn’t his fault, you just had a bad habit of standing in the wrong place at the right time, and when he threw the football across the room to another student, well…It just so happened to collide with your temple.

And speaking of the situation you currently were in now, it involved a ridiculous amount of alcohol, shitty friends, and low spirits. You wanted to be in bed, safe and warm, not here in some stupid forest with a bunch of drunk students you barely knew.

Your so called “friend” who brought you here in the first place had disappeared a little over an hour ago and you suspected she had forgotten about you and left you stranded. Of course, the walk back to your dorm was only two miles away, but the forest was unfamiliar and dark. You’d rather be in a heated car than walk alone in a creepy old forest if you were being completely honest.

Yet, the world decided to dish out more bad luck today and gave you the opportunity to possibly get murdered by a psycho killer waiting in the woods for someone to walk by. And with your kind of luck, you’d be their victim. But what other choice did you have?

You sighed and grumbled under your breath and poured the rest of your beverage over gnarled tree roots and maneuvered towards the dirt path that led to town. You hoped dumping beer on a tree wasn’t considered littering…

Pulling your phone’s flashlight out after leaving the glare of strung up lanterns and headlights from cars, you focused on not tripping over your feet like you did this morning. At least if you did trip no one would see you this time. Though, it would still suck to land in the dirt and rip a hole in your leggings or shirt. Your occurring clumsiness probably increased your chances of tripping and impaling yourself on a stick or perhaps falling off a cliff anyways, so you weren’t too hopeful.

So, with thoughts of impeding doom and your eyes on the lookout for any roots or rocks that could of caught your foot, you continued on the pathway to civilization and safety. That is, until you picked your head up and realized you hadn’t been following the trail at all.

“Oh fuck me,” you growled, wildly spinning around. Your flashlight illuminated patches of the dark woods and cast shadows that vaguely reminded you of deformed creatures lurking in the trees.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” You hissed as an afterthought. Here you were lost in the woods, swearing like a sailor with no way out. Of course something like this would happen to you.  

An overwhelming wave of panic surged over you after spinning around in circles and doing nothing but curse and try remembering which way you had come before this happened. You took a deep breath, attempting to calm your fraying nerves and paused before a patch of the brooding forest. It really couldn’t get any worse than this.

You bit your lip, took a deep breath, and shuffled through the undergrowth praying to whatever god was out there you could somehow manage to find the path again and that this was the right direction.

It wasn’t, and you quickly found that out right after your foot caught on a twisting root and sent you sailing down the side of a hill you never knew existed until now. You cried out in shock and pain as sharp rocks and dirt scratched your skin as you fell.

I shouldn’t of poured beer on that poor tree was the last thing you thought before being enveloped into total darkness.


“Is she dead?”

“‘Course not ye fool! Tha’ lass is still breathin’!

"Aye, last time I checked corpses don’t breath.”

“Do you think she’s alright?”

“Where on Earth did the lass come from?”

Unfamiliar voices crowded around you when you drifted back into consciousness, unaware of where you were, what time it was, or how you got out of the forest. You groaned as the various tones of buzzing voices became louder and you became more aware of the pounding headache present behind your eyes and the throbbing pain on your scalp.

“Shush! She’s wakin’ up.”

You groaned again and placed a hand over your throbbing head before opening your eyes. Blurred faces gazed down at you with curious eyes and you had to blink a couple of times before registering what the actual fuck was going on. Last night you were lost in a forest and now you were circled by a ban of funny looking men with a whole lot of hair.

Your first instinct was to scream and the run and then maybe cry a little bit from the shock of falling down a hill and landing in who knows where, but the only thing you did was squeak in fear.

“Och, give 'er some room, lads!” An older looking man chided, his hand gripping a strange trumpet-like item as he shoved away some of your audience. Though, the longer you were sprawled out upon the ground, the longer you realized how short these men actually were. You were one to talk though, you had always been on the short side but seeing full grown men who were as tall as you were was a sight to behold.

“Why are you all so short…?”

You really hadn’t meant for it slip out, but a combination of your confusion and your throbbing head let it pass through your lips. A few guffaws and shaking heads made you groan inwardly at your stupidity.

Way to make a great first impression, (y/n)…

“Have ye never seen a dwarf?” One of them asked, a floppy hat resting atop his head.

“Dwarf?” You repeated, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “Like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?”

“Who’s that?” Another asked. “And why do they have seven dwarves with them?”

A murmur of agreement swept through the group and left you in an even deeper state of confusion. Who didn’t know who Snow White was? The grey haired  so called 'dwarf’ with the strange trumpet thing must of noticed your puzzlement and bent down on one knee to help lift you into a sitting position.

“What’s your name, girl?”

“Erm, (y/n)…” You said. “And where the fuck am I and who the fuck are you?”

Imagine...Dirty Dancing

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Request: Could you write something where the reader is really into dirty dancing (the movie) and she and Sam have to dance (for a case) and he reveals his dancing skills?

Pairing: Sam x reader

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pairing: Peter Hayes x Reader

fandom: divergent

request: Hiya! Could u please do either a Draco x reader- Slytherin or Peter Hayes (from Divergent) x reader? The plot could be based on the jealousy they feel when she is flirting with other boys to get their attention… 

@slyther1n-princess @nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

A loud bang echoes through the whole room as you hit the ground for the fourth time today. Another lost round. What made it worse was your opponent. Peter. He stood with a cocky grin and looked down at you.
“Want me to help you up, princess?”
“I can manage by myself very well.”

