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you see Bucky with his back to you standing in the kitchen, so you sneak over to hug him from behind. before you even get there he spins around and swiftly lifts you on the kitchen counter. you're so close, him standing in between your spread legs when he starts growling in your ear: "oh, doll, you didn't just try to sneak up on me, didyou? what am i supposed to do with you now, huh?"

Oh goooood

Sinful Sunday™

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4. I may have fantasized about something like this, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. With Josie?

Pinning up the last of the signs to broadcast the Riverdale Talent Contest, you spin on your heel, gripping your homework to your chest. You barely get enough time to register another person too close to you before you slam into them. A shriek forces its way from your throat as you and this person go crashing to the floor, tangled limbs and sheets of paper fluttering around you on the ground. Josie McCoy stares back at you, her nose touching yours.

“O-oh! Josie! I’m so sorry,” you stutter out, attempting to carefully get your arms and legs untangled from her own.

You’re so focused on your task, you don’t register the blush growing on her cheeks, or the way Valerie and Melody snicker as they watch the mess that is you two. After a while of tugging and grumbling about stupid laces, you give up with a huff, turning around and finding your face somehow even closer to Josie’s.

She’s not moved an inch, her heart and veins pounding so rapidly, she worries she might have a heart attack right here and now. “I may have fantasized about something like this, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

Her words shock you both, your own cheeks turning pink as she darkens more and looks like she wants to sink into the floor. All these people are milling about, but it feels like you two are alone in your own little world. Swallowing thickly, you attempt to pull your foot from hers again, finding your shoe falling off, but allowing you to sit up and untangle it from her own boots.

“I-I am so sorry I said that. My filter between my brain and mouth seems to be not working today,” she says, attempting to excuse her actions and words. You blush, looking up as you finally untie your shoe.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind. Maybe we could…make that fantasy a reality some other time? After a date?” Your offer catches her off guard, but Josie manages to nod slowly, and you hand her a flyer for the talent show you must have missed. “And hey, you guys should perform. I love your music.”

Josie gapes, nodding slowly as you brush some hair back and hand Valerie your number. “For when she collects herself.” Waving at the girls, you walk off with your papers, Valerie and Melody laughing at Josie’s expression.

“You’re smitten, kitten.”

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High Hopes by Kodaline

Broken bottles in the hotel lobby
Seems to me like I’m just scared of never feeling it again
I know it’s crazy to believe in silly things
But it’s not that easy

I remember it now, it takes me back to when it all first started
But I’ve only got myself to blame for it, and I accept it now
It’s time to let it go, go out and start again
But it’s not that easy

But I’ve got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, when it all comes to an end
But the world keeps spinning around

And in my dreams, I meet the ghosts of all the people who have come and gone
Memories, they seem to show up so quick but they leave you far too soon
Naïve I was just staring at the barrel of a gun
And I do believe that, yeah

But I’ve got high hopes, it takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, oh, when it all comes to an end
Now the world keeps spinning
Yeah, the world keeps spinning around

High hopes, it takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, oh,
And the world keeps spinning
Ooh, yeah, this world keeps spinning

How this world keeps spinning around

(submitted by Sarasa2016 for the Land of Moon arc)

A Concept, if you will.

Okay, so, Grand Prix Final Gala, Yuri wins gold, of course, and is selected to dance at the end with the other winners and whatnot and it’s a grand old time.

But then!

Just as everyone else is exiting the rink with suspicious smiles on their faces Yurio and Phichit spin around and grab Yuri’s arms. They drag him to the middle of the ice and threaten him to not move until the end before they too leave. Anxiety crawls up Yuri’s spine as he’s left there, the audience staring at him in anticipation.

Then a light comes on rink side as Victor fucking Nikiforov skates onto the ice.

He grabs poor confused Yuri and does a lap to show him off to the crowd, before planting him against the wall at the front. Victor asks Yuri to keep his eyes on him and him alone as he drifts back to the center.

“Stay with Me” begins to play as Victor dances his heart out for Yuri. When it gets to the last bit, right where Victor is a hairsbreadth away from Yuri, he breaks choreography and grabs Yuri’s arms, dragging him with him. Music practically forgotten, they dance together so emphatically that Yuri doesn’t even notice all the other skaters returning to the ice.

