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everyone always talks about rfa and babies, but what about rfa and toddlers? i honestly think that toddlers would be more difficult than babies but i'm not a parent, who knows lol

Oh anonny, anything dealing with the Mystic Messenger crew and their children I always go overboard and this request is no exception! These turned out ridiculously long so I’m sorry to everyone in advance! I also want to thank everyone for the name suggestions for the kids, I sincerely liked all of the suggestions and the help is greatly appreciated! Anyways, I loved writing this one so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yours and Yoosung’s son Byul was quite a handful to say the least
  • He was a bundle of energy since the day he was born and it was especially shown through his toddler years
  • Byul would run around the house shouting gibberish and when you told Yoosung to discipline his child, he tried but never succeeded as he thought he was a bad father
  • You needed some girl time so you and Jaehee planned a day trip together leaving Byul in the hand’s of Yoosung
  • The second you said your goodbyes to your husband and son, Byul ran to the master bedroom, jumping wildly on the bed
  • “Byul calm down! Just because mommy isn’t here doesn’t mean you can act crazy! You’re going to get hurt!” Yoosung said as he tried to control his crazy son
  • But Byel ended up falling off the bed, crying his little eyes out as Yoosung went into panicked doctor mode
  • After making sure Byul didn’t have any injuries, he told his son in a firm voice that he had to listen to him to which Byul nodded and wrapped his small arms around Yoosung’s neck
  • Yoosung smiled and gently carried his son to his computer chair, sitting him down on his lap and started playing LOLOL - Byul’s eyes widened in wonder and every time Yoosung would beat a monster, Byul’s tiny hands would fly up in the air as he’d exclaim “Daddy’s the best!”
  • Yoosung’s heart soared as he and his son spent the rest of the night playing video games as his son cheered for him
  • You came home, expecting to see the house in ruins, but instead saw Yoosung and Byul laying in bed together surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals
  • From then on, Yoosung became a more strict but still loving parent to Byul, who was still a ball of energy but loved watching his father play video games or reading him bedtime stories with animals in them
  • Yoosung smiled at you, thinking that maybe he really could be a good father to Byul


  • Yours and Zen’s son Jun-Ho was a mini looking Zen but with none of his personality
  • Jun-Ho was an extremely shy and anxious toddler, hating the limelight and attention that he received by being a famous actor’s son
  • Even though Jun-Ho was shy, when it was just you, Zen, and himself he’d become a screamer
  • If Zen tried telling him ‘no’ then Jun-Ho would scream at the top of his little lungs and Jun-Ho’s singing and screaming voice was awful
  • Your son would wake up from his sleep because of a nightmare, screaming while doing so, resulting in a lot of sleepless nights for Zen
  • Zen would lay in bed with his boy as his son would curl into his father’s embrace as Zen said “It’s alright Jun-Ho, daddy’s here. I’ll protect you from the nightmares so don’t worry okay? I’ll even sing to you until you fall asleep.”
  • Jun-Ho was also extremely clingy to both you and Zen, he’d typically need to have one of you by his side or he’d become an anxious crying mess
  • But Zen realized that his son loved dressing up in both your’s and Zen’s clothing, often giggling when he’d see Jun-Hon wearing one of his leather jackets paired with your skirt
  • Zen could see the happiness in Jun-Ho’s eyes when he’d dress up so Zen started to encourage his boy and would even dress up with him at times with
  • Jun-Ho would say “Daddy looks good!” When dressing Zen up and the silver man had to admit, for a toddler his son really knew how fashion worked
  • No matter how shy or clingy your son was, Zen would always make sure that Jun-Ho would feel love from him as he tried to be the best father that he could


  • Your’s and Jaehee’s daughter Min-Ji was a good mix of the two of your’s personality with a huge temper mixed in
  • If Min-Ji didn’t get what she wanted, she would throw a huge temper tantrum causing both you and Jaehee major headaches
  • Min-Ji also had a habit pulling people’s hair, with Jaehee sometimes wishing that she would have kept her hair shorter
  • But Jaehee already had to take care of the RFA boys on her own before, since they’re basically toddlers themselves, so dealing with her little daughter wouldn’t be a big deal
  • Jaehee was always firm but kind towards Min-Ji, scorning her when needed but also showing her plenty of love
  • “It wasn’t very nice to pull mommy’s hair now was it Min-Ji. You should go apologize to her and if you’re truly sorry, then we can do something fun together.” Jaehee would strictly tell her daughter
  • Since your birthday was coming up, Jaehee decided that for apologizing to you, Min-Ji could help her bake a cake
  • Jaehee noticed how much fun her daughter had while making the cake and how calm she was, realizing that maybe baking was her passion
  • She let Min-Ji decorate the cake once it was baked, Jaehee giggled at her messy creation as her daughter exclaimed “Mommy will love it!”
  • You walked into the kitchen, startling the two girls, and complimented Min-Jo’s decorating, giving Jaehee a quick kiss as you noted that she finally found something to calm your daughter down
  • Jaehee lifted Min-Ji into the air and held her close to her as she thought being a mother to Min-Ji was the best feeling in the world