“Are you sure?” He crouches down beside you, his fingers trailing up and down your arm, “Wouldn’t want you to get too hurt.”
“Don’t you worry, your hit is not that hard.” You shoot back with a roll of your eyes and jump to your feet, ignoring his lingering hand on your arm.
It was enough training for today. Losing all the time didn’t do much for your already sour mood and Peter never got tired of rubbing his victories in your face. Something relaxing and fun, that was the key now.

A few hours and drinks later you found yourself heavily flirting with one of your fellow initiates at one of the bars down in the pit. One which wasn’t Peter. A fact that he immediately noticed when he entered the same bar sometime later that evening.
You wouldn’t have recognized his presence if it weren’t for the glares he send your way the entire time.
Served him right. Maybe a little hit to his ego was all he needed to come down from his high horse. Probably wouldn’t be that easy but one can dream.
You purposely put your back into his direction, ignoring him as best as you could while you shamelessly flirted with the guy next to you.

It didn’t take too long for Peter to lose his patience and storm over. He stopped right next to you, one arm around your waist, one hanging over your shoulder. He was too quick for you to react and he had skilfully managed to grab your arms and immobilize them in the process. Sly little rat.
“Did I miss something interesting?” He asks, smiling at the guy in a way that was more than threatening and outright hateful.
“Uh no…sorry I…I have to go.” He was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving you standing with Peter. No wonder, no one wanted to get on his bad side. He was one of the best fighters and an asshole who could and would make your life hell if you crossed him.
“Well, thanks for ruining my evening.” You snap at him and get out of his arms that loosened the second the other man left.
“I’m here for your entertainment…the entire night if you’d like.”
“No thanks!”

Leaving Peter standing behind you without another word, you leave the bar and head home. With little to no success because he’s behind you a few seconds later.
“Shouldn’t walk home alone that late.” He says with a shrug and grins at you after you send him a glare over your shoulder.
“How noble, don’t you have some other girl to accompany home?”
“No, you’re mine after all.”

“Excuse me?!” You spin around with wide eyes, “I think I would now that.”
“You will.” He walks past you, grabs your hand and pulls you along with him, leaving you no choice but to follow him. He was, yet again, too quick for you to complain.

Daryl Dixon x Reader - Until death do us apart(Request)

anon: Could you write one we’re Reader saves Glenn in the line up but was dating Daryl…
and how she saves Glenn is by Negan making her one of his wives.
And Negan inviting the group to the wedding because he wants them to see you suffer but instead when the reader
is getting ready Darryl walks in with a ring and ask her to marry him before Negan does??? Hope that made sense.

Hope you like it ♥

WARNINGS: Little bit of angst but a lot of Daryl fluff.

P.s: The line-up is the same as the comic, so Negan choose only Glenn.



How the hell we got into this situation?

“Catch a tiger by the toe”

This morning everything was normal and now one of us will die.

“If he hollers, let him go”

One of us will die and he’s taking his decision with this stupid chilren counting rhyme.

“My mother said to take the best one”

My view is clouded by my tears.

I was crying…crying because I’m scared, I don’t want to die.

I feel someone taking my hand…it was Daryl.

Me and Daryl fought earlier because he wanted to find Dwight and get his revenge.

I was so angry, I said a lot of horrible things to him but I didn’t mean anything that came out from my mouth.

The first time I saw him again after our fight it was when Saviours took us.

He got shot and he was so pale.

I couldn’t help my loud sobs, I couldn’t lose him.

“And you are it”

With wide eyes I notice that Negan has Lucille pointed at Glenn.

Beside me, I can hear Maggie’s loud cries.

Glenn is gonna be a father….his son or daughter will grow up without a father…I can’t let Negan takes Glenn away from his baby.

“Maggie…I’ll find you” he mormured toward his wife.

He already accepted his fate.

Negan lift Lucille up in the air, a grin is plastered on his bearded face.

That’s enough.

“Stop, oh god pleae stop!” I cry out loud.

Negan stop right before Lucille could collide with Glenn’s skull.

I’m not looking at him, my stare is turned on the ground, my vision is clouded from my tears.

I can hear Negan walking towards me while Daryl get stiff.

Suddenly I feel Negan’s gloved hands grasping my arm and lifting me up.

“Look at this, an hot girl like you shouldn’t ruin her pretty face with some tears”.

He starts to wip away my tears from my cheeks, he’s so close to me I can feel his hot breath on my face.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” Daryl yelled but he’s quickly shutting up by a Saviour hitting him on his back with the back of the rifle.

“No! stop!”

I turn around ready to rush on Daryl’s side but a muscular arm pull me against an equally muscular chest.

“Oh that’s fuckin’ hilarious! A redneck with this hot piece of ass?”

“Don’t talk about her like that!”.

Seeing Daryl trying to fight back even thought his wound, makes more tears falling down my eyes.

“Please makes all of this stop”.

Negan forcefully spin me around so I can face him.

“Now now sweetheart, your group needs to learn a lesson here, and Lucille has already choose so…”

“Take me”.

The words leave my mouth without me thinking in what kind of situation I was getting myself into.

Negan bring his hand on his left ear, leaning down toward me:
“Sorry sweetheart, I didn’t fucking get it”.

“Take me! he…he’s going to be a father, his son and his wife need him…I offer myself as a replacement”.