It doesn’t occur to him until he finds himself completely encircled by friends and competitors. They’re so close he can’t see where Victor is anymore. After a chorus of cheers from the friends they all skate backward, breaking the circle momentarily to reveal Victor himself.

He’s now on one knee.

A ring box in hand.


Text from Nichelle Nichols’ biography “Beyond Uhura”

Usually, though, Leonard remained Vulcan-cool. Perhaps the most elaborate hoax involved his son, Adam, who about eight years old while we were filming the original series. It required that Adam be fitted in a child-size Starfleet uniform and be made up, ears and all, to look just his daddy.

The script called for a scene on the bridge in which Spock would be sitting in the captain’s chair with his back t o the elevator door. A yeoman was supposed to enter and say some lines, at which point Spock was to spin around in his chair, so he was facing the yeoman, and continue their brief exchange.

They had Leonard’s son, in his Vulcan disguise, waiting in the elevator. The door opened, Adam delivered the yeoman’s lines, then Leonard turned to him and answered without breaking a smile or missing a beat.

We couldn’t get so much as a Spockian arched eyebrow out of Leonard. The real kicker came when Adam “stepped out of character,” so to speak, to say, “But, Daddy, I love you.”

“Thank you, Adam,” Leonard said evenly. As the whole cast and crew stood around in breathless anticipation of Leonard’s big crack-up, which never came, by the way, the joke was on us.



So, I come from a long line of
broken backs from digging ditches,
and a handful of teachers.
Mom taught math,
Sis’ teaches English,
and Dad
told us stories.
Now, all of this spins around in my mind
and I see it spinning faster and faster
in reflection in the eyes of the student who’s face
is only inches from mine
as he says,
“What are you gonna do about it if I don’t”
all puffer fish pointy chested
as the rest of the high school class waits.
as the ink
beneath my long sleeves,
button up, and slacks
begin to burn.
as my first mosh-pit branded brain
begins to boil.
Waits as I keep back the gasoline bile
and get all choked up on
the hand-grenade pins and needles
that have been planted in my throat
and grown a drum set in my jawbone
I play
in time
with the swaying picket signs.
But today,
today I muted it.
I’m proud of this kid.
I want to tell him this.I want to tell him I’m glad.
I’m glad that after thirteen years of learning,
the one thing he has not picked up on
is to blindly follow authority.
I want to tell him this.
I want to tell him I’m sorry.

I’m sorry you’re stuck in a broken system
where men in designer suits
who have never even seen a classroom
keep cutting art out of the heart of education
because you can’t properly or profitably
express yourself well enough
through a color by letters
number two pencil
piss poor pointillist painting
like A, B, C, or D all of the above
is being held above all else.
I wanna tell him all of this.
I wanna tell him I’m sorry,
but it just comes out as
“Sit down, kid.”
Sit down.
Save your strength.
Hold on to that crumpled paper, homemade bomb heart
that keeps blasting shards of chicken scratch shrapnel
through your blood stream.
Hold on to it
like sand bags for a real rainy day.

I know it hurts right now for you
because it still does for me too,
but there’s a difference between
picking a fight and picking your fights.
This one’s not worth it.
I’m temporary, man.
I’m gone from your life
by the end of this period.
Then I’m off to who knows where
to substitute
all of their authority
and none of the time.
All of their authority
and none of the mutual respect.
All of their authority
and none of the real chances
to make you listen,
so listen now,
“Sit down.”
A cop’s not gonna be so polite, kid.
You’ll get nothing less than a slap on the jaw
with a night stick.
“Sit down.”
There’s something to be said for political captives,
but there’s not a whole lotta valor in a detention slip.
“Sit down.”
Sit down
and stand up
for something worth it.
Stand up
and stand strong for something worth it.
But for now,
“Sit down.”
I’m sorry.
I’m tired.
I spent all of yesterday
in a gang graffiti soaked, in-school suspension classroom
breaking up fights,
and squared off with a seventh grade girl
with more balls than either of us would know what to do with
and a blade in her backpack for the walk home.
“Sit down.”
This tough guy act aint gonna work on me.
For christsake you’re wearing 3D glasses with the lenses popped out right now.
How am I supposed to take you seriously?
But seriously,
you might not get it now
and you probably think
I’m just another asshole with a name tag
telling you what to do,
but I swear
from the bottom of the bricks and spray paint
in my belly
that when I’m saying “Sit down”
I’m praying you learn what it means to
stand up.

