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5 Cool Ways to Design a French Manicure

While there is no doubt that white tip French manicure will always remain timeless, it is also true that sometimes you get bored of those simple white tips and want something unsual to be painted on the tips of your nails. For that take a look at the following ways to design your nail tips:

1. Image via: spilledpolish

You can design your nail tips with a gradient of neon brights. It is sure to amp up the glam of your summer look.

2. Image via: sweet-ladies

If you still want to stick to the white look you can make a few modifications like this one with white and black triangles and stars in the centre.

3. Image via: spilledpolish

You can also go for a glitter nail paint that goes with your dress and then at the top corner of each tip just glue a cluster of three rhinestones.

4. Image via: mundofamacorea

You can give your nails a lace print look with polka dot black and white tips and lace flowers above them like this one in the picture above.

5. Image via: mundofamacorea

If you want to go wild and wacky then go for leopard tips embellished with crystals.