if being a grown up means
waking up at 4am wailing in desperation
eating sour worms for breakfast
and cocoa puffs for dinner
drinking vodka straight out of the bottle
on a tuesday
while solemnly
“my day was fine”
forgetting to sleep while watching friends reruns
forgetting to work while day dreaming about the future
forgetting to breathe while crying for things that can’t be changed
boy howdy
i’m doing this right
—  A.R.

I guess as easy as we got caught up in each other
We fell apart
No more fireworks and sparks
Maybe in another life we can discover all the “what ifs” and “should’ve beens”
Because everything is more clear when it’s all over

Once upon a time I would go crazy
Slowly I shed less and less tears for every heart ache in life
I learn how to pick myself up
I’m not going to cry for dead things to come back to life
And this is how it ends

—  “whimper not bang” // a story a day #163 by d.yang
You walked past me today, and you didn’t even look at me. You didnt dare to make eye contact or even acknowledged my exsitance, and maybe you were scared that if you did you’d show something that you weren’t meant to, maybe you’d feel something for me that you once convinced yourself was gone. I don’t know if this right but if it is, then what we had isn’t much because you’d still rather ignore me than realize that maybe ,you were wrong in letting me go
—  I still miss you
My thoughts are killing me. I am so tempted to tear apart my skin and watch the crimson blood flow out ever so peaceful. I am so tempted to fill my empty stomach with all the pills in my medicine cabinet. I am so tempted to consume every ounce of alcohol just to feel something other than this numbness. I am so tempted to run as far away as I can. I am so tempted to jump off of anything high enough to kill me. I am so tempted to leap im front of any sort of machine moving fast enough. I am so tempted to end everything.
—  dark thoughts (10:48)
On the Spaces Between my Fingers

I don’t miss you (exactly)
I think I miss the person
I needed you to be.

                        But what I needed,
                        really, was to
                        only need me.

                                        But I think I still
                                        miss what you could
                                        have been to me.

I hope to travel the world one day, into all the beautiful castles and bridges, and mysterious canyons and mountains. And once I find the perfect place, I’ll find another and another and another, because there’s never just one. There’s always going to be a thousand more
—  a thousand more beautiful places with more beautiful people
Some days I wish I could read every word you've written about me, but other days I know that’s a bad idea. I know that if I read the beautiful syllables, which are now past tense that it will only remind me of my love for you. You have moved on, but you only told me of your feelings after it was too late for us. And I’m curious to see if you felt the same way, but I’m not sure it’s worth the risk. I’m not sure if I can risk myself, especially when I know I can’t have you.
—  December 29th, (book-scented-candles). 
Mount Loretto

That memory of us
In the park
This weekend
Is the image
I’ve decided to

Seeing you look out
From the benches
Into the ocean
Near the bluffs
By the sea
And trying to hold back
The restlessness
In your stoic
And trembling lips,
The teeming grin
And excited redness
Just at the tip
Of your nose,
Spilling over
From the nervous
As we rested
By the bayside cliffs
With the wind in your hair
As you told me
To kiss you
While you tugged
At my grip.

That’s how I want you

That’s how I cherish
To think of you

The girl
That saved my life
Through nature
And I fell in love with
To boot.

Walking back
To the car
Over grasslands
And serenity
Of those woods
That were damp,
Animals laid
And placid
Knowing wilds
Were their homes
Living still
And exempted
By the lie of
Human truth
In our reaches
And waste
Of potential
In our hands.

These were streaks
Of reflection
We awaited
That I sensed
In your fingers
As we touched.

I swelled up
With joy
And a sadness.

For once
Only we
Did exist.

It was like time
And our space
Weren’t distance.

One more time,
I had you
In my arms.

- J. Pigno

“Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?” you ask.

Darling, we do because we think that love can overcome everything. We do because we believe that there’s no greater thing than loving and being loved in return even if the world tells you it’s impossible to find that in the person you set your heart on.

And I tell you, it’s okay to feel that way. It’s alright to fall for someone that seems out of your league. Only the world should think that way. Let it not get to you. If you truly care for him, then go and fight for whatever is it you have. Take risks. Take chances. Be brave.

And if you hurt, embrace the pain although never let it consume you. Love opens you to a lot of possibilities. Getting hurt is part of that.

Still, don’t let it define you. Pick yourself up once you’re ready to face another day. Dust yourself and let not  cobwebs rule your heart. After all, it was something worth looking back to. It was one moment you were brave enough to let somebody in.

It was one moment you were brave enough to try and face whatever consequences loving has in store for you.

—  EL // “Why do we fall in love with people we can’t have?”