“No! (Y/n) don’t do it!”.

I can tell by the sound of his  pleadings that Daryl is crying by now.

I notice Negan staring at me with a serious look on his face.

“You got some beach ball-size lady-nuts on you” he grinned at me.

He take a step back and start to walk back and fort:
“So you want to sacrifice yourself and save the asian guy huh? It’s just, I don’t fuckin’ like killing hot women like you….however…”

He get close to me and bring his right hand on my cheek:
“I’d like to have a new hot wife like you”.

I’m taken aback by his proposal.

“A wife?”

“Hell fuckin’ yeah! You’ll live in the luxury of my home, doing absolutely nothing but keep me some company” he winked at me.

I almost throw up at the thought.

“If I became your wife…you’ll let my family go, right?”
“Of fuckin’ course babydoll”.

I turn around looking at the group that has become my family.

Everybody was pleasing me to not accept.

The one who distraught me the most was Daryl.

Tears streamed down his face while he was shaking his head no.

He doesn’t want me to go but I can’t risk everybody’s lives.

I mouth an “I love you” to him before I turn again to Negan:
“You have a deal”.

“Hot diggity dog, I got myself a new smoking hot wife, you’re all fuckin’ welcome to come at our wedding”. Negan says, laughing.

He takes me by my arm and start to walk toward his van.

“(Y/n) no! Don’t go!”.

I turn my head a little, noticing Daryl trying to reach me, however, three Saviours were struggling to keep him in place.

“I’m sorry Daryl” I whisper to myself.

The journey toward the Sanctuary was pure hell, listening to Negan babbling about how lucky I am and things like that.

I couldn’t help but think about Daryl, he was the one I was supposed to marry and the fact that I couldn’t see him anymore just makes the situation worse.

The only thing that  helps me through this ordeal is the fact that Maggie and Glenn can grow their baby together.

Negan never stop talking until I finally reach my new room.

“Rest a little baby, tomorrow is our wedding day!” he grins at me while he lean down aiming at my lips.

I take a step back, staring at him with anger.

“Oh you’re a feisty one, I fuckin’ like it” he licks his lower lip before turning around and exit the room.

Finally alone, I let myself falling on the king-size bed.

Too tired to doing anything I fall asleep immediately.

The next morning I wake up to the sound of someone knocking at my door.

Wipping away the sleep from my eyes with the back of my hand, I get up and walk toward the door.

Opening my door I find myself in front of the man himself.

“Good morning babygirl, i brought you something”.

He enters the room and lay on the bed what will be my wedding dress.

Looking at it makes a knot forming into my stomach.

I’m suppose to marry my one and only love…funny I have to marry some brute to keep the love of my life safe.

“What the fuck sweetheart? You have the most sad expession I ever see! Fucking cheer up! You’re gonna live like a fuckin’ queen!”. Negan raised his voice enthusiastically.

I didn’t answer, I just take the dress and walk toward the bathroom door.

“Right, I let you gettin’ ready…wife”.

With that said he walk out of the room, leaving me alone once again.

After what seemed an eternity, I find myself in front a full-lenght mirror, admiring me.

My hair are up into a simple bun, and the only make-up I’m wearing is a red lipstick on my lips.

The dress was beautiful, with a wide skirt and strapless top, however, the more I look at it, more tears stream down my eyes.

I keep thinking about Daryl…I really need him.

A sob escape my lips and I collapse on the floor, crying loudly.

I don’t want all of this, I don’t want stay here, I wanna go home! I wanna see Daryl again!.

Suddenly the bedroom’s door slam open and immediately close again.


I lift my head toward that familiar voice.

I can’t believe at what I’m seeing.

I cover my mouth with my hands.

“Daryl?! Oh my God!” I quickly get up from the floor and run towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He didn’t waste time, once I’m finally into his arms he start to kiss me everywhere starting from my forehead, to my cheeks and finally my lips.

“I’m here sunshine” he murmured, keeping me against his body.

Finally we can share a sweet loving kiss that lasted for so long.

“I’m…sorry…I love…you” I try to say between the fast and sweet pecks Daryl was giving me.

When he stops he looks at me up and down:
“You’re so beautiful…you look like a princess”.

We stare at each other smiling before we finally realize where we are.

“Sunshine, I’d like to stay here and kissing you, but we have to go before they notice us, there’s a bike parked outside, we’ll escape with that”

Daryl turn around but I stop him, taking his hand gently.
“Daryl wait! If I escape, the deal between me and Negan…”
“Don’t worry about it, we talked about that, we’ll hide until we can fight him back”.

Nodding I walk toward the bed to retrive m clothes.
“There’s no time for that sunshine” Daryl stopped me and take his knife from his boots.

With a clear-cut, he open the skirt in a way that both my legs are exposed.

Noticing my laced garter he lets out a growl.

“I swear I’d fuck you right here right now If I could” he say.

Taking my hand into his we exit the room and start running, crossing the hallway and  toward the bike…our freedom ticket.

I don’t know what will happen.

I don’t know if we’ll win or lose, but staying this close to Daryl on this bike, makes me understand that fighting for our family, for our future and for our freedom is worth it.

And that’s what I’ll do, I’ll fight side by side with Daryl until death do us apart.










Back Again (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader 

(collab with @angerybisexual )

Requested?: ‘You should totally do “I still love you, even after all that’s happened.” With Lin. Have fun with it lmao’

Prompt: Lin broke the reader’s heart and she struggles with the breakup but then Lin waltzes back into her life.