Calming me down
  • Me: *In the floor crying after I fought with daddy*
  • Daddy: *Turns on our song on the tv*
  • Me: Turn that off. *Trying to control my sobs*
  • Daddy: *Stands up silently, pulling me to my feet* *Kisses my forehead and slow dances with me until I've stopped crying* Aaaand spin! *Twirls me around*
  • Me: *Giggling, collapsing back in his arms*

Exhilaration fizzed through Clarke’s body. Before she realized what she was doing, she had thrown her arms around Bellamy. He joined in her laughter as he staggered backward, and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up and spinning her through the air. The colors of the clearing swirled, green and gold and blue all blurring until there was nothing in the world but Bellamy’s smile, lighting up his eyes.

Finally, he set her down gently on the ground. But he didn’t loosen his hold. Instead, he pulled her even closer, and before Clarke had time to catch her breath, his lips were on hers.

A voice in the back of her brain told her to stop, but it was overpowered by the smell of his skin and the pressure of his touch.

Clarke felt like she was melting into his arms, losing herself in the kiss.

electric feel

Title:  Electric Feel
Pairing: Josh Dun/OFC (unnamed)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Just smut, with a pinch of dirty talk (who am I kidding, there’s a lot of dirty talk, yall know me).
A/N: This was a request by @beaniebabycreature. This turned out way longer than I intended it to be, because I’m an asshole with backstory; this one is like 4.7k, so enjoy this. I’ve got a Jai Courtney story I’m almost done with, and I’m taking requests for Josh or Tyler stories. Send ‘em in!

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Hard To Get [Intro]

Another series I’m working on besides Kimi Ni Todoke . This will be about my other Baby Daddy, Daveed (with his smiling, sexy ass). Unedited.


Renee gave you a tight hug when you walked into the cafe.

“Oh my god, you’ve grown so big!” She stepped back at arms length, looking you up and down.

You grinned, ducking your head down. “Well, puberty does that to a girl, ya know?”

She laughed, pulling you back into her embrace. She rocked you back and forth while spinning the both of you around. You laughed yourself at this.

Renee then led you to a booth near the window, two plates of pastrami sandwiches and large glasses of pop already there.

You sat across from each other, grabbing the cool glass. You smiled after taking a sip.

“You even remembered my favorite drink.”

Renee rolled her eyes. “It’s not like I’ll forget my favorite person’s drink. I keep it all written down,” she said while tapping a finger to her head.

She smiled before picking up her sandwich. “Now catch me up on your life up till now. Emails just aren’t enough.”

You started to give her details on your life. When you were younger, Renee was your babysitter up until you reached 7th grade as she was a close friend to your mother. Then, she was just getting out of college and pursuing a musical theatre career. And she did it. Even when she was rising in the spotlight, she still had time to contact you through emails and phone calls.

Watching her when you were younger inspired you to also pursue the same career. You participated in school plays, community plays and scraped up money to attend shows. You pushed harder than anyone else because of limited resources. Teaching yourself dance, voice and techniques while you saved up money for classes. Working with horses also helped with money for college.

Going into college, you focused primarily on studies. You excelled in classes and on stage.

Sweat and tears was your life for four years. To tell the truth, you had no idea what to do once graduating. What show to audition for or do commercials for a while.

Then you heard of Hamilton.

And your old babysitter was a lead. She sent you clips of the show or the cast acting silly.

You bought the original cast recording. You bought the biography of Alexander Hamilton. You made a Twitter to follow fanpages.

Hamilton took over your life. And you felt your life had purpose.

Auditions opened. You didn’t live in New York so you sent in a video.

