I’ve never been one to express my feelings to others. I have this constant fear of saying the wrong thing and so I’ve learned to hold back. Yes, not being able to truly be yourself is one of the worst kinds of pains, but in the end, it saves you from getting hurt and brought down, right?
—  So please keep reminding me that you love and accept me for who I am. I’m slowly conquering this fear, but I cannot do it on my own. // littlemissimaginary
You were fire, I was a match. You lit me up with gorgeous colors and the warmth of a thousand suns. You engulfed me in a shower of flames. But, it soon burned out. My charred surface no longer allowed your fire. You had ruined it. You had ruined me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t re-light the flame that was once there.
on these nights the sun never goes down. he laughs and it’s the brightest thing you’ve ever seen; she twirls barefoot in the grass and it puts the glow of the fire to shame. young and free has never tasted so sweet. when your nerves are tingling like live wires, how could you resist coming back for more?
—  summer nights // abby // prompt for anon(s)
Do you think heaven cries
for all the soul she’s lost?
Do you think God noticed my absence?
Do you think he sleeps at night,
do you think he misses me?
I can carry a light in my heart,
They say pray to remain faithful
and claim all things happens in the arms of God.
If that be true, all the bad happened in the eyes of God,
and he watched us die.
If God so loved the world,
why are all the sick not cured,
why do people that prey on the young and weak exist?
I was a child,
he was a child,
she was a child.
We are threatened to bow at his feet,
told that if we do not believe
a hell awaits for us.
But it feels as though hell is on earth
and we are all on fire.
Perspective can only come from the distance you gain through the struggle of ascension…
And in much the same way that you cannot appreciate a hill until you’ve completed the climb – you will never know how strong you are until you look back on all you have survived.
Mom I never told you how much it scared me when it rained.
You would put a bucket under all of the leaks and act like it wasn’t a big deal.
But to me it was terrifying.
Mom I never told you how one day the rain never stopped.
It was when grandma died.
I finally understood the phrase “when it rains it pours”
And mom I never told you that it poured for the next 4 years.
I’m not proud of the things I did, to stifle the pain.
I’m not proud of the amount of times I thought about just ending it all together.
Mom I never told you how I used to look in the mirror and cry.
I didn’t want you to think it was your fault,
You did your best to make me feel beautiful
But I struggle with it to this day.
Mom I never told you how I let boys treat me.
How I thought so little of myself,
And how I let them do and say whatever they wanted to me.
Mom I never told you how much it hurt to live,
How I forced myself to breathe because that was the only thing that meant I was still alive.
That meant I could still see you laugh, and smile.
Mom I never told you how much you meant to me.
How you were the bucket in my storm.
How you unknowingly held me up so I could piece myself back together.
How you didn’t just give me life but you helped me hold on to it.
Mom I never told you,
I never told you how you saved me.
—  Mom, I never told you… / SM
she sits on her throne and her tears fall heavy and silent like molten gold. he’s taken off running again, with his smile like the stars and his lightning fingers – brother, lover, nemesis – and heaven only knows when he’ll be back. all they see is the vengeance – the spilled blood, the curses and the ploys for justice. they don’t see these quiet glowing tracks down her cheeks, and they don’t blame him. it has always rested on her head – it always will, balanced like a fine piece of pottery.
—  hera cries // abby, day 246
I realized I couldn’t control my heart as much as I tried to muffle it. So I followed its advice, because I learned that those who don’t play with fire won’t get burnt, but they’ll die of cold.
—  Valeria Renée II April 26th, 2017 
Beautiful Scratch

This is all
Just another book
That’s bound
To be made
Out of heartbreak
And described
As a tale
Of indifference
Through my cold
And outspoken
That’s awaiting
Its chance
To be negative
And embellish
What fears
Are appealing
Through grief
Or the glamorous
That’s hurt
By the promise
Of choice
To the readers
I pray
Are relating
By what cost
I incurred
All distinction
To effectively
My happiness
By bringing
Such pain
On myself.

- J. Pigno

Rainy Prayer For...