Words: 4700+

Warnings: Angst, Heartbreak, Mention’s of Family Death, and Swearing

Masterlist / Angery’s Masterlist


Why were you still hellbent on that guy?

It has been a year since you got your heartbroken by the man whom you thought was your soulmate. Ever since he walked out of that front door, you were a mess.  You still lived in the same apartment. You still slept in the same bed you two once shared. You still had his number in that phone he bought you for your birthday. You still had everything that you should have gotten rid of long ago. Why do you still have them?

To be honest, you were in denial.  

Lin-Manuel Miranda was perfect.  

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This is 100% inspired by my conversation with @sanderssides-fics last night and i hope you like it!

Rolo, Moxiety

Warnings: Morality cries, Prince screams a lot, there is absolutely no angst in this fanfic whatsoever


It was Easter! Morality had waked up at 5 am to search the house for his Easter eggs. He was so excited! Maybe this year he could actually see the Easter bunny and pet him!

Roman was jumping out of bed a few minutes after. This was the year! This year he would totally find the magical Easter bunny and challenge him for his giant chocolate egg!

On the other side Logan was rubbing his eyes, seconds away from actually passing out. He had forced Anxiety to help him out in hiding the Easter eggs this year (nobody wanted a repeat of an almost crying Morality because he couldn’t find his Easter eggs) but it had still took them until 3 AM for the others to actually be asleep since they were so excited

Anxiety was glaring bloody murder at whoever came close to him, only softening his glaring once Morality cuddled with him in the couch. They would wait for Thomas and then they would go search for the eggs.

Once the host came downstairs he proclaimed, with an exited grin on his face, the beginning of the Easter hunt. He clapped and paired them off, Logan with Roman and Angel with Morgan. The two more excited trails leading the more cynical ones away with an excited smile.

“Im so excited An! We might get to see the bunny! I wanna pet him!”

“What if he bites you?”

“I’ll be fine, but thank you for worrying love!”

On the other side of the house Roman and Logic where searching for the chocolate eggs too, with the Royal one excitedly explaining how he would challenge the magical bunny to a fight and win the biggest chocolate egg to ever exist

“Im not sure that’s a possibility”

“I won’t hurt him; I’ll just win and ask for my reward!”

The logical one sighed. Really, could his boyfriend be any more dramatic? But seeing him so excited was… it was really nice and it was making a lot of warm feelings settle into Logan’s stomach. It really was worth it to be up almost all night if he got to see the other like that

Once the hunt was done and everyone had their share of chocolate goodness, and Logic and Anxiety comforted their slightly down partners, Thomas made them all sit in the couch. He was smiling, and the whole day had been amazing for him and the others

“Oh, yeah! This year we have to thank Logan and Angel for hiding the eggs”



Morgan stared at his boyfriend, tears gathering in his eyes. Anxiety gulped, he wasn’t sure what to do when Morality cried

“Why didn’t the bunny hide them?”

“The bunny…? Wait, you guys didn’t know?”

“Didn’t knew what Thomas?” The royal sounded pissed, and sad, and disappointed. Logan winced

“Oh God. Guys, tell me you are joking”

“We hide it from them once you learned it. Anxiety took your disappointment instead of passing it on to Morality and I took the knowledge instead of destroying Prince’s illusions”

“The bunny doesn’t exist?!”

“Roman, your voice”


“An! Logan is joking right?!”

“Mo, come on, calm down”

Thomas stared with wide eyes the sudden mess. Logan was rubbing his temple, Anxiety was trying to calm down a crying Morality and Prince was dramatically talking with his hands and whole body. The host chuckled a little, he knew the other two would be okay but this was honestly hilarious to watch

“Come on you guys, see the bright side”


“Roman, lower your voice!”

“No but really, see the bright side. You guys have such a dedicated partner than every Easter they get up at the wee hours of morning and hide the eggs so you all can find them!”


“Wait, Mo!”

Suddenly Anxiety found himself with an over exited Morality in his arms, that was trying to kiss every possible part of his face. Logan was in a… similar situation. The only difference was that the Prince Charming had him in his arms bride style and was spinning around with him

“If you drop me im hiding all the Disney movies!”

“Fear not my beloved!”

Thomas smiled, his personality really was an… eclectic bunch.

Birthday Girl

Chris Evans/Reader 

A/N: so this is my first request, it’s for the lovely, @captainhallow  I hope you enjoy it Madi! Sorry if it’s kind of all over the place

Request: hi! It’s my birthday, so i was wondering if you’d do a fluffy birthday/easter fic with Chris Evans? Thanks <3        

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“Wake up, wake up!” Chris says cheerily while shaking me awake.

“Already?” I whine while rolling to face him. “What time is it?”

“Time for you to get ready, birthday girl. I’m going to go make you breakfast” He tells me with a peck on the cheek. 

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This is Part Two in “Together”

Pairing: Jensen x Reader x Jared
Words:  1125

Read “Needy”

Warning: Depression, anxiety

A/N: The “Our Girl” series will be back after the first 6 parts of “Together,” so feel free to continue submitting ideas for it.
A/N2: If you want to be tagged in anything, just let me know.

You sat on Jared’s lap with your feet on Jensen’s thigh. You were comfortable enough, but then Jensen started giving you a foot massage and you thought your head was going to explode.