  • Your’s and Jumin’s daughter Nari was the definition of beauty, grace, and sass
  • Nari was typically a good toddler and was very calm, except when it came to Elizabeth the Third
  • Your daughter was obsessed with cats, making Jumin one proud father, but that meant she’d never let Elizabeth out of her sight
  • As she got older, she would take Elizabeth with her everywhere and she ended up ignoring you and Jumin
  • Jumin wanted to spend time with his three favorite girls but Nari seemed to never want to be around him, making Jumin concerned
  • Nari was also a fan of arts and crafts and one day accidentally spilled red paint on Elizabeth’s fur
  • When Jumin went over to clean Elizabeth, Nari looked at him in fear as she started crying, making Jumin realize that she was intimidated by him and that he wasn’t being a good father
  • After cleaning up Elizabeth, Jumin sat down with Nari, who was cuddling her Elizabeth look-a-like plushie, as he apologized to her
  • “I know that I haven’t been around lately to spend time with you and your mother and for that, I’m sorry Nari. Why don’t me, you, your mother, and Elizabeth spend the night together okay? I don’t say it enough it I love you my little Sapphire.” Jumin said as he sat his little girl on his lap with her smiling at her nickname
  • From then on, Jumin cut his work hours down to spend more time with his family, which usually ended up being Nari drawing pictures for Jumin to hang up everywhere
  • You and Jumin would tuck Nari into bed every night with Elizabeth at her side, with Jumin determined to become the best father that he could be


  • Your’s and Seven’s child Sae-yoon was surprisingly a good boy, until you weren’t around
  • Sae-yoon was a huge mama’s boy, he’d constantly be by your side making Seven slightly jealous
  • But when it was just Seven and Sae-yoon, the toddler loved making a mess of things for Seven to clean up after
  • Sae-yoon would smack Seven’s computer screens, tangle the wires, and spill his fruit juice all over his father’s electronics
  • Seven isn’t very good at disciplining Sae-yoon, he doesn’t want to end up like his own parents but you encourage Seven that some firm words were sometimes needed as a father
  • Much to Seven’s shock, every time he’d try to show his son something on the computer, Sae-yoon would yell and throw his little fists at the screen
  • He even tried to make his son some homemade meals but Seven was stunned when his son threw a bag of Honey Buddy Chips at his father
  • Seven was about to give up until he saw his son in his bed, frustrated as he tried to read a storybook to himself
  • Sae-yoon was about to start crying until Seven walked in, laying down next to his son and took the book from him as he dramatically read the story as his son giggled
  • “I see that you’re more interested in books then computer Sae-yoon and that’s alright! I’m still going to teach you about computers when you’re older but for now, you’re going to hear all kinds of crazy stories from me, the great 707 to you, my little 505!” Seven told his son as he lifted him in the air, both boys laughing
  • Every night you would tuck your son into bed and listen to Seven’s insane stories, acting out all of the parts and usually ending up tickling his son at the end to tire him out and Sae-yoon would always say “Daddy tells the best stories!“
  • Seven, tired himself from the crazy story-telling, would thank you for supporting him as he promised that he’d be the greatest father to his son
Challenging The Brave

Title: Challenging The Brave
Character(s) Featured: Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Pietro Maximoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
Words: 1,570
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Genre: Humor
Rating: G (General)
Author’s Note: Hello my kitties and gentle-cats! I’m back, hooray! Did you guys miss me? So my semester is finally done and now I’m free to work on my stories. Another hooray! I actually got a request after sometime. Technically speaking, requests are close, but I will on occasionally answer some because I’m random that way. So here is the request of 2017! I think. I don’t really remember if I’ve done one for this year. Anonymous asked: Can I Ask for A Bruce Banner x Reader where the reader is extremely calm, like nothing can startle, scare, or make her mad. And because of this Tony and everyone else on the team try to get a reaction, aside from Steve and Bruce, of course. And something goes wrong when Tony tried to scare her and Bruce hulk’s out and Hulk gets protective of the reader who has a secretive smile on her face cause they learn she and Bruce have been secretly dating for a while now??? Plz and thank you!!
Summary: You’ve always been a calm person. Since a young age, you’ve been taught that things lose their power if you don’t let them take over your emotions. You don’t get scared, or get mad so quickly. The team, however, don’t believe that someone could be that reserved. They take it upon themselves to see if they can find a weakness. They just didn’t expect someone big and green to protect you from their idiocy. 