Falling rain, fallen whispers,
Countless tries through storming twisters.
In my soul, though I try,
I feel an emptiness take rise.
Covering, comforting,
Comes along enveloping.
Burgeoning decadence,
Dancing swiftly eloquence.
Be restored, enamoured,
Taking from me all in store.
Nothing left of my soul’s harvest,
Buried deep, laid to rest.
Passing light, burned out life,
Say goodbye to all my strife.
All’s been swallowed, no more sorrows,
Farewell to thee and all my tomorrows.

-H. Murcia 4/25/2017 9:24PM

Eat less, you’re too fat.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Eat more, you’re too skinny.
Are you starving yourself?

Stop being so prude, expose your body.
Don’t you want guys to notice you?

Stop being so slutty, cover up.
What are you, a whore?

Wear some makeup, cover your blemishes.
Don’t you want to be beautiful?

Take off that makeup, you look fake.
Don’t you love your natural beauty?

Study more, get better grades.
Don’t you want to be successful?

Study less, stop over-achieving.
What are you, a show-off?

Stop complaining.
Aren’t you greatful?

Voice your opinion more.
Don’t you want to stand up for yourself?

Stop being so shy and antisocial.
Don’t you want to make friends?

Stop talking, you talk too much.
Don’t you want people to like you?

You need to work out more, you have no muscle.
Don’t you want to be strong?

Stop working out, women shouldn’t have muscle.
Don’t you want to look like a girl?

Cut your hair, it looks cute short.
Don’t you want to look cute?

Don’t cut your hair, women are supposed to have long hair.
Don’t you want to be pretty?

Be yourself.
Don’t you want people to love you for who you are?

Stop acting like that.
Don’t you want to be loved?

Nobody will love you when you’re like that…

- contradictions of society (L.L.)
I saw him from afar. He had his arm around her, and they talked about something that made him throw his head back for a deep laugh. It was as if my ears caught the echo of his chuckle. When I did, I remembered every single detail about how to make that curve creep up his face to light up a smile. I knew how to make him happy. I’m not one of the reasons anymore. But I sure do hope that she gets to know how to keep that smile there. And I hope she does not take it away the way I did.
—  s.c
I finally understand why people need to pray.
Control is leaking through my fingertips,
For simple heart breaking biology,
This internal danger, omnipotence,
it’s her heart, it stopped and started,
The tubes, the worried whispering,
From white coats with white faces,
It’s red, it’s green, it’s hypocrisy,
The fragility of her, tiny frame,
Once blonde hair, red nails, warm,
Now grey, outgrown, cold.
It’s her lungs and I can’t breathe either,
Acidic dread, it’s her blood infected,
How can it be? I am sarcastic to suffering,
Who is king of atheism? Who can help me help her?
It is her stomach, it is vanity, it is irony.
I pray I’ll never doubt you again,
I pray she wakes up,
I pray.
—  14.11.16
I know I deserve more
But I would do anything
To feel your touch
To hear your laugh
To taste your kiss
One more time
Just one more
—  I will never stop longing for you
Beauty Beyond The Face.

I feel trapped in an isolation
but I don’t know how
My surroundings’ve no variation
Just wanna run away now

I’d like to be free
I’d love to flow
just like that brook you see
at night as the fireflies glow

This dark night 
isn’t at all scary
It’s rather dimly bright
and extremely merry

The sparkling stars
dancing by their mother moon
they keep up for hours
won’t be tired, neither later nor soon

This night seems limitless
so does the twinkling in the sky
just like the lonesome wilderness
where the exploration doesn’t die

The fireflies could spill
the beans of the beauty
hiding in the dark chill
along with roots so fruity

The beauty of this night
is beyond the immaculate surface
surface’s the dark, ain’t much bright
it’s just the night’s dull but secretive face.

- @oneamateurgirl1612

And slowly but surely you will clean up the mess the two of you have made. You will pick up the pieces of those broken promises and sweep up the remains of your shattered dreams. You will wipe away the blood stains and finally get the smell of regret out of your sheets. You will throw away the old photos and find the courage to donate his sweaters to the charity store down the road. You will clean up the mess the two of you have made and you will remove all traces of him from your life. You will clean up the mess the two of you have made and slowly but surely you will move on.
—  f.a.w