           “Feel good?” Jared chuckled, seeing the expression on your face as Jensen rubbed your feet.

           “So good,” you nodded.

           Jensen smirked, “Good.”

           You put your head on Jared’s shoulder, “So, while I’m relaxed, should we talk about this whole thing? The boundaries and all that?”

           “If that’s what you want to do,” Jared said.

           “Okay,” you thought for a second. You didn’t know where to begin with the conversation, “So, what happens in public?”

           “Well, I guess that depends. We have to think about the stigma that comes with this and how it’s pretty taboo,” Jared said, “And I don’t want you to get any kind of backlash because of it.”

           You sighed, “That’s like the only bad part. No one will really accept it. I guess we just keep it between us.”

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Ever At Your Side | Prompto x Noctis | Slight Spoilers on Episode Prompto |

A/N: The song quoted is Beautiful by EXO it fits this scene well in my opinion.

”I’m going to make this world a better place. You with me?” Noctis asked his best friend who was standing behind him.

Noctis knew he wouldn’t even have to turn to see the look on Prompto’s face, he knew the man well and knew that stunning smile was being given. That damn hopeful smile.

“Uhuh. Ever at your side.” Prompto said cheerfully, the hopefulness in his voice loud in clear in the bunker, fingers gripping on the bar above his head lightly as he stared at the man before him.

-’All of your words become wind and spin around me’-

Turning around at the clear tone Prompto gives him, after all the went through he isn’t yelling at him denying him, telling him to fuck off. He is standing beside him - with a smile on his face. Noctis was sure that with all he had done that would have been the last straw with the Gunner. His heart was pounding in chest, that vow to be at his side brought such a sense of relief to Noctis. To having someone who was not ordered to be at his side wanting to be at his side meant more than anything. He truly felt like he was important when Prompto praised him.

Standing up rubbing his sweaty palms on his suit Noctis turned to face Prompto, it pained him some to see the bruises and cuts on that beautiful freckled face. Noctis wanted to wipe away the tears that Prompto had shed, to clean off the dirt and blood to kiss those wounds of his. To reassure him that he is indeed, human and someone very important.

Prompto walked over to Noctis standing just inches away from him, Noctis didn’t realize how much he was to miss Prompto. He was so use to having Prompto with him at all times never getting bored of his cheerful sunshine attitude or his calming presence. There was something different about the look in Prompto’s eyes as he looked at Noctis, midnight blues and light blues staring at each other.

-’ Your tickling whispers tear everything up like a whirlwind’-

“Noctis I will always be there for you even when the world comes crumbling down.” Prompto whispered softly his breath fanning against Noctis’ face.

“Even after what happened? What I did to you?” Noctis choked out, the fear of it all rushing to the surface he felt like he was a failure.

“Yes even after that. It would take more than knocking me off a train to make me hate you Noct.” Prompto laughed reaching out a hand brushing a few strands of hair out of Noctis’ face, fingers capturing the tears that had fallen from the Prince’s eyes.

-’My heart can’t settle down’-

“Prompto you are…” Noctis said his voice cracking some as the tears started to fall down his face, freely his heart was still beating like mad as the blond got closer to him only centimeters away from him now.

Prompto would surely know that his heart is beating like mad and that he was a fool to be crying like this in front of him. But his emotions were getting the better of him, making him feel weak and vulnerable in front of this man he admired so much. Loved so much. Reaching up Noctis cupped the side of Prompto’s face a thumb brushing off some of the grime and blood.

-’When my name touched your lips’-

Prompto closed his eyes sighing leaning into Noctis’ touch, “Noct…”

Noctis’ breath hitched in his chest as the way Prompto said his name made his heart suddenly calm, his heart feel complete. It was as if Prompto felt the same way as he did. Midnight blue eyes opened wide staring at Prompto as the man before him opened those stunning baby blues back up, it was as if a magnetic force was pulling them closer. Noses brushing against each other, Prompto let out a slight chuckle as his thin lips curled up into a smile.

Noctis kissed Prompto just briefly at first as if testing the waters, if this is what truly going on. That if it was real. The little gasp that Prompto made, caused Noctis to worry to panic was this wrong? Did he not want this? Not want it like Noctis did? Panicking the young Prince pulled back, staring into his eyes with baited breath.

“What is stopping you, Noct?” Prompto said leaning close again capturing Noctis’ lips in a full on passionate kiss that sent the Prince reeling.

Noctis was stunned and pleased, grabbing a hold of Prompto’s hips he pulled the man closer to him returning the kiss, hungry and passionate. Prompto moaned into the kiss, pressing his body against Noctis’, the Prince slide it his tongue massaging over the others. Prompto laced his fingers in the thick dark hair of Noctis’ tugging on it causing the Prince to jerk hands gripping the narrow hips tightly as Prompto tangled his tongue against the other.

-’I used to be meaningless but now I’m special’-

“I love you.” They both gasp out as they surfaced for breath.

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The Picture - Grayson



My palms had been sweating crazy as the room kept spinning around me. My head had been all over the place by time I saw the picture. The picture that had my boyfriend and some whore in it kissing. I couldn’t bring myself to just ask, my body wouldn’t let me. My body just wanted to stay put right here in this dark room. In my head was a whole different story as tears fell onto the carpet on my bedroom floor. As my breathing became harder my hands found their way to my hair and clenched onto pieces.

