I am
steamed milk in
latte foam,
the image of sleep deprived
and forgotten daydreams,
words of
written on napkins,
only to be thrown out
on accident,
but also maybe
on purpose,
like Freudian slips when
my subconscious
feels doubt.
—  V.I.P.P.

EALM iconos (2/3)

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rain ricochets where you once sat
moon glows filling the emptiness
with fear
all i can recall is the smell of burning
rubber, right after the the loud bang
when the clouds sang saddest song
and i woke up covered in their tears

i’m ice cold though i’m burning on the
inside life’s got me in a tight hold and
i’m twisting and turning but just fine
on the outside

when the rain settles

i was born with a darkness inside
that was brimming with life
bringing me heartache and strife
when exposed to the rays of sunlight

i took comfort in the glow of the moon
and it only became more painful the
lighter it got, i watched it grow into you

but i couldn’t help but feel attracted to the
fire inside of you, hot yet glowing like the
moon, i’m floating at the thought of you

fuck the world and the labels and the
psychological warfare designed to
make you feel not enough –

so you can buy more stuff

we were above that fluff
but in love we got lost

there was nothing left of
the iron rage but rust

volcanoes waiting to erupt
filled with unspoken words
that could never be expressed
into thoughts

you’ll smell it after a heavy

you’ll feel it when someone
hugs you a tidbit too hard 

I lost you, but I found myself..

It’s like a wonderland of memories, you know. Everywhere it’s you, your shadows, the echoes of your voice, everywhere around me play the videos of you and me together in our cushion castle, they move like screens and leave me in the darkness for seconds that seem infinitely long. All it took was one long drive and we knew where we stood, a sunset of full of stars in our bedroom, you left me alone to see that all to myself. It’s a wonder what I’ve created with only the feel of your touch, your scent that has started fading away from the shirt you left behind when rage took over you and our paper planes crashed and the room looked like the inside of a spectre set on fire. I’ve made a forest of trees with our pictures, burning, turning to ash, the wind bringing some back to me. Our love was like waves crashing on rocks slowly but hard enough to break it into two. When you left me, I saw you seeing me, looking back again and again, as I stood there and attended the funeral of our newly dead love. You drove far away, to a place where thorns don’t hurt but the roses do. A place where your sunrises are red and your sunsets are blank white. You hit the brakes too soon, as the glasses shattered and the smoke covered up for the harm you did, the smell of your blood on my dress and the stains are still so fresh. Scars and wounds that heal and hurt again, the place where we once danced is haunted now, a place where we’ve become myths, the moonlight still falls down to signify the glory we once had. But I know you’ll never forget me, the taste of my lips will feel like a poison you’d crave for, you’ll see nightmares of me standing under the tree, where you carved our names, you’ll see me in my white frock, our nights will be the day dreams that’ll follow you everywhere. Your hoodie that I stole will be the only thing you’d want to wear, you’ll spend an infinity with nothing but my eyes watching you, looking away whenever you look into them. Your sighs are the winds in my world and my tears will fall like rain in yours. Your brown eyes and messed up hair and you standing with your crooked smile is all I see in a cloudless sky and all you see is me, laughing and touching your cheeks, my whispers will be the only music you hear, and when you’ll drive back in the same car you left me alone in, I’ll still be sitting on the staircase, eyes smudged, waiting for you and the touch that never really went away, but I won’t give in to you, even when we kiss and you don’t let me go, I’ll leave, because you’ve hurt me enough, I’ve fought wolves, I’ve walked through never ending bushes of thorns wanting to escape you, I lost you, but you lost me too and when you left me you left a piece of yourself with me, and you’ll just be like a soul lost in the morning mist, me? I’ve found the shore, I’ve saved myself, I’ve found myself.