A few months passed and graduation was two weeks away. Then you got a call from Lin. Once hanging up, you ran to your performance arts teachers and gave them the news.

You made it as an ensemble member but also a stand in for all three of the Schuyler Sisters.

With goodbyes to family and friends, with a long hug for your mother, you now sat in front of your inspiration in New York City at the age of twenty.

Renee smiled, tears falling from her eyes. She reached over the table and squeezed your hand.

“I’m incredibly proud, and honored, of your achievements. Keep this up and you’ll definitely be going places.”


Daveed sat with Anthony and Oak in the common room doing freestyles. Pippa skipped in, a large smile on her face.

“Have you guys heard?”

Anthony stopped snapping his fingers, a smile on his own face. “About the new girl coming today right?”

Oak shifted so he was leaning forward on his elbows. “Heard that Renee use to watch after her when she was younger.”

Jasmine ran into the common then, squealing. She ran to Anthony, squeezing his forearms.

“She’s so freaking adorable!” Jasmine said, another squeal escaping from her.

Daveed leaned back, placing an arm behind his head. “She’s here?”

Jasmine nodded. “In Lin’s room going over things.”

Pippa grabbed Oak’s and Daveed’s arms, pulling them up and off the couch. “Come on. Let’s go greet her!”


“And that’s all there is to know. Welcome to the family, [F/Name]!”

Daveed was rushed into Lin’s room by Phillipa. Lin turned, smiling. A head popped around his figure, taking in the newcomers.

Pippa released her grip as she rushed forward to the girl, causing Daveed to miss her face. She let out a small squeak when she was enveloped in a hug.

Renee got from off the couch, laughing. “ Jasmine did the same thing not to long ago.”

Jasmine arrived with Anthony in tow. “Can you blame me? She’s a sweet little cupcake.”

The conversation after that faded after that when Daveed caught sight of her.

She was beautiful.

a moment's hesitation

Zombie apocalypse AU anyone?


‘Fuck, fuck, FUCK! I-’

The man gently closed the heavy door, spinning Mo Guan Shan around by the shoulder and slamming him against the wall, covering his mouth with a filthy hand.

‘If you do not shut the fuck up, we are both going to die.’

Mo Guan Shan blinked at him in shock, planning to shove him off, but thinking better of it when a rustling noise outside made them both jump.

The man’s hand flew to gun at his hip as he looked through the grimy windows covered with haphazardly placed boards.

Half a minute passed in silence, neither one of them daring to so much as breathe.

The man stepped back, holding a finger to his lips and dragging Mo Guan Shan along by the wrist.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to their surroundings.

They were in a church.

The windows were boarded up, the floor was littered with papers, discarded clothing, and various food wrappers.

He held his tongue until the older man found a room he apparently deemed safe, closing them in and locking the door.

‘Check the windows.’

Seeing no point in arguing, Mo Guan Shan made sure both small windows were locked.

The streets were empty.

Dozens of cars sat abandoned on the main road.

‘What’s happening?’ He asked quietly.

‘What do you think? Based on what you’ve seen, what do you think, doctor?’

The explanation ‘I’m a nurse’ died in his throat.

‘People were sick…’

The man watched him with tired eyes as he tried to find the words.


He’d been in the break room, seven hours into his shift, when he’d heard screaming.

He lurched to his feet, bursting into the hall, there were half a dozen patients, several he’d checked the vitals on not half an hour before, shambling down the hall.

The screaming that had come from the head nurse had turned to a strained, gurgling moan where she lie under the patient from 3c.

3c had been in a coma, entirely unresponsive for nearly a month.

Blood pooled around his knees as he leaned over her, teeth sunk into the flesh of her neck.

He didn’t realize he’d screamed until several of the other patients on his floor snapped their heads around to stare at him, dead eyed.

A moment’s hesitation.

Maybe this was a dream.

It wouldn’t be the first time he’d fallen asleep in the middle of a split shift.

The reasonable part of him, the part that knew there was no way these people could possibly be awake, had him at a dead run down the hall, down the stairs, and out of the building.

He checked his watch.

Roughly two hours of daylight left.

It was unnervingly quiet.

