spilling a rainbow

The Rainbow

I noticed him staring out the window and followed his gaze to the rainbow that appeared on the horizon.

“Tell me what you see,” I said, though my eyes were in perfect condition.

Without shifting his stare, he smiled and spoke.

“I see the color of the sweet strawberries in the summer and the juice that drips on to your lips. The color of that dress you wear that makes my blood boil and the flush of your cheeks. The color of the heat of passion and the anger that boils inside my soul when I see another look at you in the way that only I want to.

“I see the color of autumn. the color that the leaves play dress up, to show themselves off to the world so that we may admire their beauty, if only for a season. I see the drink in your glass, the tang of fruit and the deep shade of the moon when it grows jealous of the beauty of the sun.

“I see the color of innocence, the shade of joy. I see the flowers of springtime, the tulips, the daffodils, the daisies. I see the sunlight bouncing off of your perfect skin, the duck that floats alongside a bathing child. I see aging pages of a book, the fuzz on a bumblebee, and the soft caress of a summer wind.

“I see the color of a freshly cut lawn, the cool lush thickness of a jungle. I see the shell of a turtle, drifting along the lazy sea, and a frog leaping into a pond. I see the simple peace and serenity of a summer’s eve and the possibility of things to come.

“I see the color of the ocean, a robin’s egg. I see the color of the sky, and the shade of far off mountains. I see the color of tears streaming down the face of one who has watched their world crumble before them. I see the royal face of a peacock and the eyes of a newborn child.

“I see the color of kings, the caress of a bed of lavender. I see a bitter drink of wine, your face stained from the sweetness of a plum. I see the color of your voice when your body is entangled in mine, our limbs nothing more than a knot of love, the song you sing as you lull our child to the warm embrace of sleep. I see the galaxies you hide behind your eyes.”

He tore his eyes from the rainbow and turned so that they met mine.

“I see beauty.”