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: ~1450

Summary: Bucky’s POV; It’s been nearly thirty years since you were separated from the man you called Зима, Zima, Winter. He was made to forget you, and he never knew why. What had the two of you done wrong? Now that he’s found you again… well…

Warnings: Angst and… fluff?

A/N: So it’s just the epilogue left. I’m actually kind of sad to see this series come to a close. The response to it really brought a lot confidence back to me in terms of my writing, and I can’t wait to see what happens when inspiration hits again. Thank you all for your love and support throughout this literary journey. It means the world.

The lights struggle to flicker on as we walk into the room. Metal, broken and bent, shattered glass and cracked stone litter the floor; we’re surrounded by the remnants of a battle once fought between friends.

Steve and I share a glance. Natasha stands just a step ahead of us, her eyes on (Y/N)’s back as she walks further into the room. We all watch her in silence, either too afraid to speak or simply unsure of what to say.

(Y/N)’s footsteps come to a halt as she turns to look at something to her right. I can only see the side of her face, but I can see the pain and anger that contorts her features.

“How does one piece of machinery ruin so many lives?”

I approach her slowly, putting my hand to the small of her back as I follow her gaze with my own. Somehow, through all the chaos and destruction, that chair is still standing.

“You can’t blame the machine.” I mutter, “It was people who built it.”

She hums in response, “I have that serum in my blood.”

“We’ve never tested it, but does that mean I’m as strong as you?”

“Maybe not as strong but at the very least, stronger than your average human. Why?”

She doesn’t respond. Instead, she steps off the small platform and moves to stand at the side of the chair. She takes one side of the head piece in her hand, bending the metal down until it snaps off; frayed wires spill from the end of it. She smiles down at it for a moment before throwing across the room. The sound of it hitting a wall and then the floor widens her smile.

“Why did that feel so good?”

There’s amusement in Natasha’s voice when she speaks, “You got to destroy a piece of the very thing that tore the two of you apart.”

When (Y/N) goes for the other side, I stop her. I take the other half on the head piece in my metal hand and easily tear it free from the rest of the chair. Instead of throwing it like she did, I crush it in my palm, the remnants of it falling to the floor. She smiles over at me before turning to step back up onto the main floor and continuing her exploration.

She makes her way around the rubble, toward a door off to the left. I recognize that door. It leads to a hallway with several more doors lining it. One of them is the training room where I trained her, the room where she first told me she loved me.

She stands in the open doorway, staring down at the threshold.


“Everything went wrong right here.” She whispers. “I told you I loved you right here, and it ruined everything.”

“What are you talking about?”

She turns to face me, her expression solemn, “I never told you what happened after they pulled me away from you that day.”

“We don’t have to talk about this right now.”

“It’s important.”

I nod my head, taking her hands in an attempt to give her some kind of comfort. “Go ahead.”

“Karpov took me to another room. He told me that love was not an option; I was not allowed to show you love. He said that your ability to return my feelings meant that you were a failed experiment. Then he said I needed to be taught a lesson, punished for compromising his weapon.”

“What did he do to you?”

She chews her bottom lip, shifting on her feet as she looks into my eyes, “Electroshock.” She casts her gaze down again, “Maybe if I had done what he asked and kept my feelings to myself after that, we might have been okay, but I only pushed harder.”

I hook my finger beneath her chin, raising her gaze back to mine, “There is nothing in this world that will make me regret anything that happened between us. Yes, we were pulled apart. Yes, I was made to forget you. You have to remember, Kitten, without all of that, we wouldn’t be here right now, together and free.”

She smiles, reaching her arms up and wrapping them around my neck. I hold her tight to me, burying my face in her neck and gently breathing her in. We stand there like that, surrounded by the dark memories of a place that was meant to break us.

“I think I’m ready to leave this place.” She mumbles, loosening her embrace.

“Then let’s get out of here.”

She begins to completely release me but pauses, stepping up on her toes to kiss me. The touch of her lips against mine only lasts for a brief moment, but it’s not a feeling I’m liable to forget.