There wasn’t a soul as far as he could see.

It had been a nice day, so he’d walked to work.
Two miles.

What a fucking idiot.

Having no plan, he set off home.

He’d figure it out when he got there.

He fished his phone from his pocket, getting his Mom’s, Dad’s, and friends’ voicemail.


He looked back to the hospital.

A few patients had stumbled from the building, scanning the area just as he had.


This time, without hesitation, he ran.

Had he spent less time studying, and more time watching horror movies, he would have known better.

Doubting his balance, he didn’t dare look back, but knew he was being followed.

And they there were closing in.

After a few minutes, he ducked into an alleyway.

He wasn’t in bad shape, but he could only run so far.

He heard the footsteps stop several feet away.

He was going to die, wasn’t he?

A door opened a few feet to the left and he was yanked inside.


The man stood patiently, waiting for him to catch up.

‘What are they?’

‘You know what they are. This isn’t a movie, they’re not getting a special name.’


‘The dead coming back to life. Eating people. What are those called?’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head.




‘With our collective career experience, it’s safe to say that many impossible things have happened, in the last few years alone.’

He couldn’t argue with that.

He studied the man for a moment.

Clad in military fatigues, eyes hard, face worn and scarred.

‘They’re zombies, aren’t they?’

The man looked away, nodding slowly.

‘It certainly looks that way.’

‘And the military hasn’t given them some silly name yet? To make us civilians feel better?’

The man laughed bitterly.

‘At the moment, the only military i’m aware of is me, and the only civilian is you.’

‘What happened?’

He inhaled deeply.

‘I was at the base. They attacked. I got out. My men didn’t.’

It seemed wrong to press the subject, so Mo Guan Shan simply nodded.

‘So what now…’

‘Captain He.’

Mo Guan Shan fought the intense urge to roll his eyes at the formality under these circumstances.

‘Ok, what now, captain?’

Let’s tell a story about Voldemort’s death, but it won’t be the story in which a green eyed boy comes back from the dead to defeat his enemy with his own wand. In this story, Harry dies and doesn’t come back. When Narcissa stands up, her tangled words are not a lie. The body Hagrid carries, trembling hands and shaky knees, his face wet with tears– does not wake up. Did he just give up, decide not to fight anymore? Or was he not given a choice this time?

Maybe he simply died, like that redheaded boy did just before him, his last laugh still schoing in the air. Because, in this story, death comes and strikes and opens wounds and leaves scars. In this story, death is not a privilege nor a punishment. And it is definitely not a choice.

But let’s get back to our story– Molly’s light still hits Bellatrix right in the chest, her laughter spinning around madly after her body falls to the ground. Neville still stands up, a defiant look in his eyes. He still cuts off the snake’s head. He’s still a hero. Even though he wouldn’t like being called that.

What about Ginny? She is finally facing the monster who whispered in her head, alive in her nightmares. That monster who killed her brother. That monster who killed Harry. That monster who tried to eat her from the inside, slowly stealing her life until she became a ghost. Well, you didn’t do a very good job. Would a ghost fight back? Because she fights– she shouts and hits and hurts and kills– because right now she’s made of rage and fury and desperation and she can’t hold it back anymore, so she explodes and blows up the world.

Ron is there too, and his best friend is dead and he is trying, so hard, to be good enough. And Hermione is crying, whispering spells that hit their targets with precission, her voice caught in sobbing but her hands steady with ruthlessness. Do you see that blond girl over there? She’s named after the brightest light in the night, and she’s the only thing that remains in all this madness.

In this story, there’s no trick and no decepcion. There’s not a triumphant return from the dead, there’s no wand refusing to kill its true owner because its true owner has already died.

In this story, there’s Neville stepping forward, straight shoulders. There’s Ginny standing by his side, tears running down her cheeks and fire in her eyes. There’s Ron, who has always been quite good at being a hero, even though he hasn’t realized that yet. There’s Hermione, who knew this could happen all those long nights when she couldn’t sleep back in the woods. There’s Luna, and she’s still believing; and Dean and Seamus, just behind her. There’s Parvati, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to cast a proper spell ever again. There’s George, and he is ready to try.