I was having a panic attack but my head didn’t know that. My brain couldn’t understand what was happening, because, it was stuck still on the picture. The picture. Gray. The picture. Cheater. The picture. Fuckboi. The picture. The picture. The picture.

“Fuck!” I screamed falling to the ground. My hands fell from my head to the carpet and then clenched onto that. He knew it was hard. He knew. But then, oh then the picture. The freaking picture. I knew from a fact this picture was coming to haunt me of my bullies. I knew it very well. The same kissing.

Besides my loud tears I heard a very faint ding over and over again. Most likely my phone. But I didn’t care. I was in so much pain I felt like I was dying. Seeing the one I fell in love with kissing another broke me. My precious heart can take so much and it felt like it could never be fixed-

His hands clenched onto my shoulders as he shook me violently. I looked up at him with snot running out of my nose with the tears adding to the disgust. He knew immediately what was happening and got up quickly. I looked back down at the ground and continued to cry until he found his way back in front of me holding the pills in his hands along with a glass of water in the other. His mouth opened but I couldn’t work out what he was saying for I couldn’t hear at the moment. By this time his eyes were just filled with worries filled to the brim.

His hand found mine and brought it out to him placing the pills in my hand. I then understood what he wanted to do. I placed the pills in my mouth and he handed me the water. I took the water and gulped it down along with the pills and placed it down on the floor. My breathing was slowly coming back to normal as he wrapped his arms around me bringing me up onto his lap.

I placed my hand against his chest and he stroke my hair, sometimes, kissing my head. My eyes later closed as my chest was violently moving up and down from my breathing and tears. We stayed there at least half an hour to when my breathing was back to normal and I was calming down. I could finally make out what he was saying and wiped my face on my hoodie.

“W-why?” Was what I had ask not daring to move my head. “Its all fake I promise princess. I wouldn’t dream of cheating on you. It’s probably some fan who photoshopped it. Don’t worry about it because I couldn’t be any happy with someone else. You make me more then happy. I love you. Not her. I love you with all my heart.” Grayson read out. This caused me to finally move and look at him. “Promise?” I asked. He nodded and smiled. “Promise beautiful.” He said. I nodded and stuffed my head in the nook of his neck.

I wrapped my arms around his body slowly and started to kiss his neck. But not in a sexual way. Sex was the last thing I wanted right now. All I wanted was to be in Grayson’s arms.

“I love you too.” I replied back after realizing he had said that he loves me. I felt his lips formed into a smile against my head as he kissed it. “Would you like to stay in and cuddle while we watch movies today?” Grayson asked. I nodded against his chest and he picked us both up and dropped me softly onto my bed and got in beside me. “What would m’lady like to watch?” He asked.

“Can we watch Finding Dory please.” I asked nicely. “Of course. Would you like some ice cream and tea as well?” He asked knowing my weird cravings every time we do this. “If it’s not to much to ask.” I said. “Nothing you say is.” He smiled getting up and leaving the room. This have me time to think again. His fans all loved me, so why would they do this. I haven’t done anything to cause them to hate me. I’m a very friendly person.

Before I knew it Grayson came back holding the container of chocolate ice cream and one big spoon along with my mug that was an elephant. He smiled and placed the mug on my bedside table and handed me the ice cream and spoon. “Thank you Grayson.” I thanked. He smiled at me. “No problem y/n.” He replied joining me in bed and turning on the TV to put on Netflix. Finding the movie I wanted to watch and put it on. I cuddled into Grayson’s side as I placed the spoonful of ice cream in my mouth. He wrapped his strong arm around me giving me arm a small soft squeeze.

I was in love with this boy.

Imagine: James McAvoy

Request: You meet James at a club, and go back to his hotel with him ;).

I wasn’t ever a club goer, but my friends were. After my boyfriend had broken up with me some months ago, ‘I had decided to give it a shot, what the fuck, right? Maybe I could meet some handsome, hung, dude, and hit it off with him. I did my hair straight, it was collar bone length and blonde, I wore a tight, black dress, and dark, intense makeup on my eyes. My lips I kept nude, and wore my nice knock offs of Loui Vuitton  We walked in, and immediately walked over to the bar. All of us ordering cocktails, and a round of shots to go around for us. The alcohol seemed to hit me pretty quick, as the bartender came up to me, and handing me a martini. “I didn’t order another,” I said with a chuckle, handing it back to him. “Oh no, miss, someone bought this for you,” My friends all gasped, “Who?!” One of them exclaimed. The bartender pointed over to a table to show a man who gestured at me, with a handsome smile. “Holy, fucking, shit, Y/N do you KNOW who that guy is?” “Ummm… No, should I?” “That’s James McAvoy, he’s an actor!! He was in the X-Men movies? The newer ones? As the young version of Professor X!” “Not ringing any bells,” “Jesus Christ Y/N you live under a rock. Go fucking talk to him.” I looked over my shoulder at him, still staring and smirked. Gestured the martini at him as I downed it. “He can come to me,” I said with a shrug. They all did a deep sigh in unison and rolled their eyes “What? If he wants to buy me a drink, he can come say hello to me,” Before I could finish my sentence, they all were looking behind me. I turned to see him walking towards me “Oh my FUCKING god, he’s totally coming over here, come on girls, let’s leave!” They all bunched together and took off to the dance floor before I could protest. “Hi there,” I heard him say, he had an accent, which made me immediately blush. “Hi,” I said with a smile, turning to face him. He leaned against the bar and smiled at me, his eyes were so blue, it was like they were illuminating through the dimly, lit, club. “My name is James, what’s a guy like me gotta do, to get to know a beautiful woman such as yourself?”  I blushed immediately, darting my eyes from his. He chuckled “Oh is that all it takes?”