She takes my hand, guiding me back to where Natasha and Steve wait for us.

“Ready?” Natasha asks, her back straightening upon our approach; she smiles, “We’ve got one more stop to make.”

This is where they kept her. This is where they hid her from me while she slept. This is where, a little over six months ago, I found her again.

“Is she alive?” Steve shouts, his shield flying through the air and back to his hand.

“I think so!” I reply, frantically searching for a way to open the chamber she’s trapped in. “I don’t know how to open this thing.”

“Move!” Natasha commands, “Go help Rogers. I’ll get her out.”

I try to keep my focus on the battle at hand, but my mind keeps drifting back to her face. Two final shots into a HYDRA agent, and it’s over. They’re all either dead or captured. I run back to Natasha, back to (Y/N).

“It’s starting to heating process now. It should only take a few minutes.

The chamber slowly open, a warm, white fog billowing out from around her body.

Her body is stiff for only a moment longer. Then her head lolls to the side. Her eyes are still closed, her chest barely moving as her lungs try to take in air. I reach out to touch her, to free her from her binds, but Steve stops me.

“Buck, wait.”

“I’ll explain everything later. For now, just help me.”

“I’m not going to leave her up there. So you can either help me or get the hell out of my way.”

He sighs in defeat, nodding and moving to stand at her other side. I pull the restraint around her legs free first. He gets the one across her waist. Finally, I release the one at her shoulders and her body falls into his arms. I take her from him as gently as I can, her head resting against my shoulder.

“I thought she was dead.” I mutter, looking down at her sleeping face.

“We should get out of here.” Natasha says, her eyes still focused on the computer screen, “She needs a hospital.”

Back on the jet, I sit at her side, watching her and hoping her eyes will open soon. Eventually, Bruce sits at my side, a tablet in his hands.

“I don’t understand.” I whisper. “It never took me this long to wake up.”

“She’s been asleep since ’91. Her body is weak and currently doing its best to recover. Once we get her to a hospital, get some proper testing done, we’ll know more. For now, just be happy that she’s alive.”

A gentle touch. “Bucky?” The sweetest voice. “Are you okay?” The brightest eyes. The kindest smile.

“Yeah,” I nod, covering her hand where it still rests on my shoulder with my own, “just thinking.”

“About what?”

I look at the chamber that once held her body, now covered in dust and barely functioning, “The day we found you.” I look back at her, “I was so afraid you were never going to wake up.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of now. This place, Siberia, they don’t matter anymore.”

“How is it that you’re the brave one now?”

“Maybe I was never really afraid of facing all of this.” She half smiles, shrugging, “Maybe I was afraid of being afraid. I was afraid of what that fear would mean for me. I couldn’t let Dr. Kennedy be right. I needed to prove to him, to myself, to everyone, that I was above the fears he tried to keep me prisoner to.” She turns her hand under mine and laces her fingers with mine, “It’s over now.” She smiles, “We can go home.”

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All I wanted was someone who could hear me out. But where were you during my darkest hour? Where were you when the demons I locked away in my sleep kept knocking? It’s okay, though. I don’t blame you for not putting someone else first above yourself, because truth be told I would have done the same. It just sucks because if it had been my choice, if I had been the one standing on your shoes, in your place, I’d have done all I could to make sure you found comfort in someone else. That I was there for you when things didn’t seem so easy to deal with on your own.
—  Keen Malasarte, Doubts.

Let’s say that I write some things, and someone reads them. She has her own way of expressing herself, like photography. I look at the pictures. The words resonate with her, and the pictures resonate with me.

Or maybe it’s a guy. I don’t want to pretend to make this made-up, hypothetical scenario romantic.

Is this scenario the same as if I had actually told her (or him) the words, and she had shown me the pictures? Of course not. But I’m still convinced we’ve connected somehow.

It’s strange to think that I can sometimes connect more to books than to people I see every day, that I can feel like I know someone whom I will never have the pleasure of meeting. Even people who are alive make me fee like that. To watch a video, or read something famous, or maybe just stumble on someone who’s in a different place…

Is it communication? I don’t know.

But it sure feels like it.


She wasn’t someone
Who was easily described
But rather
She was a collection of leftover words
From some poem she heard
Many years ago
Maybe she wrote it
She couldn’t be sure
But she was always
Carried away
By the wind
And romantic haziness
Clouding her judgement
Just a dash of harsh reality
Blurring her vision
Carried away
Drifting on the breeze
And the moments of life
That she couldn’t write down
Or remember in all their glory
Like the impossibility
Of describing how good it feels
To have the windows open
On an early summer day
When the sun is shining
And the air is perfect
Some things couldn’t be described
And maybe
She was just
One of those things.