In this story, there are kids, and when a single curse comes out of their mouths and the whole world turns green for a second, none of them feel like one.

Dating Simon would include

– him being all about you

– his hugs whenever you score a goal

– him being able to wrap himself around you when you cuddle

– his veiny hands holding yours

– the cold of his family ring on your skin

– ‘Your farts smell,’

– ‘Yeah I know, they smell great.’

– his chuckle when he lets out another silent one

– long kisses are his favourite

– spinning you around in the air because he can

– him bragging about ‘his girl’ to the other sidemen and friends

– him nuzzling his face in your neck

– being super cuddly all the time

– piggy back rides

– playing GTA together

– getting little presents all the time

– getting to cuddle with him until 4pm when he wakes up

– him spooning you

– singing with him in the shower

– getting questions from the guys like ‘Simon is so tall, is his dick big too?’

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I. The Headache: your mother doesn’t let you take a day off school for this one. sometimes it’s like it’s not even there. sometimes it’s nails digging into the back of your skull. sometimes it’s classroom nausea and spinning. it doesn’t stay still, moves to your eyes, to your face and the sides of your head. it keeps you up some nights, the nag of it all, the weight of it all. when it’s gone you don’t even notice.

ii. The Flu: this one keeps you in bed for a week. you think your lungs forgot how to breathe. you feel him with his hands around your neck. feel the throb of it in your palms and your face. you stop eating because he sits at the bottom of your stomach. because your throat aches with the taste of him. this one turns you ice-cold, makes you forget what warmth felt like.

iii. The Open Wound: you can’t stop picking at it. the blood sticks to all your favourite shirts, turns them dark red and warm. it stings when he touches you, stings when he tries to hold you, stings when he tries to kiss you. it stings when you try to sleep. your mother tells you to see a doctor, tells you to cover it up. you say this hurt makes it real.

iv. The Broken Knee: this one leaves a bruise. leaves you on crutches for months. it aches when you move, when you try to run. you carry it around with you like another limb, like he never even left. the pain of it is fresh, like the moment of impact, like the first fall.

—  Reena B. | Heartbreaks as types of pain.
Ten Minutes (Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)


PROMPT?:  Could you write something about older!Damian Wayne (like around 15/16 years old) having his first crush and being quite harsh with her at the beginning? Maybe he could ask Dick some piece of advice? 😏😂

A/N: Awww this prompt literally made my mind spin with ideas. I was so excited to write this when I saw it. Also, my first Damian Wayne!!

WARNINGS: older!damian, cursing, (light) abuse and fluff 

You sat as Alfred stitched you up again, scowling at the boy. Who technically  wasn’t that much of a boy anymore, since your first meeting a few years back. He was so angry, so small and so hateful, like anything had changed. “You know maybe if you trained harder-” he scoffed, making you almost jump out of the chair, Alfred and Dick both springing into action to hold you back. “Sorry I wasn’t trained by Ra’s Al Ghul-” you snapped, seeing him flip his sword back and forth. “Me too.” he promptly walked out, a smirk just urging you to beat the shit out of him. Just once, to prove the little shit wrong, even if he wasn’t so little now. 

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Series: Apocalyptic

Title: Porn Star


I sighed, snapping the book closed seeing as it wasn’t keeping me entertained.

Sometimes it was a bore being cooped up in the main house. That was just part of being one of Negan’s wives.

Standing, I went to the bookshelf to find a diffrent novel.

“What the shit Y/N!?” Negan’s voice boomed as he slammed the door open.

I jumped, spinning around with a hand over my heart, “Jesus, Negan!”

He stalked into the room, flinging the door shut, “You wanna tell me what the fuck this shit is!?”

“What fucking shit is what!?” I snapped back.

“This!” Negan held up a dvd.

Squinting, my eyes widened when I saw the nude photo of myself wearing just a swashbucklers hat on the cover.

Plundered Treasure staring Ruby Galore!

I folded my arms over my chest, “And?”

“An- and!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Fat Joey was jerkin’ his shit to this, Y/N!” Negan sputtered.