I raised an eyebrow at him “Perhaps a few more drinks won’t hurt,” I said, finishing off the martini he had gifted me “Your wish is my command, love,” 

The night carried on, with both us talking about ourselves, hitting it off right away, and loud laughter from between us. We spent so much time off in our own little world, that my friends decided that they would leave. “Y/N, we’re going to go home now,” Said my roommate, putting her hand on my shoulder. I gave her a pout, and nodded in response, putting my hand on hers. “You, I don’t care how famous you are, you take care of my drunk friend,” James laughed “I’ll have her home in one piece, I promise,” He said, taking a drink of his beer, and flashing me a wink. I bit down on my lip, and gave my friends on last goodbye. He pulled out his phone “Oi, is that really the time?” He said as he widened his eyes, licking his bottom lip and rolling it into his check, seemingly coming up with some sort of plan. “Do you wanna finish our little party we are having here at my hotel? It’s a walking distance away.” I didn’t respond for a moment, even though I wanted to jump on him and hump his leg at this point. “Do I have to say, pretty please?” He said, as he put one of his large hands on my exposed thigh. I rested my chin in my hand, and rolled my eyes “Mmmm,” And I shrugged. He moved his hand further up my thigh “How about, pretty, pretty, please then? Will you come with me to my hotel room?” Finally I gave in and smiled “Yes, I would love to go back to your hotel with you, Mr. McAvoy.” “Mmmmf, say that one more time, love, this time in my ear,” He said, biting his lip and pointing up to his ear. I giggled, and moved over to his ear, letting my lips brush against it. “Mr. McAvoy.” His breath hitched, and he started to chuckle, putting a hand on my waist. “Alright, it’s decided then, you’re coming with me,” He paid the tab for our drinks, and we both walked out into the street. We stumbled, James loudly laughing, and singing. Making me sing along with him. We entered into his hotel, going up the elevator, and making it into his room. “Wow,” was all I managed to cough out, looking at the mini bar, and separate living spaces in the hotel. A full kitchen, living room, dinning room, and bed room with French doors. Which opened up to show a bathroom with a HUGE bathtub. “I try my best to be modest, however, I will admit I like to also travel luxuriously.” He said coming up from behind me. He put his hands on my shoulders, and kissed the exposed skin, sending shivers down my spin. Goosebumps erupting all over. He chuckled, and turned me around. He put his finger under my chin, and pulled my face up to kiss him. He placed his perfectly shaped lips, over mine. My lips moved with his, in a slow, but passionate pace. He flicked his tongue over my bottom lip, and I parted my lips, moving my tongue out to meet his where they moved against each other. He put his tongue into my mouth, and dominated over it. Exploring all over. Once he retreated his tongue, I made sure that I gently sucked in, causing his tongue to tug as it pulled out. He chuckled and smiled at me “Sexy girl,” He said in a low voice. I smiled at him, deviously. Then bit down on his bottom lip, pulling back just a bit as he let out a small moan. He put his hand into my hair, tugging my head back, and attacking the skin on my neck. “Where is your sweet spot, love. Here,” He said as he kissed, and sucked on my skin. “Here,” Repeating the same action “How about here,” That’s when he got right the base of my neck. I let my breath catch just a bit and he chuckled. I arched my back, and moved my head more to the side to give him more access to the spot. “Ooooh there it is, huh?” He said as he bit down. The feeling of his stubble rough, on my skin. He took his free hand and slowly, pulled down the zipper. He pulled the straps down my arms, exposing my bare breasts to him, and he looked down to take a look at them, making me feel so sexy. He bit his bottom lip and looked at me “You’re perfect, I’m convinced.” He said with a chuckle. He cupped both of them in his hands, as he smashed his lips onto mine, in a more frantic fashion. I undid the top buttons of his shirt, and slowly undid them one, by one. Before he took off the rest of his shirt. He pressed his bear chest onto mine, slowly sliding down his hands down my body, and holding me close against him. He parted from me, and then pushed me down onto his bed. He grabbed onto my dress, and pulled off what was left, then he hooked his fingers around my panties, and slowly slid them down my legs. He parted my thighs, and lifted an eyebrow at me, he maintained eye contact, as he knelt down, kissing my inner thighs, biting, and sucking at my skin, leaving marks as he did. I felt myself twitching more, and more with each touch, until he was right in front inbetween my legs. I could feel his hot breath on me, and he gave me a smirk, as he slid a finger inside me. “Oh,love, you are so wet.” He said, before he parted my lips with his other hand. He moved his tongue over my clit, sending waves of pleasure, through my body. I immediately arched my back, and grabbed onto his sheets, him moving his tongue all over me, while his finger pumped into me. He moved another finger inside of me slowly, starting to go faster. Loving the sight of me going crazy from what he was doing. He drove me to the point of almost an orgasm, and he stopped, I breathed heavily, trying to regain my composure, feeling myself twitch from where he was pleasuring me. He got up, his hard length, showing through his pants, and walked to the side of me. I immediately started to undo his pants as he reached down,  and put his fingers into my mouth “Taste how sweet you are,” He said as I obediently sucked on his fingers, looking up at him. He bit his lip and smiled at me, watching me. I pulled his hard, member out of his pants, He moved my hair from my face, and watched me as I moved my tongue around the tip. I sucked on the tip gently, inching my way further, and further down. Taking him all the way down to the base of his shaft. My lips touching his abs. He let out a loud moan, shuddering, and rolling his eyes back, before closing them.