Original Work: KH 2/24/15

Jesse - Hurt

You’re pretty damn good at keeping a lid on your (possibly illegal) feelings - that is, until the object of said feelings kisses you passionately. On a dare. Your first-ever kiss that you were saving was stolen by a dare. He’s gonna pay.

Warnings: Minor violence, swearing, slight angst

Wordcount: 2003

Notes: As a human with eyes, I feel the need to yell in frustration every time something as simple as a misunderstanding causes Drama. As a writer, however, misunderstandings are absolutely delightful to me.

There is no way in the nine Corellian hells that this is allowed. It might even be illegal. Who knows?

Well, probably the Kaminoans and the Coruscant lawyers. And the Jedi, and -

Okay, so lots of people might know. Are you one of them? Nope. No, you are definitely not.

Get a grip, Y/N, you think sourly, kneeling down to open the wall panel and trying to ignore the light-hearted laughter from across the barracks. That’s just an excuse and you know it. If you were brave enough to say anything to Jesse, laws wouldn’t stop you.

As the mess of wires spills out of the wall, waiting for your attention, your eyes wander away from your work to the troopers who’ve been lounging off duty for the past half hour. There are only a few. And you know all their names by now. There’s the two ARC troopers, Fives and Echo. And the medic, Kix, who’s currently leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed behind his head.

Then there’s Hardcase, who is hanging upside down from one of the bunks by his legs and laughing loudly every time he pretends to fall and makes one of his brothers swear. You smile and roll your eyes. What a dork.

And the only other one laughing? Jesse.

Jesse, damn him, who is so kriffing perfect and stupidly hot and - ugh. Okay. You are going to get nothing done if you keep grumbling about this unwanted crush of yours. So you like the guy. Big deal. Tell him or let it pass.

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Gif source:  Matt

Imagine not knowing Matt the Radar Technician is Kylo Ren.

——— Request for anon ———

“Go on and take your break,” you smile at the woman who was shouting at the new guy, and she gratefully nods as you say, “I’ll take over for you.”

“Keep an eye on butterfingers over there,” she purses her lips, not impressed with the clueless Radar Technician. You give a nod and go towards him, a smile on your face as you crouch beside him, where he was crossing the wrong wires like he hadn’t seen a circuit board in all his life. Must be the nervousness of his first day getting to him, you supposed.

“Here,” you offer, taking the wire gently from him to place it in the right orientation, “this one goes here, and this one here. The rest are just a repeating pattern of this, since it’s only one section that needed replacing.”

The blonde looks towards you curiously, “You are the first person to offer to help me.”

You chuckle, brushing away the hair that had fallen in your face when you crouched, “Well, my first day went horribly, too. I kept spilling things and mismatching wires, but to top it all off, I accidentally bumped into the Kylo Ren. I mean, I had heard the stories even then, but I just knew I was going to be fired or worse, but he just shrugged it off and kept walking like I hadn’t even bumped into him. I suppose he was busy or something. Too busy to shish kabob me on that lightsaber of his, thank goodness! Way to make a good first impression, am I right?”

Your humor looking back at the incident makes Matt smile, “He probably doesn’t even remember it.”

He tore the plug

Wires spilled from his back

He charged from the room

Zipping this way and that

His heart pounding wildly

His lungs gasping

Here comes Metallic Zam

Circuits now in overdrive

Metallic Zam is back

Metallic Zam is wrack

- Subject Z Breaks Free, © 2017 Maddy Rain (via MoxitheFox)

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🌟 (You should know who this is for :) )

A steady drip broke through the corner of the corner of the room, every splash on the checkered floor echoing through the empty hall of the diner. The black tiles were caked in dust and the remains of hand prints littered the walls. Loose wired spilled from the broke ceiling tiles and draped lazily across the hallway.

His footsteps thundered in the near silence of the decaying rooms. The haunting sound of rain drifted through the main entertainment room as he traced his hands past the black and white tiles of the walls as he followed familiar steps toward the kitchen on the left.

Standing in the doorway to the kitchen, a dirtied yellow plush form of a bird loomed in the doorway. Stray shards of metal and frayed wires gave the animatronic almost a grim expression of sadness as it’s large loose beak hung open.