“Do you want me to say that I feel ashamed!?”

“Wha- no goddamnit!” Negan threw the dvd onto the couch and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Then what is it!?” I flailed my arms into the air, letting them smack against my thighs.

“They’ve seen what’s mine damnit; that’s what!” He yelled.

I sighed, going up to Negan and framing his stubbled cheeks in my hands, “You took what is hopefully the last existing dvd away, so don’t sweat it, baby.”

Negan pouted, “He fuckin’ looks at you and I’ll kill him,”

I smiled, “I know you will Negan,”

Moving away from him, I grabbed the dvd and went to throw it in the fire place.

“Woah, woah, woah! Hang on a goddamn minute!” He said, taking it from me to read the case.

I laughed, knowing that he was curious.

“So, uh… any girl on girl?”

His bulge was becoming more prominent as he waited for my answer.

“Yes,” I smiled.


I put an arm on his shoulder, letting my other hand slide down his chest to the front of his trousers where I cupped him.

“Do you wanna watch it?” I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Holy hell…. you don’t care?” He panted.

I kissed his neck, “Nope. Told you I’m not ashamed.”

I’d never seen Negan move so fast before. He popped the dvd in the player, then sprawled out on the couch.

I sat next to him, letting him play with my hair as he watched.

When the scene started of me kissing another female, Negan grunted, shifting his hips.

Deciding to help relax him, I leaned over and undid his britches. His breathing became heavy as his eyes moved back and forth from the screen, then to me.

I pulled his swollen member from his pants, pumping it a few times as I got to my knees next to him on the couch.

He groaned as I swirled my tounge around the seeping head of his shaft, “Goddamn, baby,”

I hummed as I slowly took him deeper into my wet mouth.

The mewling moans of myself and the chick I was eating out on the dvd were getting louder.

Negan slid a hand under me, slipping it into my panties and immediately dipping his long, skilled fingers into me as I sucked him off.

I had to admit that this was hot as hell and could already feel myself near the edge.

He lifted his hips just a tad, the head of him just barely tapping the back of throat.

“Ohhh shit,” he groaned.

Using his middle finger, he spread the juices from my entrance to my clit, where he gently circled it.

Just as quick, he pumped two fingers into me.

I lifted my head from him, using my hand to pump him as Iicked the head of him lick a lollipop.

I rolled my hips on his fingers, nearly coming when he pressed the heel of his hand against my sensitive clit.

Licking my lips, I took him back into my mouth, swallowing him, then slowly raising my head.

“Fuck, baby. Keep suckin’,” Negan moaned, slouching more.

Grabbing the base of him, I slowly pulled my mouth up to just the tip, where I gave a firm suck.

“Uhhh!” He was so close.

Standing, I pulled off my panties and got down on all fours facing the tv.

Negan’s pants hit the floor, the belts clinking.

I felt him kneel behind me, where he pumped his shaft a few times, then sank deep into me.

Negan pulled my torso up, putting an arm around my chest to keep me upright.

The dvd showed a male costar screwing me from behind as I made out and fingered my female costar.

Negan’s mouth was at my ear, panting as he moved in and out of me, “Who fucks you better, baby?”

I held his head to me, as we both watched the tv.

“Mmmm, you do Negan,” I moaned.

Negan’s hand found my mound, rubbing my clit in tight circles.

His breathing became heavier and hotter against my neck while he focused on snapping his hips against me.

“Come, baby,”

I cried out, falling to my hands. Negan gripped my hips, pounding into me until he thrusted deeply one last time, coming deep inside of me.

“Jesus… fuck…!” He panted, resting his head on my back.

My arms shook as I tried to hold myself up.

Negan pulled out, falling to the floor where he pulled me down next to him.

“We’re keeping the dvd,” he gasped.

I giggled, kissing his chest.


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Bound To Happen

“Where’s the other tripod?” Jack asks, looking around the room he and Joe are currently setting up for filming in.

“Oh, I probably left it in the living room or bedroom.” Joe says as he adjusts one of the lights. “Mind running and grabbing it?”

“On it.” Jack nods, turning and heading out of the room. He checks the living room quickly, but it’s nowhere to be found, so he heads up the stairs towards the bedroom.

