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This was kinda inspired by your most recent post, but for the blurb night could you please write one for Pirate King/Lord Luke charming and pursuing the princess (since young for many years) even though everyone knows that's a bad idea?

“Captain, are you sure you want to stop at this port?”

Luke sighs, spinning to face the crew member with a cold glare.

“Who am I?” He asks, cocking an eyebrow. Confusion takes over the features of the other man.

“Who are you sir? You’re Captain Hemmings, Lord of the Pirates.” He replies, his uncertainty evident in his voice.

“Correct.” Luke smirks. “So why are you doubting my decisions?”

The crew member looks stunned, and Luke ignores the sighs of the men behind him. Turning back around, Luke takes a seat behind his desk, waving vaguely in the direction of the man.

“Go away.” He sighs, eyes flitting back to the three other men in his cabin. Calum looks bored, Michael’s rolling his eyes, and Ashton’s too busy staring at a map to even notice anything. “What?”

“You’ll get us killed, pursuing this ridiculous fantasy of yours.” Michael replies, his eyes falling to the map Ashton was studying, before pointing at a small island. “There.”

“Thank you.” Ashton nods, eyes instead moving to Luke. “What did I miss?”

“Luke’s set on coming into port today.” Michael answers, causing Ashton to clap his hands together, smile on his face.

“Excellent, we’re low on rum.” He grins, Luke nodding in agreement.

“His Majesty’s ship is already at port.” Calum scoffs, Ashton’’s smile faltering. “His priority is definitely not rum.”

“Really? You’re still chasing the Princess?” Ashton asks Luke with a sigh.

“We belong together.” Luke informs them, Calum scoffing again as Michael rolls his eyes. “She will be mine.”

“And we will be killed.” Michael smiles, leaning back in his chair. “So you better really love this girl.”


A smile tugs on Luke’s lips as he steps off of his ship, eyes instantly scanning the crowds for the face he wanted to see.

“She’s on the ship.” Calum mutters from beside him, Luke’s eyes falling on him. “We’ll distract them so you can get on.”

“I thought you didn’t approve?”

“I don’t. But you’re the Pirate King, and you’re our friend, so you better make this count, because it may cost you your life, never mind ours.” He tells him, clapping him on the shoulder before moving away with Ashton and Michael. 

Seconds later, a loud bang echoes through the port, and Luke watches the men on the deck scramble down to see what the commotion is. Taking the opportunity, he sneaks onto the ship, making his way to her quarters. Slipping through the door, he grins at the sight of her sitting looking at the waves.

“You could have knocked.” She calls, eyes still on the water. “What if I wasn’t decent?”

“That’s what I was hoping for.” He replies, with a smirk, seeing the way her own lips curve upwards. She turns to face him, crossing the room slowly.

“Always the charmer, Captain Hemmings.” She smirks back at him, Luke grinning down at her.

“Only for you Princess.” He smiles. “Now, are you going to kiss me before your father bursts in and I lose my head?”

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The most powerful magic. 

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His true love.  

He allows himself the smallest of smiles at that, the words warming him from the inside.  His true love is safe.  His true love is going home.

Eternity is far too long to spend with the memory of her tears.  He tries instead, to hold her smile in his mind as he runs his fingers along the pedestal with its ancient text.

Only a heart filled with true love can pass.  

She had smiled when he read to her from its markings.  A look of pride in her eyes that made a smile spring to his lips instantly. The savior.  The product of true love,  the one who brings back all the happy endings.  And she smiled at him like he made her proud.  

Only a heart filled with true love…

And her’s had been weighed and measured.  She loved him,  truly.  As he loved her.  

And that’s why he had to let her go.

If he’d gone with her she’d have stayed here,  he’d no doubt of it now. She would have turned from her own future, and taken his hand and told him that they would leave this place together;  that they would find another way.  And he couldn’t let that happen.  He couldn’t let her stay here,  trapped between life and death with a man whose time was past.  

She deserves more.  

She deserves to see her boy grow up.  To fret over him when he took his lass out on their date.  She deserves to be held by her father,  comforted by her mother. She deserves to live.

The rumbling of the earth stopped and despite the tightness in his throat and the hot tears on his cheeks, he smiled.  Something drew him further into the cavern,  to the room that had crushed his hopes, to the dead tree as good as a grave marker with his own name.  The room he knew Emma wouldn’t have left if-

His train of thought halted abruptly and he knelt at the stump of the long dead tree.  A tiny sprig of green had pushed its way through the dead wood and on the branch was a single red berry, as vibrant as Emma’s heart had been on the scale.  


Emma’s test had been choosing to save him.  His test had been choosing to let her go. To know that she was his true love, and to let her go anyway, for the chance of a future with her family… 

He passed

His fingers trembled as he reached toward the berry,  plucking it and holding it gently between two fingers. The berry tasted bitter,  hardly what one would expect of the food of the gods but in a moment he felt… tired.  Hungry.  Thirsty.  And his heart pounded in his chest again.  

At the first beat of his heart a door appeared on the other side of the cavern.  He didn’t hesitate for a single moment before striding through it, thinking only of Emma,  of their house by the water and the future that perhaps … was not gone yet.  

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Good to know that Asagao Academy’s the game where you can win @thatonevideojirard ‘s heart twice.