Gripping his wrench, a feeling swelled inside his chest. The figure was standing in between him and a memory. He could almost see it: breaking into his father’s kitchen late at night years ago in a rebellious attempt to steal from the hidden stash of alcohol. The swirl of memory shifted to him being found, his father furious, yet madly grinned. Him forever held accountable to stupid decisions he kept making. His father’s pride and joy.

But this was not the same kitchen as the one in his memory, but the aftertaste of a bitter past stayed with him. This place, this creation, this feeling and situation was made by his father’s misdeeds.

His memories were lurid and painful, but his fate was to destroy. This to him, was the only true FACT he could count on…

Razor’s edge
High wire act
Tiptoe down
Slip through the cracks
Chasing the gold ring
Never to win
Head spinning
Give in to sin.
Taste of the fire
Breathe it down deep
Voices and laughter
Where no one can see.
Dance to the earthquake
Groan in the wind
Come see her chaos
Let’s begin.
Fly it up higher
Spread it with ease
Up through the netting
Destroy her, the tease.
Drink of the poison
Found on her lips
Lick it off gladly
Then watch as she strips
Layer for layer
Her mask and her eyes
See how she’s frightened
By what lies inside.
Faster she’s careening
Out of control
The one woman circus,
A game she can’t win
It was rigged from the start
Waiting to blow
Watch how she struggles,
Enjoy the show.

© Courtney Turley 2016

I love the details you get to see with screencaps and gifs and noticed a few things throughout this scene.

1. They didn’t move anything off the table to start eating at it, just plopped the pizza box on top of some piece of technology. It looks like one of the portable devices that’s built into a suitcase-type container, so they didn’t even bother to close it before putting the box on it either. More Holtz/Abby lab practices to make everyone nervous. You know those girls had soup-spill-on-electrical-wiring-related fires at least once a month.

2. Throughout that first camera shot, Holtz is always leaned back a little bit, while the other three are leaned forward on the table. She’s engaged, certainly, if quiet, but keeping her personal space bubble. Just more evidence for introvert!holtzmann in my book. Reminds me of when I’m enjoying my evening out with friends but starting to reach the point of social overload.

3. How many slices of half-eaten pizza are in front of Holtzmann? I’m guessing she’s the type to grab more food than she can eat while she’s really hungry, then run out of steam. But the second plate in front of her has different toppings and Patty doesn’t have a plate, so now I’m convinced despite being full, when Patty was done, Holtz took her plate to get to try the other type of pizza. So now I absolutely headcanon Holtz just taking the others’ leftovers and finishing them herself.

4. I’ll call slight BS over them having ordered Papa John’s pizza but nobody is using the garlic sauce. That’s the best part! Did they have a hard time deciding how to split it, because you know Holtz doesn’t think twice about dipping into the communal sauce container after having already taken a bite out of something? Is it already used up and gone? Are they a group who actually all hate the extra garlic?

…I may be too far down this rabbit hole. I just love casual team dynamics and random set design details.

Creepypasta #917: In The Basement

Image credits

Length: Short

Where am I? That’s always the first question.

I tell them: 1822 Westly Avenue. In the basement — although that part they could figure out on their own. It’s dark. A single bulb dangling by a wire spills a little light on damp floorboards. The stairs are well out of reach, given the leg clamps, but the door at the top is double bolted all the same. The walls are exposed brick, bare except for the thick metal rings binding us to them.

What happened?

I can’t know for sure, but I have a pretty good idea. I say: you were kidnapped — that’s one thing I know with certainty — by one Mary Smith, housewife of 52. She brought you down here while you were unconscious from the ether. She caught you alone somewhere. And now you’re all clamped up, just like me.

Why? What’s going to happen to me?

This one I do know. I’ve had to break this news countless times over the years — I find its best to just let them know, straight up. It makes them a little frantic, sure, but I prefer not to lie. Weighs easier on my conscience that way.

I say: you’re here for a couple of reasons. The first is that my mother still thinks she can change me. She thinks that having me speak to you like this — as I have for all the others that have come before you — might change the way I am. After all these years, she still doesn’t understand that it’s not a choice for me. Nobody would choose to live this way.

The second is that for all my flaws, my mother loves me dearly. She knows what I crave. And she knows I need to have it fresh.

Credits to: ParaphysRevLett

Like a single blade of green after a blaze
A ray of sun after a storm
I began to feel
Weight slowly rose from my shoulders
Hope returned, it was no longer just a dream

This soul is alive and ready to thrive

—  I will not go back to before // this is a life that will be lived (c.f)