 before I pulled back and started to pump his shaft with my hand in a circular motion, while sucking on his tip. Making his knees buckle, and him throw back his head. He pulled onto my hair, and started to move his hips, thrusting himself in and out of my mouth. He gently removed my hand, and started to go faster. I looked up at him, the veins now protruding from his forehead, and his movements more frantic. He pushed himself all the way to the back of my throat. “Oh, fucking Christ,” He said, before pulling himself out of my mouth. “You’re so good.” He said with a chuckle. He left his pants drop down, and stepped out of them. He walked to the center of the bed, and made his way on top of me. He kissed my lips, and moved his tongue in my mouth, rubbing the head of his member, all over my clit, and my opening. “Tell me you’re all mine,” He said, his forehead pressed against mine. “I’m all yours, James,” I said in a seductive voice. “Fuck, Y/N, you’re so perfect,” Before I could respond, he pushed himself inside of me. “Oh my god, I should have waited to say you’re perfect, because you keep proving that statement to me, more. You’re so fucking good,” He said, pushing himself further into me. He pushed his lips onto mine, before pumping into me, in slow and steady motions. I moaned softly against his lips, him letting some moans escape himself. He began to move faster, and harder. His pelvis, hitting me in the right places as well. That’s when I wrapped my legs around him, and flipped us, giving me the upper hand on top. He chuckled “Oh I love a woman who can take control,” He said with a smile, raising his eyebrows at me.I began to ride him, taking all of him into me, he touched my chest, kneading his hands into my breasts, pulling at my nipples, making me yelp. He bit down on his lip, and pulled me down kissing me, and wrapping his arms around me. Before taking control over once again, and pumping up inside me rapidly. The sounds of our skin, hitting against each other, echoing in the room. I moaned loudly, as I neared my climax. “Yes, that’s it, cum for me.” Yes whispered into my ear, going faster and faster, until finally I was sent over the edge, feeling myself get light headed, my toes tingling, my body twitching and convulsing in his arms, seeing stars. He finished soon after me, letting out a deep, moan, grunting, and letting himself unload in me. I rolled over, off of him. Going to get out of the bed, that’s before he grabbed my hand, and pulled me back. “Where do you think you are doing in such a hurry, love.” He said, still trying to catch his breath. He pulled me back into the bed, and held me against his sweaty body. My head laying on his  chest. “Not to be blunt, but I think that was the best sex I’ve ever had,” He said with a chuckle. “I don’t intend on letting someone with a pussy that magical just walk away from me now, lay here with me.” He said kissing the top of my head. I giggled, and got myself comfortable next to him. “The feeling is very mutual,” I said with a smile. “Good, now, when can we do that again? I think I wanna move here,”

What’s home like to you?” the girl asked. But who says home has to be a place? Home reminds me of you, and being in your arms. I thought of all the times you would hold me tight, spin me around, dance with me in your living room, fight until we fall to the floor. But sadly, I haven’t been home in a long time. “I used to know home,” I replied, “but now it seems I’ve been locked out.
—  11:22am ; 7.24.17

“Dad taught me how to dance.”

Pidge didn’t quite know why it slipped out of her mouth as quick as anything could, a rosy blush smothering her cheeks as she then pressed her mouth into a pink, gold tinted line. She watched as her commander smiled his award-wining grin out of her peripheral, the youngest Holt stiffed her shoulders as embarrassment flooded through their Paladin link. Shiro reached out from his side of it, interest confronting awkwardness.

“Really?” Shiro inquired, the scar across his nose stretching up as he grinned at the golden genius. Eyes shinning in the multi-colored lights, Pidge had to turn away to ensure her face wouldn’t burn itself off. 

“Yeah,” She smoothed down her olive armored dress, freckles now scarlet. “He would spin me around the kitchen and teach me all the steps. It paid off at all of those Garrison Galas we had to attend.”

A beat of silence passed between them, her shoulders slowly lowering themselves as the awkwardness eased away in their mental bond as memories of her father circled around her mind. The pair watched as the aliens before them tossed and turned in a graceful set of movements, the humans unsure if they possessed their stamina in their complex twists. She near jumped when Shiro cleared his throat, spinning around with her honey-brown bangs falling across her nose.

“He taught me, too.” He shuffled awkwardly in Zarkon’s suit, almost hiding in the cape that clung to his form. “Matt kept on giggling while Commander Holt told me ‘you’re not cradling eggs, here, son,’ or 'Shiro, not tripping over your own feet is lesson one.”“

Pidge chuckled, watching as his gunmetal eyes finally reached her own set of hazel. His cheeks were flushed, and it looked as if the Black Paladin was a tad bit younger from the stress that was missing from his features. For a few heartbeats, their gaze was kept to the other, until her commander looked away and his a hand behind his back, holding the other out to her.

"Do you wanna see which of us he taught better?”


Quiznak ok so I doodled this for Inktober and decided to post it on here as well with a sneak-peak of the new LMDW chapter. I’m not the best artist in the world, but I think I did half-decent on this one.