Opening the door, he freezes, eyes widening and mouth falling open, because there stands Y/N.

Completely naked.

Except her backs towards him, so she doesn’t know that Jack is standing there, and he can’t seem to force himself to look away or even just close his eyes.

“Any luck?” Joe’s voice carries up to him, and Y/N spins around, revealing the rest of her body to Jack, before she lets out a scream.

That seems to snap Jack out of it, and he quickly slaps a hand over his eyes, stepping backwards blindly.

“I’m sorry!” He tells her, pulling the door closed as footsteps come up the stairs behind him.

“What happened?! Is Y/N okay?!” Joe says frantically, and when Jack lowers his hand to look at the smaller man, he notices the panic across his face.

“She’s fine.” Jack tells him and he can feel his cheeks burning red. “And I am so sorry.”

“Sorry?” Joe asks just as the bedroom door swings open, revealing a blushing Y/N, this time with clothes on.

“Have you heard of knocking?!” She practically spits at Jack, her arms crossed tightly in front of her.

“I didn’t know you were in there!” Jack says, and he meets her eyes for a moment before they both look away quickly.

“What happened?” Joe questions, calming down now that he realizes no one is hurt.

“Uhm, I kind of maybe just saw your girlfriend naked.” Jack admits, scratching the back of his neck. His eyes are lowered to the floor, so he doesn’t see the anger flash across Joe’s face.

“You what?” The calm tone, a calmness that is slightly chilling sounding, makes the younger man lift his eyes to meet Joe’s, and he flinches at the intense glare sent in his direction.

“It was an accident! If I had known she was in there changing, I would have knocked!”

“You could have looked away sooner too.” Y/N mumbles, and Jack really wishes she hadn’t said that, because now Joe looks even angrier.

“You stared?!”

“I was surprised! I know I should have looked away sooner, and I’m sorry, but well…I don’t know!” Jack throws his hands in the air, stepping back from Joe, who looks ready to punch him.

“How much did you see?”



“Everything?” He squeaks out, and for one brief second, he thinks Joe is actually going to punch him, but Y/N steps forward, placing a hand on Joe’s arm.

“Babe.” When he doesn’t look away from Jack, and the younger man swallows in fear, she tugs at his arm until Joe finally drags his stare away from Jack and to her, his face instantly softening. “It’s fine. It was an accident.”


“Oh please, you boys have all seen each naked plenty of times, and I don’t want to punch any of them.” Y/N waves her hand. “Yes, it’s embarrassing, and now Jack knows what I look like without clothes, but so what? It was bound to happen eventually, if not with him, one of the others. You are all to easy going with going in and out of each other’s houses.”

“That’s true.” Jack mumbles, but his mouth snaps shut as Joe glares over at him again.

“Don’t be angry at him.” Y/N says, placing a hand on Joe’s cheek to bring his attention back to her. “Alright? It’s happened. It’s done. It’s over. And Jack will pretend it never happened, right?”

“Already forgotten. What are we talking about?” Jack says, offering the couple a small smile.

“Next time, knock.” Joe tells Jack before spinning around and heading back down the stairs.

“If it helps,” Jack shrugs as he heads for the stairs, “You have a really nice body.”

“Jack!” Joe’s angry voice carries up to him, and Y/N rolls her eyes as Jack flinches before heading down the stairs.

“I’m sorry! But it’s true!”

“Shut the fuck up before I punch you!”


Please imagine hugging Junkrat. Like we’ve all seen the photo of Reaper hugging him and he’s super happy but ima gine it. He’s super excited, probably doing his ridiculous giggling he does, letting himself feel this for a while before hugging back. Lets be real he’d lift you off the floor. He’d spin you around. If you backed off too soon for him he’ll grab your waist and hug you there which would probably keep your arms to your sides but he doesn’t care because you did it first, so you must care about him in some way right?? He’d probably hug you all the time after that, or at least wrapping an arm around you. He’d get protective because “ Listen mate this is my friend and I will blow you up if you make a wrong move on them. We HUGGED. We’re close. Move along, pally.”